Dalian Administration Assessment Methods

Original Language Title: 大连市依法行政考核办法

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(June 20, 2008, Dalian City people's Government, the 7th Executive meeting on June 23, 2008, Dalian City people's Government, the 97th released come into force on the date of promulgation) Chapter I General provisions article comprehensively promoting administration according to law, and building government governed by law, according to the State Council implementation outline for the holistic promotion of administration by law and the decision of the State Council concerning strengthening the administration by law of city and County Government, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second municipal district (municipal), County, municipal government departments, affiliated institutions and Dalian Economic and technical development zone, Dalian free trade zone, Dalian high-tech industrial park Kou, Dalian Changxing Island Harbor industrial zone, Dalian Economic Zone Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as administrative organs) examination administration according to law, these measures shall apply.
    Leading group for comprehensively promoting administration according to law, article (Office in the Legislative Affairs Office of the municipal government) is responsible for administering assessment, specific work by the Legislative Affairs Office of the municipal government in conjunction with the Office of the municipal government, the municipal personnel Bureau (city editor), municipal supervision Bureau, Bureau of audit organization.
    Fourth administrative review according to law should follow the principles of fairness, openness, adhere to the mass line, executive-level oversight. Chapter II examination article fifth change function (a) to define and standardize the functions and powers of the executive authorities. Rationalizing administrative management system, promoting the separation of political affairs separate.
    Perform market regulation, labour, employment and social security systems.
    (B) in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and government institution. (C) administrative law enforcement funding mechanism. Perfecting the unified and centralized system of public finance. Wages and other benefits of staff strictly according to relevant regulations.
    Implementing administrative fees pursuant to provincial prices, approval documents of the Department of finance, and charge license.
    (D) reduced administrative licensing items in accordance with higher levels of Government, regulate the administrative permission, reform the administrative license.
    (E) early warning and response mechanisms to establish a sound and proper handling of emergencies. (F) establishing and perfecting the administration government information disclosure system and the Government information disclosure work assessment, social commentary, accountability systems, annual reports, on the disclosure of Government information according to law, timely and accurate disclosure. To facilitate public access to government information.
    Apply for open government information to the public, according to law to respond. Sixth administrative decision shall (a) establish and implement major administrative decision hearing system, major hearing system.
    Covers a wide range of society, decision matters closely related to people's interests, public hearings, forums, feasibility study meeting and other effective means, listen to the views of the community. (B) establish and implement the administrative decision system of legality, necessity and feasibility. Before making any major executive decision, by a government agency or organization of the relevant experts of the legal system for review of legality. Major decisions involving the areas of economic and social development and a highly specialized decision-making matters beforehand experts by necessity and feasibility.
    Discussions, comments or suggestions adopted argument should be recorded, documents should be valid to make administrative decisions. (C) establish and implement major policy decision system of collective decisions. Major administrative decisions by Government plenary sessions, Executive or Department, agency Administration Office decided collectively. Collective decisions to improve the work procedures.
    Administrative decisions of the Executive Heads of the collective discussions bear the primary responsibility. (D) establish and implement evaluation system after the implementation of the major administrative decisions. Identification of institutions and personnel, major administrative decisions after the implementation on a regular basis to track, evaluate and feedback, to detect and correct decision problems.
    Apart from the outside should be kept confidential and disclose matters relating to administrative policy, the basis and results, and to guarantee public access rights. (E) to establish and implement a system of administrative decision-making responsibility.
    According to "who's decision, who is responsible for the" principle of unlawful decisions caused serious economic losses, adverse social effects or serious violence against the public interest, in accordance with the relevant administrative mistakes or misjudged system, to the Executive heads concerned and the Executive in charge of the leadership to hold corresponding responsibilities.
    Construction of the seventh system (a) drafting local regulations, regulations and regulatory documents in accordance with statutory authority and procedures, related administrative law enforcement body, the administrative license, the administrative punishments, administrative fees, compulsory administrative provisions relating to legal. (B) improving the legislative work, combination of legislative workers, practitioners, experts and scholars. Development of normative documents and listen to and accept information system, by the head of the enacting body decided collectively.
    After the adoption of regulatory documents, in accordance with regulations to the public.
    (C) actively explore project cost-benefit analysis of government legislation system, projects proposed government regulations for economic legislation, to conduct a cost-benefit analysis. (D) the establishment and improvement of regulations and regulatory documents modified, abolition of the system and regularly clean up the system, establishing the validity of normative documents system, not applicable or outdated regulations and regulatory documents in time be amended or repealed.
    According to the City Government's request, to assess the implementation of the regulations. Article eighth administrative enforcement of (a) the reform of the administrative law enforcement system.
    Power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment, exploring the power of relatively concentrated administrative licensing, pilot into a comprehensive administrative enforcement, administrative law-enforcement dispute coordination mechanisms. (B) strictly in accordance with legal procedures to exercise powers in carrying out his duties.
    Made on Administration relative people, and interest relationship people adverse administrative decided Qian, law told party enjoys statement right, and defence right and law requirements held hearing of right; made decided Shi, should told party enjoys law application administrative reconsideration or filed administrative litigation of right; on major matters, administration relative people, and interest relationship people law requirements hearing of, should organization hearing; told and hearing situation should in administrative law enforcement files in the has accurate of records. (C) administrative enforcement legal and their qualifications validated by law and announced to the public.
    Administrative law enforcement personnel administrative qualifications and certificates and related examinations and certificates information such as annual Internet publicity. (D) under the Municipal Government released reserve (national vertical management departments national reservations) implementation of administrative approval items of administrative examination and approval. A major decision on the administrative license according to the provisions of the record.
    Strengthen the supervision of non-administrative approval items, improving management procedures, open and transparent process. (E) the right to regulate administrative load. Establish and implement the administrative penalty discretion benchmarking systems, precedent system, information system. Administrative penalty penalties strictly enforced penalties to pay separation and two lines of income and expenditure systems. Major administrative penalty decisions through collective discussion, and in accordance with the regulations for the record.
    Explore and advance thinning discretionary basis of administrative licensing, and so on.
    (F) seriously implement the system of administrative law enforcement statistics, timely submit annual statistical report of the administrative license, the administrative penalty. (G) establish and implement files comments on the system of administrative law enforcement. Annual administrative punishment the periodical review, approvals, administrative enforcement, administrative files such as expropriation or requisition.
    The relevant administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection records, evidence and enforcement instruments materials should be filing, filing a reference standard, filing, Dalian City, the implementation of the provisions of the administrative enforcement of archives management. (H) implementation of the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement. Develop, adjust and improve the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement texts, law defines law enforcement duties, science to set law enforcement positions, to regulate administrative discretion of law enforcement and law enforcement programs. Responsibility system for administrative law enforcement electronic copies to the public. Establishing and implementing the evaluation system and law enforcement mistakes, wrong system of accountability.
    Administrative law enforcement performance and into the annual performance appraisal of the Executive system of rewards and punishments. Nineth contradictions (a) strong contradictions and disputes mediation work, establish and improve the system, proper settlement of disputes in accordance with law.
    Mediation of civil disputes by administrative organs according to law, in accordance with legal authority and procedure, openness, fairness and justice, to be dealt with in a timely manner.
    (B) improve the system of people's mediation, and actively supports the residents committees and villagers committees and other grass-roots organizations of the people's mediation work.
    (C) establish and improve complaint handling system and the petition system, the masses through the administrative complaint and petition to report the problem to be solved; to resolve the complaint through reconsideration, litigation proceedings, guide complainants, informants, through legal channels. Article tenth strengthened oversight (a) consciously accept the supervision of the NPC and its Standing Committee in accordance with regulations, to report to work, answering questions, filing regulatory documents according to law.
    Accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, listen to their views and suggestions on Government work. (B) accept supervision by the people's Court in accordance with the provisions of the administrative procedure law implementation. People's Court accepted the administrative cases, according to the regulations of the executive authorities to appear in court the respondent, the respondent. Gradually establish a Chief Executives appear in court system.
    Conscientious implementation of court judgments and orders the entry into force.
    (C) normative documents developed in accordance with the provisions submitted for the record, record review of the Government legal organization comments or objections raised by citizens, legal persons and other organizations, research in a timely manner according to law. (D) accepting, handling of administrative reconsideration cases according to law and fair administrative reconsideration decision. Administrative review activity of perform duties in obedience and fulfilment of administrative reconsideration decision of the higher administrative authority. Strengthening the construction of administrative reconsideration institutions, improve the quality of administrative reconsideration. Perfecting the system of administrative reconsideration and accountability system.
    Submitted in accordance with the provisions of administrative reconsideration, litigation cases and statistics reporting and filing administrative reconsideration cases. (E) improve and strictly enforce the system of administrative compensation, establishing and perfecting the system of administrative compensation.
    In full and in a timely manner honoured citizens, legal persons and other organizations access to executive compensation, Executive compensation according to law.
    (F) internal oversight mechanism to improve the executive authorities, higher administrative authorities to establish a sound level of regular supervision system and strengthen the supervision of subordinate administrative organs specific administrative acts.
    (VII) accept the special supervisory authorities discharge their monitoring, audit and supervision of decisions. (VIII) seriously investigate, verify and handle in a timely manner to reports of violations, the media reflect the problem.

    11th method evaluation (a) learning system of leading cadres implement, develop and implement method of Government Executive meeting of leading cadres system, special legal system lectures, training systems, planning, content, time, people, the effect of "five".
    Implementation of prior legal knowledge examination and testing system of leading cadres.
    (B) introduction of the executive staff learning systems, General legal knowledge organization executive staff and specialized legal knowledge of job-related training, planning, appraisal, reward and punishment, a record. (C) enhanced knowledge of administrative law enforcement personnel shall be administrative training, improve the training and assessment system.
    Organize regular training, and training, academic achievement, as content promotion and tenure based on one of the. 12th leadership (a) the Executive heads take push forward administration by law responsibility responsibilities. In accordance with the legal requirements of the Government standard, and related work. Implementation of the phased deployment of the municipal administration and annual work arrangement.
    Thorough investigations and studies, and promote innovation, study and solve major problems in administration by law. (B) the district (municipal) Government Administration reporting system should be established.
    Each year to this level by the end of the national people's Congress and its Standing Committee and the written report of the Municipal Government to promote administration according to law; directly under the municipal government departments, institutions and agencies at the end of the year to push forward administration by law in the written report of the municipal government. (C) strengthening the Government legal organization and team-building.
    Rule of law institutions of the Organization, staffing, financial guarantees, conditions of work commensurate with its responsibilities; its full staff, aides and advisers in the administration according to law.
    13th of municipal leading group for comprehensively promoting administration according to law in accordance with this article fifth to 12th of the rules, on a yearly basis the city's administrative work according to law, and promulgated at the beginning of each year; assessment work develop and publish annual assessment prior to the commencement of specific projects and evaluation standards.
    Chapter III examination article 14th administrative examination period is from January 1 to December 31 of each year.
    Article 15th administrative assessment administrative self-assessment, comprehensively promoting administration according to law, and leading group combines assessment, routine inspections combined with year-end evaluation methods.
    The municipal government departments and agencies affiliated assessment Department performance evaluation conducted in parallel with the city, a separate organization.
    16th leading group for comprehensively promoting administration according to law, according to the annual administrative work according to law and assessment project, organization departments of Government established administration team, responsible for verification, evaluation is assessment according to law administration in the proposed assessment.
    17th municipal government departments, each year, the Agency received authority directly under the target responsibility system directly under review, municipal agencies, district (City) County Government at the beginning of December each year, should control comprehensively promoting administration according to law, published by the leading group for assessment items and evaluation standards to those administrating work item-by-item self-self-evaluation, and submit a written report to the evaluation group.
    Responsibility system of administrative law enforcement and regulatory documents for the record review, administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation work, dominated by daily supervision and examination, summary at the end of the individual evaluation. 18th examination according to the written report of the Group and the actual needs, arrange the verification review, proposed assessment, submitted to the municipal leading group for comprehensively promoting administration according to law.
    After leading group, in consultation with the relevant departments, assessment conclusions.
    Article 19th assessment conclusions were divided into three grades: excellent, standard and substandard, a scoring system, to total 100 divided into standard and explosion to determine the score.
    Check marks should take fully into account the news public opinion supervision and administration according to law, social commentaries, and affiliations. 20th, comprehensively promoting administration according to Law Office of evaluation be communicated.
    For good, commend; standard, for criticism, and ordered its views in writing reform to hold corresponding responsibilities of relevant personnel.
    Organizations directly under the municipal government departments, administrative work according to law, and into the organs directly under the target responsibility system of examination and evaluation system.
    Article 21st assessment Administration disagrees with the assessment conclusions, within 15th may know the conclusion of written complaints to the team; assessment team should review, review findings by the comprehensively promoting administration according to law, work leading group of the validation notice after complaints of administrative bodies.
    Fourth chapter by-laws in accordance with the relevant provisions of article 22nd into the municipal administration the scope of examination of States, vertical, the legal administration of the Executive assessment, in accordance with these rules.
    District (municipal), County Government and the Dalian Economic and technical development zone, Dalian free trade zone, Dalian high-tech industrial development zone, Dalian Changxing Island Harbor industrial zone, Kou, Dalian economic zone management administration assessment of the departments of the Commission, in accordance with the measures implemented. 23rd these measures come into force on the date of promulgation.
                                                                                  Dalian City, Dalian City, released on November 2, 1998, the Office of the people's Government of the responsibility system of administrative enforcement evaluation policy (after trapping ban FA [1998]124) repealed simultaneously.