Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County Earthquake Disaster Site Cleaning And Similar Provisions On The Protection Of

Original Language Title: 北川羌族自治县县城地震灾害现场及同类灾害现场清理保护规定

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(June 16, 2008 Sichuan Province Government 7th Times Executive Conference considered through June 20, 2008 Sichuan Province Government makes No. 224, announced since announced of day up purposes) first article to guarantees beichuan Qiang autonomous county earthquake disaster site and the similar disaster site (following referred to disaster site) cleanup of ordered for, protection good earthquake site, and remains, minority culture heritage and has scientific research value of real information, according to People's Republic of China burst event should method, and
    People's Republic of China earthquake disaster mitigation Act, the People's Republic of China cultural relics protection law, the destructive earthquake emergency Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations and practical, these provisions are formulated.
    Second disaster site clear protection should in the absence of signs of human life conditions, in accordance with the laws, regulations and these regulations, adhere to the unified, balanced, scientific planning, focusing on principles of protection.
    The disaster found signs of human life, must rescue immediately.
    Third provincial people's Government-led disaster clean up conservation efforts. Set up a National Committee, public security, civil affairs, construction, culture, public health, environmental protection, archive, earthquakes, safety and other relevant provincial departments and disaster sites, local (State) Government, as well as relevant experts to disaster sites to clean up protection agencies, organize and implement disaster clean up protection.
    Clearance protection agencies may set up specialized working groups as needed.
    Fourth no unit and individual shall support and coordinate disaster clean up protection.
    Article fifth clearance protection agencies organize relevant departments to scientific assessments and expert on earthquake disaster proof, develop clear conservation planning, determining clean up objects, areas, scope of protection, after the provincial Government agreed to the State Council for approval.
    Clear protection plan shall set forth the damaged cultural relics protection units and historical construction, typical and representative or scientific value and commemorative earthquake ruins and sites, damage of buildings and structures with characteristics of ethnic minorities, specific protection issues, protection requirements and protection measures.
    Sixth clean up to protect work organization specialists according to the clear protection plan to develop implementation plan, identify clear objectives for the protection, steps, methods, guarantees and norms and other requirements, submitted to the provincial people's Government for approval.
    Article seventh disaster, local (State) Government legally delimit warning zone and blocked clean to preserve the site and traffic control, ban has nothing to do with clear protection of the personnel and vehicles from entering.
    Blockade of cleaning to preserve the site and traffic control shall be announced to the public and by the armed forces to perform rescue and relief tasks implemented or a public security organ.
    Eighth on-site clean up before and during the clean up should be disinfecting procedures.
    Leave the cleanup to protect personnel, vehicles and equipment should be disinfected in accordance with the provisions of the.
    Nineth field staff should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of article proper personal hygiene protection.
    Clean protection set up quarantine rooms, toilet, garbage piling up sanitation and disinfection should be carried out.
    Article tenth of typical and representative or scientific value and commemorative earthquake ruins and sites, in the delineation of the scope of protection, to take effective measures to protect; rescue, collect technical information and material which has earthquake research value; dangerous buildings, without prejudice to the overall Outlook for the necessary reinforcement.
    11th the rubble of earthquake disaster-related physical science assessment, earthquake disaster in may become valuable kind of cultural relics collection, preservation or the site will be protected. 12th cultural relic protection unit should be the implementation of in-situ protection.
    Remaining reserve of unmovable cultural relics and ethnic characteristics of buildings and structures, as well as historic buildings, should take protective measures such as reinforcing; cannot be preserved, should collect videos.
    Clearing of movable cultural relics, ancient books and non-material cultural heritage material carrier, shall be delivered to the clear protection agency designated location for safekeeping.
    Article 13th out of the archives Register register, and transported to clean up protection agencies designated location for safekeeping.
    14th clean and dispose of medical waste, animal carcasses, waste and putrescible wastes contaminated by corpses infective wastes such as, highly toxic, flammable, explosive, corrosive waste and other toxic and harmful waste, residues, prevent the spread of contamination.
    15th out of waste and construction waste removal and dismantling, should be classified.
    Article 16th damaged public buildings, shall organize the relevant departments and experts to carry out the investigation, identification, data collection, samples, set up files.
    17th cleanup to protect remains of the victims found at the scene, should be disinfected and are numbered by the public security organs, records, photographs, extracting blood or other DNA testing can provide the sample. 18th victims ' bodies should be cremated. Does not have the conditions of the cremation, burial in accordance with regulations.
    Burial location should be away from water sources.
    Bodies of the victims of the handle should be in the home sector, the health sector under the guidance of the organization.
    19th buried unidentified remains of the victims, the body number, should be found and buried by time, place and number of registration, burial site there should be appropriately labeled.
    Article 20th clean up group of conservation organizations to set up property, collecting property found in the site cleanup, and the types, characteristics, quantity and time and place of collection of such detailed register, centrally managed by the disaster, local (State) specified institutions under preservation.
    Property collection, registration, delivery shall be not less than 2, and signed for future reference.
    Notaries shall participate in the property group. 21st disaster site, local (State) people's Government shall issue to the community property claim notice in due time in accordance with law.
    According to announcements by the claimant to determine when and where to apply for claims.
    22nd to rescue, collect and register and arranging the immovable property rights, and to take care of registration books.
    Article 23rd clearance protection institutions oversight group monitored the disaster clean up protection, and use of text, images, audio, video or any other means to record the clear protection.
    Members of the oversight group should be determined by the relevant government departments staff, composed of notaries and representative of the stakeholders in the community. 24th article has following behavior one of of, on has directly responsibility of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel in accordance with legal regulations and about provides held responsibility: (a) has nothing to do personnel unauthorized into blockade regional of; (ii) about staff abuse or negligence of; (three) hinder about staff implementation positions or disrupt site cleanup protection work order of; (four) theft, and looting, and occupation or corruption, and misappropriated disaster site cleanup out of property of; (five) made up and deliberately spread false information,
    Impede the clear protection; (vi) cause other harm to the disaster site clear protection. Similar disaster in 25th article of the rules refers to formation of the Wenchuan earthquake in beichuan Qiang autonomous county, according to earthquake disaster site clear protection to disaster sites.
    Similar disaster sites identified by the provincial people's Government.
    26th article of the provisions interpreted by the Affairs Office of the Sichuan provincial people's Government. On the 27th article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.
          Published documents are inconsistent with this provision, is subject to this provision.