Zhejiang Expressway Operation Management Approach (As Amended In 2008)

Original Language Title: 浙江省高速公路运行管理办法(2008年修正本)

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(July 7, 2005 Zhejiang Province Government makes 193th, released according to July 8, 2008 Zhejiang Province Government makes No. 246, announced of Zhejiang Province Government on modified straddling Zhejiang Province lightning disaster defense and emergency approach, 3 pieces regulations of decided Amendment) first chapter General first article to strengthening on highway of management, guarantees highway of intact, and security and smooth, maintenance highway traffic order, prevention and reduced traffic accident, protection Highway investors, and
    The legitimate rights and interests of operators and users, in accordance with the People's Republic of China highway law, the People's Republic of China Law on road traffic safety and the People's Republic of China toll road regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated. Second provincial highways within the administrative area of conservation, use, fees and management, application of this approach.
    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions. The third province districts of the city traffic Department for highways work within their respective administrative areas.
    Provincial and district Highway administrative departments in charge of highways, road management, maintenance management, according to the Transportation Department decided to exercise the other administrative duties at the same level.
    Provincial public security organs traffic management department head the province's Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and may appoint a district municipal public security traffic management Department management.
    Province development and reform, construction, land and natural resources, industry and commerce, environmental protection, pricing and other relevant departments, highway along the people's Governments at all levels and the departments concerned in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for the Highway Administration.
    Fourth provincial, district and municipal people's Government in accordance with the road traffic safety law, responsibilities and requirements of the regulations, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of highway traffic safety work, highway traffic safety management planning and implementation of programmes and their implementation.
    Fifth in highway management enterprises or other organizations (hereinafter referred to as highway operating unit), made in accordance with the law right, advertising management, service rights are protected by law.
    Freeway Management Unit should be actively and coordinate the relevant departments of people's Governments and their management Highways Management.
    Sixth article of any units and individuals must observe the road laws and regulations and these rules shall not be destroyed, damaged or illegal occupation of highways, highway and highway affiliated facilities.
    Seventh article of any units and individuals must comply with the road traffic safety laws and regulations and these rules, maintenance of highway traffic to prevent traffic accidents.
    Eighth chapter maintenance management of Expressway management unit responsible for conservation of the Expressway and ancillary facilities, ensure it is in good technical condition.
    Highway business unit does not have the qualification of Expressway maintenance, shall, by way of tender, commissioned road maintenance unit with appropriate qualifications to carry out maintenance, and submitted to the provincial highway authority record. Nineth Highway business unit shall, in accordance with national and provincial departments of transportation requirements, preparation of annual maintenance plans, and their implementation.
    Annual maintenance plan should be submitted to the provincial highway management authority record.
    Article tenth of Expressway maintenance operations should comply with the State standards and norms. Highway maintenance personnel jobs, should be wearing a uniform safety signs suit. Job site shall be in accordance with the regulations place signs, safety signs, direction signs, take protective measures to ensure traffic safety and the smooth flow.
    Vehicles and equipment should start yellow warning lights.
    Highway maintenance vehicles on site, you must follow the Guide flag is set, avoid operating vehicles, equipment and personnel.
    11th Highway administrative departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of highway maintenance work, found Expressway and ancillary facilities do not meet technical standards, shall order the highway operating unit within a conservation discovered highway maintenance and site management irregularities, shall order the highway road maintenance unit of the business entity or its delegate to correct it. Third chapter Highways Management 12th article ban following damaged, and pollution Highway, endanger Highway security, effect Highway smooth of behavior: (a) in highway, and highway with to range within stall presence, and take soil, and burning, and stacked items, and dumping garbage, and set obstacles, and dug ditch diversion, and using Highway ditches emissions dirt real,; (ii) in highway medium bridge and ferry around 200 meters, and tunnel above and hole outside 100 meters range within, and in highway sides must distance within,
    For dug sand, and quarrying, and take soil, and dumping waste, and blasting, and drilling, job; (three) in highway building control district within built highway construction, and conservation, and protection need yiwai of buildings and ground structures; (four) damaged or unauthorized mobile, and altered Highway subsidiary facilities; (five) car Shang personnel to car outside dispersal items; (six) vehicles dripping items or its mount real touch to towing; (seven) legal, and regulations and regulations provides of other behavior.
    13th article engaged in following activities, should by highway management institutions approved; effect traffic security of, also should consent of police organ traffic management sector of agreed: (a) for built railway, and airport, and communications facilities, and water and for other engineering construction need occupied, and mining highway or makes Highway rerouted of; (ii) across, and through highway built bridge, and aqueduct or erection, and laid pipeline, facilities, and in highway with to range within erection, and laid pipeline, and cable, facilities of;
    (Three) in highway building control district within built for highway construction, and conservation, and protection need of buildings and ground structures, or laid pipeline, and cable, facilities; (four) iron round car, and track car and other may damage highway road of machines, does needed in highway Shang driving of; (five) vehicles over Highway limited contains standard, does needed in highway Shang driving of.
    Permission of the matters prescribed in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the relevant provisions of the road administration regulations of Zhejiang Province determined.
    Article 14th 13th of activities under these measures, and its subsidiary facilities of Expressway caused damage or cause other damage to Highway business unit shall, in accordance with national and relevant provisions of the province to repair, alteration, or compensation. 15th road management agency review of the 13th article of the matter, should seek the views of Expressway management unit; the highway dispute management unit, road management agencies should organize consultations of the parties concerned and, if necessary, you can organize relevant professional demonstration.
    Of the hearing shall be held in accordance with law, managed by the Highways Agency in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law procedure of hearing.
    Highway administrative departments shall, according to listen to advice, consultation, demonstration and hearing transcripts, timely decisions to approve or not to approve. 16th Highway operating unit should be on the highway entrances and tunnel facilities prominently, sets the limit on Expressway load, limits high and wide notice, limit standards limit signs.
    Illegal over limit transport vehicles, highway management unit should be denied access. Highway administrative departments can be on the highway entrances, service areas, and approved by the provincial people's Government set overload detection stations and other places within the overload check cargo vehicles of the past.
    Laden vehicles shall be in accordance with the boot flag in the past to designated locations, the check by the highway authority.
    17th in highway construction inside the zone construction for highway construction and maintenance, protection of buildings and structures on the ground, not for other purposes; you no longer use, it should be immediately removed.
    18th Highway operating unit is responsible for setting and maintaining traffic sign, road marking.
    Installation of traffic signs, marking should conform to the standards set by the State, and adjusted according to changes in Expressway road network.
    Road traffic accidents are common on the traffic signs, markings, the provincial highway authority in conjunction with the provincial public security authorities and commercial highway traffic management departments and business units to revise the programme, managed by the highway unit is responsible for the implementation.
    19th in the highway lands within non-highway signs shall conform to provincial Transportation Department sets standards, and approved by the highway authority.
    20th planning and new towns along the highway, and development zone shall keep a set distance from the highway and avoid both sides of highway involving highway construction control zones, should seek the provincial highway authority and the city's Transportation Department.
    Article 21st motorway and ancillary facilities damaged, the Parties shall immediately report the authority, accepting its field investigations and legally undertake the compensation responsibility.
    Road damage, violation of road management laws and regulations and these rules, managed by the Highways Agency law.
    22nd Highway administrative departments should strengthen Highway Administration, suppression and investigation of violations of road management laws and regulations and these rules of behavior.
    Road administration personnel carrying out their duties, shall wear signs, certificates; special vehicles for Highway Highways Management should set unified signs and warning lights.
    23rd building highway of this chapter relating to highway construction control areas, advertising signs management requirements.
    Fourth chapter traffic security 24th article ban following personnel, and vehicles into Highway: (a) pedestrian; (ii) non-motor vehicle car; (three) motorcycle, and tractor, and agricultural transport car, and battery, and round type dedicated mechanical car, and full hanging tractor; (four) not installation dangerous alarm Flash, and fog lamp, and belt and not equipped with warning logo brand and taillights damaged of motor vehicle car; (five) overload vehicles; (six) design highest speed below 70 km of motor vehicle. Engaged in highway maintenance, highway management, fault clearing and emergency rescue personnel and special vehicles, machines, prescribed in the preceding paragraph shall not apply.

    25th entering highway vehicle drivers and equipped with seat belts seat car personnel, must be in accordance with the provisions of seat belts.
    26th vehicles from the ramp into the highway, should the speed on the acceleration lane and turn on the left turn signal, without prejudice of a vehicle on the highway under normal conditions drove into the driveway.
    Vehicles leave the motorway should be based on export notice sign into the connection exit lanes, slow down; leave the motorway from the ramp, should turn on the right turn signal after you enter the deceleration lane left.
    27th vehicles need to pass or change lane must turn on turn signal, must transform using the high and low beam lights at night, after making sure that security, then drove into the lane.
    28th due to traffic jam parked in front, vehicles with lane keeping an appropriate distance, open the hazard warning lamps, and shall not occupy the emergency parking strips and road shoulders, get off by car drivers and other personnel must not be arbitrary.
    29th article vehicles in highway Shang driving, shall not has following behavior: (a) reversing, and retrograde or through Central separated with turned; (ii) riding, and pressure lane line or in road shoulder Shang driving; (three) in ramp, and accelerated lane or deceleration lane Shang overtaking; (four) non-emergency situation Shi in emergency lane Shang driving; (five) non-for occurred fault, and traffic jam, special situation parking; (six) test or learn driving car. 30th article vehicles in highway Shang occurred traffic accident, or occurred steering, and lighting, and signal device fault, or occurred other fault and cannot normal driving Shi, driver should immediately opened dangerous alarm Flash (night must while open revelation wide lamp and taillights), will vehicles moved to not hamper traffic of place Park, and in car tail rear 150 meters yiwai set fault car warning logo brand; does cannot mobile of, should continued opened dangerous alarm Flash.
    Vehicles should move quickly to the right of the persons on the road shoulder or emergency Lane, and early warning.
    On the highway maintenance of vehicles is prohibited.
    31st Highway business unit vehicles found overloaded, or the carriage of dangerous chemicals in breach of the provisions of, should be denied access, and report to the public security organs traffic management departments, traffic management by public security organs to investigate and punish.
    32nd Highway conservation construction code of the business was closed more than 1 lane, and lasts for more than 12 hours; or in night work, highway work units shall report to public security organs traffic management departments in advance, and take appropriate protection measures such as warning or announcement. Construction takes half a piece of closure or disruption of traffic, highway business unit shall first seek consent of the public security organs traffic management and road authorities agreed, and take appropriate protective measures, warning and guidance.
    Except in cases of emergency, highway operating unit in advance 5th main route of mass media to society announcements, and through such means as electronic display tips vehicles.
    33rd-removal, rescue work on the highway from Highway business unit is responsible for the implementation, and accept public security organs traffic management and road management field organization and scheduling.
    Public security organs traffic management, road administration and the highway operating unit, fault cars, accident vehicles shall not restrict the parties from their units repaired vehicles.
    34th Highway towing vehicle, accident vehicles, traction fault code of the business, in accordance with the standards approved by the provincial authorities to charge vehicle parties, are not allowed to raise charges.
    Towing cars, accident vehicles, traction fault, it should be requested by the nearest, safe and convenient, drag from the beginning of the vehicle drag and place the nearest exit with the vehicle or place agreed by the parties, as well as designated by the public security organs traffic management traffic accident disposal sites. 35th public security organs traffic management departments responsible for road management agencies, highway business units make the freeway emergencies emergency response plan for traffic management, establish emergency response coordination mechanisms and, if necessary, can organize drills.
    Highways emergencies emergency response plan for traffic management should be dovetailed with the local emergencies emergency plans.
    Unexpected events referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to the natural disaster, bad weather, major traffic accidents and other sudden, severe events affecting or could seriously affect traffic safety. 36th article met has burst sex event Shi, police organ traffic management sector can take limit speed, and replacement Lane, and limit passage, and temporary interrupted traffic, traffic control measures, highway business units should timely will about traffic control information to passage vehicles for tips; does needed close highway of, by police organ traffic management sector in sought Highway business units views Hou decided and implementation, and ahead of to social announcement; occurred traffic jam Shi, highway management institutions, and
    Freeway Management units should actively assist the public security organs traffic management departments to regulate traffic.
    When emergencies elimination, the public security organs traffic management authorities should stop the implementation of traffic control, to close highways should be opened immediately, and announced to the public in a timely manner.
    37th provincial transportation departments responsible for public security organs traffic management and meteorological departments, Freeway Management, establish and improve the highway information service network, network shares, and provide the community with Freeway traffic, weather and other information services.
    Fifth chapter 38th toll highway charges for fees and service duration, establishment and adjustment of fees, toll-road management in accordance with the provisions of that Ordinance. 39th Expressway fees implementation of networking, unified billing and management in the province.
    Provincial transportation departments in accordance with State regulations, organization of Expressway management unit jointly developed specification for networking programme, the charging process and settlement, and implementation and monitoring.
    40th new highway projects should be according to the province's Highway network operation and management needs, in accordance with the provisions of standard construction of Highway communications, monitoring, charges and facilities management systems.
    Have opened highways do not have facilities conditions laid down in the preceding paragraph, by the business unit is responsible for building the highway. 41st unit responsible for highway toll clearing settlement announced to the highway operating unit on a regular basis.
    Highway operating unit settled charges related to their right to seek information. 42nd in addition to laws and regulations exempt from tolls for vehicles, vehicle traffic must pay tolls on the Turnpike.
    Refused to pay, get sex, pay less tolls of vehicles, highway business unit has the right to demand that its pay; refusing to pay, to refuse passage. Party with Freeway Management units of vehicles to pass or other movement certificates to pay tolls. Forgery, swap access access for documents or the use of forged credentials.
    Damaged, lost or Carnet, compensation shall be made.
    43rd highway work units must open a sufficient number of toll crossing, with corresponding charge personnel to ensure quick and safe passage of vehicles, shall not cause traffic jams.
    Highway operating unit must guarantee the lighting, ventilation and other facilities normally used, are not free to stop using, not to affect the safe passage of vehicles.
    44th Highway operating unit shall establish and perfect rules and regulations, business law, regulating fees, to provide quality services.
    Highway operating unit should strengthen the operations of toll station staff training and education, charge staff should be certified, a courteous, standardized service. Article 45th business units should be to enter the service area of Expressway vehicle, provide vehicle refuelling, maintenance and personnel, such as rest, food and beverage services.
    Engaged in service activities shall comply with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, and accept supervision by the competent authorities to check.
    Into service of vehicles, personnel should adhere to the management system within the service area and maintain good order of service.
    Transportation departments of provincial Expressway management and service standards should be developed, to the public.
    Article 46th on the sixth chapter of legal responsibility for violations of these rules, the highway code, road traffic safety Act and its implementing regulations, toll road regulations stipulated by laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.
    47th article violates this article 12th paragraph (a), (e) and the first (f) provided, resulting in Expressway pavement damage, contamination or affecting traffic by road authorities be ordered to desist from the illegal act and may be fined not more than 500 Yuan more than 2000 are serious and may be fined not more than 2000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.
    48th article violation this approach 12th article subsection (three) items, and 13th article first paragraph subsection (three) items provides, built, and disposal buildings, and ground structures, or unauthorized laid pipeline, and cable, facilities of, by highway management institutions ordered deadline demolition, can at 5000 Yuan above 20,000 yuan following of fine; refused to demolition of, can at 20,000 yuan above 50,000 yuan following of fine, and can by highway management institutions forced demolition, by needed demolition costs by building who, and build who bear. 49th article has following violations one of of, by highway management institutions ordered stop violations, can at 1000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine; plot serious of, can at 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine: (a) violation this approach 12th article subsection (ii) items, and subsection (four) items provides, implementation endanger Highway security of job or damaged, and unauthorized mobile, and altered Highway subsidiary facilities of; (ii) violation this approach 13th article first paragraph subsection (a) items, and subsection (ii) items, and Paragraph (d) and (e) provides, without engaging in the alleged acts.

    50th article violation this approach 19th article provides, unauthorized set non-highway logo or set non-highway logo not meet standard of, by highway management institutions ordered deadline demolition or corrected, can at 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine; refused to demolition or corrected of, can at 10,000 yuan above 20,000 yuan following of fine, and can by highway management institutions forced demolition, by needed demolition costs by set who bear.
    51st Highway disobey 34th article of the code of the business, traffic management or road management agencies by public security organs ordered to correct, and returned towing, towing fees collected.
    52nd in violation of paragraph II of this article 42nd, forged, change access credentials or using a fake pass voucher, managed by the Highways Agency ordered corrective action and may be fined not more than RMB 2000 Yuan; activities contravening public security management, the public security organs shall be punished.
    53rd article Highway business units violation this approach 43rd article of provides, has following case one of of, by highway management institutions ordered corrected; refused to corrected or has other serious plot of, can at 2000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine: (a) not opened enough number of charges crossing, caused vehicles jam of; (ii) free stop using lighting, and ventilation, facilities, effect vehicles security passage of.
    54th highway is operating in violation of this regulation, in accordance with national standards and specifications for highway maintenance, rectification by provincial highways management agencies; it refuses, provincial road authorities can specify units for conservation, conservation costs borne by the highway business unit required, and can be directly paid in tolls.
    55th transportation departments, road management institutions and the public security organs traffic management Department of dereliction of duty, favoritism, abuse, does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law.
    56th acts in violation of these rules constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 57th this way the meaning of the term is as follows: (a) highways: national highway engineering technique standard, specifically for motor vehicles, lane at high speed and fully controlled access highways.
    (B) the subsidiary facilities of Expressway: protection of highways, drainage, conservation, green, service, monitoring, communication, charge, power supply, water supply, lighting and traffic signs, markings and management facilities, equipment, and special-purpose buildings, structures, and so on.
    (C) the highway control areas: both sides of the freeway fence (fence-free from the rim on both sides starting) less than 30 m range.
    Building highways control areas in accordance with the preceding paragraph (c) of rule standards.
                                                                                                58th article this way come into force on September 1, 2005.