Defense And Flood Disasters In Zhejiang Province Officers Approach To Flight Transfers

Original Language Title: 浙江省防御洪涝台灾害人员避险转移办法

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(On July 8, 2008 Zhejiang Province Government makes No. 247, announced since announced of day up purposes) first chapter General first article to reduced and avoid Typhoon, and storm, and storm tide, and flood and secondary disaster (following referred to flood Taiwan disaster) caused of personnel casualties, according to People's Republic of China flood control method, and People's Republic of China flood Ordinance, and Zhejiang Province flood anti-Taiwan drought Ordinance, legal, and regulations, combined this province actual, developed this approach.
    Article within the administrative region of this province for the Defense personnel to flood disaster risk aversion transfer (hereafter referred to as transfer), for these measures.
    Article transfer follows the grading charge, territorial management and scientific principles. Fourth above the county level shall exercise leadership in personnel work within their respective administrative areas.
    The people's Government above the county level responsible for flood control and drought relief command personnel work organization, coordination and guidance. The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office specifically responsible for the implementation of the personnel working in the region.
    The village (neighborhood) Committee should assist in personnel work.
    Water Conservancy, meteorology, civil affairs, land and resources, oceans and fisheries, transportation, marine, construction, trade, public security, health, education, tourism and other related sectors, according to the Division of responsibilities do the transfer work.
    Enterprises, institutions and other social organizations (hereinafter enterprise) responsible for the unit's personnel work.
    Transfer should be clear transfer responsibility, implementation of appropriate accountability.
    Chapter II prevention early warning fifth article areas prone to flood disasters (hereinafter referred to as effects) of the people's Governments at all levels, the village (neighborhood) committees, enterprises should be formulated according to the flood prevention plan for personnel transfer plan, and make an announcement.
    Sixth people's Governments above the county level shall organize civil, construction, and other relevant departments, according to the flood control and determines the transfer plan for transferred personnel disaster emergency resettlement sites, and announced to the public.
    Disaster emergency resettlement places above the county level people's Government or its designated authority shall organize regular checks and safety appraisal and strengthening the maintenance and management.
    Article at all levels of people's Governments and relevant departments should strengthen flood prevention law, regulations, advocacy, organizational personnel transfer plan drilling, popularize the knowledge of flood control and prevention, improve public awareness of disaster prevention and self-help skills.
    Transfer subsidies included in the budget at the same level.
    The eighth meteorological, oceanographic and fishery departments should strengthen flood forecasting, and to the local people's Governments and relevant departments to provide forecasting information.
    Nineth hydrological institutions should strengthen the hydrological, real-time monitoring of rainfall and flood forecasting and flood and drought control lead to peer institutions submit timely monitoring and forecasting information.
    Tenth water conservancy administrative departments should strengthen the safety of reservoirs and other water management and supervision and inspection.
    Safety appraisal for water project management unit shall, in accordance with regulations and safety inspection; the possible danger of water conservancy projects, measures shall be taken in accordance with the relevant provisions, and promptly to the local flood control and drought relief command structures and water conservancy administrative departments report.
    11th flood control and drought relief commanding organs at all levels shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on flood control regulations, scientific operation of the flood, and promptly issued a flood alert to affected zone; reservoir flood discharge tunnel with water needs, advance notice to the community.
    12th Ministry of land and resources administrative departments should strengthen the monitoring of geological hazards, determine and announce geological disaster hazards, and to households under threat of geological disasters (including units) issued disaster risk aversion to understand and guide the work of households make disaster prevention and safe-haven.
    13th transportation, marine, marine and fishery administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities to strengthen the dynamic management of ships, master shipping information ships sheltered organizations, guidance and advocacy training.
    Flood disasters in the 14th when possible, indications or when there is a danger of flood control works of geological hazards occurred, local governments and related departments should promptly through radio, television, telephone, SMS, network, alarm etc, sent warning information to the affected zone.
    Third chapter organization implementation 15th article Dang meteorological sector forecast typhoon will landing or serious effect this administrative and marine and fisheries sector forecast storm tide disaster will serious effect this administrative Shi, effect district within of following personnel and ship should in provides of time within transfer: (a) ship should timely into Hong Kong shelter, ship cannot timely into Hong Kong shelter of, should transfer to other security regional, and timely to flag location competent sector report, which fishing while to flag location Xiang (town) Government report; (Ii) into Hong Kong shelter of ship Shang except anti-Taiwan (tide) operation personnel yiwai of all personnel should ashore shelter, dang typhoon will serious against ship security Shi, ship Shang of all personnel should ashore shelter; (three) Marina and island tourism district, and seawater baths and other sea leisure entertainment of all visitors; (four) seawall outside and may danger of seawall within of all personnel; (five) live in Shack, and shed, and anti-wind grade low of upwind housing, buildings within of personnel and in easy was Gale blow pour of structures, and
    High altitude facilities such as nearby personnel and (vi) other personnel transfer according to actual needs.
    16th article Dang meteorological sector released strong rainfall warning or occurred short Shi strong rainfall Shi, effect district within of following personnel in strong rainfall effect Qian or according to real-time rainfall alert timely transfer: (a) in may occurred danger of reservoir, and shantang downstream of personnel; (ii) in focus geological disaster hidden points and mountain collapse, and landslide, and debris flow, geological disaster more sent area of personnel; (three) in torrent easy sent district and vulnerable by flood disaster serious threat area of personnel; (four) other according to reality need transfer of personnel.
    17th article Dang hydrological institutions forecast rivers will occurred larger flood Shi, effect district within of following personnel should in to disaster flood arrived Qian 3 hours transfer finished; if to disaster flood in night arrived of, should ahead of in day 18 o'clock Qian transfer finished: (a) river beach Shang various temporary live personnel; (ii) waters job personnel; (three) no standard di Tang of middle Shang of personnel; (four) may burst and was flooded regional within of personnel; (five) prepared enabled of storage flood within of personnel;
    (Vi) other personnel transfer according to actual needs.
    18th there is the way the 15th, 16th, 17th, stipulates that one of the, city divided into districts, counties (cities and districts) people's Governments shall promptly start the transfer plan, according to the provincial flood control and drought relief commanding the relevant requirements, combined with the local area, determines the specific scope and time of the transfer, and issued emergency notices to the community.
    The township (town) people's Government, the streets, the village (neighborhood) committees, enterprises and institutions shall, in accordance with the higher transfer plans and emergency notification requirements, start the appropriate transfer plans.
    The township (town) people's Government, the streets can be unexpected danger in the case of an emergency, according to the personnel plan for self publish personnel transfer directive and implementation.
    When confronted by unexpected torrential rain, flash floods and other disasters caused by disaster or emergency interrupted electric power, communications, transportation, the village (neighborhood) committees and institutions can transfer plans for the initiative to implement personnel transfers.
    19th emergency notification or transfer instruction after the release of the person concerned should take the initiative on their own safety and will transfer to inform the village (neighborhood) Committee, enterprise or contact persons. 20th according to the emergency notice or transfer instructions transfer difficulties of their own, the local people's Governments shall organize and focus shift, inform the transferring disaster danger and the removal and transfer of personnel. Organizations of people's Governments shall arrange the necessary transport, transfer and proper arrangements are the basic livelihood of workers.
    Conditions of enterprises and institutions should provide the necessary means of transport for the transfer of the staff. Are personnel should be subject to the unified arrangements and management, and bring necessary supplies and food.
    Transfer area of the village (neighborhood) committees and relevant enterprises and institutions shall assist the Government involved shift work.
    21st may directly endanger the safe of floods, typhoons, storm surges and landslides collapses, landslides and debris flows of geological disaster flood, flood discharge or people's Government in accordance with a decision taken measures such as emergency, organizations related to the people's Governments and their departments can persuade refused to transfer personnel with a compulsory transfer.
    22nd in emergency notification or transfer instruction prior to the termination, was not allowed to return the same place by transferring personnel organized transfer of people's Governments and their competent authorities should take measures to prevent the return.
    23rd people's Governments at various levels shall organize shifted personnel placement assistance, job related village (neighborhood) committees and institutions shall provide assistance.
    Home administrative departments should do shifted personnel temporary living assistance.
    Health Administrative Department should do shifted personnel rescue, refuge resettlement sites and disease control and sanitation and disinfection efforts in the affected areas.
    Public security organs should strengthen the transfer of the maintenance of social order, safeguarding the application of the transfer of the town (streets), villages, enterprises and institutions as well as placement place the security of persons and property in the disaster, punishable acts that violate the administration of public security in a timely manner and maintain social stability.
    Construction, transportation, marine and fisheries, education and other relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions make the placement of relief work.
    24th personnel transfers by Township (town) people's Government, the escalation to the subdistrict office provincial flood control and drought relief command structure.
    25th fourth chapter legal liability acts in violation of these rules, the Zhejiang Provincial flood control and drought prevention Ordinance and other laws and regulations have legal liability provisions from its provisions. 26th article levels Government and about sector, and units, has following behavior one of of, on has directly responsibility of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel, by right to organ according to management permission, give administrative or disciplinary; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) refuses to from personnel transfer instruction of; (ii) no perform personnel transfer and placed duties or delays personnel transfer time, caused personnel casualties of; (three) hinder personnel transfer work implementation of; (four) false, and
    Hide transfers number of adverse consequences, and (e) other acts of neglect, abuse.
    27th staff transfer work, units and individuals are not subject to the decisions and orders issued by the people's Governments and relevant departments (instructions) and the measures taken in accordance with law, of activities contravening public security management, public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on public security administration punishments shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 28th for non-flood disaster causes reservoirs, ponds and areas prone to geological disasters emergency occurred, in the area of transfer, in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                                      29th these measures come into force on the date of promulgation.