Wuxi City Housing Lease Management

Original Language Title: 无锡市房屋租赁管理办法

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(June 27, 2008 Wuxi municipal people's Government at the 5th Executive meeting on August 18, 2008, Wuxi municipal people's Government announced the 102th come into force on October 1, 2008) first to strengthen the management of rental housing, regulating the rental order, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second lease in these measures refers to the lessor to lease to a lessee for use, by the lessee to pay the rent.
    Rental man out houses to others, or in the name of cooperation, joint ventures, not directly involved in the operation, do not participate in the distribution of profits, as rental housing.
    Article III administrative area of the city within the leasing and management, application of this approach.
    Effectiveness management according to law and fourth lease management combining, a combination of rental management and population management principles.
    Fifth of municipal and city (County), the Housing Authority is the leasing of administrative departments, according to the Division of responsibilities for housing, rental management. Street (town) the Community institutions, established cities (counties), area rental housing entrusted by the Administrative Department, responsible for the day-to-day management of rental housing in this community and receive City (County), the guidance and oversight of the leasing administrative departments.
    Encourage community institutions to carry out housing set for leasing activities.
    Population and family planning departments are responsible for housing rental staff in population and family planning management and service.
    Public security departments responsible for security management of rental housing, fire management and non-residence, residence, the rental officer document management.
    Industrial and commercial administrative department is responsible for investigating the use of rental housing for operating without a license and other violations, investigate and deal with illegal housing leasing services.
    Tax collection and administration of the tax department is responsible for leasing.
    Urban management and Planning Department is responsible for investigating illegal buildings and unauthorized change of rental housing.
    Labor and social security departments responsible for housing rental staff guidance.
    Town government, neighborhood offices, home ownership (village) committees assist lease administration.
    Article sixth rental Administration Department of population and family planning, public security, taxation, industry and Commerce and other departments to establish an information sharing system to Exchange housing rental information.
    Public security, taxation, industry and Commerce departments found that the parties did not handle the housing register, it shall promptly inform rental housing Administrative Department. VII article has housing ownership certificate or legal proved of housing party can rental, but has following case one of of housing shall not rental: (a) total housing without total right people written agreed of; (ii) belongs to illegal building of; (three) was about competent sector determine for dangerous housing cannot using of; (four) was about competent sector confirmed exists major fire, and security hidden of; (five) has included housing demolition announcement range of; (six) judicial organ and administrative organ law ruled, and
    Decided to seal up or other forms of restriction of property rights; (VII) change housing purposes and subject to approval by the relevant authorities in accordance with law without approval, and (VIII) other laws, regulations, rules and regulations may not rent.
    Forbidden to rent housing provided for in the preceding paragraph, the authorities informed, shall promptly notify the city, city (County) rental administrative departments, by municipalities and cities (counties) rental administrative departments to establish ban on rental housing information database.
    Eighth residential housing must have basic life and safety facilities per capita floor area shall not be less than 12 square metres for dormitory rental housing, per capita floor area shall not be less than 6 square meters.
    Nineth leasing parties may, in their own houses lease, leasing intermediaries can also be established by law establish a rental relationship.
    Tenth House the lessor and the lessee shall follow voluntarily, the principle of fairness and honesty, according to law, lease relationships.
    Municipal rental housing Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments to develop and advertise a rental contract text format to facilitate leasing reference by the parties.
    11th article of the municipal housing rental system of registration and filing.
    Parties to set up a lease, the lessor shall inform the lessee and the lessee together with the rental registration formalities; of a lease relationship through rental agencies, housing rental agencies shall notify the lease parties for rental housing registration procedures.
    Lessee for non-residence in the city, the lessor, housing rental agencies should also be informed in written form and assist the lessee declare residence registration or to apply for residence papers.
    12th article housing rental party should since housing rental relationship established or change of day up 30th within, holding following material to housing location community affairs work institutions handle housing rental registration record procedures: (a) housing ownership certificate or housing legal source proved; (ii) rental party identity proved; (three) housing rental contract or other showed that housing rental relationship established of material; (four) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other material.
    Rental house owned in common, the lessor shall provide the written proof of the consent of the other co-owners for rent; commissioned escrow rental housing, the trustee shall provide proof of principal authorized rental; leased housing, proof of sublease sublease shall submit the consent of the lessor.
    13th House lease modification, early termination of the lease contract, the Parties shall from the date of lease modification, termination in the 10th, for the modification and cancellation of the registration procedures; expiry of the lease contract renewals, ways should be in accordance with the provisions of rental housing registration procedures; expiry of the lease contract, lease contract shall expire automatically and does not need to apply for contract cancellation procedures.
    14th article community affairs work institutions since received housing rental record application of day up 3 a days within, on meet this approach provides of rental housing, be handle registration record, respectively issued housing rental registration record proved and housing rental registration card, and requirements rental people signed housing rental social responsibility commitment book, tenant people signed Wuxi public civilization law-abiding responsibility; not meet this approach provides of, not registration record, and written replies applicants.
    Community service institutions at the time of rental housing registration shall be collected in accordance with provisions the lessee related information; 15th in the rental contract or other materials of the leasing relationship sent a copy of the tax Department for the record; the lessee for non-domicile in the city, and shall inform in writing the Declaration for residence registration or to obtain residence papers.
    15th, rental, the rental registration cards by the competent administrative Department of production and number, include the following: (a) the rental party name, address, valid identity document and its number, contact, (ii) is located, the area of the leased premises, level, type, use, lease duration, (iii) number of rental housing.
    Making, issuing the rental registration card does not charge a fee.
    16th rental one shall pay the rental fees and taxes.
    Rental taxes and fees imposed on behalf of the tax administration organizations for tax departments of Community Affairs delegate, on behalf of the housing rental tax is imposed by.
    17th of municipal and city (County) rental administrative departments shall, in accordance with changes in the market, regularly publish classified housing lease rentals. 18th article housing rental people should comply with following provides: (a) shall not to no legal effective identity proved of units and personal rental housing; (ii) found rental housing within or tenant people has suspected illegal crime behavior of, timely to police organ report; (three) foreign personnel live full 7th not declared live registration, or according to provides should apply for live documents of foreign personnel live full 30th not apply for live documents of, housing rental people should report police sector; (four) found tenant people pregnancy or birth of,
    Timely reporting to the population and family planning departments, where the rental housing; (v) assist relevant administrative departments according to law, lease management, assist the community affairs institutions collecting the lessee pursuant to the provisions relating to information, (vi) other requirements stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.
    19th article tenant people should comply with following provides: (a) provides legal effective of identity proved, truthfully filled about form, and tie related sector of management; (ii) shall not using rental housing engaged in illegal crime activities; (three) tenant people for childbearing age personnel of, accept live to of family planning management and service; (four) according to housing planning uses, and structure, and fire security requirements using housing, shall not unauthorized change rental housing using nature, or implementation other illegal construction behavior;
    (E) compliance with the property management of rental housing where the Community provisions may not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the owners and (f) other requirements stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.
    Article 20th production and operation of rental housing, when they apply for business licenses or to the relevant departments for handling, shall provide a lease agreement and lease registration certificate.
    Article 21st intermediary service institutions engaged in lease, shall go through registration and obtain business licenses within 30th of, municipal and city (County) rental administrative departments. 22nd article violation this approach provides, rental housing not handle registration record procedures of, by housing rental administrative competent sector ordered deadline handle; late still not handle of, housing rental administrative competent sector can on residential rental party sentenced 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; on non-residential rental of rental people sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine, on non-residential of tenant people sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following of fine.

    23rd violates these rules, leasing intermediary service organization without written lease for rental housing registration procedures for housing, the Department of housing lease administration rectification; refuses, rental housing Administrative Department can lease mediation service fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.
    24th article violation this approach provides, housing rental intermediary service institutions not timely to city, and city (County) housing rental administrative competent sector record of, by city, and city (County) housing rental administrative competent sector ordered deadline corrected; late refused to corrected of, city, and city (County) housing rental administrative competent sector can on housing rental intermediary service institutions sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine.
    25th article violates other provisions in these procedures, fall within the relevant departments, respectively, by the Department concerned in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations will be punished.
    26th article on House tenancy administration staff rental housing dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 27th non-residential rental housing with staff quarters, their part of the rental shall be in accordance with the means of provisions of residential lease-related procedures.
    Government pricing of public housing, low-rent housing rental management in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations. 28th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2008.
                                                                                            April 9, 1993 the Wuxi Wuxi municipal people's Government issued lease regulations repealed simultaneously.

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