Catering Services In Xuzhou City Environmental Management Practices

Original Language Title: 徐州市餐饮服务业环境管理办法

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(June 18, 2008 Xuzhou city people's Government, the 5th Executive meeting on August 5, 2008, 116th, Xuzhou city people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2008) first in order to combat environmental pollution by catering services, improve environmental quality, safeguard public health and to promote sustainable development, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second catering services mentioned in these measures refers to instant manufacturing, commercial sales and service work means, to provide consumers with food or food consumer sites and facilities engaged in food manufacturing, process industries, including restaurants, snack bars, snack bars, canteens, stalls and providing catering services for the hotel, beach, dance hall, teahouse, and so on.
    Article III of these measures apply to catering services within the administrative area of the city smoke, noise, sewage, sewage and other pollution prevention and related supervisory activities.
    Fourth of municipal or County (City) and jiawang district administrative authorities are responsible for catering services in the area of environmental protection the unified supervision and management of environmental pollution control.
    Planning, city and law enforcement, health, industrial and commercial administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, catering services, pollution prevention and treatment work.
    Fifth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect the environment, catering services for pollution and damage to the environment has the right to impeach and accuse. Sixth city planning should be in accordance with the requirements of environmental function zone, rational planning in foodservice distribution.
    Urban renewal and development, planning, catering services, the relative concentration of the business area.
    Development and construction of residential project of real estate development enterprise should be based on the scale in the residential building programme prepared by explicitly supporting the construction of the corresponding size of food service facilities.
    When used in catering services in the design of the building should be designed catering services special flue, sewage treatment facilities, showing of exhaust gases, noise and other pollution prevention facilities installed location. Article building, rebuilding, expansion (hereinafter referred to as new) food service items should be in accordance with environmental impact assessment documents submitted to the Administrative Department of environmental protection.
    File without examination and approval of environmental impact assessment, industrial and commercial administration departments not be issued business licenses.
    Article eighth places or areas which are new catering services of the following items: (a) residential buildings (including mixed commercial and residential building and living in adjacent floors), (ii) surface water drinking water first-grade protection zones and not building sewage treatment facilities within the scope of the secondary reserve of drinking surface water sources. Nineth in residential or residential, hospitals, schools, social welfare agencies and other environmentally sensitive areas as well as cultural relics protection units outside the bounds within 30 metres of the new food service program, the Administrative Department of environmental protection in the environmental impact assessment prior to approval should be sought through the notice, hearing, or other forms of operators, local views of the directly interested parties.
    Needed new, smoke vents, mechanical ventilation should be and the adjacent residential areas, hospitals, schools, social welfare agencies or cultural relics protection unit's main functions such as building the border closest to the horizontal distance of not less than 20 metres.
    New manufacture and provide consumer sites as one of the food service industry, operating area shall be not less than eight square meters, consumer sites shall not be less than 30 square meters indoor area.
    Tenth Article catering services project equipped with of pollution control facilities, should meet following conditions: (a) installation with business scale phase match of fume, and exhaust purification device and specifically of fume exhaust tube, set fume exhaust tube should meet about standard; where buildings height in 24 meters following and no dedicated smoke road of, exhaust tube export should above the buildings highest points 1.5 meters above, exhaust tube export shall not directly towards street and should avoid residents floor and the other easy by effect of buildings;
    (B) the installation matches the scale of oil, filter grille, residue and sewage treatment facilities, (iii) installed to prevent environmental noise insulation, noise reduction and vibration facilities. 11th new food service program of pollution control facilities and kitchen facilities designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously. Once the pollution prevention facilities, shall promptly apply for Administrative Department of environmental protection completion acceptance. Administrative Department of environmental protection should be issued from the date of receipt of the application within the 10th inspection observations.
    Situation is complex, not issued within the prescribed approval, approved by the head of the Administrative Department of environmental protection, you can extend the 10th.
    New food service program pollution prevention facilities are not built by the competent administrative Department of environmental protection or pollution prevention facilities acceptance may not be operating.
    12th existing foodservice operation place renovated or flue, hearth and other layout changes, resulting in smoke, sewage, noise pollution prevention of major infrastructure changes, shall, in accordance with the provisions of this article 11th reapply for acceptance.
    13th article operators in business activities in the should comply with following provides: (a) city built district within should using gas, and gas, and liquefied LPG, and electric, clean energy, existing catering services project yet using of, should in environmental protection administrative competent sector provides of term within instead clean energy; (ii) fume purification device and oil separation facilities should according to products of technology requirements timely for clean maintenance maintenance, guarantee fume purification device, and oil separation, pollution control facilities of normal run;
    (Three) in indoor set specifically container, collection, and store produced of kitchen more than garbage, and meal more than garbage; abandoned edible oil should separate closed store, referred to the has qualification of units for processing; (four) installation air conditioner outdoor unit, and ventilation and noise emissions device, equipment should meet corresponding of installation specification, and city standard and regional environment noise standard; (five) law declared registration pollutants emissions situation.
    14th foodservice pollutants should meet the following standards: (a) discharges to the environment or urban drainage pipe network should meet national and local emission standards, (ii) fumes, exhaust gas after treatment should be up to the national and local emission standards of air pollutants (c) noise emissions shall conform to the national standards for environmental noise of urban area.
    Installed and running properly by State-sanctioned qualified oil fume purifying device with standard installation of units that are not recognized by the State inspection of oil fume purifying device, carried out by the Administrative Department of environmental protection on smoke emission test, failed to pass the test, shall not be used.
    15th article ban operators in business activities in the implementation following behavior: (a) directly to environment or city sewage tube network Super standard emissions sewage, and fume and dumping kitchen more than garbage, and meal more than garbage, and abandoned edible oil,; (ii) unauthorized idle, and demolition or not normal run pollution control facilities; (three) accounted for road business or in shop, and outdoor engaged in on environment caused pollution of food cooking, and processing making, and clean vegetables, and washing and the to consumers provides consumption places,; (four) legal, and regulations, and regulations ban of other behavior. 16th article of the approval before the implementation of the measures established by the food service project does not comply with the provisions should be rectification or governance, gradual adjustment, alteration, relocation or closing.
    Specific measures for the city and County (City) and jiawang district governments separately. 17th environmental protection Administrative Department and other relevant administrative departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of food service.
    Be inspected shall cooperate with and shall not refuse or obstruct inspections.
    As required by the Administrative Department of environmental protection, employing people in environmental protection obligations of supervisors, assist in the oversight of food service environments.
    18th environmental protection Administrative Department and other relevant administrative department shall, upon receiving the acts in violation of these measures to report within five working days from the date of the complaint and to inspect and communicate results to the informant or complainant in a timely manner.
    Article 19th Administrative Department of environmental protection through newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and other media regularly publish lists of illegal operators.
    Before announcing the list of illegal operators, environmental protection Administrative Department shall inform the operators, and to hear the views of operators.
    20th Administrative Department of environmental protection to environmental impact assessment notification file or project completion and acceptance of environmental protection shall apply within the statutory time limits for approval or acceptance, not complying with the statutory time limit for approval and acceptance of the Organization, should explain the reasons to the operators.
    Administrative Department of environmental protection and its staff shall not specify environmental impact assessment for the operators body and environmental pollution control facilities design and construction, environmental pollution control products. 21st article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by environmental protection administrative competent sector ordered stop violations or deadline corrected, and can sentenced 2000 Yuan above 20,000 yuan following fine: (a) violation this approach 13th article subsection (a) items, and subsection (ii) items provides, not using clean energy or not timely clean maintenance fume purification device and oil separation facilities, and led run not normal of; (ii) violation this approach 15th article subsection (a) items provides,
    Effective pollution control measures taken by food service operators, environmental pollution and nuisance; (c) in violation of this article 15th (b) provided, allowed to idle, removal or abnormal operation of pollution control facilities.
    22nd article violates this article 15th (c) the provision, by the related administrative departments shall punish. 23rd violates article 17th in these measures, rejected the environmental protection Administrative Department and other relevant Administrative Department for catering services, supervision and inspection, checks are performed by departments of rectification; refused to correct or check fraud, punishable by fines of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan.

    24th members of law enforcement bodies and unlawful administrative act or omission, causes a citizen, legal person or other organization's legitimate rights and interests, public interests damages, directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
          25th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2008.