Low-Rent Housing, Qingdao Approach

Original Language Title: 青岛市廉租住房保障办法

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(July 25, 2008 at the 3rd Qingdao people's Government Executive meeting on August 4, 2008, Qingdao City people's Government, the 197th reported as of September 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article to promote the urban low-rental housing and to solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, according to the relevant regulations of the State, province, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second City SHINAN district, shibei district, Sifang district, licang district (hereinafter referred to as the city four areas) within the administrative area of low-rent housing and management procedures apply.
    Article city and District Housing Administrative Department is responsible for the area of low-rent housing management.
    City and district housing security agencies are responsible for specific management area of low-rent housing.
    Neighborhood Office is responsible for the area of low-rent housing applications, the trial work.
    Development and reform, land and resources, civil affairs, finance, development, planning, pricing, public security, supervision, labor and social security, statistics, finance, taxation and industrial and commercial administrative departments, according to the Division of duties, is responsible for the low-rent housing related work.
    Second chapter guarantees object and the way fourth article while meet following conditions of family or years full 35 age of single personnel (following collectively applicants), can application low rent housing guarantees: (a) applicants has city four district resident account, which at least a people reached 5 years above; (ii) applicants property, and per capita income and per capita housing area meet municipal government approved and regularly to social announced of standard; (three) family members Zhijian has statutory of maintenance, and raised or dependency relationship.
    At the low-rent housing for 5 years before the date of application, due to divorce, inheritance, sale, donation, as well as performance and other reasons, to transfer ownership or use right of the applicant to others, shall calculate the original housing area.
    Fifth of low-rent housing object property, per capita income, housing standards, the municipal housing, civil affairs, finance and other administrative departments, according to the city's socio-economic development and financial status, housing prices, per capita disposable income of a certain ratio and the per capita housing area developed, released after the approval of the municipal government.
    Sixth low-rent housing space standards, according to the financial capacity, average housing standards as well as population size and structure of the housing difficulties of urban low-income families and other factors, to determine the family unit.
    2 people standard 30 square meters in area of protection of the family, 3 family protection standard 40 square meters in area; 4 or more security standards 50 square meters in area.
    When the low-rent housing space standards need to be adjusted, by the municipal housing and administrative authorities and the relevant administrative departments to develop, released after the approval of the municipal government.
    Seventh, low-rent housing monetary subsidies and physical rental distribution methods.
    Monetary subsidy is a Government subsidized rental housing to eligible applicants, on its own to rent housing guarantee.
    Physical distribution rent refers to the Government to meet the conditions of the applicant to provide housing and rent according to the prescribed standards of protection.
    Article eighth of monetary subsidies, shall, in accordance with rental housing subsidy per square meter standard, security area standards and establishing the balance housing subsidies. Rental housing subsidy standard per square meter, according to the level of economic development, average market rents and other factors.
    Applicants for subsistence allowances for urban residents, determined according to the average market rent per square meter rental housing subsidy standard; other low-income housing applicants, determined in accordance with a certain percentage of the average market rent per square metre of rental housing subsidies.
    Nineth rent of physical distribution, the applicant shall submit the name in the original housing areas housing security agencies as in-kind matching housing be assigned public rental, original ownership of housing properties intact.
    Applicants to produce original housing, with rent area is determined according to the security area; not to hand over the original houses, in principle no physical distribution to rent can be monetary subsidies.
    Assigned public rental housing rents in kind by the municipal price administrative departments together with the municipal housing, finance and other administrative departments developed and published.
    Applicants for subsistence allowances for urban residents, free of security within the area of rent.
    Tenth rental income to low-rent housing should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, the two lines of income and expenditure management, for use in the maintenance and management of low-rent housing, the shortfall in the general budget arrangements.
    Rents to low-rent housing and low-rent housing arrangements shall not be confused with use of funds.
    Third chapter funds and housing source 11th article low rent housing guarantees sources: (a) housing Provident Fund value-added returns deduction meter mention loan risk reserves and management costs Hou of all balance; (ii) from land transfer NET in the according to not below 15% of proportion arrangements of funds; (three) city, and district financial budget arrangements of funds; (four) superior financial budget arrangements of low rent housing guarantees grants funds; (five) social donation of low rent housing guarantees funds; (six) other for low rent housing guarantees of funds.
    12th source of low-rent housing: (a) the construction, reconstruction, acquisition of housing (ii) surrendered by public housing and private housing released back; (c) donated by the community housing and (iv) other channels to raise housing.
    13th the construction of low-rent housing should follow Government, district-oriented, reasonable planning, market principles, strict implementation of the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.
    14th land for low-rent housing construction planning, consideration shall be given housing difficulties of urban low-income families living and working facilities.
    15th new construction should be taken mainly in the form of low-rent housing, housing development area shall, in accordance with municipal governments plan and annual construction programme, implementation of construction plots with, organize and implement construction.
    Land for construction of low-rent housing should be priorities in land supply plans, and listed separately when submit annual land quota, allocation of supplies.
    16th the planning and design of low-rent housing, should stick to the economy, meet the required standards of quality and safety, meet basic functional principles, in accordance with the requirements of the development of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly housing, promoting the use of new materials, new technology and new process.
    The new single area of low-rent housing should be controlled within 50 square meters.
    17th construction of low-rent housing with construction projects on State-owned land allocation decision or in State-owned construction land transfer contracts, construction, type area, the number of low-rent housing construction standards, supporting, and after the completion of transfer of property rights and handing over time as additional terms and conditions.
    18th government investment construction of low-rent housing, taken over by the municipal housing administrations after completion for State-owned tube housing, delegate housing area real estate unit to rent.
    19th construction of low-rent housing projects urban infrastructure supporting fees waived and other administrative fees and Government funds.
    Encourage donations of housing as a low-rent housing and donated funds for low-rent housing.
    Units of Government or Government building, rebuilding and purchase of housing as a low-rent housing, low-rent housing and donations and donations of low-rent housing funds, tax policy implementation in accordance with national requirements.
    Fourth chapter application review program 20th article meet this approach provides conditions of applicants, should by heads to household location subdistrict offices proposed low rent housing guarantees written application, and submitted following information: (a) home sector issued of minimum life guarantees proved or where units (live to subdistrict offices) issued of income proved; (ii) housing ownership or housing tenant proved; (three) where units or live to subdistrict offices issued of now housing situation proved; (four) identity and household proved;
    (E) the property status certificates; (vi) marital status; (VII), other relevant information provided by the House Administration.
    21st Street Office from the date of acceptance of the application in the 30th, organizations applied for the review, investigation of housing, income and property status of the applicant, via comments, after the public trial comments, reported to the district housing security agencies.
    Housing guarantee institution shall, from the date of receipt of the application materials in the 10th to audit the applicant's housing situation, and we will meet the conditions of the district information Department.
    District departments shall, from the date of receipt of the application materials in the 10th to audit the applicant's income and housing security agencies will review feedback area. District housing security agencies should be audited in accordance with conditions of publicity, publicity for 15th.
    Publicity without objection or objections have been confirmed to be unsubstantiated, the city housing agency. City housing agencies shall verify from the date of receipt of the information in the 10th, qualifying record, and notify the district housing security agencies to be registered, granted by housing agency shall issue to the applicant notice of registration.
    Does not meet the criteria, by housing agencies notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons. 22nd Street, housing security agencies and civil affairs departments in reviewing the applicant's housing, income and property status of household surveys, neighbourhood access and letters, certificates, and so on.
    The relevant units and individuals shall cooperate with and provide relevant information.
    23rd District housing security agencies for registered applicants shall, in accordance with the regulations, determines the appropriate safeguards and the waiting order, to be made public.
    Registered and belong to the family of the subsistence allowances for urban residents to apply for rental housing subsidies, allowances should be priorities.
    Registered and belong to the orphans, the elderly, the sick, disabled and other special families, subsistence families or other need of help families, rent shall give priority to physical distribution. 24th waiting in place of rental housing subsidies to families, rental housing subsidy agreements with the district housing security agencies, in accordance with the agreement on its own rental housing, and will sign a lease contract information reported to the district housing security agencies such as the record.
    Review by the housing agencies meet the requirements of, and procedures set forth by the district Finance Department in accordance with the allocation of rental housing subsidies.
    Waiting can rent family of physical distribution, should work with the real estate between the low-rent housing rental contract.
    Leasing solutions with payment of housing subsidies and in-kind match results, district housing security agencies should be made public and housing, municipal housing support organizations and district administrative departments for the record.
    25th of municipal housing administrations shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of rental housing subsidies Protocol and low-rent housing lease contract format text.
    26th article of low-rent housing applicants, should be their place of household registration on an annual Street truthfully family, income and housing changes. Subdistrict offices should declare investigation and verification, to be published, and the results are reported to the district housing agencies.
    District reviews housing agencies shall, jointly with relevant departments, and in accordance with the review results, timely adjustment of rental housing subsidies or physical distribution area for rent, rentals, etc; no longer meets the conditions as provided herein, shall withhold rental housing subsidies or the low-rent housing.
    Annual review should be submitted to the municipal housing institutions housing institutions and Housing Administration Department for record.
    27th applicant of subdistrict offices, housing agencies and civil affairs departments to review the results or housing agencies determine the waiting order object can be made to the agency or its parent bodies to review applications to receive organs should be reviewed in a timely manner.
    Fifth chapter 28th city housing agencies should be stepped up oversight of housing security agencies and subdistrict offices housing the work of operational guidance, and staff training and supervision.
    29th housing security agencies shall establish a low-rent housing archives, strengthen management, to guarantee the family (single person) visits, checks on a regular basis, to grasp the changes such as population, income and housing. Article 30th all units and individuals have the right to impeach and accuse any acts in violation of these rules.
    Reports of verified, housing security agencies can be awarded.
    Sixth chapter legal liability article 31st of concealing facts or providing false information in an application for low-rent housing, neighborhood offices was inadmissible, and reported to the district housing agencies recorded in the bad credit record, the applicant shall not apply within 2 years guarantee.
    Article 32nd obtained by deception or other improper means of low-rent housing registration, guaranteed by the regional housing agencies to cancel their registration and credit poor credit records, the applicant shall not apply for housing within 5 years.
    Obtained through deceit or other improper means of low-rent housing subsidies from the House Administration, ordered to return; refusing to return rental housing subsidy, apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law.
    Obtain low-rent housing by deception or other improper means, legally recovered by the real estate unit and corresponding rent at market prices recovered.
    Article 33rd low-rent housing family (single person) low-rent housing lent, sublet, or change of use, real estate units shall recover the low-rent housing.
    Staff of the relevant departments and units of the 34th article, working in the low-rent housing in the abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, disciplined in accordance with the relevant provisions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    The seventh chapter by-laws article 35th of laoshan district, Chengyang district, Huangdao district and between, and Jiaozhou city, Jiaonan, laixi, Pingdu, and low-rent housing guarantee in accordance with the measures implemented. 36th these measures shall come into force on September 1, 2008.
                                                                                                    August 20, 2004 municipal people's Government of Qingdao City, released the regulation on low-rent housing for low-income families (Qingdao municipal people's Government, the 169th) repealed simultaneously.