Retired Sports Talent Cultivation In Shanxi Province And Placement

Original Language Title: 山西省竞技体育人才培养和退役安置办法

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(14th of July 11, 2008, Shanxi province Executive meeting on July 14, 2008, Shanxi province people's Government promulgated as of August 1, 2008, No. 225) Chapter I General provisions article to improve competitive sports talents, norm retired athlete recruitment and placement to ensure sustainable development of sports, according to the People's Republic of China sports law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article sports talents in these measures include sports reserve talent and athletes.
    Sports reserve talent is a certain sports potential, by selecting enter sports schools, children's sports schools, sports schools of traditional games in youth sports club, and in accordance with the conditions of social forces in other training institutions (hereinafter referred to as sports reserve talents training institutions), participate in physical training of children and adolescents. Athletes are defined by provincial sports Administrative Department of sports training unit (hereinafter referred to as training units) recruitment, specializes in sports training and competition, try out for enjoying sports allowance or sports personnel.
    Try out for athletes, including athletes and elite athletes.
    Article within the administrative region of this province sports reserve talents training and the training of elite athletes and retired place, these measures shall apply.
    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the sports talent cultivation and resettlement retired leaders.
    People's Governments above the county level sport, education, finance, public security, personnel, labor and social security, establishments and other related management departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities. Fifth to encourage organizations and individuals to run, the financing of sports reserve talent training institutions.
    Encourage organizations and individuals to support, finance training of athletes.
    Chapter II the cultivation of sports reserve talents in sixth sports reserve talents of Government-led and the principle of combining social participation.
    Seventh Administrative Department of people's Governments above the county level sports (hereinafter referred to as sports administration) responsible for the administration of sports reserve talents in sports training and competition supervision; the people's Government above the county level administrative departments of education (hereinafter referred to as the administrative departments of education) is responsible for the administrative supervision of sports reserve talents in cultural education, protection of sports personnel have received and completed compulsory education.
    Article eighth sports reserve talents training institutions should be based on the region's traditional sports and sports layout training project. Counties (districts) of children's sports schools should proceed from reality, independent schools, stadiums, jointly with mainstream primary and secondary schools and other forms of reserve sports talents.
    Not established children's sports schools of the County (district) should rely on the traditional sports schools, sports club or social forces in other sports reserve talents training agencies work.
    , Sports schools, districts should do the cultivation of sports reserve talents in work, guarantee the quality of sports reserve talent.
    Nineth into national education series of children's sports schools and sports schools, and studying in ordinary schools at the same level have the same rights.
    Tenth primary and secondary schools shall create conditions for the cultivation of sports reserve talents.
    Sports, educational administrative departments shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, student sports tradition and featured on the sports skill school identified as a traditional sports school.
    Sports administration according to the training plan will meet the requirements of sports reserve talent training bodies for sports reserve talent base.
    11th sports reserve talents training institutions should be based on the sports talent selection standard selection of sports reserve talent; TRANS-selection of sports reserve talent according to state regulations.
    Primary and secondary schools, and other organizations and individuals are encouraged to reserve sports talents cultivation recommend, conveying a certain sporting potential of young people and children.
    12th sports reserve talents Agency signed an agreement with sports personnel or his or her legal guardian, clearly both in physical training, cultural education, costs, benefits and other rights and obligations.
    13th sports reserve talents training institutions should be in accordance with the relevant provisions and training sports reserve talents in cultural and educational work of the agreement; should follow the rules of sports training and youth, the growth and development of children, according to the national youth sports training the teaching training program for children.
    14th people's Governments above the county level shall organize an annual youth sports activities for children, promote the cultivation of sports reserve talent. 15th sports reserve talents should be registered.
    Districts of city and county sports association or their competent authorities shall register once a year for the sports reserve talents, District Sports Association or its operational authority to the province's Sports Association record.
    16th sports reserve talents training institutions must follow the district's municipal sports school or training sports reserve talents for the needs of the unit must meet the district's municipal sports schools and training units need the premise of, conduct personnel exchanges in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Sports reserve talents training institutions to the talents of the training unit, training unit can collect training fees.
    Chapter three elite athletes recruitment recruitment and cultivation of the 17th elite athletes should be carried out in the establishment, following the principles of openness, equality, merit, scientific, standardized, and follow the relevant provisions for open recruitment.
    18th elite athletes recruitment once a year, hiring plan put forward by the training unit, the provincial sports administration agreed with the provincial personnel Department approved.
    19th provincial sports Administrative Department before the open recruitment of elite athletes, and staff can organize a certain size on trial.
    Trial number of athletes by sport administrative departments of the province submitted to the provincial agencies, financial department according to the specific situation and project characteristics. 20th tryout players through directional selection, recruitment methods, such as recommendations or face the public.
    In principle, recruited from the person who completed the nine-year compulsory education, according to the characteristics of individual projects may be relaxed.
    Trial standards set by the province sports administration.
    21st training unit should be linked to trial players or their guardians sign a tryout contract.
    Trial time is in principle not more than one year.
    22nd the recruitment of elite athletes, employed by training units according to standard methods and demand for examination.
    Provincial sports administration and personnel administrative departments of the province of elite athletes recruitment guidance, supervision and management.
    Elite athletes employed standard formulated by the provincial sports administration. 23rd in line with employment hiring standards and examination personnel shall conduct publicity.
    Public after the approval in accordance with personnel administrative permissions of the training unit, after approval, and its staff to sign employment contracts of elite athletes.
    Employing elite athletes under 16 years of age, require the consent of their guardians, and in accordance with the regulations approved by the provincial labour administrative department.
    24th tryout players employed as elite athletes, its last training unit during the trial period may be calculated for uninterrupted service; not employed, back to the original transmission unit or place of residence.
    25th across regions or employing elite athletes from the countryside, according to the public security department diaohan or documents issued by the relevant government departments handle personnel procedures.
    26th the administrative departments of education shall coordinate with the administrative departments of sports athletes ' cultural education work.
    Employing elite athletes that are not completing compulsory education, training shall ensure the continued compulsory; excellent athletes have completed compulsory education, training unit shall provide necessary conditions for organization or support of their participation in educational or vocational skills training.
    Elite athletes apply for admission to institutions of higher learning, relevant departments and institutions of higher learning should be given preferential treatment.
    27th training unit should improve the training condition, medical supervision of sports training, for athlete training to provide the necessary security and protective measures.
    Training units should take measures to improve coaches ' professional quality and ability to use scientific methods to guide training, raise the level of scientific sports training, ensuring the quality of the training.
    28th training unit should provide elite athletes build technical, health, social security and cultural learning school archives.
    Fourth chapter Letterman retires placing 29th best athlete due to health, age, injuries, training level, unfit to continue in sports training, stop training after the approval of the provincial sports administration. Article 30th after athletes stop training, career transition period not to exceed one year.
    Specific period by the training unit and the athletes under the team, athletic performance, stopping causes and other factors determined in consultation.
    Including career transition period during the term of employment contracts, but not games old.
    Career transition period, the sport administrative departments responsible for athlete training, employment services and so on.
    Excellent athletes retired placed 31st independent careers, school education, government guidance and Government-directed placement, and so on.
    Encourages and supports elite athletes after retirement self employment or through access to employment after graduation from institutions of higher learning.
    Elite athletes after retirement, the provincial sports Administrative Department in accordance with the regulations to retire.
    32nd retired athletes ' choice of selecting jobs, provincial sports administrative departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of graduates of economic compensation.
    Graduates of economic compensation according to relevant regulations of the State, combining with the province determined.
    Retired athletes to receive compensation after selecting jobs, lifting and training units of the employment contract, its accounts, records and social security relationship has been transferred to the relevant business units, such as the need to pay fees, provincial sports administrative department responsible for the payment of one year's fees, fees paid by retired athlete himself after one year.
    33rd retired athletes choose to go to school for further education and specialized secondary schools, college admission, its human relations and account transfer to the institution; not accepted, according to the independent career placement.
    Retired athletes be admitted to specialized secondary schools, and universities, except as provided in the provincial sports Administrative Department issued to graduates of economic compensation, but also according to relevant regulations of the State grants.
    34th article of select Government-directed placement of retired athletes, conveyed by the original location or relocation of district municipal personnel, labor recommendation, relevant management according to the related regulations. The 35th National Games, the Asian Games, World Championship and Olympic top three retired athletes should take mandatory placement, the provincial sports Administrative Department in conjunction with the provincial administration of personnel placement.
    Retired athletes can also select the other way placed as provided herein.
    National sports games, the Asian Games, the world top three and eight games of retired athletes, back to the original delivery to place of work, arranged by District municipal employment. The 36th player retired at the age of 16, not entering specialized secondary schools or institutions of higher learning, by his guardian, Ward; did not complete nine years of compulsory education, guardian, arranged by the training unit under the supervision of cultural learning, sport benefits shall not be suspended during the period of issue.
    After 16 years of age in accordance with the provisions of these measures placed.
    Fifth chapter safeguards 37th people's Governments above the county level shall be organized by the children's sport school, requirements for sports schools and sports reserve talents, funds into the budget at the same level; should arrange a certain proportion in the sports lottery for sports reserve talents.
    The people's Governments above the county level shall register and take part in sports training sports reserve talents of 50% above the subsistence allowances for urban residents in the local gold standard training subsidies.
    Article 38th education, sports administration coordination, resolve the practical difficulties of sports reserve talent attending; primary and secondary schools should provide convenience for sports reserve talent attending, for household registration in the field of sports reserve talent provided equal access to compulsory education conditions.
    39th reserve sports talents in the elevated cultural preferential admissions and sport specific performance, and the specific measures prescribed by the District of the municipal educational administrative departments. Join above the provincial level sport to achieve outstanding results in the sports reserve talents, preferential treatment in college.
    Specific measures by the provincial education administrative departments, provincial sports administration jointly formulated and submitted to the provincial people's Government for approval.
    40th sports reserve talents training institutions should be equipped with qualified coaches and safeguard coaches enjoy the event characteristics to their work; it should be in accordance with the regulations for sports reserve talents for personal accident insurance.
    41st public sports facilities management unit should be for sports reserve talents training institutions ' training or competition to provide convenience and benefits.
    42nd tryout player during the trial period trial under the State Sports benefits, to receive a benefit under conditions will receive corresponding allowances; a trial period the relevant provisions of national and provincial social insurance enjoy appropriate social insurance benefits, receive appropriate education. 43rd elite athletes to enjoy state-mandated wages, housing and other benefits, according to which social insurance, personal accident insurance and elite athletes disability insurance, and enjoy the benefits.
    Elite athletes after retirement, their social insurance relationship transfer, according to stipulations and renewal.
    Elite athletes in the transition period of occupation, keep a sports grant.
    National sports top three, Asian sports competitions the top six, sporting the world top eight collective projects and get the ball sports, martial arts items wuying-class and other international-level athlete title of retired athletes can without taking admission to institutions of higher learning.
    44th for work disability and are identified as level of elite athletes with disabilities treatment, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the workers ' compensation insurance.
    45th article training units to sports reserve talent training institutions paid of training fee and conveying award funds, and athletes try training during by needed funding, and athletes retired fee, and athletes independent careers economic compensation gold,, should into sibling fiscal year budget; career conversion transition during sports administrative sector and training units organization carried out skills training, and employment counselling, related work by needed funding, to financial input mainly, insufficient part with sports sector using of lottery chest, and social donor funds, added.
    46th people's Governments above the county level should be retired athlete create sports business entity or individual business support.
    Recruitment of staff in public institutions of all kinds of sports, retired athletes to achieve outstanding results, you can take the form of direct assessment recruitment; other retired athletes, should be priority in employment under the same conditions.
    Sports services, sports schools, Sports Lottery funding or jobs by the Government to invest in the stadium, to give priority to employment of retired athletes.
    47th all types of educational institutions to recruit teachers, sports coaches and other sport professionals, to achieve outstanding results and have a teacher qualified retired athletes, can take the form of direct assessment recruitment of teachers ' qualification to other retired athletes, should be priority in employment under the same conditions.
    At all levels of sport, the administrative departments of education for retired retired athletes who intend to engage in physical education teacher qualification for teachers to create conditions.
    Sixth chapter Award and punishment 48th article County above Government can on has following case one of of sports reserve talent training institutions and coaches give award: (a) to set district of city sports school or sports training units conveying sports reserve talent of; (ii) conveying of sports reserve talent participate in national games, and Asia Games, and games, major game made excellent results of; (three) sports reserve talent training has other highlight contribution of.
    In competitive sports talents have made outstanding contributions to the work of the coach, in addition to awards, professional titles assessment according to relevant regulations of the State or province grants preferential treatment.
    49th provincial people's Government and the departments concerned should be in the National Games, Asian Games, achieved outstanding results in major competitions such as the Olympic Games training units, give awards to coaches and athletes.
    50th sports reserve talents training institutions did not and sports personnel or his or her legal guardian sign the agreement, given by the Sports Administration warned or fined not more than RMB 500 Yuan more than 1000.
    51st best player a breach of the employment contract, rescission or termination of the contract of employment, without retired places.
    Retired placed 52nd in the recruitment of elite athletes and work, abuse of power, favoritism, bribery, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 53rd this approach, the following terms shall have the meanings as follows: national sports competition, refers to the National Games, national championships and national championships Asian sport, referring to the Asian Games, the Asian Championship, the Asian Cup; World Sports, Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup.
    Municipal sports administration is a member of the 54th district training elite athletes in training and retired placement can be performed in accordance with the measures.
                                                                            55th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2008.

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