Good Fame Bridge Canal, Wuxi Scenic Spot Management

Original Language Title: 无锡市清名桥古运河景区管理办法

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Good fame bridge Canal, Wuxi scenic spot management

    (September 4, 2008 Wuxi Government 7th Times Executive Conference considered through September 10, 2008 Wuxi Government makes 105th, announced since October 15, 2008 up purposes) first article to strengthening good fame bridge ancient canal scenic (following referred to scenic) of protection and management, reasonable development and using scenic resources, maintenance scenic normal order and good Tour Sightseeing environment, promote scenic of prosperity and development, according to about legal, and regulations, combined scenic actual, developed this approach.

    Second approach applies to the scenic construction, protection, use and related administrative activities. Scenic spots in these measures include good fame bridge along the Grand Canal along the historic nanchan Temple and cultural centre.

    Need to adjust the scope of the scenic, released by Nanchang District Government reported to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Third area protection and management to adhere to strict planning, principles of management, effective protection and rational utilization, correctly handle the relationship between protection and utilization.

    Fourth, Nanchang district people's Government is responsible for the unified management of the scenic area, commissioned by the management body, specifically responsible for the daily management of the scenic area.

    Public security, industry and commerce, construction, planning, culture, urban management, urban, landscape, tourism and other sectors, according to their respective duties well area protection and management.

    Public security, industry and commerce, urban management Department staff stationed in area and should be actively performing its statutory functions, and facilitating management to complete the daily management. Article fifth Nanchang district people's Government shall organize the development of scenic spot protection and utilization programme.

    Protection programmes should be a clear delineation of the area function and format the layout of blocks.

    Programme should comply with the overall urban planning and scenic spot protection and utilization planning.

    Article sixth scenic architecture, landscape design, outdoor advertising, sets of lights, public facilities, should reflect the area characteristics.

    Scenic spots in new construction, expansion, renovation of building (structure), its size, shape, height, color should coordinate with the surrounding landscape and environment.

    Article seventh scenic Street building (structure), its property shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of regular cleaning, whitewashing, keep the exterior surfaces clean and beautiful; broken should be repaired in a timely manner, keeping the original style.

    Property with occupiers to build (or structures) agreed by the cleaning, whitewashing, fix the responsibility, their agreement shall prevail. Article eighth scenic spot, is a historic, scientific and artistic value. Buildings (structures), buildings, monuments, and other sites, scenic area management bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions of public protection lists, set flags and strictly protected.

    No units or individuals may damage or unauthorized modification, relocation, demolition. Nineth, scenic settings and perfect all kinds of direction signs and information boards.

    Guide signs and boards shall comply with the national common language specification and standards and conform to international standards of public information graphical language international and identity. Tenth of scenic roads, River (airlines) and its ancillary facilities and sanitation, lighting, transportation, public facilities and underground pipelines, units commissioned by the owner or its maintenance and management.

    Scenic area management bodies should assist in maintenance work, found damaged, shall notify the owner or client to repair.

    Area within the public fountain, guide signs, information boards, bulletin boards, galleries and other facilities and works of sculpture, landscape, maintenance management by the management bodies. Article 11th scenic tourist ships operating in waters total control project access system operations and water tourism.

    Scenic area management bodies should be based on the conditions of Access Manager.

    Prohibit non-commercial ships in the scenic waters or engaging in business activities in a disguised form.

    12th business activities within the area shall meet the protection scheme of the scenic area features and form layout, reflecting the scenic atmosphere of history and culture.

    Competent administrative departments shall, in accordance with the scenic area features and format layout requirements issued by the appropriate business licenses.

    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change the area function and format the layout of blocks.

    13th scenic area management bodies should urge the scenic units in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of public security set up and improve the facilities such as fire, theft, and regularly check to ensure normal use.

    Scenic area management bodies shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions set and improve public safety monitoring facilities. Scenic area management bodies should establish and perfect scenery scenic cultural landscape, a safety management system.

    Regular supervision and inspection in conjunction with relevant departments units implementing the responsibility to protect fire, theft, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof and lightning protection measures. Article 14th scenic area management bodies shall establish a sound area emergency plans and implement safety measures.

    In the tourist season as well as during the mass gathering in large temporary, it shall, in conjunction with relevant departments to do traffic control and evacuation work, ensure the safety of persons and property.

    15th following approval of the relevant departments of scenic spots in the matter, shall solicit opinions scenic area management bodies:

    (A) the building (structure) the street facade decoration;

    (B) the new construction, expansion, renovation of building (structure);

    (C) set the landscape lighting;

    (D) to occupy or dig the roads, River (navigation) road;

    (E) the installation of outdoor advertisements or public welfare Billboard (bar), slogans;

    (F) setting through the scenic waters water excursion routes;

    (VII) modification, migration, dismantle public facilities;

    (H) other matters affecting the approval of area protection and management.

    Units or individuals engaged in construction activities in the area, after the completion of the construction project should be to clear the area in time, restitution; losses caused, compensation shall be made. 16th units and individuals in the area within the Organization of exhibitions, fairs, cultural performances, film and other cultural, commercial and other large public gatherings, and should ask the scenic area administration.

    Need to go through the relevant formalities for approval and record, it shall inform the relevant Department; unauthorized holding of mass gatherings in large, scenic area management agency ordered corrective action and restitution.

    Activities in the area causing damage to public facilities, equipment, sponsor shall be liable.

    17th Street management of scenic spots in the region, except police, fire, ambulance and engineering emergency and other special vehicles, others need access to the pedestrian street of vehicles shall be in accordance with specified time and routes, in the parking lot parking. Article 18th area implementation of sanitation system of area of responsibility. Shall, in accordance with sanitation sanitation responsibilities responsibility for clear responsibilities and fulfill day-to-day management duties, maintain the health of their area of responsibility and order, facilities, greening, landscaping in line with regulatory requirements.

    Responsible for the sanitation and use people, agreed by the management responsibilities among administrators, their agreement shall prevail.

    Area within the business stalls owners should keep their surroundings clean and tidy.

    Article 19th area within the units and individuals engaged in business activities, and obey the unified management of scenic area management bodies, paid according to regulations the related management costs.

    Need to use public facilities within the area, public facilities use fees should be paid according to regulations.

    20th management agencies should establish and improve the mechanism for handling consumer complaints, mediating disputes between operators and consumers in a timely manner, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain area-good operating order.

    21st scenic area management bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions of article select an eligible unit area property management and related services. 22nd no unit and individual shall maintain public hygiene, keeping the environment clean and prevent environmental pollution.

    Area within the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) at the River (navigation) road to drain;

    (B) construction of toxic, poisonous, oily substances warehouse, stack, or to set up a coal, ash, garbage dump, waste recovery (processed);

    (C) excessive emissions of poisonous gases, liquids, and noise;

    (D) spit, soiling, burning pieces of paper and other debris;

    (E) litter, dumping solid waste and construction waste, such as wastes, pollutants;

    (Vi) bathing or washing in water facilities;

    (VII) at the River (navigation) road, swimming, fishing, cleaning motor vehicles and pollutants;

    (VIII) other acts that affect environmental health and pollution of the environment. 23rd no units and individuals shall voluntarily maintained public facilities in good condition, care for the green.

    The following actions are forbidden:

    (A) damaged buildings (structures);

    (B) destroyed, defaced or unlawfully moved, dismantled sanitation, communications, public facilities such as lighting, communications and roads, River (navigation) road facilities;

    (C) destroyed, defaced or water spray, or move or demolish a public place guide signs, information boards, bulletin boards, galleries and other facilities and landscape works of sculpture, such as;

    (D) unauthorized occupation of green space or altering the use of green spaces;

    (V) unauthorized logging, loss, migrate, trees;

    (F) the removal of Earth and set up stalls in the green space, and scaffolding piled up debris;

    (VII) picking fruit and flowers closed green, or trampled flower beds and lawns;

    (VIII) other acts of destruction of public facilities and green. 24th article of any units and individuals shall conscientiously maintain social morality and public order, maintain area looks beautiful, harmonious environment.

    The following actions are forbidden:

    (A) altering the building (structure) style and facade;

    (B) unauthorized building (structures), sculpture and other facilities and graffiti or carved on a tree, post;

    (C) on the street and buildings (structures) outside the top of the buildings, balconies, window, window and hanging and drying and along both sides of the street, put city article, hanging, post promotional materials;

    (D) set induced betting, gambling, blocking road performer and vulgar sexual performance;

    (E) the divination, divination, fortune-telling, and other superstitious activities;

    (Vi) begging and street-sleeping, lying down;
(G) carry dogs into public places and fireworks of the contravention;

    (VIII) other disturbing public order, undermine social morality and impact looks beautiful, environmentally compatible behaviour. 25th article engaged in business activities in the area shall maintain business order, business law.

    The following actions are forbidden:

    (A) operates without a license;

    (B) the occupation of roads, squares, car parks and other public places engaged in business activities or steps beyond the threshold, the spot;

    (C) take hard sell, shoddy, price fraud and malicious competition and other improper means of operation;

    (D) the catering activity on the water without authorization;

    (V) unauthorized access to water resources in the area of production and operation;

    (Vi) other acts of destruction operation order and the illegal operation.

    26th State organs and relevant regulatory agencies and their staff, in one of the most scenic areas in the management of any of the following acts, the directly responsible personnel and direct those responsible be disciplined constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) in violation of the relevant provisions in these procedures and approval procedures;

    (B) does not perform management functions or not timely investigation found violations committed with serious consequences;

    (C) other acts of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties.

    27th article in the scenic spot of any of the following acts, scenic area management bodies commissioned by the Nanchang district people's Government warning and fines in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) in violation of these regulations 16th article, unauthorized exhibitions, exhibitions, cultural performances, film and other cultural, commercial and other large public gatherings, more than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine;

    (B) violation of these measures article 23rd provision, damaged, defaced or fountain, or move or demolish a public place guide signs, information boards, bulletin bars, art galleries and other facilities or works of sculpture, landscape, fined a maximum of between 1000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    (C) the violation of provisions of article 24th of this approach the fourth and fifth, stopped road performer, vulgar performances or divination, divination, fortune-telling, and other superstitious activities, fines of between 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    28th article violates other provisions of this approach, be punished by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the laws and regulations; scope is relatively centralized administrative punishment right in urban management, administrative law enforcement by the city administration departments will be punished.

    Article 29th area within the historic district and has been identified as the protection and management of the cultural relics protection units, application of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.

    Article 30th Nanchang district people's Government in accordance with these measures, formulate implementing rules. 31st article this way come into force on October 15, 2008.

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