Graduates Of Retired Athletes Excellent Sports Teams, Inner Mongolia Economic Compensation

Original Language Title: 内蒙古自治区优秀运动队自主择业退役运动员经济补偿办法

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Graduates of retired athletes excellent sports teams, Inner Mongolia economic compensation (August 21, 2008 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the 7th review on September 16, 2008, the people's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the 160th promulgated as of November 1, 2008) first to strengthen the construction of excellent sports teams, widen the channels of employment of retired athletes, virtuous operating mechanism for establishing athletes ' cultivation, according to the People's Republic of China sports law and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, implementation of People's Republic of China sports law measures, combined with State practice,

    These measures are formulated.

    Second autonomous region autonomous employment of retired athletes excellent sports teams financial compensation, these measures shall apply.

    State sports teams is a sports administrative departments directly under the management of the autonomous region, and athletes ' allowances was paid by the State financial team.

    Graduates of retired athletes is due to physical, technical, age or other reasons, is not suitable to continue engaging in specific training, or terminate the contract upon approval, quit the campaign active and does not participate in the work organization plan, choose to athletes.

    Athletes in service be held criminally liable, reeducation through labor, without approval of the Organization retired or unauthorized terminate the employment contract of the training unit, the procedures do not apply. Article encourages the retired athlete graduates. For retired athletes in addition to selecting jobs provisions in decommissioning costs, one-off financial compensation. Calculation of economic compensation standards should be linked to existing sports age (referred to as games old), the combination of the achievements and contributions of the in-service training period.

    Games age calculations according to the relevant State provisions.

    Fourth municipality sports Administrative Department is responsible for the daily management of retired athletes selecting jobs for economic compensation calculation, distribution and processing of.

    Human resources and social security, finance, educational administrative departments within the scope of their respective duties, do a retired athlete selecting jobs financial compensation organizations to implement the programme. Fifth retired athletes selecting jobs with a high school diploma or equivalent, and was awarded a certificate of athletes that I apply, State Sports Administrative Department to recommend to institutions of higher learning in the region, by the Admissions Department of the autonomous region in accordance with the relevant provisions after review and approval, enrollment into universities in the region.

    Admission to college study of retired athletes, considered as graduates. Sixth retired athletes practice selecting jobs career transition transition system. Retired from the athletes be approved next month, one-year career transition period, by original units continue to send full year sport allowance is based on the original channel expenses.

    Stop sports benefits after one year. In the transition period of occupation, graduates of retired athletes to continue participating in and enjoying the benefits of social security.

    Sports administration career training, employment services and so on.

    Article seventh graduates retired athletes consent of the State sports administration and reported to the State human resource and financial sectors after the audit, according to the issue of economic compensation standards, enjoyed a one-time financial compensation, and lifting with the sports Administrative Department personnel or employment with training units.

    Eighth autonomous employment of retired athletes economic compensation, compensation delivered by the base relocation, age composition, performance bonus and social insurance payments. Nineth infrastructure relocation means graduates retired athletes and sports teams where termination of working relations, family placement and basic vocational skills learning, training, compensation funds.

    Calculation criteria for:

    (A) shipped in less than 4 years of age, sports grants issued to 12 months;

    (B) transport 5 years more than 5 years of age at for each full one years old sports allowance for an additional 6 months, maximum of 50 months. Tenth games age compensation refers to retired athletes during in-service training graduates, challenges of physical limits caused bodily injury compensation funds.

    Calculation criteria for:

    (A) shipped in less than 4 years of age, each full one years old to 6 months of physical benefits;

    (B) transported over 5 years and 5 years old, shipped each year to 8 months of age sports grants up to 70 months. 11th incentive fees refer to graduates of retired athletes in service training period the three competitions, Asian competition, the national games and the annual national games and national comprehensive competition accepted the position of other incentive funding.

    Calculation criteria for:

    (A) the 300,000 yuan to be Olympic champions, were second and third place of the Olympic Games and the World Championships, World Cup and National Games champion 150,000 yuan;

    (B) second and third place in the World Championships, World Cup of 100,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan to be admitted to contest three other places in the world;

    (C) by three Asian Championships and national games of second and third place 50,000 yuan and 40,000 yuan to be admitted to other places;

    (D) national annual competition and national comprehensive competition in the top three of other 30,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan to be admitted to other places;

    (E) the national youth competition, taking of the position, athletic or martial arts weapons-British-level title of 5000 Yuan.

    The competitions group of the collective project and the individual performance incentive fee calculated according to the standard 70% in the preceding paragraph.

    Admitted to won three competitions in the world rankings, Asian and National Games champion with victory in three, besides a high score awards, one above each achievement, according to the standards of achievement award 50% computed cumulatively. 12th social security payments means graduates retired athletes follow the compensation funds to pay social insurance contributions.

    Calculation criteria for:

    (A) shipped 10,000 yuan in less than 4 years of age;

    (B) the games 5 to 7 years of age at 20,000 yuan;

    (C) shipped more than 8 years of age at 30,000 yuan.

    13th autonomous employment of retired athletes 70% requirements for economic compensation included in the annual budget of the autonomous regional people's Government and the rest by self, social contributions and sports departments of lottery and other means.

    Sport administrative departments under the people's Governments of the autonomous region next year, retired athlete graduates, graduates prepared special funds for economic compensation budget, reported to the financial Department of the autonomous region after the audit and included in the next annual budget.

    Economy special management of compensation funds, earmarked balance of parts carried over to the next year.

    14th match in these measures as follows:

    (A) the three competitions of the world refers to the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup;

    (B) three competitions in Asia is the Asian Games, the Asian Championship and Asian Cup;

    (C) National Games refers to the national sports meet once every 4 years;

    (D) national annual competition refers to the National Championships, national championships;

    (E) other types of national comprehensive tournament means national peasant games, ethnic minorities such as traditional sports and games and University Games;

    (Vi) national youth competition refers to various types of project the highest level competitions for youth and City Games.

    15th Union City, County-owned sports teams of retired athletes selecting jobs financial compensation, the local people's Government in accordance with the measures specified. 16th these measures shall come into force on November 1, 2008.