Administrative Measures Of Guangdong Province, Postal Service

Original Language Title: 广东省邮政业管理办法

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Administrative measures of Guangdong Province, postal service

    (December 19, 2008 21st Executive meeting of Guangdong Province on January 22, 2009 131th promulgated by the people's Government of Guangdong Province as of March 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    The first to standardize the order of the postal service market to ensure postal communication access and security, promoting the development of postal services, in accordance with the People's Republic of China postal law and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative region of this province in the postal industry construction, services, and management activities, these measures shall apply.

    Postal service in these measures, including the national postal system to provide postal services and other delivery services provide delivery services.

    Third post management is responsible for postal service management in the administrative area of the province.

    Set postal administration offices in the administrative region of this province is the Agency of the province, postal authorities, responsible for the area of the postal service management.

    Industry and commerce, public security, national security, customs, inspection and quarantine, civil aviation and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to assist in the good management of the postal service.

    Article people's Governments at all levels should vigorously develop the postal service, postal enterprises, other delivery services and rural links give the necessary support.

    Equalization of Governments at all levels shall, in accordance with public service requirements, construction of rural postal service stations (hereinafter referred to as the village postal station), the Cun Cun Jian Zhan, household agreed to vote.

    Postal enterprises in these measures refers to the national postal system to provide the postal services company; other delivery service companies mentioned in these measures refers to provide delivery services for enterprises outside the national postal system.

    Fifth postal enterprises bear the obligation to provide a universal postal service to the community, to provide users with no less than the postal service of the postal universal service standards.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Sixth development into local people's Governments at various levels shall post industry national economic and social development planning, land use planning and urban planning.

    Province, postal authorities shall, in accordance with national economic and social development planning, land use planning and urban and rural planning, organization of postal service development planning in the province.

    Postal industry development plan shall include the village postal station construction plan.

    Seventh postal enterprises shall, in accordance with the postal service development planning, population density and postal requirements, and the urban landscape, set up postal service outlets.

    Article eighth rural villages should at least establish a village postal station, responsible for this village the message receive and complete work order and the party newspapers and journals, also sells the communication part stamps and postal stationery.

    Village location of stations shall conform to the land use planning and village planning requirements, and convenient for the villagers to use mail needs.

    Village stations should the service personnel, guarantee the security of messages.

    Province, postal management is responsible for the coordination of local governments and construction in enterprises on village post office.

    Nineth land needed for the postal service network construction, by the land and resources department and Planning Department in accordance with the public facilities are addressed.

    Non-profit postal facilities construction land, people's Governments above the county level in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations on land management to protect it.

    Tenth new construction, renovation, expansion of urban residential areas, industrial areas and commercial zones, development zones, tourism and airports, stations, ports, planners, construction unit postal service outlets and mail and postal enterprises shall be loading in the workplaces, access and other facilities into the scope of projects supporting the construction and planning and setting up. 11th new residential buildings, office buildings and other public buildings, should be on the ground floor of location sets the number corresponding to the letter box with the user (s) or room.

    Letter box (Group) shall conform to the national standards or industry standards, its production and installation fee included in the total project budget.

    Before the implementation of these measures has been built for residential buildings, office buildings and other public buildings are not set letter box (Group) or the mail room, by the owner or the property management unit is responsible for standard setting.

    Letter box (cluster) maintenance and replacement by apartment blocks, office buildings and other public property in the building or the property management unit.

    12th mail, shipment processing facilities design and construction shall meet the requirements for land use planning and urban planning, and the public security organs, the national security agency, customs and entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions to perform their duties to provide space and facilities, and other facilities.

    Chapter III service and guarantee

    13th postal enterprises, other delivery services company and its staff shall comply with the relevant regulations of the State, to provide users with fast, accurate, safe, convenient service, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

    Postal enterprises, other delivery services and their staff shall not be an offence to any organizations and individuals to provide the user's name, address and postal service, express business information.

    14th postal or other delivery service enterprises shall establish and improve service quality management system, setting user supervision supervision released mail, phone number, community and users of postal enterprises, other delivery service service quality supervision and complaints and replies to user reports and complaints promptly and dealt with.

    Postal enterprises, or other delivery service enterprises shall honesty may not be illegally seized the shipment, diverted users of collecting money. 15th postal enterprises, staff from other delivery service delivery in addition to letters of mail, express, recipient or receiver shall personally sign after the prior.

    Visually Inspected after mail, courier appeared as short, damage, quality does not match the name or other problems, should be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    16th special vehicles for the transport of mail in postal enterprises shall, in accordance with the prescribed spraying postal mark and "China Post" signs, other vehicles sprayed with the same or similar symbols and signs.

    Other transport express delivery service vehicles should be spraying corporate logo.

    With "China" logo and other mail, express delivery services company logo transport vehicles, postal authorities recognized by the province and the approval of the transport management Department, are exempted from certification for road transport operators.

    Article 17th with postal enterprises, other delivery services corporate private cars through the forbidden route or when parking in a no parking lots, traffic or parking traffic management departments approved by public security organs. Postal enterprises, other delivery services transport messages, courier vehicles to minor accidents should be applied after summarily released vehicles.

    For collection of evidence needed, absolutely necessary to suspend vehicle, police traffic Administration Department shall timely inform the driver or the enterprise.

    With postal companies, travel to other delivery services company logo and its staff into and out of ports, by when the ferry should be released in priority.

    Article 18th rural mail, mail and express mail, postal enterprises, other delivery service enterprise shall promptly deliver to the recipients or income; other messages are posted to the village postal station or the recipient in a timely manner.

    Stations should be posting notices, published business hours, scope of business, rules, fees, service charges, shall not be charged to the recipient announced charges, anything other than the standard cost.

    The fourth chapter management and supervision

    Article 19th letter nature of business entry and exit letters and articles to deliver business enterprises, should be to the State or province, postal authorities for handling postal business management procedures, and to the local administration for industry and commerce registration before the operation.

    Obtained right to operate postal services entrusted with the management of the enterprise should operate in accordance with the scope and management of local postal authorities. 20th postal enterprises, other delivery services Corporate Express business shall, in accordance with the provisions of the express market management approach to postal authorities for the record.

    Province, postal authorities should publicize information on record.

    Province, postal authorities are responsible for the postal enterprises, other delivery services supervises the operation of the enterprises.

    Other delivery services companies enjoy preferential tax policies established by the State should hold the province, postal authorities for the record to prove it.

    21st postal or other delivery service enterprises shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, reported to post management statistics.

    22nd join the express company business license shall be obtained, in line with the standard express services.

    Other delivery services corporate headquarters and join the courier company signed franchise agreements shall, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, specify the rights and obligations of both parties and submitted to the provincial postal administrations for the record.

    Other delivery services corporate headquarters has management responsibility for joining enterprise, should be in the service specification, service, process, service, services, supplies, consumer complaints concerning the implementation of integrated management.

    Article 23rd province, postal authorities should be ready to join the courier company supervision, found that problems such as going out of business, express the backlog of stranded, timely warning to society announcements, and to activate contingency plans and handle in a timely manner.

    Article 24th of units and individuals engaged in philatelic business, credit management according to law shall not be illegally produced and sold a false issue, fake postage.

    25th province, postal authorities in accordance with national postal authorities announced producer list on postal products, imposed on postal products producer.

    The postal products produced by the production by any unit and individual shall forge, to steal other people's production supervision certificate, are allowed to produce and sell postal products that are not produced.

    Article 26th province postal authorities and its agencies have the right to post, other delivery services and supervise and inspect the place, check the unit and its staff shall coordinate with and may obstruct or refuse.

    Province, postal authorities and its agencies can be associated with related administrative law enforcement.
27th post administrative law enforcement personnel carrying out their duties of supervision and inspection, shall produce their valid law enforcement documents, parties of violations of postal laws, rules and regulations, should be ordered to desist from the illegal act and may, when necessary, take the following measures:

    (I) asked the unit to be checked or the parties;

    (B) access to relevant business documents, documents, books and other materials;

    (C) suspected violations of postal laws, rules and regulations of the relevant evidence can be legally registered, extracted and preserved;

    (D) other functions and powers prescribed by laws and regulations.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    28th disobey article 18th, notices not complying with the provisions of, by province, postal authorities to give a warning and ordered corrective action; released to recipient Receive the fees, charges, and other costs, shall be ordered to refund, and the person in charge shall be fined a maximum of 200 Yuan.

    Article 29th disobey article 21st failing to report statistics to the post management, by province, postal authorities to give a warning and ordered corrective action and can be fined a maximum of up to 3000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    30th in violation of article 24th of this approach provides that illegally produced and sold false stamps, postage, by postal authorities of the province in a warning, and may, if the circumstances it shall be fined 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine, fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan for individual constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    31st article violates this article approaches 25th, no production supervision certificate or stealing others ' production supervision certificate production, sale of postal products, by province, postal authorities ordered to stop production and sales, and punishable with a penalty of 10,000 yuan.

    32nd breach of other provisions in these procedures, in accordance with the People's Republic of China postal law and the People's Republic of China implementing rules of the postal law for punishment.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 33rd article this way come into force on March 1, 2009. These measures announced prior to the implementation of the relevant provisions are inconsistent with this regulation, is subject to the regulations.