Beijing Focused On The Protection Of Terrestrial Wildlife Damage Compensation

Original Language Title: 北京市重点保护陆生野生动物造成损失补偿办法

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Beijing focused on the protection of terrestrial wildlife damage compensation

    (January 20, 2009 the 26th Executive meeting of Beijing municipality on February 2, 2009 order No. 211, promulgated by the people's Government of Beijing municipality as of April 1, 2009) first to compensate for units and individuals for protection of the State and the city focused on the protection of terrestrial wildlife loss, prevention and control of wildlife damage, according to the People's Republic of China Wildlife Conservation Act and the People's Republic of China terrestrial wildlife protection Ordinance, these measures are formulated.

    Second, within the administrative area of the city, terrestrial wildlife of compensation was determined in this municipality (hereinafter referred to as the wildlife) resulting in the loss of units and individuals, can apply for compensation in accordance with these measures.

    Range of wildlife determine compensation referred to in the preceding paragraph, landscaping by city Administrative Department under the State and this city, "focused on the protection of terrestrial wildlife list" determined and announced to the public.

    Article city landscape Administrative Department is responsible for the compensation of damage caused by wild animals in the City Organization and guidance and supervision.

    The district (County) of forestry administrative departments are responsible for the damage caused by wild animals within the administrative area of identification, verification and compensation work.

    The township (town) people, neighborhood offices shall do a good investigation work on the damage caused by wildlife, villagers ' committees and residents ' Committee with the related work.

    Fourth municipal, district (County) Government should control and prevention of damage caused by wild animals, advocacy training and compensation funds are included in the financial budgets. Wildlife costs of compensation for loss of property, by the district (County) the financial burden.

    Large range of wildlife damage cause large amounts of property losses, related to municipal financial district (County) to grant appropriate subsidies.

    Fifth of municipal landscape administrative departments and the district (County) forestry administrative departments shall do the following work, prevention and control of wildlife damage caused by:

    (A) organize associated wildlife species resources, developing preventive measures;

    (B) the setting of warning signs, publicity manuals, use of television, radio and newspaper publicity of wildlife protection laws and regulations and protection of knowledge;

    (C) organize training on biological habits of wild animals and the protection technologies such as content;

    (D) to study and use the prevention and control of wildlife might lead to a loss of engineering and bio-technology.

    Units and individuals to take effective protective measures, municipal landscape administrative departments and the district (County) of forestry administrative departments should support.

    Sixth Party found that wildlife cause crop damage, captive animals injured or killed shall within 5 working days on local township (town) people's Government, or claim the subdistrict office.

    The parties claim, should fill in the application form for city-wide unified system, and submit the following materials:

    (A) losses of property type, quantity, description, location, and other basic;

    (B) documentation of property damage situation;

    (C) take measures to prevent and control documents.

    Seventh received any claims for compensation of township (town) people's Governments or neighborhood offices shall, within 3 working days to the site for investigation investigation on the loss of clear, shall submit a preliminary opinion, within 5 working days and will claim-related materials and preliminary processing together with the report of the district (County) of forestry administrative departments.

    Eighth District (County) of forestry Executive Department upon receipt of the application materials, verification should be carried out promptly confirmed in compensated or not compensated within 10 working days, and channel it to the content in the Department's Web site and damages to villagers ' committees and residents ' Committee for public notification of the incident published for a period of 10 working days. Public notice period, the public disagrees with the content, can contribute to the local district (County), landscaping, forestry administrative departments or administrative departments.

    The district (County) of forestry administrative departments, landscape, or competent administrative departments shall carry out investigation to verify in a timely manner when necessary, you can reorganize the investigations.

    Expiry of the public, has no objection, by the damaging event occurred (County) forestry administrative departments in making compensation decisions, one-time compensation fee to the applicant.

    Nineth wildlife compensation for property losses, according to the preventive and control measures taken, in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) the loss of crops, loss in accordance with the verification and the local area (s) the previous year, the average market price of the crop, compensate all losses of 60% to 80%;

    (B) the animals were injured, the compensation 50% to 70% of actual treatment costs, maximum amount does not exceed the class 50% of poultry and livestock value;

    (C) the deaths of poultry and livestock, compensation fees according to the type of poultry and livestock market prices at the time, compensate all losses of 60% to 80%. Article tenth loss due to protection focused on the protection of terrestrial wildlife, leading to difficult family life, can apply to the local Civil Affairs Department assistance.

    Meet the conditions for social assistance, local civil affairs departments should render assistance at the right time.

    11th financial, auditing and supervision departments should be on wildlife damage compensation, survey, inspection, advocacy training, prevention and control work, such as the use of funds to strengthen supervision and inspection.

    12th State in violation of these rules, any of the following circumstances, sanction is given by its competent authorities or organs; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs shall investigate and deal with:

    (A) difficulties, delays, damage caused by not complying with the prescribed survey wildlife event or the payment of compensation, causing serious consequences;

    (B) engage in misrepresentation, false claim compensation for others to help;

    (C) negligence, dereliction of duty and compensation caused by impersonation;

    (D) compensation for embezzled.

    13th making false claim compensation from the district (County) Department of forestry administration warning, ordered to return constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Party refuses to return, by the local township (town) people's Governments or neighborhood offices responsible for recovery.

    14th personal injury to wildlife, the Department of urban landscaping administration in conjunction with the relevant provisions of the Municipal Finance Department in accordance with the measures to be adequate compensation. 15th these measures shall come into force on April 1, 2009.