Nanjing Approach To Water Management And Protection

Original Language Title: 南京市水利工程管理和保护办法

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Nanjing approach to water management and protection

    (February 3, 2009 Executive meeting of the Nanjing municipal people's Government on February 6, 2009, Nanjing municipal people's Government order No. 271, published since 2009 4th 1st) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management and protection of water and guarantee safe operation of the water conservancy project, water features and benefits into full play, according to the People's Republic of China water and the People's Republic of China regulations on River, Jiangsu Province water management regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city and protection to apply this approach to project management.

    Water conservancy projects in these measures refers to on the rivers, lakes and underground water source development, utilization, control engineering, provisioning, and protection of water resources, including rivers, lakes, dikes and reservoirs, culverts, pumping stations, irrigation, dam, Canal and other projects and ancillary facilities.

    Department of municipal public administration management of flood control, drainage, water supply and other facilities, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

    Third people's Governments at various levels should strengthen leadership on water management and protection, the implementation of safety management responsibility system of water conservancy project to ensure the safe operation of water projects, and organize the dissemination and application of advanced science and technology, improve the management of water conservancy project.

    Fourth city, County (district) water Administrative Department of the people's Government (hereinafter referred to as the water conservancy administrative departments) are responsible for water management and protection within their respective administrative areas.

    Lawfully established water management institutions responsible for water management and conservation.

    The relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to cooperate with administrative authorities responsible for water management and water conservation.

    Article fifth town, neighborhood offices set up grass-roots water management institutions, in charge of town (Street), the construction of water conservancy projects, management and protection. Sixth no units and individuals have the obligation to protect water, right to stop the behavior of damaged water conservancy projects, reports and charges.

    Water managers, management should accept the supervision and guidance of the water conservancy administrative departments, public security is responsible for the water project.

    Chapter II works protected

    Seventh article in addition to the Nanjing city flood protection has been provided in the regulations, the following State-owned water management is: (A) the tongjiang River, Qin Huai River tributary, chuhe floodways and its tributary: back Po di feet 10-20 meters through Lake channel: di feet 10 m back slope.

    Channel no dike River reach, estuary line extension 12 m or design flood level, the highest flood level determination.

    (B) medium culverts, pumping station: channel on the 200-500 metres, left 50-200 meters on the right side of the outer edge of the building. (C) small (1) Reservoir: the dam back water dam 50-100 meters, at both ends of the dam away from the dam by 30-50 meters.

    Spillway gate outside the scope of the above, 15 meters on each side at the top of the spillway.

    (Iv) irrigation district: back of main water slope foot 3-5 meters, small feet by 1-3 meters outside the back slope.

    Under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety and the preceding paragraph (a) through the towns of management in the provision of back Po di feet 5 meter range; no dike River estuary line extension to 12 meters.

    Eighth article of the article seventh under protection of State-owned water project are:

    (A) River: management beyond 40 meters;

    (B) medium culverts, pumping station: 50 meters beyond the management;

    (C) small (1) Reservoir: 300 meters outside the scope of management;

    (Iv) irrigation district: 10 meters outside the scope of management.

    Nineth other rivers, ditches, small (2) reservoirs, small culverts, pumping stations and other State-owned water project and the non-State-owned water management and protection, by the County (district) people's Government according to the actual situation was demarcated according to law.

    Tenth water Administrative Department of water management and protection to establish a single sign, a clear management and protection requirements.

    Prohibits the destruction and unauthorized move water management and protection of marks.

    11th city, County (district) people's Government for the acquisition or transfer of water management within the scope of the land, shall handle the right of issuance of the permit.

    12th in the context of water management the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) the blasting, drilling and mining;

    (B) unauthorized stacking, soil, sand, laying the pipeline or construction of buildings and structures that affect water safety;

    (C) the dike slope, platform and trench slopes affecting the safety of embankment reclamation or grow;

    (D) damage to hydraulic engineering and ancillary facilities;

    (E) Crest, Crown, gate stations driving traffic bridge crawler machines, hard wheel or overweight vehicles, design does not take into account traffic function of the crest, Crest drive motor vehicles;

    (Vi) in the waters of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, channels for fish, and fish and toxic emissions of harmful pollutants;

    (G) the dumping of rock and soil, waste, refuse and other materials;

    (H) the provisions of other laws or regulations water safety act.

    13th in water projects within the scope of protection, must not endanger the safety of water blasting, drilling, drilling wells, quarrying, mining and other activities.

    14th be added to drinking water source protection areas and protected water resources project, Jiangsu Province, in accordance with the decision of the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress on strengthening of the protection of drinking water sources, water resources protection of Nanjing city Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations for protection.

    Chapter project management

    15th State water project combining unified management and management at different levels.

    Benefit and scope in the same County (district) water resources project, by the County (district) Administrative Department for water management; cross-county (district) water resources project, managed by the municipal water conservancy administrative departments in one town (Street) water from town (Street) and villagers committees management of grass-roots water management institutions.

    In the area of hydraulic engineering, regulatory agencies have been, its management and permissions are not changed.

    Article 16th non-managers from State water project water conservancy project owner, has jurisdiction over the water conservancy Administrative Department. 17th in the context of water management law needs construction project approved by the water conservancy administrative departments, units shall be project approval documents and construction of water Administrative Department for review, before they can apply for operating procedures. Construction in the flood season, and submit the flood program.

    May cause damage to the water and river erosion or deposition, the construction unit shall sign repair with water conservancy administrative departments (governance) Protocol. 18th may be supplemented, ring gaskets waters such as rivers or repealing existing flood control embankment.

    Due to major construction need to ring gaskets or abolished, the construction unit shall entrust a qualified unit of feasibility, in accordance with the management after permission by the water conservancy administrative departments for examination and approval, approval of the people's Governments above the county level.

    Ring gaskets to reduce water, measures should be taken for the balance or equivalent; need to adjust the water system shall not affect flood prevention, drainage, irrigation and water supply, requirements are borne by the employer.

    19th construction project of water conservancy administrative departments should construction and construction unit to perform repair (governance) to supervise and inspect the conditions of the agreement, found in violation of technical requirements as well as water management and flood control fixes (governance) agreement, they shall put forward rectification opinions, the construction unit shall timely rectification. After the completion of construction projects, water conservancy administrative departments should participate in acceptance, acceptance of qualified before the opening.

    Within 6 months of the construction units shall in the construction project completion of water conservancy administrative departments to submit relevant information.

    Article 20th both traffic and shipping functions of culverts and other water conservancy projects, due to need of reconstruction and expansion of transport and shipping should be agreed by the water conservancy administrative departments having jurisdiction.

    21st water conservancy administrative departments should be banned or restricted passage of dike road set a limit on the high bar, separate card (Tun) regulatory signs, temporary access berm management of vehicles to avoid vehicle damage to the dikes.

    22nd levee road, pavement (road the road shoulder 50 cm on each side) the traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the management, repairs and maintenance, installation of traffic signs and follow the highway rating, marking; culvert on highway transport departments are responsible for maintenance, overhaul and transport by the water conservancy administrative departments administrative departments are jointly responsible for.

    Article 23rd water due to emergency or when the water storage, flood control and drought relief needed water, water managers, managers should be subject to the flood control headquarters of the dispatch. Rescue, water storage, water diversion adversely affect safe navigation in, flood control Headquarters shall notify the maritime administration.

    The maritime administrative agency after receiving the notice, shall immediately take measures such as limited route, Closure of navigation, and make an announcement.

    Article 24th water conservancy administrative departments should strengthen the safety supervision and management of the water conservancy project, organize regular safety inspections and the safety operation of identification, maintenance, conservation and other views on potentially unsafe water, shall promptly report to the people's Governments at the same level, and to take action to clear the hazard.

    25th administrative departments should improve water conservancy project flood-use options for implementation of the responsibility system for flood control and safety, urging units to develop emergency response plan for construction, strengthen the supervision and management of engineering flood control and safety.

    26th water management institution shall, in accordance with the technical standards and specifications maintenance to water conservancy projects, establish systems for monitoring, inspection, law stop acts of embezzlement, destruction of water conservancy projects, establish and improve the management of water conservancy project and protect files, ensure the safety and benefits of water play.

    27th people's Governments at various levels shall arrange special funds in accordance with the national provisions, the welfare state-owned water conservancy for maintenance, conservation and strengthening or updating.

    The County (district), a town (Street) people's Governments shall take measures such as policies, funding, and encourages and supports the management and protection of small water conservancy projects to ensure good condition, protect the needs of irrigation and flood control.
The fourth chapter legal liability

    28th the water conservancy administrative departments, water management institutions and their staff, one of the following circumstances, by their work units or the competent authority shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) fails to observe the operation, maintenance and safety of water conservancy project management responsibilities;

    (B) find that behavior does not stop embezzlement, destruction of water project;

    (C) using his power for personal interests, or the interests of the Department;

    (D) for matters within the statutory terms of reference should be accepted and not accepted, prevarication, perfunctory, delay;

    (E) other acts that fails to perform or not to perform the statutory duties correctly.

    29th article violates provisions of the second paragraph of this article tenth, by the water conservancy administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act, in accordance with the compensation for damage shall be ordered, and fined a maximum of 2000.

    Violation of paragraph one of this article 12th 30th article (a), (b), (c) the provision, by the water conservancy administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act, restitution or take remedial measures of limited duration, may be fined a maximum of 10,000 yuan.

    Subsection (d), (e) the provision, by the water conservancy Administrative Department in charge shall command to stop the illegal practice, resulting in the loss, shall be ordered to pay damages, may be fined a maximum of 10,000 yuan.

    31st in violation of the provisions of article 13th, by the water conservancy administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act, restitution or take remedial measures of limited duration, may be fined a maximum of 10,000 yuan causing water pollution, by the Administrative Department of environmental protection in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in the investigation.

    Article 32nd disobey article 18th, unauthorized ring gaskets waters such as rivers or the abolition of the existing flood control dike, by the water conservancy administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act, restitution deadline can be fined a maximum of 30,000 yuan.

    33rd article violates other provisions of these measures, is provided for by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    The fifth chapter by-laws

    34th article of the first paragraph of article seventh channel refers to:

    (A) tongjiang River (not containing qinhuai River, and chuhe and flood River): Shi Qihe, and Gao Wanghe, and city nanhe, and qilihe, and stone River, and Monk Hong Kong river, and copper Ikawa, and Mu Long He, and Jiang Ninghe, and workers ' and peasants ' River, and Banqiao River, and Riverside River, and jiuxiang River, and waste convenience River, and seven Xiang River, and three rivers (containing East rivers), and convenience River (except Longtan middle school to Longtan pumping station paragraph);

    (B) the qinhuai River tributary: nanhe River, Shui Ho, Yun Liang he, friendship, outer harbour River, niushou Mt River, yuntai mountain rivers, Cross River Lishui River, the river Nahe in Jurong, Jurong, (including dry Wadi River, two rivers, three);

    (C) the chuhe floodways and its tributary: the team of mountains and rivers, and Wan Shouhe, and Chen Qiaohe, yongning River, clear River, zaohe River, huangmuqiaohe River, 800, four in liuhe, canoe river, Red River, Yu the new river;

    (Iv) pass Lake channel: Long Kanhe, bridge River, Yun Liang he, rock-solid streams, rivers, cross rivers, paint, Xu he, port and bridge River River. 35th these measures shall come into force on April 1, 2009.