Huainan City Taxi Management

Original Language Title: 淮南市出租汽车客运管理办法

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Huainan city taxi management

    (February 6, 2009 Huainan municipal people's Government consideration at the 19th General meeting on February 16, 2009, Huainan municipal people's Government, the 119th promulgated as of April 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First to regulate taxi management, improve the quality of taxi services, maintaining the order of taxi market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers and passenger transport operators and other workers employed in, according to the Anhui provincial road transport regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Taxi in these measures in article, refers to the use of special licences for taxi, according to passenger preference for passenger service, passengers are required to pay rental fees 5 the following passenger vehicles.

    Third article this regulation is applicable within the administrative area of the city taxi management, supervision and management of activities.

    The fourth city and county administrative departments of people's Governments is the competent administrative Department of the city's taxi industry, its taxi management agency responsible for the day-to-day administration and supervision and inspection work.

    Public security, industry and commerce, price, quality and technology supervision, finance, tax, labor and social security, environmental protection, planning, construction, public utilities, city administration and other relevant authorities, according to their respective duties, responsible for the supervision and administration.

    Fifth taxi industry development should be commensurate with the economic and social development of the city, and coordinate with the development of urban construction and other public transportation, control of total amount according to market demand.

    Municipal traffic administrative departments, in conjunction with relevant departments, according to the urban development and socio-economic development, development of taxi industry development plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Fengtai County, according to the local economy and market demand, within the proposed area taxi industry development plan, by the municipal traffic administrative departments for review, submitted to the municipal people's Government.

    Sixth taxi management unified management, business law, honesty and credit principle, safe operation, quality service, fair competition.

    Encourage taxi operators the implementation of corporatization, intensive, large-scale operations.

    Taxi operators are encouraged to use the original producing dual-fuel power as well as safety and environmental protection and energy saving taxi.

    Encourage taxis to install positioning systems and vehicle advertising facilities.

    Seventh administrative departments and taxi traffic management should service quality reputation in the taxi industry assessment, civilization creates activities, business management, quality service, greatly, helping others, heal, good Samaritan and other outstanding achievements of operators and their employees, as well as to assist in the implementation of these measures units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to, and give recognition and rewards.

    Chapter II business license Article eighth taxi operation rights through bidding by the taxi management bodies, such as open, fair manner, and corporate management.

    Right to a single vehicle as a unit of account operators after acquiring the rights, taxi management agencies should be allotted to operational vehicles vehicle operating certificates, one car one license.

    Operators shall take the relevant licenses in accordance with the law business license and tax registration procedures. Operators should be entered into the taxi with taxi management contracts on the right to use, make right.

    Make right within 3 months after the vehicle is not running, considered giving up.

    The Nineth taxi operation rights for a period of 8 years.

    Taxi operation rights expired, competitive and fair way to redefine operators under the same conditions, in an operating period of the taxi authority qualified operators priority access rights.

    State, province, of dealing with the new requirements after the expiry of the right, according to their regulations.

    Assessment of specific measures on the operators by the municipal traffic administrative departments, and submitted to the municipal people's Government before implementation.

    Article tenth taxi operation rights shall not be made in any form without authorization.

    Taxi operation rights transfer, the assignor, the assignee shall be registered taxi authority to receive and sign a contract in the unified format.

    During the term of taxi operation rights, operators may in accordance with the provisions of taxi scrap, update procedures.

    11th taxi operators should meet the following conditions:

    (A) the operation meets the conditions for passenger taxi less than 200 vehicles;

    (B) up to the required amount of funds;

    (C) have a fixed office space, necessary communications equipment and its scale of operation of parking and maintenance facilities;

    (D) sound management systems and organization and management of production safety;

    (E) its business professionals and managers.

    Is now in the business of taxi companies, taxi, all paid for by the enterprise acquisition and corporate operations, without the limitation of first item of the preceding paragraph.

    12th engaged in taxi business activities, should apply to the taxi authority, and submit related materials meet the conditions as provided herein. Taxi administrative agency shall from the date of acceptance of the review has been completed in the 20th, decision of approval or disapproval.

    License, the taxi operating certificate issued to the applicant; no permission, and shall notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

    13th taxi operators should be approved in the region engaged in the taxi business, it may not stop, terminate the taxi operation, without transfer of taxi operating license. Taxi operators need to stop, end operation, and shall inform the taxi stop or terminate operation prior to 30th management agencies.

    Termination of operations, should be returned to the taxi business in the 10th after the terminate operation qualification certificates, and handle the relevant cancellation procedures.

    Taxi passenger transport operators out of business, closing, merging, migrating locations, changes its name, or update, increase, reduction of taxi vehicles, should be made to the approved taxi management, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments to register such changes and other related procedures.

    14th vehicles engaged in the taxi business, shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) qualified through testing, conformity with operating standards;

    (B) in accordance with prescribed models, spray in accordance with uniform color;

    (C) fixed at the top unified installation produced by the taxi management agencies have taxi signs of good lighting;

    (D) doors spray at a specified location business name, service organization and supervision;

    (E) uniform qualified through verification of the meter installed empty and for rent signs, affixed with a price label, indicating the monitor phone calls and business telephone service;

    (F) installation of security devices in the compartment, configure the fire fighting equipment;

    (VII) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    15th driver engaged in taxi business, shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) obtain a corresponding motor vehicle driver's license;

    (B) the age of 60 years;

    (C) have more than 3 years of driving experience and no significant traffic accident records and traffic over one cycle score below the age of 12.

    The drivers meet the conditions of the preceding paragraph, by the municipal taxi administration after passing the exam receive a passenger certificate, 2 years engaged in taxi driver.

    Chapter management

    16th taxi operators shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the law, pay taxes in accordance with law;

    (B) the implementation of industry standards and specification, development and execution of business rules, vehicle maintenance, safety, security, complaints processing, civil service systems;

    (C) the establishment of vehicle technology and employee files;

    (D) to sign business contracts, labor contracts;

    (V) is responsible for management, education, training for practitioners;

    (F) receive driver, passenger complaints in a timely manner;

    (VII) in accordance with the regulations submitted to the operations and related information;

    (VIII) for operating vehicles of more than two car, vehicle appearance appearance consistent with industry standards;

    (I) in accordance with the regulations on vehicle maintenance, inspection, testing, periodic identification of the meter;

    (J) the insurance carrier liability insurance for the passengers;

    (11) the laws, regulations and other provisions of the regulations.

    17th taxi drivers shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the enforcement of laws, regulations, rules and regulations, in accordance with industry-standard service, comply with professional ethics, compliance with traffic regulations;

    (B) keeping operating vehicles conform to the industry standard of vehicle appearance appearance, and replacement cushion sets on a regular basis, to keep the Interior clean, post being legally registered slogans or advertising;

    (C) onboard vehicle operating licence, driver's passenger certificate or other related documents;

    (D) route according to the passengers, passengers are not required, you should choose the best route, shall not be unreasonably refusing or deliberately bypass, deception or threats of passengers, are not allowed to raise charges;

    (E) be prohibited turning sections of illegal u-turn, shall not intentionally block the plate, no drink driving, not stranded at the bus stop hospitality;

    (F) the proper use of the meter, meter displays the amount of charges (except as otherwise agreed with the passenger), take the initiative to pay special notes for passengers;

    (VII) the old, the weak, the sick, disabled and pregnant women give priority in service as well as the urgent need of rescue personnel;

    (H) the laws, regulations and other provisions of the regulations.

    18th in case of emergency, disaster relief, preparedness, Foreign Affairs, public events and for large scale social activities and other special tasks, taxi operators and their employees should obey the traffic Administrative Department of unified scheduling, implementation of the relevant decisions of the Government.

    The 19th under any of the following circumstances, taxi drivers can refuse or terminate service:

    (A) passengers in a no parking section or request a ride when traffic lights and stop;

    (B) the passenger carrying the national dangerous goods and other prohibited items;

    (C) passenger vehicle, other than a trunk volume of goods;

    (Iv) passengers carrying pets and other defacing vehicles;

    (E) the ride when drunk, mentally ill patients, accompanied by no one;

    (F) the passengers have any other offence or illegal act.

    20th passengers should be civilized ride and abide by the following provisions:

    (A) according to the meter amount paid the fare, and pay the bus way bridge, crossing, transition costs, except as otherwise agreed with the taxi drivers;

    (B) on the right side of the road motioned for hire;

    (C) when safety, heads and hands shall not be out of the window, does not stop not up and down, not just open the door;

    (D) does not chat with drivers in traffic, does not interfere with driving operations activities;

    (E) care facilities, no smoking, spitting, maintain clean;

    (Vi) not to throw dirt and other waste products out of the window;

    (G) children under 7 years old should have a guardian.

    Article 21st of the following circumstances, passengers have the right to refuse to pay the fares:

    (A) an excuse not to use the meter;

    (B) does not issue a taxi to passenger dedicated instruments;

    (C) due to the fault of the drivers and vehicles causes time destination passengers;

    (D) no passengers allowed to board other passengers.

    The 22nd under any of the following circumstances, as taxi drivers refusing hire:

    (A) the vehicle open when empty flag, if after passengers signalled to stop the carrying of passengers;

    (B) the vehicle open when empty flag, or roadside waiting at the dock site and does not carry passengers;

    (C) agreed to interrupt, termination service carrying passengers without passengers;

    (D) picking passengers for the period of the operation;

    (E) laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other refusing to act.

    23rd traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with article construction, planning, public safety, utilities, amenities, and other administrative departments, on the sides of major roads, stations, terminals, public places such as tourist attractions to plan and set up free taxi parking waiting for customers or site.

    24th of municipal traffic Administrative Department shall, according to the city's economic development and changes of taxi operating costs, timely adjustment of taxi price standard plan, approved by the municipal pricing administrative authorities perform.

    25th non-taxi in the city shall not be in operation in the city, a visitor to return in the city except for field driving taxis in the city, should close the empty cars for rent signs.

    The fourth chapter, supervision and complaints

    Article 26th traffic administrative departments and their taxi management should strengthen supervision and inspection of taxi operation.

    27th taxi authority law enforcement personnel in the provision of article to site supervision and inspection. 28th the taxi authority law enforcement officers when conducting supervision and inspection, can contribute to the units and individuals to understand the situation, examine and copy relevant material.

    However, shall keep being the business secrets of the units and individuals.

    Supervision and inspection of the units and individuals shall be subject to supervision and inspection according to law, truthfully provide relevant materials or information.

    29th the taxi authority law enforcement officers in the course of conducting supervision and inspection, no vehicle operating permit and be temporarily unable to provide proof of a valid vehicle, shall issue a temporary suspension of certificates, and shall inform the Parties shall have the right to. Parties shall, within the deadline set by withholding documents to specified places for treatment.

    On provides vehicles operation card, effective proved of, taxi management institutions should timely returned was temporarily buckle of vehicles; on cannot provides effective proved or by verified belongs to no vehicles operation card business of, should law made punishment decided, party perform punishment decided Hou, should immediately returned was temporarily buckle of vehicles; on late not to accept processing of, can application Court law auction temporarily buckle vehicles. Taxi regulators temporarily suspended vehicles shall take good care of, you may not use, shall not charge or charge a storage fee in disguise.

    Vehicles were temporarily suspended due to improper storage during damage or loss, taxi management shall compensate.

    Article 30th taxi administrative agency shall establish and improve complaint systems, establish and publicize the complaint. Passengers think that taxi driver's violation of their legitimate rights and interests, can complain to taxi management agencies or consumer associations.

    Complaints shall provide vehicle licences, special notes, start and end locations, personal contact and the real name of the relevant evidence and information. Passengers within 5th since the date of the complaint does not provide relevant evidence and information or do not assist in the investigation, complaint deemed to surrender rights.

    Taxi regulator found passenger complaints is insufficient, insufficient evidence or is vexatious, malicious slander, can be rejected. Complaint and the Organization should assist the taxi driver management agency investigation and handling complaints or consumer associations.

    Without a legitimate reason not to accept inquiry, deemed abandoned to defend themselves.

    31st passenger complaints inaccurate meter, taxi management bodies accepted, should the meter and its subsidiary unit of the evidence registered for keeping, and deliver quality and technical supervision departments identified, direct costs incurred by a passenger to advance and ultimately borne by those responsible.

    32nd taxi management institutions should be imposed on the taxi business reputation for quality assessment system, and reputation for quality examination once a year.

    Passenger services to drivers, taxi authority can implement a points system evaluation.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    The 33rd article violates these rules, without obtaining the taxi business license, arbitrarily engaged in taxi business, the taxi authority shall order to stop operating, confiscate the illegal gains, illegal gains of up to 10 times more than 5 times times times fined no less than 20,000 yuan of illegal income or the illegal income, fines of between 30,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

    The 34th article violates these rules, taxi operators have one of the following acts, by the taxi management bodies in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) the use of taxis without taxi vehicle operating permit vehicles operating and ordered corrective action and illegal income shall be confiscated, fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan; it refuses, cancellation of the taxi business qualification certificate;

    (B) officers made the taxi driver's passenger certificate employed driving a taxi, ordered corrective action and fined 2000 Yuan; it refuses, suspending their operation permits;

    (C) unauthorized stops, terminate the taxi operation, rectification; fails to mend, cancellation of the taxi business qualification certificate and the vehicle operating permit;

    (D) unauthorized transfer of taxi operating license from 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine, confiscate the illegal income, cancellation of the taxi business qualification certificate;

    (V) unauthorized transfer of taxi operation rights, less than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine, confiscate the illegal income, cancellation of the vehicle operating certificate;

    (F) vehicles not required maintenance and inspection, correction and fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan;

    (VII) failure to establish a taxi vehicle and driver records, or fails to submit statistical information to the taxi authority, a rectification; fails to mend, and sentenced to between 3000 more than 5000 Yuan fines;

    (VIII) does not handle customer complaints or refusing to taxi management unit to investigate its complaint handling, rectification and give a warning;

    (I) is not required to perform operations shift system, ordered to rectify, and a fine of 100 Yuan;

    (J) the vehicle appearance visually unappealing or running flags are not all, correction, and a fine of less than 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan.

    35th taxi operators have one of the following, by the taxi management agency ordered corrective action, and to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan:

    (A) day-to-day operations management, qualification, management, quality of service, security operation failed to pass the examination;

    (B) to request the driver's one-time buyout funded the acquisition of vehicles, taxi management or for the collection of risk deposit, property mortgages, operating income margin and huge contract fees, to taxi drivers passed on investment and business risks;

    (C) the violation charge or charge various fees in disguise.

    36th article violates these rules, taxi drivers have one of the following acts, by taxi regulatory agency ordered corrective action and in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) without a taxi driver's passenger certificate to work, or not onboard vehicle operating permit and give a warning or a fine of less than 100 Yuan and 200 Yuan;

    (B) not according to meter the amount of charge a rental fee, between of less than 500 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines;

    (C) refuse passengers according to the meter amount payment of rent, given a warning or a fine at 50 Yuan;

    (D) deceit touting or forcing passengers, between 2000 and 1000 Yuan Yuan fines;

    (E) intentionally bypass or operate without the consent of passengers travelling on other passengers, confiscate the illegal income, between of less than 500 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines;

    (F) unreasonably refusing passengers, between of less than 500 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines; serious cases, suspension of taxi driver's passenger certificate;

    (G) dumped, poured, extortion of passengers in the Middle, between 2000 and 1000 Yuan Yuan fines;

    (VIII) not in a taxi, private car park the taxi queue in turn, outer the showmanship, disturbing the order of stations, between of less than 500 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines;

    (I) beyond the operation of licensed operations, confiscate the illegal income, between 3000 and 1000 Yuan Yuan penalty in serious cases, revoked the taxi driver's passenger certificate.

    The driver of the passenger certificate has been revoked, within 5 years from the date of the revocation shall not be re-apply for a passenger certificate.

    37th taxi owners, drivers and passengers in violation of public security, industry and commerce, road traffic safety administration, quality and technical supervision, price, tax, environmental, labor and social security regulations, law by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 38th taxi drivers in violation of the provisions of article 17th fifth by the public security organs traffic management departments shall be punished.

    39th transportation administrative departments, taxi management and other management staff of any of the following acts shall be given administrative sanctions; causes economic damage to others shall bear liability constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) not complying with the statutory conditions and procedures, deadlines, the implementation of administrative licensing;

    (B) participation in or disguised in the taxi business;

    (C) found the violations do not promptly investigated;

    (D) is not required to accept, handling of complaints;

    (E) illegally detained a taxi or vehicle operating permit;

    (Vi) are not required by law to impose administrative penalties;

    (VII) ask for and accept other people's property, or seeking other interests;

    (VIII) other acts in violation of laws, rules and regulations.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 40th these measures shall come into force on April 1, 2009.

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