Suzhou Jinji Lake Protection And Management Measures

Original Language Title: 苏州市金鸡湖保护管理办法

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Suzhou Jinji Lake protection and management measures

    (December 9, 2008 Suzhou municipal people's Government at the 11th Executive meeting on December 24, 2008 the Suzhou municipal government announced the 107th since as of March 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the Jinji Lake area management, protection of water quality in Jinji Lake, maintain, improve and beautify the environment, and promote scientific and rational utilization of Jinji Lake scenic, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, with the actual situation, these measures are formulated.

    Article Jinji Lake area protection and management, application of this approach.

    Jin JI Lake, Jinji Lake area including water, Lake Island, landscape around the Lake area, specifically from Suzhou Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Park) announced management identified and reported to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Jinji Lake regional protection management follow the article in an integrated and coordinated development of scientific use and protection priority, the principle.

    Article fourth of Jinji Lake Regional Park Management Committee is responsible for protection and supervision and management.

    Park City Administration is the Regional authorities to the Jinji Lake, Jinji Lake region is responsible for the day-to-day management and supervision of work. City planning, construction, water (water), transportation, environmental protection, industry and commerce, public security, comprehensive urban management enforcement and other administrative departments shall, within their respective regions of Jinji Lake stewardship responsibilities.

    Park the corresponding authorities shall assume such management functions do Jinji Lake region-specific protection and management. Fifth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect the Jinji Lake area.

    To protect regional units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Jinji Lake, Park Management Committee should be commended and rewarded.

    Planning and construction of chapter Sixth zone Administrative Committee shall organize the preparation of Jinji Lake regional protection plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government.

    Jinji Lake development should be implemented according to the protection plan, give full play to comprehensive benefits. Article seventh Jinji Lake area in construction or other facilities, shall go through the relevant procedures and in accordance with the approved plan.

    Temporary occupation of Jinji Lake, Jinji Lake area shall comply with the relevant provisions of, and approved by the relevant departments, occupy the flats should be restored in time.

    Not new, expanded Jinji Lake area and landscape, flood control, improving the water environment such as buildings and structures.

    Eighth at Jinji Lake area construction, construction units should be for temporary living, production facilities necessary pollution control measures to prevent pollution of Jinji Lake area.

    After the completion of the construction project, the construction unit shall be cleared in time to build the temporary facilities.

    Nineth Jinji Lake in the region prohibits the following acts:

    (A) reduce the Lakes area;

    (B) the effect of the Lake's water storage capacity and other infrastructure security;

    (C) affect water quality;

    (D) destruction of the ecological environment of the Lake.

    Chapter III facilities management

    Jinji Lake region article tenth of the public Wharf, dock, Pier, dams, culverts, sluice gate, signs and public facilities such as road signs, safety signs, Jinji Lake area management Department is responsible for construction, management and maintenance.

    No unit or individual is allowed to damage, deface, arbitrarily split the Jinji Lake area public facilities.

    11th approved arrangement of landscape, water sports, dining and entertainment, leisure facilities, shall be coordinated with the natural landscape, and shall not affect safety. 12th at Jinji Lake to hold various activities in the area, Jinji Lake Regional authorities shall comply with the relevant provisions and shall go through the relevant formalities.

    Jinji Lake regional business activities require the use of public facilities, shall enter into a contract and paid use.

    13th golden rooster Lake regional management departments should urge the related units to facilities management and maintenance work.

    The fourth chapter water protection

    14th golden rooster Lake Jinji lake water regional management should establish basic geographic information, protection of water quality and the aquatic environment.

    15th regional administrative departments shall organize regular dredging to the Jinji Lake, Jinji Lake dredging the waters and keep the balance between deposition.

    16th golden rooster lake waters you can set the necessary facilities to prevent external contamination, without prejudice to safety.

    17th environmental protection departments shall exercise unified supervision and management of water pollution control of the Jinji Lake, organization of pollution control countermeasures of eutrophication, the water pollution prevention and control and the system, and set up water quality monitoring system.

    18th golden rooster Lake region Lake sewage pipe network construction, and incorporated into the municipal sewage treatment system.

    Article 19th according to the Jinji Lake regional protection plan, proper sanitation facilities.

    Prohibit easy on Jinji Lake regional facilities for polluted water.

    20th at Jinji lake waters planted a variety of aquatic plants, shall conform to the requirements of protection of water environment and landscape, and rational distribution, and scientific management.

    Prohibits the stocking of Jinji lake water quality, damaging aquatic plants, aquatic animals.

    Ban on seining, pen culture of Jinji lake waters.

    Prohibit unauthorized fishing and harvesting plants and animals in Jinji lake waters.

    21st Jinji Lake in the region prohibits the following acts:

    (A) direct emissions, sewage;

    (B) the closure of water;

    (C) the stowage, storage, dumping and landfill waste;

    (D) spit on the ground, soil, throwing cigarette butts, rind, shell, paper scraps and other waste;

    (E) bathing, washing and unauthorized swimming in the Lake, fishing.

    The fifth chapter ship management

    22nd ship berthing dock should be set for pollutants from ship reception facilities, and in good condition.

    Jin JI Lake, 23rd ship appearance should be neat and beautiful, landscape and waters, the ship's condition should be good, hull length, draught should be up to the required standard.

    According to the actual needs and the actual affordability of water, setting number and density of Jinji Lake in the yacht, and in accordance with established bidding operators.

    24th marine waters to the Jinji Lake business units and individuals shall go through the relevant formalities, receive relevant certificates, within the approved scope of business activities.

    25th vessels and floating facilities into Jinji lake waters, Jinji Lake Regional authorities shall comply with the relevant provisions and shall go through the relevant formalities.

    Article 26th maneuver ships should be used in accordance with the national standard of clean energy, encouraging the use of electricity, gas or solar power sources.

    Vessels shall be equipped with the necessary safety and life-saving and health apparatus, prohibit direct discharge to water and the dumping of sewage, garbage and debris. 27th of abandoned vessels and floating facilities, shall, within the prescribed period of time out of the Jinji lake waters.

    Fails to come out, by Regional authorities on behalf of the Organization to the Jinji Lake removal, removal costs borne by the owner or operator of the ship and floating facilities.

    Chapter Sixth penalty 28th acts in violation of these rules, laws, rules and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

    Loss, shall bear civil liability.

    29th article violates these rules, unauthorized occupation of Jinji lake waters or on land within the regional watercourse management, or not in accordance with the requirements implemented occupy, the relevant authorities shall order to stop the illegal practice, correct within individuals may be warned, fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan, the unit may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan more than 30000.

    30th article violates these rules, construction site in accordance with stipulations set walls and other temporary sanitation facilities, resulting in dust, sewage and other pollution of the surrounding environment, or after the completion of not removing waste materials, cleaning up construction sites, demolition of temporary sanitation facilities, shall be ordered to correct the violations committed by the relevant authorities, remedial measures, fined 500 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.

    31st article violates these rules, arbitrarily setting obstacles impeding flood, according to principles of barricades, who cleared, cleared by flood control headquarters ordered; fails to clear, organized by the flood forced removal, removal costs are borne by the barricades.

    32nd article this regulation have the Jinji Lake area protection and administration of departments and staff at Jinji Lake area protection and management of dereliction of duty, malfeasance or abuse of power, favoritism, causing water pollution or Jinji Lake landscape effects, should be held accountable for their administrative responsibilities constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    Article 33rd based on these measures, formulate detailed rules for the implementation of the Park Management Committee, submitted to the municipal people's Government for the record and for implementation. 34th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2009.