Mountain Forest In Taiyuan Adopt Approaches

Original Language Title: 太原市东西山林地林木认养办法

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Mountain forest in Taiyuan adopt approaches

    (December 4, 2008 in Taiyuan City people's Government, the 18th Executive meeting on December 20, 2008, 68th in Taiyuan City people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2009) first to improve the ecological environment, and encourage social forces involved in green building, according to the greening in Taiyuan City Ordinance provisions relating to forest tree adoption, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article on green woodland forest in the region adopt the units and individuals that are required to comply with these measures.

    Woodland forest in these measures adopted in article, refers to the premise of woodland forest ownership does not change, adopted by agreement between the parties, within the green area State-owned, collective forest land construction, protection, development and management of the forest.

    Article fourth of woodland forest adoption shall follow the principle of voluntary, paid, persist in combining ecological protection, promote development and independent business policy.

    Fifth of municipal forestry administration is within the green area of woodland forest adoption authorities.

    Western mountain, Green Mountain management body is responsible for the provincial capital afforestation bases woodland forest adoption of the specific work.

    The district (s) forestry administrations responsible for the administration of mountain greenery tree adoption of collective woodland in concrete work.

    Within relevant government departments in their respective areas of responsibility to do something green woodland forest in the District adopted.

    Sixth East greening woodland forest in the region has one of the following circumstances shall adopt:

    (A) ownership is unclear or disputed;

    (B) a military Citadel, meteorological stations, satellite transmission towers and other national security;

    (C) national laws and regulations prohibiting the adoption of other cases. Article seventh adopt to woodland trees term shall not exceed 70 years.

    Adoption of expiry renewal requirements adopted, shall apply for renewal procedures.

    Eighth adoption should be submitted to the municipal greening administration or related area (s) forestry administrations apply for adoption, and provide the following information:

    (A) the application for adoption;

    (B) adopt a feasibility analysis report;

    (C) the adoption by the identity or qualifications of original and copy.

    Nineth, Green Mountain management body or the relevant area (s) forestry administrations in the adoption application information received within 30th of, completion of woodland forest exploration and feasibility analysis of adoption of evaluation and response.

    Reply regarding the adoption in accordance with feasibility analysis report to adopt planning and design, urban green mountain management body or the district (County) of forestry administration departments. Green Mountain management or related area (s) forestry administration departments receive a respond to adopted planning and design in the 20th.

    Reply agreed and submitted to the municipal forestry administration departments.

    Adoption parties, under the above conditions, signed adoption agreement.

    Tenth right to adopt Western mountain forests within the Green unit woodland forest, shall comply with the provisions of article eighth and Nineth.

    11th, Green Mountain, adopt management or related areas (s) responses in the forestry administration objections, complaints to the Department of forestry administration.

    12th East greening area of woodland forest adoption agreement shall be in writing, and contain the following main provisions:

    (A) adopt both name and address;

    (B) adopt the rights and obligations of the parties;

    (C) adopted the term and the start and end time;

    (D) adoption of woodland forest location, area, four to, forest species, species, age, and volume;

    (E) adoption of woodland forest management objective, purpose and the situation of forest trees during the period requirements;

    (Vi) reforestation and silviculture, management responsibilities;

    (VII) risks;

    (VIII) for breach of contract.

    13th article adopt the rights and obligations of the parties:

    (A) the standards adopted by the regulation 80% green after the construction of the woodlands, without damaging the ecological functions of the premise, use woodlands forest understory planting and breeding industries in resource development and utilization of forest landscape in forest tourism business development projects;

    (B) adoption of the forest trees may be transferred and inherited according to law;

    (C) shall enjoy preferential policies at national, provincial, municipal and subsidies;

    (D) the adoption of woodland forest appear abnormal and should be immediately submitted to the municipal Green Mountain management or related area (s) Forestry Administration report;

    (E) construction and planning for development and management should be based on approval of adoption.

    Article 14th have adopted forest land within the construction and operating activities should be carried out according to law.

    15th due to construction of national, provincial and municipal needs, adoption within the construction and occupation of forest land forest or attachments on the ground shall be made to the woodlands to compensate forest owners or attachments on the ground all.

    16th through adoption is prohibited under article mount green woodland forest resources in the area of acquiring national subsidies.

    17th during the adoption period, adopt one of the following acts, urban forestry administration entrusted the city's Green Mountain management or related area (s) Forestry Administration lifting of adoption agreement:

    (A) in accordance with this article 13th item development and management projects;

    (B) the woodland destroyed due to mismanagement or tree death, and did not press, Green Mountain management or related area (s) made by the forestry administration requires corrective or corrective actions still do not meet the requirements of the agreement;

    (C) in accordance with stipulations of woodland tree adoption program;

    (D) fail to adopt the performance.

    Article 18th adoption party during the adoption of the following acts, shall be investigated for legal liability related personnel by the relevant authorities:

    (A) deforestation, deforestation, land reclamation;

    (B) in the context of the adoption of forest land illegal in mountain stone, mining and other woody vegetation production and business activities;

    (C) by fraud, deception, coercion or other illegal means illegal adoption;

    (D) adopt green woodland forest resources in the area of acquiring national subsidies;

    (E) the greening in Taiyuan City, in violation of the city Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations.

    Article 19th of woodland forest adoption has a regulatory responsibility to the work units and departments of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties, shall be investigated for their responsibilities. 20th these measures shall come into force on February 1, 2009.