Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration Assessment Methods

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区依法行政考核办法

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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration assessment methods

    (February 1, 2009 the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at the 28th Executive meeting on February 6, 2009, the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 48th released come into force on April 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to comprehensively promoting administration according to law, speed up the construction of legal Government, according to the State Council issued the implementation outline for the holistic promotion of administration by law and the decision of the State Council concerning strengthening the administration by law of city and County Government, based on this reality, this approach is formulated.

    Second city and county people's Governments and their departments, State Government departments administering assessment, these measures shall apply.

    Referred to in the preceding paragraph include districts by the city and county governments, urban area, County, municipal people's Government at the county level; government departments including the Government sector, directly under the ad hoc body, affiliated institutions and agencies and sectoral regulators.

    Administration according to law article assessment follows an objective and fair, open and transparent, unified organization, hierarchical principle of responsibility. Fourth administrative areas of the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for the administration of examination.

    Assessment is carried out by the people's Governments at the corresponding level comprehensively promoting administration according to Law Office (hereinafter referred to as Law Office) implementation.

    Article fifth autonomous region people's Government responsible for the appraisal district city people's Government and the Government, city divided into districts shall be responsible for checking people's Governments at the county level and the level of government departments at the county level shall be responsible for checking the level of government sector; vertical management departments into the evaluation of local people's Governments of autonomous regions.

    Higher people's Governments shall strengthen the lower level people's Governments according to law the administrative work of guidance and supervision.

    Chapter II examination content

    Sixth people's Government above the county level and their departments to effectively assume responsibility for the administrative organization and leadership:

    (A) as basic guidelines for government administration, develop concrete ways to promote administration according to law and measures to implement the annual task of the phased deployment and administration according to law, the Executive heads in the discharge of duties of the first person; (B) establish and implement legal administration reporting system.

    Report of the Standing Committee of the people's Governments above the county level to level each year to promote administration according to law, accept the people's Congress for deliberation, written reports and higher people's governments push forward administration by law; the Government departments annually towards the end of the level people's Governments and higher level authority a report in writing to promote administration according to law;

    (C) the higher administrative authorities to strengthen supervision and inspection of lower administrative authority to promote administration according to law and establishing relevant systems;

    (D) making full and legal departments and legal institutions in the administrative staff officer, Assistant according to law and the role of counsel.

    Seventh to establish a sound scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism, the implementation of decisions, scientific decision according to law and democratic decision making:

    (A) the major administrative decisions, listen, implementing major administrative decision hearing;

    (B) the major administrative decision-making through legal review;

    (C) the major administrative decisions through collective decisions;

    (D) implementation of administrative decision-making error correction and fault liability;

    (E) establish and implement evaluation after the implementation of the major administrative decisions.

    Article eighth strictly adhere to regulatory documents regulatory requirements:

    (A) the development of normative documents to comply with statutory authority and procedures, in line with the legal policy;

    (B) development of normative documents in accordance with the regulations hearings;

    (C) decided collectively publish normative documents;

    (D) regulatory documents to the public and required to submit for the record;

    (E) implementation of normative documents regularly clean up, clean up results announced to the public.

    Nineth pursuing administrative law enforcement responsibility, standardize administrative enforcement action:

    (A) according to the legal competence and the procedure for the exercise of powers and the performance of its duties;

    (B) directory and released in accordance with the statutory conditions and procedures, deadlines, the implementation of administrative licensing and non-approval of administrative licensing;

    (C) in accordance with the provisions of the project, scope and criteria for implementing administrative fees;

    (D) the subject of qualified, certified administrative law enforcement personnel;

    (E) administrative law enforcement files comments looks up;

    (F) establishment of system of administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection records;

    (G) according to declare the administrative law enforcement statistics.

    Tenth perfect self-discipline mechanism, shall be subject to supervision:

    (A) the city and county people's Government in accordance with the provisions of administrative work according to law and reported to the people's Congress at the same level as corrective to the deliberations of the Standing Committee;

    (B) disclosing Government information according to law;

    (C) shall be subject to financial, audit and administration;

    (D) to carry out legally effective legal instruments;

    (E) according to the reports of complaints and petitions.

    11th establish administrative dispute resolution mechanism to resolve administrative disputes by law:

    (A) expedite administrative review, administrative reconsideration cases according to law;

    (B) focus on the use of mediation, reconciliation means of resolving administrative disputes;

    (C) the law on administrative reconsideration cases, just make an administrative reconsideration decision;

    (D) pursuant to the implementation of the administrative reconsideration law of administrative reconsideration of funding;

    (E) responding to perform the administrative duties according to law, the implementation of administrative officer appear in court.

    12th leading cadres learning system, strengthen administration training, enhance the awareness of staff administration according to law, the executive authorities in accordance with the law and capacity:

    (A) the Executive meeting of the County, to establish a sound legal system and the special legal system lecture system;

    (B) the proposed city and county governments and their departments leadership cadre, in front of the Office to examine whether its mastery of relevant legal and administration according to law;

    (C) the administration according to law on administrative law enforcement personnel are regularly organized training.

    13th autonomous regional people's Government called for examination of administrative work according to law more.

    Chapter III examination

    14th annual assessment into the performance appraisal system of administration by law, and annual performance evaluation conducted concurrently, separate assessment. 15th district-wide unified administration evaluation indicators and criteria, assessment scoring system 100 are divided into standard, explosion to determine the score.

    Annual evaluation indicators and criteria developed by the Administration Office of the autonomous region, and in the beginning of each year for implementation.

    Article 16th administrative assessment carried out according to the following steps:

    (A) assessment of city and county governments and departments, regional government departments (hereinafter referred to as examination of administrative organs) according to the assessment work requirements to do self-examination and self-evaluation and for deciding the Law Office submitted written self assessment;

    (B) the Office of the Administration team, was checking the executive authorities for assessment;

    (C) the Administration Office to assess the situation in a comprehensive evaluation, development of integrated assessment;

    (D) the administration leading group for validation.

    17th annual Administration Office under the State law examination objectives, development assessment, organizational administration team, was checking the executive authorities for examination.

    Administration team by promoting the administration work group member of a deputation, if necessary, NPC deputies and CPPCC members can be invited to participate in team.

    18th according to law the administrative team shall perform the following duties:

    (A) the hearing examined the Executive Administration self-examination and self-evaluation report;

    (B) checks or checks examined Executive Administration meeting minutes, reports, law enforcement case files;

    (C) to relevant organs, enterprises and individuals to verify checking the executive authorities of the situation;

    (Iv) held by the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, corporate representatives, citizens ' representatives attended the seminar, listen to views on the assessment of administrative organs in accordance with the administrative;

    (E) feedback evaluation to was checking the executive authorities.

    19th examined administrative organs shall, in accordance with requirements under article do a self-examination and self-evaluation and administration team provide the following materials:

    (A) push forward administration by law of self-examination and self-evaluation reports;

    (B) the self-assessment based on the results and the special examination;

    (C) promote administration according to law proceedings, statistical reports, law enforcement files, etc;

    (D) other material. 20th people's Government above the county level and their departments should establish and improve statistical system of administration by law, in accordance with the provisions of the reporting law statistics.

    Statistics of the Administration as an important basis for assessment administration according to law.

    Article 21st examined Executive, one of the following circumstances, may, as appropriate, plus:

    (A) innovation in administrative work according to law, summary obtained the authorities at promotion;

    (B) administrative work according to law are advanced commentary on national, regional;

    (C) Executive Heads of court litigation;

    (D) other circumstances that can be added.

    22nd results divided into the good (91 points), good (76 to 90 minutes), qualifying (60 to 75 points) or rejected (59 points) four grades.

    Serious unlawful administrative acts in checking the executive authorities during the year, resulting in adverse effects or cause mass incidents affecting social stability, evaluation results of lower grades.

    Fourth chapter assessment results

    Article 23rd according to law the administrative assessment results and incentives tied to punishment and appointment of cadres.

    Fail to pass the annual examination administration according to law, when authorities performance assessment shall not be rated as excellent. 24th of municipal County Administration assessment for two consecutive years for the best, you can attend an assessment administration advanced cities and counties in the autonomous region.

    Administration advanced cities and counties by the autonomous regional people's Government has given encouragement and reward.

    Government Department annual assessment for the best administration according to law, can be recognized by the people's Governments at the corresponding level awarded.

    25th check the executive authorities fail to pass the annual examination administration by law, should develop measures to rectification.

    The fifth chapter by-laws

    Article 26th Township people's Government, the subdistrict office, DCMA law administrative assessment method developed by the city people's Government in accordance with the measures. 27th article this way come into effect April 1, 2009.