Shenzhen Bus Service Management Approach

Original Language Title: 深圳市公共汽车运营服务管理办法

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Shenzhen bus service management approach

    (March 24, 2009 order No. 202, Shenzhen People's Government promulgated as of May 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen Shenzhen bus operation management, regulate the order of bus passenger transport market, improve service levels, protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, operators and practitioners, and promote the healthy development of public transport, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to buses in the city planning, construction, operations, regulatory and related activities.

    Third bus in these measures refers to fixed lines in the city, site and time of operation for public passenger vehicles ride.

    Services mentioned in these measures refers to the bus station for passenger services, dedicated lanes, priority signalling devices, intelligent facilities as well as facilities such as power supply.

    Stations in these measures, refers to the first/last bus station, terminal station, Midway stops, car parking, vehicle maintenance, and facilities such as shelters and stops. Fourth bus implementation of priority development principles.

    Government fiscal and taxation policy, financing, land protection, the construction of facilities on support, to provide the public with safe, reliable, convenient and economic comfort, energy saving and environmental protection of the city bus service.

    Fifth bus operations implement fixed lines, fixed sites, models, fares, service time, number of vehicle systems.

    Article sixth people's Government of Shenzhen transportation Administration Department (hereinafter referred to as the city's transport authority) is the city's bus Department of management administration, responsible for policy formulation, planning, organization and implementation of bus passenger transport, supervision and management is responsible for the development and operation of bus service specification, responsible for bus passenger information construction.

    Baoan and Longgang District people's Government transportation authorities (hereinafter referred to as area transit authority) in accordance with this approach to exercise supervision and inspection of bus services within their respective administrative areas.

    Development and reform, financial, planning, land and real estate, prices for industry and commerce, public security police, urban management, auditing and State-owned assets management departments according to assist in the performance of their respective duties of regulatory functions.

    Seventh municipal government organization set up by the municipal transport authorities, development and reform, finance, planning, land and real estate, industrial and commercial prices, police, urban management, auditing and State-owned assets management departments as well as public transportation Oversight Committee composed of representatives of the public, to monitor the bus operators.

    Operators shall inform the Commission on an annual basis to the public transport authority operations and services.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Eighth municipal transportation authorities formulated in conjunction with the municipal planning department Shenzhen public transportation planning, approval of the law into the Shenzhen City master plan.

    Municipal transportation authorities under the Shenzhen public transportation planning, responsible for the preparation of bus planning.

    Without approval of the legal procedure, no unit or individual is allowed to change Shenzhen public transportation planning and bus planning, shall occupy or change the bus stations and ancillary facilities and uses.

    At the bus station is absolutely necessary to change the bus station within the land use function or area, shall be in accordance with legal procedures and Planning Department Planning Department shall consult the municipal transport authorities in the review.

    City planning, land and real estate before Nineth and the departments concerned under the Shenzhen public transportation planning, bus, special planning and standards promulgated by the national bus station site, ensure rational distribution of bus stations and lines.

    Bus station by the City Transportation Department of construction management.

    Tenth of municipal and district governments should make the bus stations and facilities into large-scale housing construction, industrial construction, old city reconstruction and new construction projects.

    Bus station, airport, wharf, a large residential area, mass transit stations, large business centers, cultural entertainment, sports venues and schools, tourist attractions and other construction projects shall be determined according to the planning standards and to adapt to the size of the bus station, and synchronize with the main part of the project planning and construction, synchronization and put into use.

    11th new construction, expansion, renovation of urban roads, shall, in accordance with the bus planning set specification sets the stop station and Midway stop. Eligible urban roads shall have exclusive bus lanes, Harbor-shaped bus stop.

    Bus-only lanes include full-day bus-only lanes and bus-only lanes two, Police Department respectively for a whole day bus-only lanes and bus-only lanes signs and publicity.

    Meet the conditions of the road one-way traffic, by traffic Police Department, can create a one-way lane two-way traffic or allow the bus; qualifying the main intersection, agreed by the Police Department, you can set the buses the right of way signs, installations or special bus signal.

    Municipal transportation authorities responsible for setting bus stops in the Middle, police, planning, urban management and other departments should be fit.

    12th end of bus stations and stops in the middle of the name by the municipal transport authorities follow the same principle of uniform with the same name, usually in standard places, tourist attractions, iconic buildings or other public facilities named after closely linked to people's lives.

    Without approval of the municipal transport authorities, no unit or individual shall not be changed without authorization, the name or station name.

    Public transport site name is changed, the operator should be receiving notice from the municipal transport authorities within 10 working days after the corresponding changes to stop, in-line operations identifying relevant content, within 3 working days after the change is complete relevant information submitted to the municipal transport authorities in writing for the record.

    13th of municipal departments of transport operator uniformly, replacing a bus stop, and stay sharp and in good condition.

    Bus stops should be marked with route numbers, via the road, the first and last time, where sites and names docking sites for directions, fares and so on, operations shift interval of more than 30 minutes of lines, it should be marked vehicle each shift begins.

    Chapter III rights management 14th Shenzhen bus business services franchise system.

    Shenzhen City, on the bus franchise management application related provisions of the public utilities under franchise.

    Operator has not obtained the franchise shall not be engaged in bus operations.

    15th franchise operators of the bus routes, should meet the following basic conditions:

    (A) have the status of enterprise legal persons registered in Shenzhen;

    (B) the working capital necessary to have bus services;

    (C) it has a workable business services program. 16th bus line, granted directly by the municipal transportation authority operator lines right or right granted to operators through tendering lines.

    Line management scope, conditions and procedures of the tender, shall be separately formulated by the municipal transportation authority.

    Municipal transportation authorities can take a single line or a combination of more than one line right of way grant line.

    Route operation authorization shall set forth the following major items:

    (A) route rights granted;

    (B) the bus passenger service service indicator, peak measures and technical improvements and other specific requirements;

    (C) the line of withdrawal of the right conditions and procedures;

    (D) the line configuration minimum quantity and maximum quantity limits for vehicles.

    17th route operation rights for a period of 5 years, 6 months before the expiry of the term of operation, the operator may apply to the municipal transport authorities the right extension line service quality examination, municipal transport authorities can be approved, extended for a period of 5 years, and should not exceed the franchise period.

    Lines or the expiration of rights has not been extended, by the municipal transport authorities recover the right to operate the line.

    Article 18th, one of the following circumstances, the municipal transport authorities to cancel some or all of the line right:

    (A) line operation qualifications the employer to other units or individuals to operate;

    (B) unauthorized transfer, mortgage, right to the line;

    (C) leasing, Contracting, affiliation, sale or sale of disguised as vehicles to the driver, conductor or other personnel management;

    (Iv) the quality of service assessment results are not qualified and fails;

    (V) line operations of a major loss of life, property damage, serious social impact of events or other serious consequences.

    19th line right after the term expires or the right to the line was cancelled, the original operator shall in the designated operator of the municipal transport authorities to complete previously, continues to maintain a normal bus service.

    The original operator shall within the time stated in the municipal transport authorities, will be necessary to maintain the normal operation of the bus business assets, and the handover of archives designated operator of the municipal transport authorities. 20th of municipal transportation departments should organize regular bus passenger load and route surveys.

    Municipal transportation authority bus passenger load and line based on the Census of, through feasibility study meeting, hearing or other form, solicited plans, traffic police and other departments concerned, the District Government, the views of the public, experts, and managers make the annual line? opened and adjust plans.

    Annual lines opening and adjustment plan, including lines to open up and adjust, station facilities, site layout and capacity release and other details.
Municipal transport authority lines should be set up and adjustment plans to the public, and their implementation.

    21st bus route should be kept relatively stable.

    Bus planning revision and flow changes needed for line adjustment, municipal transportation authorities before the adjustment should be fully briefed by the planning and traffic police departments, public opinion and operators, and adjust the date before the 7th in line to society announcements adjustment programmes. 22nd due to urban development or other special needs in the annual circuit opening and adjusting plans to open and adjust the line outside by the municipal transport authorities to seek planning and traffic police departments special decisions made after the opening and line, and to the public.

    Special decision period of limitation for the date of the decision to the next bus line open? and the date of adjustment plans to the public.

    23rd due to road traffic control, urban construction, major events, emergencies and other factors affecting bus lines operating, the Department concerned shall inform the municipal transport authorities, municipal transport departments of public security traffic police can make a temporary line decisions, and adjust the line of information to the public in a timely manner, and adjustment factors disappear?, after original lines is back in operation in a timely manner.

    24th of municipal transportation authorities should regularly assess the bus network, the results of the assessment as an important basis for the annual line opening and regulation plan.

    25th of municipal transport authorities are responsible for construction of integrated and intelligent public traffic system management.

    Municipal transport authorities are responsible for public transport operation to monitor the services of the electronic toll collection system, and to establish rules.

    26th Government price bus fares.

    Bus fare adjustment should be based on the average social cost, social factors such as affordability, subsidy system established by law.

    27th operator should be available to special groups as required by municipal government free or concessionary travel services, and to implement fare concessions the provisions, approved by the commodity price departments.

    28th of municipal transportation authority bus emergency plans should be established.

    After the bus incident occurred, electricity, telecommunications, water supply, fuel supply and other related units, priority should be given to ensure the bus needs such as electricity, telecommunications, water, fuel.

    29th article in the public interest or, in urgent cases, municipal transport authorities, regional transit authority may call the operator's vehicle, the operator should be subject to.

    Municipal transportation authorities, regional transit authorities call the operator's vehicle, intended for other undertakings required to address emergency situations, other operators called vehicle operators should pay the appropriate fees.

    Fourth chapter operations services

    Article 30th should be according to the municipal transport authority lines business line operating under the authorization time, roads, site, scope, lines of vehicles, models, service standards organizations operate, must not alter or cease operations.

    31st operators can use lines operating authorization provisions of the bus station.

    32nd business operators shall comply with the requirements configure enough vehicles put into line operation, input line operating vehicles shall not be less than the minimum number of vehicles, and no more than cars for up to the number.

    Input line operating the vehicles shall comply with the municipal transport authorities established technical standards, vehicle type, services, facilities, equipment and operation of the labeling requirements, and approved by the municipal transport authorities after passing inspection, may be put into use.

    Article 33rd municipal transportation authorities according to the need to determine the vehicle's color and body pattern.

    Vehicle advertising, should adhere to laws and regulations relating to advertising, but advertising set location, size, color and content shall conform to the set of bus advertising related provisions and shall not affect the safe driving.

    Article 34th regular vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair, make records, ensure that vehicles meet the following requirements:

    (A) the technical condition of vehicles and ancillary facilities to meet the requirements of safe operation;

    (B) the vehicle appearance clean and in good condition;

    (C) emissions comply with environmental requirements;

    (D) vehicles shall be in accordance with the provisions set the coin boxes, such as e-readers and e-stop facilities and keep in good condition; next to the coin box ticket vouchers should be provided;

    (V) air conditioning unit should be regularly maintained vehicles and air conditioning equipment, keep it in good working condition, a prominent position in the compartment set thermometer, when the car should be open when temperatures higher than 26 degrees Celsius and air conditioning equipment; vehicle operating procedures should be open in vehicle ventilation facilities;

    (F) provisions in the cars location and mark the emergency equipment;

    (G) vehicles equipped with radio dispatching equipment, operators should schedule of radio communications equipment and frequency, city departments of transportation, and keep the device in a continuous, normal working state.

    35th vehicle has any of the following circumstances, it shall not be put into operation:

    (A) running time exceeds the required service time of vehicles;

    (B) the technical condition of vehicles do not meet the safety requirements.

    Encourage the exit operation of vehicles to be recycled, reuse and recycling should be secure, reliable, and should not cause new pollution, and the specific measures shall be separately formulated by the municipal government. Article 36th in China should be on a regular basis to carry out safe production and civilized operation, quality service, and education, and to establish a sound business appraisal system.

    Pilots and cabin attendants engaged in operational service, shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the safe and courteous driving;

    (B) the dress and clean, standard work;

    (C) subject to management, carry, wear related documents;

    (D) the stops according to regulations;

    (E) turn into the station, calling at designated areas;

    (F) in accordance with the operating frequency, punctuality, must not delay, shuaizhan, refusing hire, by soliciting passengers, forced midway;

    (G) maintaining the order of travel, for the old, the weak, the sick, disabled, pregnant and provide the necessary help hold infant;

    (H) legal and effective matching tickets to passengers;

    (I) the Shenzhen bus service specifications of other content.

    37th of the operators and their employees in any of the following circumstances, passengers can refuse to pay the fare or request a refund:

    (A) not prominently marked in the compartment fares or not in accordance with the approved fare;

    (B) do not provide a valid ticket;

    (C) vehicles failing to switch on the air conditioning or ventilation air conditioning facilities;

    (D) vehicles equipped with electronic card readers, e-reader is not open or fail cannot be used;

    (E) fails or does not function properly in the vehicle operating speeds when the pilots, the flight attendants should arrange the transfer of passengers with the lines on the same direction of the vehicle and cannot be scheduled, passengers have the right to request the original price return fares.

    Article 38th passengers shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) waiting in the site area, in order from top to bottom;

    (B) the vehicle is fully loaded, according to the driver and conductor of the arrangements, waiting for the next car;

    (C) do not carry large, heavy, long or defaced, the other passengers of the vehicle;

    (D) not carry knives or flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous substances;

    (E) the full purchase tickets, coin, credit card or take the initiative to produce a valid free or concessionary travel documents;

    (Vi) without damaging the Interior equipment, without prejudice to the vehicle, dock, without endangering the safety of others;

    (VII) does not carry pets by car;

    (VIII) not smoke inside taxis;

    (IX) other prohibited conduct under the Shenzhen bus rules.

    Passengers specified in the preceding paragraph, by discouraging refuses, pilots, flight attendants can refuse to provide operation services.

    The fifth chapter controls

    39th operator should develop science, specific operational management and quality of service systems, implementation of operational services post responsibility system. 40th business operator shall within 6 months of the date of obtaining franchises, to scroll the next 5 years service plans submitted to the municipal transport authorities.

    Rolling 5-year operations plan should include the following main elements:

    (A) bus line opened and adjusted, capacity put on the scale, station development proposals;

    (B) bus service improvement plan;

    (C) human resources development;

    (D) significant investment plans;

    (E) revenues, financial analysis.

    Operators shall before the end of September each year, submit the next year began rolling 5-year service plan.

    41st business operator shall at the end of the first quarter a year ago, submitted to the municipal transport authorities last year of implementation of the development plan and the financial statements, and shall be subject to the Department of finance, auditing and supervision.

    42nd operator service level shall not be less than franchise and line management authorization requirements and service specification. Article 43rd municipal transportation authority bus service quality appraisal system should be established, regularly on the operator's operations service line operating and its evaluation.

    Evaluation system should include safety, vehicles, facilities, facilities, personnel, quality of service, passenger satisfaction survey, Division of passenger satisfaction surveys, complaints processing, compliance discipline and so on.

    44th operator and route service failed to pass the quality test, the operators shall give improvement in the result published 15th programmes and commitment to improve services, the rectification, and published in the major media prominently in our city.

    45th of municipal finance departments, transportation authorities, and should be based on quality of service assessment results determine the actual subsidy level of the operator.
Operator service quality evaluation results should be used as decision appointment or removal of managers and senior managers of the company and one of the most important basis for remuneration.

    Article 46th, transport authorities, municipal finance department, in conjunction with established bus subsidy and compensation systems.

    Bus subsidy and compensation include: policy-type loss subsidies and other public subsidies, in violation of government compensation.

    47th City according to bus industries public enterprise operations, service product, enterprise development, financial capabilities, the city's average profit margin and other factors, determine the operators a reasonable profit level.

    Municipal price control in conjunction with the municipal transport, Finance Department Manager cost audit and evaluation system, periodic audits and evaluation of the costs and expenses of the operators.

    Municipal transportation departments Municipal Finance Department in accordance with the reasonable level of profits, cost of audit and evaluation results, service quality evaluation determines that the operator's actual profit levels, specific measures by the municipal transportation departments municipal finance, pricing departments separately.

    48th business operator shall record the following conditions, and reported to the municipal transport authorities before the 10th day of each month:

    (A) the monthly passenger traffic of each line;

    (B) each line month single and total mileage, fuel consumption and average speed per month;

    (C) each line cycle monthly sales;

    (D) the number of vehicles;

    (V) repair and maintenance of vehicles;

    (F) the safe operation of the vehicle mileage intervals;

    (G) the municipal transport authorities feel the need to provide additional information.

    49th operators should be the driver and conductor, management personnel, vehicles and other relevant information submitted to the municipal transportation departments on a regular basis, share information, and through the proper channels to the public.

    The sixth chapter the supervision and inspection

    50th transport and related sectors should be strengthened to bus operation management laws, norms, such as supervision and inspection of the implementation.

    51st city transportation authorities, regional transit authorities and operators shall establish a complaint handling system, receive complaints of violations of the provisions of this Act and social supervision.

    Complainants should have provided their real names, contact information, complaint information such as vehicle identification numbers, complaints and requests.

    The complainant did not provide truthful information in the preceding paragraph, complaint handling bodies can not be considered.

    52nd of municipal transportation authorities, district authorities and operators of transportation management after receiving a complaint, shall, within 10 working days from the date of acceptance, will inform complainants of the outcome.

    53rd of municipal transportation authorities, district transportation management authority shall check the bus, shall present a valid inspection documents and state the reasons and legal basis necessary to detain or driver-related documents, parties should be issued voucher.

    Municipal transportation authorities, local transit authorities to check vehicles operation, seizing vehicles and related documents of the drivers violate the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the operator and the driver has the right to refuse.

    54th bus accident reporting and investigation process, according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

    55th transport and related sectors, one of the following acts, by people's Government of the people's Governments at the corresponding level or by the relevant department or the monitoring authority ex officio correction, criticized; directly responsible in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given sanctions; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling:

    (A) failure to comply with statutory responsibility for traffic management;

    (B) to meet the required conditions of application shall be considered inadmissible or does not meet the required conditions illegal accepted;

    (C) abuse of power, illegal approval;

    (D) the law for punishment;

    (V) neglect, playing favoritism;

    (Vi) other acts not to perform the statutory duties.

    Breach of 56th article of the rules does not make the bus franchise discretionally engages in bus operation or has not obtained the right to operate bus lines bus without permission, by the municipal transport authorities games, or administration shall be ordered to stop operations of 30000 Yuan fines; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling.

    57th in violation of this regulation, operators have one of the following acts, delivered by the municipal transport authorities or District Administration Office ordered corrective action, of 10000 Yuan fines; the circumstances are serious, fine at 30000:

    (A) not complying with the relevant provisions of the maintenance and testing of vehicles;

    (B) vehicle operation time exceeds the specified operating period or technical condition of vehicles do not meet the safety requirements, put into operation;

    (C) without changing the bus station or its subsidiary facilities function;

    (D) not subject to vehicle called;

    (V) does not provide for the establishment of safety management, driver and conductor education, complaint handling system.

    58th article violates these rules, operators have one of the following acts, delivered by the municipal transport authorities or District Administration Office ordered corrective action, fine at 30000:

    (A) not required lines, frequency and time of operation;

    (B) no adjustment is required to open or bus lines;

    (C) unauthorized closure, closure or termination of operations;

    (D) forced practitioners of illegal operations;

    (E) right to the line after the term expires or the right to the line was cancelled, not in the designated operator of the municipal transport authorities to complete previously maintained normal bus operation, or not within the time stated in the municipal transport authorities, will be necessary to maintain the normal operation of the bus assets and file transfer of designated operators to the municipal transport authorities.

    59th in violation of this regulation, operators have one of the following acts, delivered by the municipal transport authorities or District Administration Office ordered corrective action, of 1000 Yuan fine:

    (A) failing to line service flag is set;

    (B) the dock site that is not in accordance with the regulations;

    (C) vehicles in the operation could not be normal driving, failing to arrange the transfer of passengers or the follow-up vehicle drivers, flight attendants refuse;

    (D) no legitimate reason to refuse passengers, by passengers, the delays stand in the middle of showmanship;

    (E) not set inside the vehicle the old, the weak, the sick, disabled, pregnant, holding baby seats and no smoking signs;

    (Vi) not complying with the requirement of advertising;

    (VII) car body damage, inside and outside the car not neat;

    (H) facilities such as doors, seats, handrails, deformation, loose, affecting the safety of passengers;

    (I) vehicles with electronic card readers, e-reader is not open or fail cannot be used.

    60th in violation of this regulation, operators have one of the following acts, delivered by the municipal transport authorities or District Administration Office ordered corrective action, fine at 5000:

    (A) the site or temporary change of bus lines, and failing to inform the public in advance;

    (B) not complying with the provisions of concessionary policies;

    (C) not prominently marked in the compartment fares or not in accordance with the approved fare;

    (D) does not provide a valid ticket;

    (E) is not required to submit relevant information, plans, records and other materials;

    (F) the vehicles wiring below minimum or above the maximum number configured.

    61st in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, delivered by the municipal transport authorities or District Administration Office ordered corrective action on individual fine of up to 500 Yuan, the unit shall be punishable by fine of 3000 Yuan; losses caused shall bear liability for:

    (A) damage to buses operating the facility;

    (B) without permission, removal of bus facilities will be closed or diverted to any other use;

    (C) non-bus parked at the bus station vehicles, setting up stalls, stacked items;

    (D) cover, alter, deface, injure, or migration, remove the stop;

    (E) other bus behavior that is safe to operate the facility.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    62nd school bus and shuttle vehicles for free not to apply the measures for the administration.

    63rd before the implementation of these measures has been granted the bus franchise and the line right to the term franchise authorization, route operation authorization, franchise agreement so provides, from its provisions not otherwise governed by this approach. 64th these measures shall come into force on May 1, 2009. May 21, 1998 Government Decree 71st of the administrative rules of Shenzhen Special economic zone on city public bus franchise repealed simultaneously.