Huainan City People's Air Defence Project Management Approach

Original Language Title: 淮南市人民防空工程管理办法

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Huainan city people's air defence project management approach (On April 14, 2009 Huainan Government 24th times Executive Conference considered through on April 21, 2009 Huainan Government makes 121th, announced since on June 1, 2009 up purposes) first article for specification people air defense engineering planning construction, and using and maintenance management, guarantees people life and property security, according to People's Republic of China people air defense method and Anhui Province implementation straddling People's Republic of China people air defense method approach, legal, and regulations, and regulations, combined this city actual,

    These measures are formulated.

    Article of civil air defense works in the administrative area of the city planning and construction, use and maintenance of the application of this approach.

    People's air defense works in these measures (hereinafter referred to as civil air defense projects) is to protect the wartime personnel and material cover, people's air defense command, a separate medical aid in building underground protection of building and supporting access, camouflage and other ancillary facilities, as well as the landscape architecture Building basement that can be used for air defense in time of war (hereinafter referred to as basement).

    Article city, County (district) Government planning and construction of civil air defense works should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan, into government objectives.

    Fourth city, County (district) Government Civil Air Defense Department (hereinafter referred to as civil defence authority) is responsible for the planning and construction of civil air defence works in the administrative area, use, and maintenance management.

    Development and reform, urban and rural planning, construction, land and natural resources, real estate, financial, pricing, public security, environmental protection, transportation and other authorities in accordance with their respective duties, good management of civil air defense projects.

    Fifth Defence Department shall, in conjunction with departments such as the urban and rural planning, according to the national defense needs, with city construction, preparation of civil air defense project construction plan, the approval of the people's Governments and military organs.

    Sixth civil air defense construction plan shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) the Executive category of protection, protection standards stipulated by the State;

    (B) for the protection of persons in time of war and the mask, people's air defense command, medical protective building layout;

    (C) protection and urban transport networks building link;

    (D) are required by law to meet the other conditions. Article seventh civil air defense construction plan should be integrated into the overall urban planning, detailed planning of urban construction should have civil air defense project construction of content and requirements.

    Development and utilization of urban underground space planning, urban public green areas, squares, underground traffic and other critical infrastructure planning and construction, should take into account people's air defence needs.

    Article eighth civil air defense departments shall, in accordance with national and provincial requirements organizations civil air defense projects annual construction plans, examined by the development and reform authorities at the same level, civil defense authorities reported superior for approval. Separate the construction of civil air defense works, should apply to departments of the municipal development and reform authorities and provincial civil defense project.

    Civil air defense project began implementing the reporting system, as approved. Nineth encourages support enterprises, institutions, social groups and individuals through a variety of ways, invest in civil air defence projects and utilization of civil air defense projects.

    Construction of civil air defense works in accordance with the relevant provisions of these concessions. Tenth city the new buildings of the area, the construction unit shall be according to the relevant provisions of the national and provincial Building basement.

    Among them, the newly-built residential area can be calculated should be built in the district area, set building; development zones and industrial parks in the city and the important economic targets in new buildings, in line with the principles of safety, economy, ease of development, one-time planning total floor area shall be calculated on the ground can be built on, focus on building.

    Geology, terrain, structures, construction and other reasons not to build air-defense basement of civil building, the construction unit shall be as stipulated in the province, pay a fee for construction of civil air defense projects easy.

    In addition to laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the State, any organization or individual is allowed to approve civil architecture project from building basement or reduction should be built, may not approve relief for construction of civil air defense projects easy.

    Civil air defense construction projects easy cost charged by the 11th over to the financial account, under budgetary management, for use in civil air defense construction, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy, intercept or appropriate.

    12th civil air defense departments shall arrange civil air defense construction projects easy, according to the civil air defence engineering construction planning construction of people's air defense projects.

    13th combined ground construction construction of the basement should be synchronized with the main part of the project construction, the required funds into construction project investment plan.

    14th air defence authorities participate in the new buildings of the city plan and project to build the instance, meet the requirements upon examination, construction issued by civil air defense basements submissions submissions without construction, urban and rural planning department may issue construction project planning permit, construction Administrative Department may issue construction permits, the construction unit shall organize work.

    Separate build civil air defense engineering, construction drawing design documents for review by the Department of defense organizations.

    15th civil air defense engineering survey, design, construction drawing review and supervision, should be based on national standards and design specifications, borne by units and personnel with appropriate qualifications.

    16th relevant administrative departments and enterprises should give the following guarantees to civil air defense project construction:

    (A) for the protection of civil air defence command works, public civil air defense projects and supporting the import and export of roads, orifice, entrances, camouflage and other construction land;

    (B) in approving construction projects remain a civil air defense engineering and export Department security distances;

    (C) connects the city civil air defense projects, such as power supply, water supply, sewerage, communications systems, providing the necessary conditions.

    17th civil air defense project bidding and equipment purchasing, city, building, civil defense departments, financial sector, formulate measures for its implementation. 18th civil air defense project construction quality supervision system.

    Civil defense authorities are responsible for air defence, protection and construction of civil air defense engineering quality supervision alone and accept the guidance of construction administrative departments at the same level. 19th civil air defense engineering completion approval to implement filing system.

    Separate built civil defense engineering of, units should since completed acceptance qualified of day up 15th within, will completed acceptance report and about sector issued of recognized file reported civil defense competent sector record; combined ground building built air defense basement of, units in accordance with about provides in to construction administrative competent sector record Shi, should issued civil defense competent sector of recognized file, and timely to urban construction archives management institutions and civil defense competent sector transfer construction project archives.

    Landscape architecture building's basement should be synchronized with the ground construction completion, construction of separate acceptance of civil air defence works will be completed during the term of the contract. 20th acceptance of civil air defense works before they can deliver.

    Unqualified, civil defense authorities shall order the employer to take remedial measures cannot be remedied, should be required to the standard construction fee payment easy.

    21st government investment in building of civil air defense works and construction of basement of law in accordance with the regulations, ownership by the Government and other civil air defense projects owned by investors. Civil air defense projects after completion, accreditation issued by civil defense authorities.

    Property unit holding the file to land and resources, real estate administrative departments for registration procedures. 22nd principle of investors benefit from the development and utilization of civil air defence works.

    Exploitation and utilization of civil air defense works must be consent of the Civil Defense Department, shall obtain the right certificate, safety, fire protection and other regulations shall not affect their relative efficiency.

    Management of civil air defense projects usually used by investors, arranged by the civil defense authority in wartime.

    Civil air defense project ownership, usufruct, mortgage, lease, shall apply to civil air defense departments.

    23rd civil air defense departments should prepare civil air defense engineering maintenance budgets on an annual basis, periodic inspections and check the maintenance and safety management of civil air defense projects.

    24th air defense projects maintenance and safety management used by civil air defense projects is responsible for.

    Civil air defense engineering users shall provide or specify the civil air defence engineering management personnel, establish a sound management system, the implementation of safety responsibility system such as fire protection, security, privacy, build engineering archive and maintenance records.

    25th article maintenance and management of civil air defense projects must meet the following criteria:

    (A) the structure intact;

    (B) the internal environment clean and tidy, no leakage of water, air and water meet hygiene requirements;

    (C) protective equipment, good facilities, wind, water, and electrical system working properly;

    (D) metal, wooden parts, no rust, damage;

    (E) import and export Access, fire-fighting equipment, orifice camouflage equipment in good condition.

    26th prohibits the following acts against the safety of civil air defense works:

    (A) within the civil air defense engineering production, storing flammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive and corrosive substances;

    (B) to the civil air defence engineering and its orifice, entrances and discharge of waste water, waste gas or disposal of solid waste;

    (C) take up evacuation roads, blocked civil air defense engineering, ventilation orifice, and gate;

    (D) coverage, damaged civil air defense engineering surveying markers;

    (E) in tunnel-type civil defense engineering top and sides get within 50 metres of Earth and rocks or in the tunnels, road openings, attached air defence works around 2 meters of soil;

    (Vi) other acts that damage to civil air defense engineering facilities and equipment. 27th building needs dismantling of civil air defence works, should be reported to the civil defence authority for review and approval.

    Approved dismantling of civil air defence works, removed, and the unit shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) within the prescribed period of not less than within the original project area, no less than the original project resistance levels to fill the building;

    (B) can't fill because of conditions which, according to standard construction fee payment to the civil defense authorities easy, off-site construction by the Department of defense organizations;

    (C) for new buildings of the removal of the original civil air defense projects, not to new buildings should be built air defense area to offset the number of building civil air defence works in the basement area. Need local civil air defense engineering evacuation roads and entrances should be converted to a programme together with approval of the Defense Department review.

    Reconstruction should be completed within a period of approval, and acceptance record formalities according to prescribed procedures.

    28th in violation of relevant provisions of these measures, by the Defense Department or other relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    29th civil defense departments, or other departments concerned in civil air defense project construction, use and maintenance of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 30th these measures shall come into force on June 1, 2009. On January 1, 2004 of the Huainan city civil air defense project construction and maintenance regulations repealed simultaneously.