Administrative Measures On Vehicle Drivers Training In Sichuan Province

Original Language Title: 四川省机动车驾驶员培训管理办法

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Administrative measures on vehicle drivers training in Sichuan province

    (March 18, 2009 the 28th Executive meeting of the people's Government of Sichuan province considered by Sichuan provincial people's Government on May 8, 2009 order No. 236, released as of July 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First to protect the vehicle driver training and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and promote the healthy development of motor vehicle driver training market, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, according to the People's Republic of China Law on road traffic safety, the People's Republic of China Road transport regulations, the Sichuan province road transport regulations and other laws and regulations, in Sichuan province, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies within the administrative area of Sichuan province, and related management activities of motor vehicle driver training.

    Motor vehicle driver training operators as mentioned in the preceding paragraph refers to the trainees of motor vehicles safe driving skills and related knowledge or qualifications of training for road transport drivers for teaching tasks, provide paid training for public service activities.

    Article traffic administration departments above the county level vehicle drivers training administration within their respective administrative areas above county level administration of road transportation management of agency-specific implementation of the motor vehicle driver training.

    Departments of public security, industry and commerce, prices in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with good management of motor vehicle driver training.

    Fourth traffic administrative departments above the county level shall do the motor vehicle driver training market development and manpower planning and regulation, encourage and guide the vehicle driver training to specialized, large-scale, information and base development.

    Motor vehicle driver training school ground base as the key transport infrastructure into the local urban construction planning.

    Article fifth motor vehicle driver training industry associations should play a representative role, industry services, and guide the vehicle drivers training operators to strengthen industry self-regulation, business law.

    Chapter II business license

    The sixth vehicle drivers training services include: General driver training; pilot qualification training for road transport (including road passenger and freight transport drivers qualifications training and qualifications for road transport of dangerous goods drivers training); driver education training motor coach operators.

    General qualifications for road transport driver training, driver training and driver education training operators referred to as "training institution"; for the training of vehicle drivers training paid site and service operators referred to as "coach operators".

    Seventh driving training bodies under training is divided into three levels:

    Level training institutions can engage in three (three) more than the corresponding ordinary driver training vehicle and application in road passenger and freight transport drivers and road transport of dangerous goods drivers ' qualification training.

    Secondary training institutions can engage in two models of the ordinary driver training, and can be applied for road freight transport pilot qualification training.

    Tertiary training institutions can engage in the corresponding ordinary driver training vehicle.

    Driving training institutions included in the preceding paragraph may engage in corresponding business drivers of continuing education and training.

    Article eighth of motor vehicle driver training business operators shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Road transport regulations and the relevant provisions of the regulations on road transport, Sichuan province, shall obtain the road transport operators permit (motor vehicle driver training classes, the same below) and industrial and commercial business license, engaged in business activities in the scope.

    Driver training shall have the State of the motor vehicle driver training institutes qualifications (JT/T433), and primary and secondary-level training institutions teaching vehicle cars in total not less than 50 and 20 cars, no limit to the number of vehicles of each model.

    Coach operators shall meet the technical requirements of national motor coach (JT/T434) provides the appropriate conditions.

    According to amendments to the above criteria, provincial road transport authorities can be adjusted accordingly.

    Nineth motor vehicle driver training business of the city, where the applicant shall be filed (State) transportation management application for business license and submit related materials. City (State) road transport management authority shall accept applications to the public, public time of no less than 3rd.

    Publicity over, should organize experts to demonstrate the application in the 15th review and expert opinion to grant approval or disapproval decision.

    City (State) road transport authorities granted licenses, shall issue a license to the applicant decision, stated the main business, scope, training areas, implementation of the commitments and the time limit and so on; not to permit and notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

    Expert assessment of the specific measures shall be formulated by the traffic Administrative Department of the province. Tenth driving training and management licensee shall in accordance with the requirements of the licensing decisions to implement licensing matters.

    More than commit to deadlines without good reason does not implement licensing matters, the licensing authority may withdraw the business license.

    11th City (State) road transport management body shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State during the commitment period for implementation of license the licensee apply for road transport operators permit for qualified coaching car allotment road transport certificates.

    Chapter III operation specification

    12th driving training institutions should be in accordance with road transport business licenses indicate the type of business, approved training regional recruitment and training, standardized entrance station (point), and enrollment stations (point) set up the original license record.

    Recruitment advertisement shall give driving training Institute name and road transport operators permit number, real, legitimate, not false advertising.

    Article 13th training institution enrolment of trainees and students sign a training contract, clear training business, and charges and so on, must not take improper means such as malice price, cheating students carrying out business activities.

    Training cost price in accordance with provincial authorities, in conjunction with provincial traffic Administrative Department of the relevant stipulations concerning collection, fees and standards should be public.

    14th driving training institutions should be in accordance with regulations of the State curriculum and training materials for training, fill in the People's Republic of China motor vehicle driver training record (hereinafter referred to as the training records), the establishment of student files regularly to the city (State) road transport authorities submit the enrollment and training records and other information for qualified candidates to completion of the motor vehicle driver's training certificate.

    Of the motor vehicle driver's training certificate by the provincial administration of road transportation in accordance with the national unified form printing. Road transport management body shall promptly review the training records.

    No unit and individual shall forge, alter or use counterfeit or altered the training records.

    15th traffic Administration Department of public security authorities at the time of accepting an application for motor vehicle driver's license examination, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State inspection of the training records, and credited the driver files. To apply the training records of the examination, there is suspicion of fraud, police traffic management departments in Sichuan province should be queried to verify the vehicle drivers training management system.

    Upon verification of inaccuracy, disqualified applicants may not apply again for a year.

    16th article driving training institutions should by provides installation and using driving training hours timing instrument, using multimedia teaching software, and driving simulation device, and electric teaching instrument, technology teaching means, improved teaching method; strengthening students road traffic security consciousness of training and security driving skills of training, sound business business, and personnel training, and security and the emergency disposal, management system, ensure teaching security, and improve training quality. Article 17th training agencies out of business, closing, shall make proper arrangements to recruit students, the licensing authority shall supervise training institutions to deal with the aftermath.

    Closed during prohibition to recruit students.

    18th students can choose their own coaches and training time, according to syllabus training hours, driving training organization of final examination, not publicity items and other violations of the right to refuse and complaints, report to the regulatory authority.

    Students shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations and management regime of the driving training, care of training facilities and equipment.

    19th coach operators shall strengthen the coaching field maintenance and management, perfect service, guarantee the safety training provided meets the technical conditions of motor coaches for teaching activities, compliance with the provincial price Department, in conjunction with the provincial Transportation Department administrative charges regulations.

    Fourth chapter of coaches and coach cars

    20th motor vehicle driving training coaches shall comply with the conditions of the traffic Administrative Department under the State Council, unified examination by the provincial administration of road transportation agencies, we have printed and numbered certificate of the coaches.

    Without the trainer certificate and shall not engage in driving training and teaching activities. 21st driving training institutions should be made the coaches ' certificate of personnel employed in driving training and teaching activities.

    Driving training institution shall enter into labor contracts with coaches and insurance.

    22nd coach should carry the trainer certificate, in accordance with the teaching category and vehicle type, using coach car and driver training hours Chronograph and smart card activities, timely and accurate data acquisition teaching information, fill in the teaching, the training records of the log, complete the training content and UI, participate in continuing education and teaching quality assessment.

    Coaches shall not drink-teaching individual driving instructors or trainees shall not ask for or accept students properties or to students seeking other benefits, shall not be employed for non-driving training Institute provides training business.

    23rd driving training institutions should be the coaches teaching quality supervision and inspection, standards of coaches on a regular basis, professional ethics, accept new knowledge and new technology for motor vehicle drivers re-examination and appraisal of the situation, announced to the student coaches teaching quality ranking.

    Driving training institutions should be the coaches through the annual leave is not less than one week of training.

    24th coach has one of the following circumstances, provincial transportation authorities should cancel its certificate of the coaches:

    (A) submit a cancellation application;

    (B) older than provisions;

    (C) the motor vehicle driver's license is cancelled;

    (D) more than larger equivalent and equal responsibility for road traffic accidents.

    25th road transportation management agencies should be harmonized across the province coach car-body color and identity.

    Driving training institutions should be used by the public security organs traffic management departments registration, equipped with a pair of rear-view mirror, under brake pedal, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment, has the same color and identity of the coach cars to engage in teaching activities.

    Prohibit the use of non-coach cars driving training and operational activities.

    Article 26th on the road driving training institutions engaged in teaching activities, shall, in accordance with the public security organs traffic management departments designated routes, time, under the guidance of coach vehicle, regardless of the teaching personnel may not take the coach car.

    Training of public security traffic Administrative Department shall publish the specified route and time.

    27th decide changes in coaches vehicles driving training institutions, and in accordance with the provisions of road transport permits and other related procedures.

    Coaches at the driver training shall establish vehicle files, its regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that coaching vehicles in good condition to meet the teaching and safety requirements. Coach car maintenance is divided into daily maintenance, a maintenance level and second level maintenance.

    Maintenance interval is 1 month, second-stage maintenance intervals for 6 months.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    28th road transport authorities above the county level shall supervise and check the driving training institutions according to law and business activities, correct driving violations in the training activities. Provincial administration of road transportation agencies should be established across the province driving training quality credit appraisal system, development of quantitative assessment criteria and methods.

    City (State) road transport management agency-specific implementation of driving training institution's reputation for quality assessment, the assessment results as a basis for driver training organizations upgrade or downgrade and announced to the public on a regular basis.

    Driving training institutions failed to pass the quality assessment, and the following year shall not be released coach cars.

    29th provincial transportation authorities should be the coaches leave training guidance and supervision, introduction of coaches reputation for teaching quality assessment system, and establishment of provincial coaches ' information management system, coaches ' information to the public in accordance with law.

    30th road transport authorities above the county level should be the coach business conduct supervision and inspection on the use of motor vehicles, found not to meet the conditions prescribed motor coach, to order the rectification; by rectification qualification eligible parties will be used for teaching and learning activities.

    31st road transport authority and the public security organs traffic management authorities should strengthen coordination, facilitate, implement hours timing, test and track the quality of driver training information management system, established driver training and testing, accident investigation and the cohesive system of accountability, improve the mechanisms for information sharing and supervision work, improve training, examination of standardized and scientific management.

    32nd road transport authorities and public security traffic administrative departments shall open complaints and report telephone, mailing address and email address, subject to public supervision, report to the reception and handling of complaints in a timely manner and according to law.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    Article 33rd drive train and coach operators in the business of the Organization during the loss or partial loss of the legal operating conditions are engaged in business activities, the original licensing authority shall order rectification, and may be fined not more than 5000 Yuan and more than 20000; if no corrective or corrective action is still not up to to the statutory conditions, by the licensing authority shall be demoted or even revoke their road transport operators permit.

    34th driving training Institute has one of the following acts, the road transport authorities above the county level shall order rectification, may be fined a maximum of more than 5000 10000:

    (A) breach of the 12th article in approved training areas set up recruiting or training;

    (B) violations of the 14th article teaching curricula that are not provided for by the State;

    (C) contrary to article 17th out of business or out of business is not properly placed during the cadets or the closure period to recruit students;

    (D) contrary to article 21st certificate of employment without the coach's personnel;

    (E) contravenes the provisions of the third paragraph 25th section using a coach car in driving training and operational activities.

    35th driving training Institute has one of the following acts, the road transport authorities above the county level shall order rectification, may be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan:

    (A) violations of the 12th article set up a recruiting station (point) is not recorded;

    (B) violation of the 16th article installed, or does not use chronograph hours;

    (C) the violation of the article 23rd paragraph did not leave coaches training;

    (D) contravenes section 25th is not used in accordance with requirements prescribed by the second paragraph of the coach cars;

    (E) violations of the 27th article not to handle the training car road transport certificates. Article 36th coaches violate the provisions of article 22nd of this approach, the road transport authorities above the county level shall order rectification, has illegally obtained, confiscate the illegal income, and may be fined a maximum of 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan in serious cases, suspension trainer certificate and announced to the public.

    Revoked certificate of coaches not to re-apply for the coaches in two years certificate.

    37th article violates the 14th paragraph these measures, forging, altering or using forged or altered the training records of, be collected by the road transport authorities, and fined a maximum of between 2000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    38th in violation of driving training regulations, People's Republic of China Sichuan province road transport road transport regulations, the regulations and other laws, regulations and rules have been stipulated, from its provisions.

    39th executive staff abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    40th tractor driver training to operate and manage these procedures do not apply.

    41st foreign in the province within the administrative area of Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperation, a wholly-owned business of vehicle drivers training in the form of, shall comply with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and the regulations on the administration of foreign investment in the road transportation and other relevant regulations of the State. 42nd these measures shall come into force on July 1, 2009.