Bulk Cement, Qiqihar City Management

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市散装水泥管理办法

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Bulk cement, Qiqihar city management

    (April 30, 2009, Qiqihar city people's Government Executive meeting of the 30th through May 5, 2009, 2nd, Qiqihar city people's Government promulgated as of June 4, 2009) for the development of the first bulk cement and save resources, reduce environmental pollution and ensure project quality, improving the economic and social benefits, promote the development of recycling economy, promote bulk cement development in Heilongjiang province according to the regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second section cement production in the administrative area of the city (including the grinding station, the same below), management, transport, use, and management of unit or individual shall abide by these measures.

    Article bulk cement in these measures refers to without the packaging, directly through special equipment factory, transportation, storage and use of cement.

    Bulk cement fourth article of the city development, adhere to the restrictions on the bag, encourage bulk, overall planning and unified management principles.

    Fifth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the administrative management of bulk cement in; city building materials of its Management Office (hereinafter referred to as bulk cement management), bulk cement, is responsible for the daily management, whose main functions are:

    (A) the implementation of national, provincial and municipal statutes, regulations and policies to promote development of bulk cement.

    (B), bulk cement, preparation, organization and implementation of the development plan and annual plan.

    (C) the Organization of collection, management and use of bulk cement special funds.

    (D) responsible for bulk cement work exchange of information, education, training and new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new technological development demonstration and promotion.

    (E) coordinate the resolution of problems in bulk cement development.

    (F) in accordance with the Commission deal with acts in violation of these regulations.

    Article development and reform, planning, finance, transportation, economic, business, quality and technical supervision, industry and commerce, environmental protection, statistics, auditing, taxation, the people's Bank, public security and other departments concerned, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, joint development of bulk cement. Seventh article this, 2010 amount of bulk cement rate of total cement production (referred to as bulk rate, the same below) should reach more than 50%, use of bulk cement cement using the ratio of the total (the usage, the same below) should be more than 35%.

    Cement production and use of the unit shall meet the requirements of bulk rate and usage.

    National and provincial key construction project of bulk cement rate should reach more than 70%.

    Eighth article of the municipal urban construction sites shall comply with State, city, and province, as follows:

    (A) prohibition of mixing concrete on the construction site.

    (B) with effect from July 1, 2009, banned in Lonza, tie feng, Jian Hua three site mixed mortar; effective July 1, 2010, banned in fulaerji area of urban planning construction site mixed mortar; effective July 1, 2011, no melies, Angangxi District urban planning area construction site mixed mortar. Nineth encourages ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar in the production process, the use of fly ash and ground granulated blast-furnace slag replacing cement as well as using steel slag, tailings and other industrial solid wastes from industrial manufacturing of artificial sand replace natural sand.

    Volume of industrial solid wastes reach the national proportion above, enjoy national resource comprehensive utilization of preferential tax policies.

    The use of bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar construction, expansion and renovation projects, the departments concerned should give priority to, and support.

    Tenth section is really necessary in the forbidden roads of bulk cement special trucks and concrete mixer trucks, pump trucks,, bulk cement, should be issued to prove, by the public security organs traffic management departments to apply for temporary or permanent passes.

    11th engages in ready mixed concrete, the production of ready-mixed mortar and cement products manufacturer, should all use of bulk cement. 12th construction units in preparing the estimate (in advance) when counting, the final accounts shall be in accordance with the measures use of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar requirements, usage and costs in the project cost.

    Construction unit should be used in accordance with the requirements of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar.

    13th construction supervising body during the process of supervision, found use of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar was not used, should be stopped and, bulk cement, to the authorities or relevant departments report.

    14th cement and its products, the production, transport, transit, as well as engineering and construction units should be configured with the production, transport, transit operations and adapted to the use of bulk cement facilities, equipment, improve the comprehensive supporting capacity development of bulk cement.

    15th cement construction, expansion or reconstruction of cement production projects, shall, in accordance with 70% standards for design and construction of bulk rate above; does not meet the requirements, the relevant departments not approving construction and acceptance.

    16th bulk cement and its products in the production, operation, transport and use, and shall take measures to ensure production, operation, transport, handling and storage, the use of facilities and equipment meet the requirements of safety, measurement and protection.

    17th in the cement and its products in the production, operation, transport, use and management of the unit or individual shall, in accordance with relevant provisions of bulk cement statistics, bulk cement management institutions at all levels timely and accurately prepare statistical reports and other relevant information.

    Cement production and products, bulk cement, enterprises shall provide the administrative departments.

    18th is prohibited in highways, airports, ports, bridges, culverts and other key construction projects and construction used in the weight-bearing structure of vertical kiln cement.

    Prohibition of the ready-mixed concrete production using shaft kiln cement.

    Article 19th selling bags of cement and using bagged cement unit (including individual businesses) with a bulk cement special funds (referred to as special funds, the same below).

    Cement production enterprises and units shall be in accordance with provincial financial Department in conjunction with the provinces identified by the competent administrative Department for bulk cement special funds impose a standard pay special funds.

    20th annual production of more than 500,000 tons of cement production enterprise of bagged cement and use of national and provincial key projects directly to the provincial authority to pay for bulk cement special funds; other cement producers of bagged cement construction units and use special funds by the municipal authority for bulk cement is responsible for collecting. Article 21st is imposed by the municipal authorities directly for bulk cement special funds. Municipal authority for bulk cement can also be commissioned to meet the requirements specified by the provincial units and departments to collect funds.

    Collect fees after examination and approval by the financial sector, 2 per thousand set aside and allocated according to state regulations.

    All localities, departments and units of the Special Fund shall not without relief, shall not be detained, retain or misuse and misappropriation shall not change the scope, standard and collection objects. 22nd article sales bagged cement of cement production enterprise, should according to sales bagged cement volume paid special funds; using bagged cement of units, should according to engineering almost (pre) is is expected to cement using volume, in handle planning license and construction license Qian pre paid special funds, and since engineering completed of day up 30th within by about sector approved of engineering accounts and purchased into bulk cement original voucher, information, by city financial sector and original received in advance special funds institutions verified correct Hou, in 60 days within handle special funds liquidation procedures

    , Back fill less.

    Concentration of funds paid in advance shall be incorporated into the construction engineering construction approval process.

    23rd annual output of more than 500,000 tons of cement enterprises pay special funds, in accordance with the 50% of the provincial, city, and paid into the Treasury of the province, city, respectively; other employers to contribute to the production of cement special funds, according to the province, 80%, 20%, percentage, over to the provincial and municipal Treasury, respectively.

    Levy is imposed by the Agency to other construction projects construction funds at the time of payment, according to the province, 80%, 20%, percentage, over to the provincial and municipal Treasury, respectively.

    24th special funds for use in accordance with the national regulations.

    25th special funds units shall make written application to the municipal authority for bulk cement and provide project construction feasibility reports, bulk cement by the city authorities competent in the first instance, the city approved the allocation of the financial sector. 26th special funds should be earmarked shall not be diverted and misappropriated.

    Special Fund for financial and auditing departments should be levied, and pay, manage and monitor the use of solutions.

    27th article management the management of bulk cement funds, prepared by the financial sector in accordance with allocated from the regular budget.

    28th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, commissioned by the municipal construction Administrative Department, bulk cement authorities to grant the following penalties:

    (A) cement production and use do not meet the prescribed bulk rates and usage, according to the bags of cement production and fined 30 yuan per ton in the use of fines.

    (B) the construction unit has prohibited spot mixed concrete measures, mixing mortar within the urban area of the city, mixing concrete and mortar shall be ordered to correct; mixing mortar on site more than 10 cubic meters, according to each 100 cubic metres of mortar or using bagged cement standard fine of 300 yuan per tonne.

    (C) the production of cement and its products, transport, transit and business units as well as engineering and construction units, bulk cement is not configured the appropriate facilities, equipment, and ordered configuration fails to configure, fined 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine.

    (D) cement production enterprise fails to timely payment of funds or the project owner in the process of planning permit and construction permit prior to withholding funds, shall be ordered to pay and additional unpaid funds five out of 10,000 late fee; withholding funds, withholding funds 20% fine. (E) in highways, airports, ports, bridges, culverts and other key construction projects and construction of load-bearing structures using shaft kiln cement and ready-mix concrete production enterprises, correction, and a fine of 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine.

    Effect of engineering quality and safety, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
The penalties provided for in the preceding paragraph, shall not exceed a maximum of 50,000 yuan.

    29th article violation this approach provides, bulk cement and products of production, and business, and transport and using enterprise or units not provides statistics report, related information of, by city bulk cement management institutions in accordance with delegate (with) ordered corrected; plot serious of, by city bulk cement management institutions with statistics sector sentenced 2000 Yuan above 5,000 yuan following fine; fraud of, by city bulk cement management institutions with statistics sector sentenced 5,000 yuan above 50,000 yuan following fine.

    30th article violates these rules, without relief, retention, retention, defaults, diverted and misappropriated funds and is not used in accordance with the provisions of special funds of the provincial financial Department of printed paper, by auditing, financial departments according to law.

    31st party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring a lawsuit.

    32nd bulk cement and related management, management staff, management of bulk cement, one of the following circumstances, the managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) shall perform the statutory approvals, collection, return and penalties for failing to perform their responsibilities.

    (B) in special fund collection, management and use of trickery, deception, and accept other people's property.

    (C) the changes levy scope, levy and collection of an object of special funds.

    (Iv) the indiscriminate punishment.

    (E) other illegal activities.

    33rd article this approach by the municipal people's Government is responsible for the interpretation. 34th article of the rules take effect on June 4, 2009.