Shenzhen Interim Measures For The Management Of Pre-School Education

Original Language Title: 深圳市学前教育管理暂行办法

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Shenzhen interim measures for the management of pre-school education

    (December 29, 2008 Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the 197th reported as of February 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First to further standardize the management, improve the quality of education on conservation, promote healthy development of pre-school education, according to the People's Republic of China Law on education, the People's Republic of China private education promotion law and the People's Republic of China teachers ' law and other laws, rules and regulations, Shenzhen practice, these measures are formulated.

    Article in preschool education and its management activities in this city, these measures shall apply.

    Pre-primary education authorities article educational administrative departments.

    Development and reform, public security, civil affairs, finance, audit, and personnel (preparation), the labor and social security, land and real estate, construction, planning, health, taxation, industry and Commerce (price control), urban management and other departments within their respective areas of responsibility in accordance with the management of pre-school education. Fourth joint meeting of the municipal and district governments to establish pre-school education system.

    Joint Conference by the education, development and reform, public security, civil affairs, finance, auditing, personnel (preparation), the labor and social security, land and real estate, construction, planning, health, taxation, industry and Commerce (price control), urban management, and other departments.

    Joint meeting convened by the leadership of the municipal and district governments in charge of education, regular briefings, coordinate and solve problems of pre-school education.

    Chapter II routine Article fifth pre-school institutions should follow the principle of vicinity, follow the permitted age of admissions.

    Prospectuses and advertisements should objectively, reported to the district education administration departments in advance.

    Pre-school educational institutions may organize school children out propaganda.

    Sixth enrolment shall be designated by the administrative departments of public health and health care institutions to carry out health checks, health examination form, child immunization certificate and other information to complete the formalities.

    Article seventh pre-school educational institutions can be set to boarding, full-time, part-time, part-time business.

    Non-boarding children in pre-school institutions shall not accept the Agency to stay the night. Article eighth pre-school educational institutions start implementing relevant provisions of compulsory school, summer and winter vacation starting time at its sole discretion determine.

    During the summer period, pre-school educational institutions according to the children's parents will to continue to provide baojiao services, but shall arrange staff rested.

    Nineth kindergarten should be by age classes, nursery classes according to age, or mixed schools. Preschool baojiao staffing classes fixed number of children and implementation of the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality.

    Children in pre-school institutions should be public class in the class room the door quotas, actual enrolment and baojiao staff. Article tenth pre-school institutions shall set up a shuttle system, children shuttle work.

    Offers a vehicle shuttle service, Shenzhen City, the implementation of the relevant provisions of the interim measures for the administration of traffic safety on the school bus, and sent the car care, guarantee the safety of children. 11th pre-school institutions should be set up archives for school children, within ten working days of the date of school children attending the new information paper and electronic educational administrative departments in this area. Children admission, transfer and withdrawal conditions, pre-school educational establishments should enrol, transfer and withdrawal information within five working days of the date of change.

    The municipal educational administrative departments shall develop text archive format.

    12th pre-school institutions should establish safety management, health care, financial management, curriculum management, teaching and research, personnel management, file management, workshops, home (the) contact system, improve the Organization, improve internal management.

    13th pre-school educational institutions can claim baojiao costs to the school children. Government price baojiao fee public institutions of pre-school education. Private pre-school educational establishments according to the running costs, combined with the development of needed, independent, reasonable baojiao fees.

    Property belonging to the Government's settlement baojiao fees of supporting private pre-school educational establishments, by the Administrative Department of education contractor agreement.

    Article 14th pre-school institutions for children are provided with meals, transportation shuttle service, can be compensated by a reasonable charge on a cost of meals, transportation. 15th pre-school educational institutions can organize the participation of children in the health sector project health check, purchase uniforms, you can collect a medical examination fees and school uniforms.

    Medical examinations of the child implementation of government guidance prices.

    16th among public institutions of pre-school education baojiao fees, all fees and pre-school institutions projects and standards must be reported to the competent pricing and education administration departments, after the publication of the implementation.

    Pre-school educational institutions to the price supervisor and the administrative departments of education, shall provide the following information:

    (A) filing applications;

    (B) the fees and standards;

    (C) the pricing information is measured.

    Educational administrative departments shall review filings and found violations, a rectification.

    Article 17th pre-school institutions shall be a monthly fee, service time of less than one month of charges by the day, by the children's parents to agree to the semester's fees.

    Pre-school institutions fees issued shall be tax or financial instruments issued by the Department, took the charge of child medical fees and school uniforms, fees shall be respectively issued medical institutions and delivered by the supplier's legal bills. In addition to collect fees, costs should be fully integrated into pre-school education Institute institution Fund accounts, in charge that day, instead of item-by-item set up accounts, accounting and earmarked not to embezzle. Baojiao is mainly used for conservation education at this institution activities, improving school conditions. Pre-school institutions should children drop out or leave the next day boarding fee refund amount calculated on a daily basis, and published accounts of the children's meals to parents monthly, monthly close, final refund balance shall not be deducted, the expropriation.

    Other usage charges should be available to the parents at the end of each semester, settled by semester, fill less back.

    Except as provided in the health sector of children examination fee, parents of pre-school institutions should follow voluntary principles, shall be compelled to provide other paid services. Article 18th pre-school institutions should develop a public emergency preparedness, drills are regularly organized.

    When an emergency occurs it shall promptly take effective measures to actively pursue disposal, and departments concerned shall not conceal, delay or false positives and false negatives. 19th pre-school staff should be designated health care institutions in the health sector health check, obtained a health certificate before they can post, in the post once during each academic year.

    Chronic infectious diseases, mental illness, related laws and regulations should not be engaged in pre-school education in patients with other diseases which are working in pre-school institutions.

    Chapter conservation education Article 20th pre-school institutions should follow the principle of combining, arranging the day in the life of the child and strictly enforced schedule. Arrange meal periods shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions, meal intervals of not less than 3.5 hours.

    Meet children's physical and psychological development characteristics of sport activities, outdoor activity for not less than two hours a day, which sports no less than an hour. Article 21st during the normal schedule, pre-school education institutions should arrange for teachers on duty.

    Interns and nurses may not shift alone.

    Pre-school institutions should arrange two or more baojiao who led the children's outdoor activities, including at least one teacher. 22nd the curriculum of preschool education institutions implementing country, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, and the relevant regulations.

    Course content should be closely linked to the lives of children experience, fundamental and enlightening and comprehensive. Preschool curriculum for all children, about children's emotional experiences, focusing on fostering children's interest in learning and good habits.

    Organization should be flexible, with games as its basic form, promoting the harmonious development of the child.

    Preschool children should be provided to meet the activity needs of toys, books, materials and activities. Article 23rd pre-school institutions shall set up children's health records, regularly carry out children's health check, strict implementation of sanitation and disinfection system, segregation of children with infectious diseases, immunization and disease prevention.

    Municipal health departments should develop child health record format text, formulate and improve relevant management system. Meals of pre-school education institutions should be based on scientific nutritional diet the age characteristics of children.

    Food acquisition, storage, processing, workflow, strict implementation of the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the food sanitation law. Pre-school educational institutions should develop good habits of living and health of the child.

    Children's drinking water should be provided convenient conditions to ensure that water supply, soiling of the frequency and duration of the child shall not be restricted.

    Article 24th pre-school educational institutions must not be used instead of the normal class activities educational activities, shall not be held from Monday to Friday during the school charges interest classes.

    Pre-school educational institutions may organize children to participate in commercial activities.

    Fourth chapter supporting pre-school education facilities

    25th construction units should be in the new residential area and sync have pre-school facilities under construction in the residential reconstruction.

    Pre-school education facilities design and construction should be strictly enforced national standards to ensure quality.

    Article 26th property belonging to the Government once the residential support of pre-school education facilities, the construction unit shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the acceptance procedures, within 20 working days from the date of the acceptance for the record, turned over the property rights to public property management.

    Public property management Department shall within five working days from the date of the transfer of property rights, property rights transfer of information on written notice to the administrative departments of education, educational administrative departments responsible for tenders for work.
27th district educational administration through an open tender, the residential area of the property belonging to the Government supporting pre-school facilities operators tendering approach formulated by the municipal educational administrative departments, in conjunction with government procurement agencies.

    Educational administrative departments should work with the winning bidder signed a hosting agreement.

    Contractor agreement should include sources of funding, seed money, school size, school level and duration of development goals, the contractor, charges, fees, capital measures, whether to obtain a reasonable return, rights and obligations, ending practices, breach of contract, contract conditions and so on, the municipal educational administrative departments should develop a form of hosting agreement text. Contractor for a period of six to ten years and can be renewed after the expiration.

    Contractors before the expiration of a period of six months should be submitted to the district education administration application to renew his contract or told not to renew.

    28th hosted by Loa and hosting agreement in public property management Department for supporting pre-school facilities use procedures.

    The fifth chapter management and supervision

    Article 29th of the relevant government departments should periodically for pre-school education bodies for food safety, building and facility safety, traffic safety, fire safety, perimeter security and internal security for special examinations and treatment.

    Article 30th teaching and research institutions should be organized pre-school education teaching research and Exchange, guide follow the laws of pre-school education pre-school education institutions and children's physical and psychological development characteristics, constantly improving the quality of baojiao.

    31st education Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with health sector conservation of the preschool education quality monitoring on a regular basis, feed monitoring results, and make recommendations for improvement, provide baojiao operational guidance.

    Article 32nd educational administrative departments shall, in conjunction with the competent departments to develop private pre-school educational establishments operating cost structure, determine the running balance of proportion, guiding private pre-school educational establishments make reasonable baojiao fees.

    Department in charge of price preschool fees should be checked on a regular basis, investigate and deal with illegal pricing.

    33rd financial departments should be for pre-school education bodies whether they possess the qualifications of accountants, accounting books, accounting, financial reporting and other accounting documents are authentic, perfect for monitoring correct accounting violations.

    Article 34th educational administrative departments shall monitor the assets of private pre-school educational establishments and financial management, private pre-school educational establishments of regulatory capital measures are formulated, organized special audits and financial inspections on a regular basis. Private pre-school educational establishments shall be subject to supervision according to law, regulatory capital agreement with the Bank, to submit to the supervision of banks charging criteria, lists of school-aged children and semester payment plan information, application was put forward by the month. Banking supervision should be according to the agreement, payment plan and application, capital account funds are allocated to the Agency on a regular basis.

    Financial regulatory agreement shall be reported to the district education administration departments.

    Private preschool institutions shall, within five working days after the end of each monthly, financial accounting reports to the administrative departments of education. Article 35th pre-school worker employed registration system.

    Pre-school institutions shall, within ten working days after the new semester, staff qualifications, qualifications, titles, continuing education, salary and experience information such as paper and electronic Administrative Department for education in this area.

    Staff working conditions, pre-school educational institutions shall, within five working days to complete the information changes and report to the Administrative Department of education.

    Educational administrative departments on a regular basis will be first to second paragraph of this article provides information on employment related information sent unified district registered with the labor and social security authorities, for information sharing.

    Article 36th educational administrative departments shall establish pre-school education management information platform, announced its pre-school education policy and regulations, degree supplies, financial monitoring, conservation education, educational supervision results and other information, released regulations for pre-school institutions, basic conditions, fees, receiving government subsidies and incentives, financial audit findings and other related information.

    Other functions should be within the mandate of public information related to regulation of pre-school education, education management information platform for information sharing.

    The sixth chapter support and reward 37th of municipal and district governments to establish special funding of pre-school education.

    Special funds are mainly used for financing, incentives, subsidies and Government regulations of other uses in the urban area.

    Fund management approach formulated by the municipal educational administrative departments together with the municipal financial department.

    Article 38th of the following items can be properly funded from the special funding of pre-school education:

    (A) the number according to class and subsidize pre-school education institutions eligible baojiao business training;

    (B) review project by the educational research Department of preschool education research;

    (C) the household children from low-income families in the city baojiao expenses;

    (D) pre-school education institutions, household registration, the schooling of children with disabilities;

    (E) community parent training for preschool children;

    (F) Government-organized pre-school education experiment.

    39th special funds to give awards to agencies and personnel of the following:

    (A) through the evaluation, standardization and exemplary acceptance of pre-school institutions;

    (B) reasonable return does not require standardization of pre-school institutions;

    (C) the best pre-school educational institutions, the above district-level title of outstanding teacher or worker;

    (D) teaching preschool teachers under 30 years of age;

    (E) other institutions and personnel of the Government's decision to award.

    40th in the garden purchase student accident insurance for children, special funds for subsidies.

    41st to pre-school institutions where part of the enterprise income tax according to law, special funds be returned on an annual basis.

    42nd pre-school educational institutions to pay gas, water, electricity and property management, such as the implementation of fee standard for primary and secondary schools.

    The seventh chapter penalty

    Article 43rd property belonging to the Government once the residential support of pre-school education facilities, the employer property right transfer is not completed within the specified time, ordered to surrender by the land and real estate sector; unauthorized use or rent, has illegally obtained from confiscated land and real estate sector.

    44th pre-school institutions has one of the following from the administrative departments of education shall be ordered to correct, and give a warning:

    (A) according to the provisions set up archives of children;

    (B) is not of professional registration in accordance with the regulations;

    (C) the work schedule arrangement does not comply with the provisions of article 20th;

    (D) not required for school information.

    45th pre-school institutions has one of the following from the administrative departments of education shall be ordered to correct and to give warning in serious cases, to order the suspension of student enrollment and school license revoked according to law; a suspected crime, judicial organs according to law:

    (A) not requiring the employment of staff by country or according to the provisions baojiao staff;

    (B) is not required to carry out health checks;

    (C) according to the provisions of arranged teachers organized children's activities;

    (D) not complying with the requirement of the accounting books, or did not conduct independent accounting or accounting information not true, incomplete;

    (E) in accordance with this article 17th paragraph of charging into institutional funds account, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds.

    Article 46th pre-school institutions and other specialized agencies not required to use special funds, ordered to return have been allocated special funds and apply again in two years.

    Pre-school institutions violate the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and these rules, cancel the eligibility to receive support and reward the year.

    47th pre-school institutions held from Monday to Friday during the school charges interest classes, or children to participate in commercial activities of the Organization, by the administrative departments of education of 10,000 yuan fine has illegally obtained, and shall confiscate the illegal income.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    48th pre-school institutions mentioned in these measures refers to nurseries, kindergartens, nursery admissions for children under three years old, kindergarten students to 3-6 children.

    Pre-school education facilities in these measures refers to the preschool institutions of premises, sites and facilities.

    49th article of the regulations requires measures for implementation, related departments in the implementation of the measures to develop and publish within six months from the date of implementation. 50th article this way since February 1, 2009.

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