Ningbo Administration Of Training Institutions Approach

Original Language Title: 宁波市培训机构管理办法

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Ningbo administration of training institutions approach

    (April 27, 2009, Ningbo Municipal People's Government at the 53rd Executive meeting on May 5, 2009, Ningbo Municipal People's Government announced the 163th come into force on July 1, 2009) the first to standardize the educational activities of the training institutions, breeding, training, and promote the healthy development of the market, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the State Council, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article in the administrative area of the city applies to the measures for the administration of training institutions.

    Training institutions in these measures refers to the socially oriented, organizations providing training services to employers and individuals.

    Article city and County (City) district training services should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan, according to actively encourage, accommodate demands openness and fairness, principle of opening and management according to law, foster guide the development of training institutions.

    City and County (City) district people's Government should actively promote the reform of Government-owned training institutions, and gradually improve various training subjects equal competition in the market mechanism.

    Fourth of municipal and County (City) area personnel administration Department is responsible for the supervision of the practicing certificate training high-end talents management, and is responsible for promoting the business nature of the reform of the training institutions, integration of various training resources.

    Cities and counties (cities) and districts Administrative Department of education is responsible for pre-school education, education education, self-study examination aiding school supervision and management and other non-governmental training institutions of cultural education.

    City and County (City) area of labour and social security administrative departments are responsible for the professional skills of vocational qualification training, vocational skills training, supervision and management of private training institutions. Personnel administration in conjunction with the educational, labor and social security, civil, industrial and commercial sector reform coordination mechanism in the development of training institutions.

    Fiscal, price, public security and other departments shall be under a duty to assist the management of training institutions.

    Article fifth bid for the training institutions and social organizations shall have legal personality; bid for the training institutions, should have political rights and full civil capacity.

    Two or more personal training community organizations or institutions, shall sign a joint running agreement, clearly its mission and funding amounts, and rights and obligations, and so on.

    Established by article sixth training institution shall meet the following basic conditions:

    (A) Organization and articles of Association;

    (B) should be fitted in line with the qualifications for full-head;

    (C) shall be provided commensurate with the scale of part-time teaching staff and managers;

    (D) there should be commensurate with the scale of the training venue and teaching facilities;

    (E) should have a corresponding to the training program curricula, teaching programs and materials;

    (F) the necessary funding;

    (VII) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Training institutions of the seventh article name should be consistent with national laws and regulations of the relevant provisions reflect the nature, level and type of institution, uses a canonical name and foreign name.

    Eighth declared the establishment of training institutions of organizations or individuals shall be in accordance with the provisions of article sixth of this approach to the examination and approval organs provide the specified documents, and responsible for the veracity of declared.

    New applications for the establishment of training institutions, approval authorities should organize experts to its site, teaching facilities and equipment, curricula and teaching plans, teachers demonstrate and field trips to law in time for the establishment of training institutions within the statutory time limit to apply for.

    Nineth training institutions to apply for separation, merger or change of name, training level, type of training, shall be submitted to the approving authority for approval.

    Training institutions change, the organizer shall be proposed by the organizers, reported to the approval authority for approval. Training institution to change school address or posts of teaching in the approved regional points, shall be submitted to the approval authority for the record.

    Running across regions according to set procedures for new training bodies.

    Tenth training institutions cannot carry out the normal teaching activities or as stipulated in the Charter requires closure, shall make auditing and liquidation of property, properly solve related issues such as training, its dissolution or suspension may be granted approval authority.

    11th training institutions should be in accordance with the regulations approved by the approval authority, perfecting rules and regulations, and in accordance with the admission and enrollment advertising commitments, training and education activities carried out to ensure teaching quality.

    Training institutions are not allowed to reduce the training content and training class, absolutely necessary to decrease, should ask the student's consent, and would reduce the training content and hours of consultations, with students on the record, so that the authorities responsible for checks.

    12th training professional teachers appointed shall meet the qualifications set by the State.

    Training institutions should establish teacher evaluation files, regular evaluation of teachers. Training institution shall sign written contracts with their staff, legal protection staff salaries, benefits and insurance.

    Expatriate training institutions shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    13th training institution shall establish and improve student management system, training content, grades, examination and assessment, training certificates, and other basic information credited to the participants archive.

    14th training institutes to recruit students, according to its category, training time, academic achievement, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State issue training certificates or diplomas.

    Training style certificate should be reported to the approval authority for the record.

    15th training activities shall be in accordance with regulatory and separately organized by separating training, examination and training principles.

    Professional qualification examination held offices and agencies shall organize related training and examination.

    16th outside of special training, business to government financial assistance, technical training services, such as outsourcing, selected through competition and training body.

    Training for financial support from the Government price departments shall project the Government price intervention. 17th training institutions with training unit or student signed training contracts, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.

    Contract including training goals, content, time, teacher, certifications, fees, refunds, breach of contract and dispute resolution issues.

    Unified standard format by the approving authority of the training contract, and provided free of charge.

    Released 18th training institutions recruitment and recruitment advertising, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions, objective, truthful, accurate, and set forth the names, institutional nature of training institutions, training objectives, training content, educational level, school, school address, matters related to the issuance of the certificate and approval authorities for the record before it is published.

    19th training institutions of non-diploma education fees to market-regulated prices, the fees and standards developed by the training institutions, and submitted to the competent pricing authorities for the record. Training institutions at the time of admission shall be made to the public record by the Department in charge of price toll projects, standards and other related content.

    Public content shall not be changed without authorization, without publicity fees shall not be charged.

    Various types of training institutions receive specific management measures for the city, where a refund price Department jointly with other relevant departments to develop and improve.

    20th training institution's assets should be separate from the assets held, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to establish a sound asset and financial management systems.

    Finance, State-owned assets management departments should strengthen the training institutions and the financial supervision of State-owned assets into private training institutions to prevent the loss of State assets.

    21st training institution shall establish an internal safety management systems, safety management responsibility within a teaching establishment.

    22nd personnel, education, labour and social security administrative departments should strengthen the day-to-day supervision of training institutions, in the mandate to carry out the training institutions of the special inspection, supervisory work, organize or delegate evaluation training agency of social intermediary organizations running level and quality of education, and publicize the assessment results.

    23rd personnel, education, labour and social security administrative departments shall provide training for Community institutions, such as credit information services, encourage training bodies to participate in reporting assessment activities, and has a good reputation and education levels and the high quality of education to be commended and rewarded.

    Departments annual inspection, supervision, training institutions should be assessed and star ratings in the news media in a timely manner and unit Web site published to facilitate public enquiries.

    Article 24th of personnel, education, labour and social security administrative departments should support and regularly organize training head of teaching and research, education, teacher training and all kinds of activities.

    25th of municipal and County (City) district people's Government in the service of education special funding arrangements in a certain percentage of funds, incentives to introduce and cultivate the city much-needed advanced training institutions, institutions that reward training high-end talents of outstanding training institutions and individuals.

    The utilization and management of funds by the personnel, finance, education, labour and social security administrative departments to develop and accept auditing supervision.

    Article 26th city and County (City) district people's Government should establish a training base, the construction of an integrated training service Hall, a concentrated window services for qualified training institutions.

    27th article in violation of these regulations, is provided for by laws and regulations, in accordance with its provisions.

    28th training institution in violation of the rules, concealed or misrepresented material, got the grants or awards, recovery of grants or awards issued by related departments, and cancel the eligibility for the grants or awards. Article 29th social organizations and individuals without prior approval of training institutions, by the local administrative authorities responsible for investigation and treatment.

    To meet the conditions for establishment of training institutions, you can go through examination and approval procedures in accordance with law; still does not meet conditions of overdue shall be ordered to stop running, resulting in economic losses, the violator shall bear liability.

    30th approval authorities and related departments and their functionaries, negligence, malpractice, by the unit or by the competent authority depending on the seriousness of the case, ordered to corrections or penalties constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    31st registered in industrial and commercial administration departments operating training institutions, according to the relevant regulations of the State administration. 32nd article this way come into force on July 1, 2009.