Interim Measures For The Park Management In Hebei Province

Original Language Title: 河北省停车场管理暂行办法

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Interim measures for the park management in Hebei province

    (August 17, 2009 the 40th Executive meeting of the people's Government of Hebei province considered by people's Government of Hebei province, August 18, 2009 [2009] the 7th release come into force on October 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    The first to standardize the management of car parks, social demand for vehicle parking, road traffic safety and smooth, according to the provisions of relevant State laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated. Parking in these measures in article, refers to the cities and towns (hereinafter the city) of built-up area within the building (set) for outdoor or indoor parking a motor vehicle (including underground) locations.

    Including for social public park motor vehicle of public parking; for this units personnel, and this residential owners or other specific crowd Park motor vehicle of dedicated parking; by police organ traffic management sector approved, in units, and personal of stay built land and vacant places set of motor vehicle temporary parking, and for held large mass activities set of motor vehicle temporary parking; police organ traffic management sector law in City Road Shang for motor vehicle set of road parking berth.

    Article in the parking lot within the administrative area of the province planning, construction, use and related administration shall abide by these measures.

    Fourth District of city, County (City) people's Governments shall strengthen the leadership of parking management, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of park planning, construction; formulate preferential policies to encourage units and individuals to invest in public car parks and conservation of land resources of cloverleaf, underground parking, encouraging private car park and parking conditions of units and individuals open to the public and its parking lot.

    Fifth urban planning departments above the county level people's Government is responsible for the planning and management of car parks; construction administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level responsible for the construction of the car park management; people's Governments above the county-level public security organs traffic management Department is responsible for the supervision and management of parking, and participate in the planning and construction of the car park management.

    Competent administrative departments of people's Governments above the county level transportation in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on road transport in Hebei province, about parking lot set up co-ordination arrangements and related supervision and control.

    Responsibilities under the other relevant departments under the people's Governments above the county level, in collaboration with car park management.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Sixth District of city, County (City) town and country planning department shall, in conjunction with the public security organs traffic management sector and other relevant sectors, based on the urban master plan of urban comprehensive transportation planning, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    Urban integrated traffic planning should make clear the parking lot layout, size and construction standards, and identified as planning compulsory content.

    Article newly built, rebuilt or expanded commercial districts, residential areas and the following buildings, establishments, shall, in accordance with the city's comprehensive transportation planning and urban regulatory detailed planning and distribution, building more parking lots and are not allowed to cancel or change of use:

    (A) railway stations, ports, airports and highways for passenger and freight hub;

    (B) the administrative institutions and offices, schools, kindergartens, sports (field) Pavilion, the shadow (drama), libraries, hospitals, and Convention and exhibition centers;

    (C) the scenic spots and other tourist attractions;

    (D) large (middle), shopping malls, markets, hotels, restaurants and business places of commercial office space;

    (E) the city divided into districts, counties (cities) people's Government and other public buildings (Centre) building.

    Eighth in the new urban development, redevelopment and construction of urban roads, shall make an overall planning, and construction of public car parks.

    Nineth public car park construction project design should be consistent with national and provincial requirements about setting standards, design specifications, and according to the parking needs of persons with disabilities handicapped parking.

    Tenth public parking lot construction projects should be carried out in accordance with the approved design and construction.

    Construction of the main works of the project and construction of car parks shall be designed, built, and delivered. 11th units in public parking construction projects as well as ancillary facilities with public car park construction project when it is completed, traffic Administration Department shall notify the public security authorities participate.

    Unqualified acceptance or acceptance shall not be put to use.

    12th setting temporary parking of motor vehicles shall apply to local public security organs traffic management departments for temporary parking permit, and shall determine the use of temporary duration.

    13th article in the public car park cannot meet the parking demand, traffic Administration Department of public security authorities without prejudice to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and after a written request for municipal engineering departments, can be set in the context of urban road side parking garage.

    In addition to the public security organs traffic management departments, no unit or individual shall, within the scope of urban roads road parking.

    City divided into districts, counties (cities) people according to the local situation of urban road traffic and vehicle parking needs of the community, will be part of the road parking legally designated for business road parking.

    14th public security organs traffic management in the road when parking, according to relevant provisions of the standards should be delimit parking lines and set the stop sign.

    Stop sign should clearly indicate the type, number of berths and parking garages.

    15th not under the influence of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, public security organs traffic management departments, in conjunction with public works, transportation, and other relevant departments, set on the main road of the city taxi road parking for temporary parking, taxi rates for passengers.

    16th State organs, social organizations, and others engaged in public services, welfare units with parking conditions, to the units for corporate officers should be provided free parking.

    17th should not be set in one of the following sections of road parking:

    (A) parking set barriers to municipal utilities and fire exits, medical aid, blind to normal use;

    (B) parking set sidewalks or bicycle lane width of less than 2.5 metres;

    (C) other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations prohibit parking.

    Urban road width of less than 15 metres shall not be two-way road parking. 18th use of government investment construction of public roads and city parking lot and may not alter the nature of its State-owned assets.

    But you can bid, auction way to units or individuals engaged in management. Bidding and auction processes should be open to the public, and supervised by the relevant departments in accordance with law. Tenders, auctions and other income paid in full the Treasury, according to regulations and use.

    Specific management measures, the city divided into districts, County (City) Government formulation.

    19th public security organs traffic management departments shall, jointly with the municipal Engineering Department, road parking use to assess on a regular basis, and according to the assessment of the increase or decrease, or cancel, reset the road parking.

    Chapter III use and management

    Article 20th public car park management person should be put to use in the parking lot of the 5th to the local public security organs traffic management departments.

    21st public security organs traffic management departments should be announced to the public on a regular basis the local car park location, number of berths and rates and other information.

    22nd may not change the public car park into use for other purposes.

    Public parking in not stopping the use, except in the following circumstances:

    (A) due to construction or other reasons caused around vehicles in and out of the parking lot;

    (B), equipment maintenance and renovation of the parking facilities;

    (C) the building or place where the car park demolition, alteration;

    (D) the city divided into districts, counties (cities) other circumstances as stipulated by the people's Government.

    23rd public car park management shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) in a parking lot near the road and parking lot entrances and prominent positions visible parking boot and parking signs;

    (B) in a car park in accordance with the regulations set clear exit signs, road guide sign, pass (slope) road skid and turn safety as mirrors, delimit parking line, according to the need to configure the necessary ventilation, lighting, drainage, communications, monitoring, and other facilities and equipment, and to ensure normal use;

    (C) significant parking entrance, position the business name or name of the administrator of publicity, management systems, parking time, charging basis, standards and supervision telephone hotlines;

    (D) arrangements for wear service identifies the staff guarding the parking lot, command of sequential access and parking of vehicles, maintenance and parking of vehicles in the field order, and to ease the parking entrance to traffic police of traffic;

    (E) staff care and manually collect parking fees for parking vehicles become available to motor vehicle driving certificate with the seal of the parking lot, there is a serial number, containing grades, parking parking parking vouchers and parking attendant's name, and is responsible for the custody of the vehicle;

    (F) in accordance with the standards approved by the price Department collect parking fees, no fees, and provided for by the State free of charge parking of vehicles and transport by motor vehicles offers free parking for the disabled;

    (VII) use of manually collecting parking fees, prominent positions in facilities, equipment, publication fees;

    (H) periodic inventory of vehicles parked in a car park, when he found the suspicious vehicle reported to the local public security organs in a timely manner;

    (IX) shall not affect traffic and parking in car park management;

    (10) should not be used to lock wheel, obstacles, such as forcing parking fees for motor vehicle drivers;

    (11) car parks security work such as fire, theft, and security in case of fire, traffic accident, criminal cases and other cases, immediately take the appropriate measures and alarms.
24th special car parks are operated by the owner or responsible land management.

    Dedicated parking for the personnel of the unit, this residential landlords or other specific populations with non-operational service, these measures shall apply to article 23rd, eighth and 11th of the provisions of commercial parking in private parking to serve the community, and apply the provisions of article 23rd of this approach. Article 25th of urban comprehensive transportation planning and construction of the car park, the road outside the red line owners or land legally acquire land for parking garages and other areas, the owners or land can be used as a private car park, also can be used as a public car park provide parking services to the public.

    No unit or individual may appropriate parking or obstacles.

    Article 26th operating motor vehicles temporary parking, on-street parking management of parking spaces shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) parking in the parking entrance prominently conspicuous sign;

    (B) to configure the necessary facilities and equipment such as lighting, monitoring, and to ensure normal use;

    (C) article 23rd third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and Nineth, tenth and 11th provision;

    (D) at the local departments concerned under the law to repeal the parking lot parking or increase or decrease when doing related work as required.

    Non-operating Park, road parking at the parking entrance road or parking lot parking prominently conspicuous signs, using time, parking and public types, and other related matters.

    27th Government pricing business parking fees, and according to different vehicle types, different time, different regions are priced and parking charges within the same regional road above principles of off street parking, determine the fees.

    28th operating parking lots business manager shall handle tax registration, use the invoices produced by the local tax authorities and pay taxes according to law.

    Article 29th car park staff wear a uniform service identifies, not complying with the provisions issued by the parking voucher and invoice produced by the local tax authorities, or exceed the price approved by the Department collect parking fees, motor vehicle driver has the right to refuse to pay parking fees.

    Article 30th person driving a motor vehicle parked in a car park shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) comply with the car park management system, obey the parking staff command, follow the traffic sign, road marking to driving and parking;

    (B) maintain car parks and environmental hygiene shall not be discarded in garbage or other waste in the parking lot, not damaged Park facilities and equipment;

    (C) comply with the relevant fire safety regulations;

    (D) pay the parking fee in accordance with the standards approved by the price Department;

    (E) take security measures when leaving the vehicle. 31st public security organs traffic management departments shall use parking lots for guidance and supervision and administration of the examination.

    To detect offences and traffic safety risks should be dealt with according to law or relevant departments of the surrender process in a timely manner.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    32nd police traffic management and traffic police have one of the following acts, directly responsible to the head of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) an administrative license;

    (B) to acts in violation of these measures does not, not timely investigate and punish according to law;

    (C) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    Article 33rd acts in violation of these measures, road traffic safety, urban and rural planning, construction and price control and other relevant laws and regulations on administrative penalty has already been provided, according to their regulations.

    34th article not received temporary parking license set motor vehicle temporary parking or public parking input using Hou modified for he with of, by police organ traffic management sector be warning, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, on has illegal proceeds of, sentenced illegal proceeds 1 time times above three times times following highest not over 30,000 yuan of fine, on no illegal proceeds or illegal proceeds cannot calculation of, sentenced 5,000 yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine. 35th article public parking, and to social provides business sex parking service of dedicated parking of business management people violation this approach 23rd article first items, and second items, and third items, and fourth items, and fifth items, and Nineth items and tenth items provides, business sex of motor vehicle temporary parking, and road parking berth of business management people violation this approach 23rd article third items, and fourth items, and fifth items, and Nineth items, and tenth items and 26th article first items, and fourth items provides of, by police organ traffic management sector be warning,

    A rectification; fails, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    The fifth chapter by-laws

    Article 36th laws, rules and regulations on urban and rural public transport vehicle parking, road passenger and freight transport station car park management otherwise provides, from its provisions.

    37th district of city, County (City) based on these measures, formulate rules for the implementation of the people's Government. 38th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2009.