Ningbo Administrative Measures On Pig Slaughtering

Original Language Title: 宁波市生猪屠宰管理办法

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Ningbo administrative measures on pig slaughtering

    (July 16, 2009 Ningbo Municipal People's Government at the 58th Executive meeting on July 22, 2009, Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the 166th announced as of October 1, 2009) the first to standardize the management of pig slaughtering, ensure pig-product quality and safety, protection of health of citizens, according to the State Department the slaughter regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city engaged in the slaughtering and pig products processing, transportation, sale and use of the units and individuals shall comply with these measures.

    Article III sets the hog slaughter plants (field), you should follow the unified planning, rational distribution, enabling prevention and circulation, facilitate quarantine and management principles. Article fourth commercial administrative departments supervising management for pig slaughtering activities within their respective administrative areas.

    Ningbo city, commercial administrative departments may authorize slaughter management specifically responsible for the slaughtering of livestock and poultry management.

    Agriculture, quality supervision, industry and commerce, health, food and drug administration, planning, environmental protection and public security Administrative Department shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with good management of pig slaughter.

    The township (town) people, neighborhood offices assist administrative departments concerned with the slaughtering of day-to-day management.

    Fifth commercial administrative departments should implement hog slaughter plants (field) classification management system, encourage, guide and support the pig slaughter plants (field) implementation of large-scale, industrialized, mechanized slaughter.

    Sixth to encourage hog slaughter plants (field) and pig farmers, pig supplier to enhance cooperation, create a meat brand.

    Encouraging hog slaughter plants (field) through the acquisition, processing, wholesale and retail of live pigs, forming brand meat processing, wholesale and retail distribution networks.

    Article seventh commercial pigs should be established by the Administrative Department for product quality and safety traceability system of information network, improve the level of pig-product quality and safety supervision.

    Eighth to encourage relevant industry associations play a role of coordination and self-discipline, and safeguard the interests of members and the industry, and guide the enterprises to establish and perfect the pig-product quality safety management system, strengthen business training and communication.

    Nineth encourages live pigs and pig products quarantine, inspection and disabling drug testing service outsourcing.

    Eligible scientific research institutions, universities and other non-governmental organizations, service outsourcing agreement can assume the quarantine of live pigs and pig products, testing and drug detection is disabled.

    Service outsourcing agreement shall specify the respective rights and obligations, and evaluation standards, procedures, methods of outsourcing matters expressly provided for.

    Article tenth hog slaughter plants (field) and pig products wholesale, retail locations, sponsors, pig products of pigs should be responsible for product quality and safety.

    Article 11th (including new construction, renovation, expansion or relocation) hog slaughter plants (field) shall comply with provincial government approved pig slaughter plants (field) set plan and the conditions prescribed by relevant laws and regulations of the State. 12th hog slaughter plants (field) built after the completion of relevant authorities for approval by the municipal people's Government.

    To meet the required conditions, pig slaughter certificate issued and signs.

    Pig slaughter of animal epidemic prevention certification and certificate, may apply to the local administration for industry and commerce registration.

    13th hog slaughter plants (field) must comply with the following requirements:

    (A) slaughter pigs shall be accompanied by quarantine certificates of origin issued by the animal health supervision institutions;

    (B) in accordance with the operating procedures and technical requirements established by the State to implement a closed slaughter, normal slaughter pig should be conducted during slaughtering, the presence of common clinical symptoms, physical injury and disease other than category one or two live pigs slaughtered shall be conducted during Emergency Slaughtering;

    (C) not on live pigs and pig products (irrigation) water or into other substances shall not be slaughtered (irrigation) water or into other substances of hog; (D) provide for quarantine, inspection of pig products. Quarantine and inspection of pig products, products body parts stamped with the unification of quarantine and inspection inspection seal, and quarantine, inspection certificate issued by the head.

    Not be manufactured without quarantine, inspection of pig products (field), failed to pass the quarantine and inspection pig and pig products shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State for treatment;

    (E) to establish and improve traceability of pig slaughter in management accounting system, accounting records kept for a period not less than 2 years;

    (Vi) on Elimination of male sow, later castrated pigs which do not meet the standards of commercial pig pig should individually stamped logo on the carcass, not listed sold fresh;

    (VII) before implementing the slaughter banned drug detection, failed to pass the test harmless treatment of pigs shall, jointly with relevant departments, shall not be slaughtered or transfer;

    (VIII) found pigs suffering from suspected under the law on animal epidemic prevention when major epidemics, and immediately report to the local animal health supervision institution and disposal according to the regulations.

    14th no unit or individual may illegally slaughtering establishments; shall forge, alter, transfer of pig slaughtering quarantine and inspection, pigs and pig slaughter slaughter certificate signs.

    Article 15th live pigs and pig products quarantine, inspection and disabling drug-testing agencies to work should be objective and impartial, and issue conclusions should reflect the quality of live pigs and pig products, and quarantine, inspection and disabling drug testing reports issued by responsible.

    16th operation of pig products, units and individuals must be required to receive business-related certificate (photo), and into the industrial and commercial administration sector registered place of business.

    Article 17th pig products wholesale business wholesale market subject to the following conditions:

    (A) with pig products wholesale business support of the hog hanging, holding facilities and equipment, pig products shall not be landed;

    (B) with wholesale business adapt to meet the health conditions of the undertakings and cold storage facilities;

    (C) laboratory of meat quality and meat quality inspection personnel;

    (D) sound management system and management personnel.

    18th live pig products wholesale units and individuals shall examine the quarantine of pig products certification, meat quality inspection certificate, disabled, drug testing and vehicle disinfection and inspection records.

    Market, fresh food supermarket and other pig products retail units and individuals of pig products for entering transactions, shall examine the quarantine and inspection inspection seal and qualification certificate for quarantine, as well as proof of purchase, and make inspection records.

    Inspection records provided for in the preceding two paragraphs for at least 2 years.

    19th movement of pig products, dust-proof and should be used with hanging facilities and special containers of special vehicles for internal transportation, cleaned and disinfected before shipment and unloading should be carried out promptly to prevent the secondary pollution.

    20th from outside the city enter pig products shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national and provincial inspection of pig products transportation system;

    (B) accompanying fellow pig products and quarantine certificates, meat quality inspection certificate and disabling drug detection and vehicle disinfection certificate;

    (C) upon pig product packaging shall be in conformity with State regulations on product identification, use special tools for insulated transport;

    (D) has not been (irrigation) water or into other substances;

    (E) in accordance with the law on animal epidemic prevention, such as provisions of other relevant laws and regulations.

    Article 21st pig products sale of pigs products should have the pig slaughter plants (field) meat quality inspection certificate issued by a qualified inspection seal, quarantine and inspection certificates, and prominently expressed in premises.

    Products found to be in conformity with the provisions of live pigs, not listed, and shall promptly report to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce. 22nd food service operators and collective catering units and hog processing units and individuals selling or using pig slaughter plant is (a) slaughter swine products.

    Procurement Unit shall establish a pig product registration system, set up purchase registration account, and attach the relevant documents, account registration period shall not be less than 2 years.

    23rd of municipal and County (City) area administrative departments should establish and improve the reporting system of commodity circulation, released telephone, mailing address and email address, receive reports of pig-product quality and safety issues; the report is true, whistleblower reward should be given.

    24th article violates these rules, other laws and regulations have set penalties from its provisions. 25th circulation, agricultural administrative departments should strengthen the commitment of live pigs and pig products quarantine, inspection and disabling drug testing agency and the equipment, supervision and inspection of the place.

    Without the corresponding conditions or breach of contract, shall be subject to punishment, to terminate the contract or demand corresponding responsibilities.

    Article 26th hog slaughter plants (field) any of the following circumstances, the commercial administrative department shall order correction within, and to a fine of up to 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan; it fails, to order the rectification, head of its fine of between 5000 and 2000 Yuan Yuan:

    (A) no pigs banned drug testing by Convention;

    (B) slaughter, transfer of prohibited drugs failed to pass the inspection of live pigs.

    Article 27th pig wholesale products wholesale business market does not comply with the article 17th stipulated conditions, industrial and commercial administrative departments be ordered to rectify, and to a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan; late still does not meet criteria, by the original certificate (according to) revocation of the license.
28th units and individuals in violation of these regulations under article 18th, not complying with the provisions of inspection certificates and save the inspection records, by the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall order rectification refuses, fined a maximum of more than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    Article 29th units and individuals from outside the city enter pig products, in violation of these regulations article 20th, commercial administrative departments and industrial and commercial administration departments be ordered to rectify; it fails, by State and provincial laws and regulations, regulations for punishment.

    Article 30th on the slaughter of cattle management in accordance with the measures implemented. 31st article this way come into force on October 1, 2009. As of March 20, 2001 the management measures of pig slaughtering, Ningbo City (municipal people's Government, the 88th) repealed simultaneously.