Shantou Archives Management

Original Language Title: 汕头市档案管理办法

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Shantou archives management

    (August 17, 2009 at the Shantou City Government 12th 46 Executive meeting on September 1, 2009, Government of Shantou announced the 111th come into force on October 1, 2009) the first collection, for the purpose of strengthening archives management, effectively protecting and using archives according to the People's Republic of China archive law, the Guangdong archives Ordinance and other laws, regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city in the collection, management, protection and use and other activities, these measures shall apply.

    Archives referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to the past and present, State agencies, social organizations and individuals to engage in political, military, economic, scientific, technological, cultural, religious and other activities directly to the State and society are of conservation value of text, graphic, audio, electronic documents and other historical records.

    Article Archives work in Governments at all levels should strengthen leadership, construction of archives in the national economic and social development plan, integrating the development of requirements for archives, promoting the development of archival undertaking.

    People's Governments at all levels should strengthen the construction of archives informatization unified planning and management.

    Fourth of municipal archives, archives Administration Department in charge of the city, the supervision and guidance of the municipal archives.

    The district (County) of archives Administration Department in charge of the archives work in administrative areas, business archives management of supervision and guidance.

    Fifth State organs, mass organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations shall establish a sound records management system, concentrated and unified management of the unit's files, for the unit to carry out archives work to provide the necessary security conditions, and the archives to supervise the work of subordinate units.

    Records staff should receive records management training, have the appropriate records management expertise.

    Sixth levels of various types of archives institutions such as archives, archives of the set shall conform to the national and provincial and municipal regulations.

    Scope of the seventh General Archives collection archives, archives Administration Department at the same level and reported to the people's Government at the same level.

    Range of special collection archives the archives, by the competent authorities and the municipal archives of professional Administration Department.

    Department range of collecting archives, by its competent departments, municipal archives Administration Department for record.

    Eighth General Archives shall prepare the unit's roster of established science into the Museum series.

    Nineth organs and mass organizations should be combined with the functions and actual work, compile unit documents according to law the filing range and file retention schedule, archive administration at the same level for examination and approval before implementation.

    Central and provincial in the Shantou-vertical units should be combined with the actual work, compile unit documents according to law the filing range and file retention schedule, submitted to the municipal archives Administration Department.

    Tenth State organs, mass organizations, State-owned enterprises and institutions, and other files included in the scope of State-owned assets management of State-owned units.

    Staff engaged in public service in the performance of their official duties in the form of archives, archives shall be surrendered to the unit body or file staff management, not for or denying archive.

    11th State organs, mass organizations, State-owned enterprises and institutions and other State units should be transferred to archives archives in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) included in the archives, General Archives collection, since the expiration of 20 years from the date of formation, transfer to the General Archives;

    (B) be included in the district (County) General Archives collection of the archives, since the expiration of 10 years from the date of formation, to the district (County) General Archives transfer;

    (C) be included in the special collection archives the archives, since the expiration of six months from the date of formation, transferred to the specialized archives;

    (D) included in the Archives collection of archives, from the date of formation of June 30 of the following year, transfer to the archives.

    Archives and records preservation unit agreement, files can be transferred in advance to enter.

    12th archive of the major activity in the region, major events of the organizer or the organizer shall collect, collate, and within 3 months after the completion of the activity transferred to the General Archives at the same level.

    Archives of the 13th is revoked, shall apply to competent authorities or revoked at the General Archives transfer; merged file should be handed over to the merged entity or at the General Archives.

    Article 14th transferring files to archives, archive, retrieval should be tools, reference materials, and together with corresponding electronic text.

    15th administrative organs and legal and authorized rights to administer public affairs organization law disclosure of Government information, shall from the date of disclosure in the 5th, the Government information available to the General Archives at the same level.

    16th under any of the following circumstances, the Department concerned shall timely notify the archives Administration Department handling the files accordingly, and accept the supervision and guidance of archives Administration Department:

    (A) changes in the Administrative Division;

    (B) organs, mass organizations and State-owned institutions to the establishment, amendment or cancellation;

    (C) the State-owned assets and changes in property rights of enterprises;

    (Iv) for major construction projects in the region, a major scientific and technological research, technological innovation and the census project or implementation of the project;

    (V) major events in the region.

    17th levels of investment in government departments or authorized organization for acceptance of fixed-asset investment projects, sibling project archives the archives administration departments shall organize relevant units acceptance; acceptance or unqualified acceptance of the project without the project archives shall not be carried out or through project completion.

    18th on construction projects, the acquisition of essential equipment and updated, technological innovation and scientific and technological research projects when carrying out inspection, identification, it shall notify the archives work of the unit body to guide the project file management and acceptance of project files.

    19th municipal, district (County) of major construction projects, major scientific and technological research projects, technological transformation projects and events Archives registration management system, project authorities, major event organizer or the organizer shall fill out the relevant form in accordance with the relevant provisions, archive administration at the same level.

    20th State-owned enterprise assets and when there is a change, and shall properly keep all related files, documents and information retrieval tools, and timely report by subordination Department and archives Administration Department, file handling.

    21st all kinds of archives, archives and other archival institutions should pay attention to the collection of specialized archives, celebrities, local features, special carrier file archives and physical files.

    22nd General Archives to reflect the major activities and events archives should collect entry, recording major events should be taken in this area, scattered abroad and outside of this area of the important historical archives, steps should be taken to acquire or purchase to enter.

    23rd to encourage citizens to establish a family and personal archives.

    Personal collection of files shall be without prejudice to national security and national interests, and must not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests. 24th to encourage social organizations and individuals donated to the General Archives, special archives archives.

    Comprehensive archives, special archives to the archives of donors can issue donation certificates and awards. 25th owners in archives register archives, shall deposit contracts with the archives.

    Without the owners consent or authorization, shall not provide access to others or published without permission of the archives.

    Archives owned by the State, shall not be handed over to foreign institutional custody and storage.

    Article 26th all types of archives, archives and other archival institutions should establish and improve the file management system, equipped with appropriate archives and Museum libraries, facilities, and equipment.

    27th archive electronic information site should be established General Archives, editing and publishing archival organization, simplifying inspection formalities, facilitates the use of archives.

    Use fees, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    Units and individuals access to its transfer, donation, hosting of files, archives should be given priority, provided free.

    28th General Archives, Special Archives keeping economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other types of archives should be opened to the public in a timely manner in accordance with law, and publishing the list of open archives, except otherwise provided for by the national and provincial.

    Article 29th units and individuals using file, may not be outlined at the archives, altered or changed files such as tailoring, take the original behavior.

    30th district (County) General Archives, special archives, archives, and other archival institutions, it shall submit regularly to the General Archives, archives of electronic catalogues.

    31st units and individuals to file definition and scope entry object by the municipal archives management of archives Administration Department in accordance with the relevant regulations and decisions, and notify the relevant authorities and the parties concerned.

    32nd administrative departments of people's Governments at various levels and the archives, archives have made remarkable achievements in the work unit or individual, shall commend or award.

    33rd article violates these rules, the archives Administration Department in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law, the Guangdong archives Ordinance and other laws and regulations shall be punished; the relevant responsible persons by the competent authority or authorities shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 34th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2009. October 9, 1998 Government of Shantou Shantou special economic zone archives published 21st regulation repealed simultaneously.