Danxiashan, Guangdong Province Conservation And Management Provisions

Original Language Title: 广东省丹霞山保护管理规定

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Danxiashan, Guangdong Province conservation and management provisions

    (April 14, 2009 at the 11th session of the people's Government of Guangdong Province 30 executive session on April 27, 2009, 136th promulgated by the people's Government of Guangdong Province as of June 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    Danxia mountain in first in order to protect natural resources, cultural resources and the ecological environment, according to the Ordinance, in the scenic nature reserves Ordinance, the Guangdong provincial geological environment control and related laws and regulations, this provision is enacted.

    Article danxia mountain in these rules refers to the approval of the State Council of danxia scenic area planning, danxia mountain nature reserve planning and geological heritage protected area development plan area.

    Article protected in danxia mountain range management and development, scientific research, production, tourism and construction activities shall abide by these provisions.

    Article fourth of danxia mountain protection, should meet the requirements of world natural heritage sites and the world geological park, follow the scientific planning, unified management and strict principles of conservation, sustainable use. Fifth article of the provisions implemented by the Shaoguan city government organizations.

    Relevant departments of the provincial government in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to collaborative work.

    Danxia mountain management body responsible for the protection, use and unified management.

    Article sixth of Guangdong provincial people's Government, Shaoguan city, and the people's Government of the danxia mountain protection management into national economic and social development planning, protection management funded by the Guangdong provincial people's Government and shared the Shaoguan municipal people's Government in accordance with the financial system.

    Encourage multi-channel financing and take a variety of forms, establishment of Special Fund for the protection of danxia mountain.

    Article seventh all units and individuals have the obligation to protect the danxia mountain, and the right to stop, report damage danxia mountain natural resources, cultural resources and the ecological environment.

    Guangdong provincial people's Government, Shaoguan city, and the people's Government of danxia mountain protection and management have made outstanding contributions to, and should be commended and rewarded.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Danxia mountain in eighth overall planning and detailed planning by relevant departments of the Guangdong provincial Department of construction organization in conjunction with the Shaoguan City Government in accordance with national laws, regulations and technical specifications for the preparation, and in accordance with the provisions of the program approval. Danxia mountain in Nineth approved plan shall be announced to the public; without authorization, no unit or individual shall not violate or change.

    Needed adjustments or modifications, shall be according to the original examination and approval procedures for approval.

    Tenth danxia mountain (including resident rural) new construction, expansion, renovation projects should conform to planning, and danxia mountain management body for review, go through examination and approval procedures, obtain the appropriate license, before construction.

    Danxia mountain venues for religious activities in the planning, construction, danxia mountain in repairs shall be consistent with the overall planning, detailed planning.

    Shaoguan city government urban planning and construction departments should develop specific measures, of danxia mountain in the construction supervision and inspection. 11th construction projects which are damage to the surrounding environment within the danxia mountain style.

    Form of a building, structure, layout, height, volume, shape, and color, and shall be coordinated with the surrounding landscape and the environment.

    12th danxia mountain in the construction, the construction unit shall, before the construction of the site environment and forest, wood, rocks, vegetation, water bodies, wetlands, cultural relics and landscape of farmland and other resources for the protection programme. In the course of construction, should take effective measures to protect geological relics, ecological pollution, damage caused by environmental and cultural landscape.

    After completion, it shall restore the original appearance of the environment.

    13th in danxia mountain building base stations, towers, power grids, water must comply with the planning and environmental impact assessment and risk assessment of geological hazards, danxia mountain management body for review, go through examination and approval procedures. Article 14th danxia mountain in Shaoguan city people's Government is not suitable for construction projects shall dismantle or relocate.

    Illegal construction project, no award of compensation.

    Chapter III protection and management

    15th danxia mountain protected areas for Super, level, level II, and level III reserve and landscape protection.

    Premium reserve is fully reflect danxia geological, landform regions, sites and natural attractions including beetle rock-jinlongshan, stone mountain and the Great Lakes region.

    Level is super protected areas outside of danxia landform in the typical distribution area, including much of danxia scenic area, Golden Rock, Rock Hill special protected area perimeter, flying water scenic area in Central, Xian Ma Shan district, deserted area, five in the South. Secondary level of the reserve is the reserve's perimeter, protection for first-grade protection zones and the buffer zone.

    Includes most of the Valley and hilly areas of the basin.

    Danxia mountain in three protected areas are within protected areas at or above the area outside.

    Landscape is a three-tier environmental protection protected areas outside the perimeter road between the range of hills and Plains. 16th danxia mountain management body shall be established in accordance with the scope of protection of permanent markers or other boundary marks.

    No unit or individual may move or damage.

    17th premium reserve to prohibit all artificial construction and other activities that affect the landscape and ecological environment.

    First-grade protection zones within the prohibition of the construction of resorts, hotels, guest houses, training centers, nursing homes and other facilities, in addition to General plans for roads, no roads.

    Secondary severely restricted in protected areas and landscape tour unrelated to construction.

    Three-level protected areas can build the necessary tourist services, but building the resort.

    Landscape protection with construction projects and environmental pollution by burning is prohibited in prohibiting open timber production base.

    18th danxia mountain follows natural landscape and cultural heritage should be protected:

    (A) the topography, mountains, formations, rocks, fossils and other geological heritage;

    (B) wetlands, waterfalls, streams and farmland, water, landscape, forest, wood vegetation, flora and fauna, natural scenery, such as the special geological environment;

    (C) the heritage, the original building, the cultural landscape of stone carvings and its Habitat;

    (D) ancient architecture, ancient fortress, ancient tombs, ancient ruins, stele, carved stone cultural relics and historic sites.

    Units and individuals within the 19th danxia mountain and lots of viewers, should care for the landscape and the natural environment, and shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) the destruction of landscape scenery and scenic facilities;

    (B) Shao Tian kan, picnics, Fireworks;

    (C) smoking in non-designated locations, incense and fire;

    (D) fish, fish, fish poisoning;

    (V) grazing livestock, poultry;

    (Vi) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    20th in danxia mountain in the following activities shall be subject to danxia mountain and administration:

    (A) scientific research;

    (B) the shooting film and television drama;

    (C) the transplantation of trees.

    Laws, rules, regulations and approval formalities necessary, shall go through examination and approval procedures. Shall not engage in business in the 21st danxia mountain of sand and soil activity.

    For maintenance and infrastructure needed to dig sand, soil, should be agreed by the danxia mountain management body, reported to relevant departments for approval, at the specified locations and digging, and required restoration. 22nd no units or individuals may damage of danxia mountain species and ecosystems. Strictly limit the introduction of alien species.

    Prohibition of the transport, carry pests and diseases or contamination of animals and plants and their packaging materials enter the scenic area. 23rd danxia mountain of all mountains as a provincial-level ecological public-welfare forest protection.

    Strict control of tree cutting, cutting is needed, due to update and care, shall apply to the danxia mountain management body, and set forth the need to cut down trees, quantities, locations, reasons and reseeding programme, examined by the forestry authorities, Shaoguan city, approval of the Provincial Forestry Department.

    24th danxia mountain management body of danxia mountain is valuable and old trees should be investigated, identification, documentation, archives, to set up a flag, and the implementation of protective measures.

    25th teaching and research institutes need to collect wildlife specimens, should apply to the danxia mountain management body, and collected in a specified area.

    Acquisition of national key protected wild plants and animals, in accordance with relevant formalities.

    26th danxia mountain danxia mountain management body from operating activities in specified locations, should not be hawking hawking their wares.

    Danxia mountain management should strengthen the management of environmental hygiene, food safety and service quality supervision and inspection.

    27th, Shaoguan city people's Governments shall establish and improve the system of forest fire prevention and protection, setting fires and plant protection facility and fire exits, forest conservation, forest fire and pest control work.

    28th of danxia mountain in public security organs should strengthen their security management to ensure that scenic in the personal safety and property of the State, collective and individual security.

    29th danxia mountain management should reasonably determine the cruise line and the scenic attractions of tourist capacity, develop specific programmes to divert tourists, setting up road signs road signs, public services, geological popular science and safety warning label signs, periodically check the strategically located and tourism section, promptly eliminate security risks.

    Buy tickets 30th visitors should be in accordance with the provisions of article and comply with travel orders, obey the danxia mountain management body.

    Landscape resources of danxia geological sites and conduct business activities, shall be paid in accordance with the regulations of geological relics and scenic resource use fees paid.

    Geological relic of ticket sales, fees and user fees paid by the danxia mountain scenic resource management bodies, carrying out two lines of income and expenditure management, danxia mountain in the protection, management and infrastructure construction.

    31st danxia mountain should be promoting the use of environmentally-friendly transport.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    32nd under any of the following acts, the danxia mountain management body shall order rectification, and individual fines of between 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan; unit or other organization between 1000 and 500 Yuan the following fines:

    (A) the contravention Shao Tian kan, picnics, Fireworks;
(B) fish, and fish and fish;

    (C) carry exotic species, transport, carry pests and diseases or contamination of animals and plants and their packaging materials entering the area;

    (D) not specified operations, random hawking hawking their wares;

    (E) free stocking livestock.

    33rd buy tickets is not required or does not pay the geological relics and scenic resource use fees paid, the danxia mountain management body shall order rectification, and approved more than 1 time times the price fined not more than twice.

    34th in violation of the provisions of any other law, violations by danxia mountain management body or relevant administrative departments in accordance with State Council regulations of the Ordinance, the nature reserve of scenic and geological environment in Guangdong Province and the regulations or the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations will be punished.

    35th danxia mountain management bodies and other relevant management staff negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, bribe, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 36th of danxia mountain referred to in the provisions of article IV to point coordinates of Longitude 113 ° 36 ' 25 '-113 ° 47 ' 53 ' North latitude 24 ° 51 ' 48 ' between-25 ° 04 ' 12 '.

    North-East, East and South-East to state road line G106 G323 line and national highway, West, Northwest, bounded by DART S246, South and southwest to Bay head-stone Partridge-Chong-Jing-Tang King-bounded. 37th article of the regulations come into force on June 1, 2009.