Wuhan Construction And Landscape Lighting Management Approach

Original Language Title: 武汉市景观灯光设施建设和管理办法

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Wuhan construction and landscape lighting management approach

    (July 20, 2009 Wuhan City Government 78th times Executive Conference considered through August 6, 2009 Wuhan City Government makes 198th, announced since September 16, 2009 up purposes) first article for strengthening landscape lights facilities of construction and management, landscaping has Riverside lakeside features of city landscape, upgrade city image, created good of city people home environment, according to Wuhan City sanitation management Ordinance and national about provides, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    II landscape lighting in these measures refers to the set decorations to beautify the urban landscape lighting and other lighting facilities.

    This approach applies to this city jiangan district, jianghan district, (Editor's Note: this stone by the left, the right for Joe) area, Hanyang, and Wuchang, qingshan district, Hongshan district, Wuhan East Lake new technology industries development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone, East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot, and the construction and management of landscape lighting.

    Article city management, landscape lighting, administrations in charge of the construction and management of the Organization for the harmonization of the implementation of this approach.

    District offices of the urban landscape lighting in the administrative departments in charge of the area facilities construction and management.

    Planning, construction, transportation, water supplies, gardening, real estate, public security, finance and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to landscape lighting facilities construction and management of related work.

    Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone Wuhan economic and technological development zone management committee, Management Committee, East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot Management Committee, and in accordance with this approach on district people's Government and the relevant departments and administration of provisions, responsible for their own construction and management of landscape lighting equipment management work.

    Article fourth following public facilities, public spaces and buildings (including structure, the same below) should set the landscape lighting:

    (A) city bridges and railway stations, ports, port, Plaza, Park, Convention Center, Stadium (Museum), theaters, museums, tourist attractions and other public facilities and public places;

    (B) the main roads and busy commercial districts of the city on both sides of the building, Yangtze River and HANJIANG river routes on both sides of the line of sight of buildings, city landmarks and key cultural relics protection units, away from historic buildings;

    (C) the Yangtze River and HANJIANG River near Wuhan, after comprehensive improvement of flood prevention facilities along the river beach and its barge Pier, ferries and boats in the city, mainly urban landscape of lakes and coastal zones;

    (D) outdoor advertising facilities, urban main roads and busy business districts on both sides of the street facade signboards of the commercial network;

    (E) included in the scope of the urban landscape lighting planning other public facilities, public space and high-rise buildings.

    Fifth of municipal urban management administration according to the master plan, in conjunction with the transportation, construction, water supply, culture, gardens and other landscape lighting planning of departments, coordinated by the Municipal Department of urban planning and management integrated into planning of city appearance and environmental sanitation facilities, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Preparation of landscape lighting planning should take the form of hearings, feasibility study meeting, listen to district governments, related departments and experts and the views of the public.

    Sixth of municipal urban management administration in accordance with the landscape lighting planning, organizations to develop landscape lighting infrastructure annual plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval, by the district people's Government and municipal authorities organizations.

    Article seventh landscape lighting installation consists of the following units and individuals (hereinafter referred to as setting people) were negative poles set:

    (A) public facilities and public areas is responsible for management of the landscape lighting or operating unit;

    (B) building, rebuilding and expansion building landscape lighting installations by construction units responsible for requirements included in the total budget of construction project investment; delivery landscape lighting of buildings used by the owner in charge;

    (C) the barges along the river beach and Pier, ferries and boats in the city, mainly urban landscape of Lake and coastal zone management of the landscape lighting or operating unit is responsible for;

    (D) the landscape lighting outdoor advertising and street façade signboards by the owners.

    Article eighth of landscape lighting on construction, operation and maintenance costs borne by the setting.

    Non-operating public facilities and public space landscape lighting installation, running and maintenance costs, into the municipal and district budgets.

    Landscape lighting of residential building construction, operation and maintenance costs, subsidized by municipal and district administration of urban management, the subvention allocated by municipal and district budgets, specific measures for the urban management and administration, in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Department separately.

    Nineth district urban landscape lighting construction management administration under the annual plan, included in landscape lighting planning of buildings, set one of the written notice provided for in this article seventh set in landscape lighting design and layout, lighting, color, brightness, light and other guidance. Newly built, rebuilt or expanded landscape lighting of buildings, the construction unit shall, according to requirements of landscape lighting planning, landscape lighting designs into their main project of engineering design and review submitted to the Administrative Department of planning; prior to construction will include construction of landscape lighting in its main engineering construction drawings and submitted to the competent construction Department for review.

    During the review by the Administrative Department of planning, construction, city administration the Administration's comments shall be solicited.

    Landscape lighting facilities built, rebuilt or expanded buildings should be synchronized with the main part of the project construction, simultaneous acceptance and delivery.

    Article tenth landscape lighting design, installation, application of new technologies, new processes, new lights, new energy, introduction of energy-saving, environmental protection and safety measures, improve the scientific and technological content of landscape lighting and safety performance.

    City management administration under the relevant national policies, technical standards and amenity needs regularly issue relevant instructions.

    Section 11th landscape lighting facilities shall comply with the relevant national technology standards, operating procedures and design requirements, employ qualified unit construction, and take fire, wind, lightning, leakage and other security measures.

    Landscape lighting of sets must not cause light pollution, residents live shall not affect astronomical observation, communications and navigation safety.

    Away from the key cultural relics protection units, historic buildings set on landscape lighting, should seek the views of relevant administrative departments; has been set on the delivery of a residential building landscape lighting, set the person shall first seek the views of the owners.

    12th urban main road, high street and window locations of outdoor advertising facilities shall be based, neon signs, LED displays Windows Forms of energy-saving light sources, light boxes and other advanced lighting design and installation.

    13th set should strengthen routine maintenance and operation management, maintain the integrity of landscape lighting, functions well and looks neat, guarantees safe operation and use of lights display incomplete or dirty, old and damaged facilities, cleaning, repair and replacement in a timely manner.

    14th article Yangtze River Bridge to Yangtze River second, and South mouth to HANJIANG River yuehuqiao Zhijian of bridge and the on both sides of of landscape lights facilities, other sections of outdoor advertising facilities and street façade signs landscape lights facilities according to following time opened and close: May 1 to September 30 daily 20:00 opened, 22:00 close; October 1 to next year April 30 daily 19:00 opened, 21:00 close; outdoor advertising landscape lights facilities daily opened of time shall not less than 4 hours. Main roads of the city, the busy commercial block of landscape lighting, on Fridays, and days and national holidays in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of this article time to open and close.

    Landscape lighting in other national holidays in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of this article to open and close.

    Opening of the national holidays in advance and delay closing, or the State and the city's major activities, as well as other special circumstances require provisional opening and closing of landscape lighting, according to the municipal administration informed the city administration to perform.

    In time other than as provided herein required open landscape lighting, setting people decide, without prejudice to other people's work and daily life.

    15th city administrative departments shall establish centralized control system of landscape lighting, landscape lighting facilities opened and closed gradually centralized control.

    16th no unit or individual is allowed to change, moving, demolition of landscape lighting.

    All units and individuals have the obligation to protect landscape lighting, the damage, the damage to the landscape lighting landscape lighting facilities or affect the legitimate rights and interests, to reports, complaints to the relevant authorities.

    17th urban management administration about landscape lighting set up and operation of inspections, inspections found in violation of these rules and safety hazards to inform the related settings and request its rectification.

    Urban management administration, urban management enforcement departments should publicize complaints, telephone hotlines, investigation and handling of complaints or reports in a timely manner and investigation results will inform the complainant or informant; belong to other departments investigated and dealt with according to law, shall be transferred in time.

    18th in accordance with this regulation a positive setting, maintenance and safety of landscape lighting units and individuals, managed by the city administration rewarded, specific measures for the urban management and administration, in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Department separately.

    Set the landscape lighting and subject to this special city outdoors advertisement installation plan of encouraging set of people in the city after the approval of the regulatory authorities to perform, will be set the landscape lighting and outdoor advertisements.

    19th under any of the following acts from the urban management enforcement rectification; fails to make corrections, in accordance with the following provisions, and suggested to the authorities to cancel the civilized unit of appraisal qualifications:
(A) violation of these measures stipulated in article seventh and Nineth, landscape lighting facilities should not set up, you can to set up, the costs borne by the set who refuses to take, apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law;

    (B) violation of article 11th, 13th, 14th article, failing to set up, maintain, and open and close of landscape lighting, fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.

    Violations of other provisions of these measures, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations shall be dealt with.

    Article 20th hinder urban management administration and other competent administrative Department staff carrying out their duties, or theft, destruction of landscape lighting facilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant law on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Landscape lighting or cause bodily injury or property damage, by setting the unit shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility. 21st landscape lighting related administration and administrative law enforcement personnel shall be civilized law enforcement, strict management.

    For dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    22nd article this city caidian district, Jiangxia district, dongxihu district, Hannan, huangpi district, Xinzhou district landscape lighting facilities construction and management in accordance with the measures of performance, and the specific measures formulated by the District Government. 23rd these measures shall come into force on September 16, 2009. July 24, 1999 issued by the Municipal Government of Wuhan urban management of outdoor lighting environment (Takemasa [1999]80) repealed simultaneously.