Administrative Measures For The Construction Of Barrier-Free Facilities In Haikou City

Original Language Title: 海口市无障碍设施建设管理办法

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Administrative measures for the construction of barrier-free facilities in Haikou city

    (August 7, 2009 14th in Haikou city people's Government, the 48th Executive 74th meeting on August 24, 2009, Haikou city people's Government promulgated as of September 1, 2009), barrier-free facilities, first to strengthen the construction and management, promote social civilization and progress, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city of barrier-free facilities construction and management, application of this approach.

    Article of barrier-free facilities mentioned in these measures refers to protect persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other inconveniences of traffic safety and the use of facilities, supporting the construction of service facilities in a construction project, including:

    (A) ramps, Curb Ramp, and blind;

    (B) barrier-free vertical elevators, lifts and other lifts;

    (C) the warning signs, tips, sound, indicating devices;

    (D) l phones, low level toilet, low sink low installations;

    (E) parking, special seats, safety handrails;

    (F) barrier-free toilets, toilet;

    (VII) barrier-free logo;

    (VIII) other persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other people with reduced mobility facilities.

    Article fourth of barrier-free facilities construction and management should adhere to reasonable design, specification development, principles of effective maintenance and ease of use.

    Fifth of municipal and district people's Government in the administrative area of barrier-free facilities construction and management has the leadership and supervisory responsibility.

    Municipal and district construction Administrative Department is in charge of management and maintenance of the administrative area of barrier-free facilities construction, maintenance and improvement of supervision and control.

    Planning, development, Botanical Garden, public security, real estate, education, civil affairs, disabled persons ' Federation, law enforcement, financial and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with barrier-free facilities construction and management of related work.

    Sixth of municipal planning and construction departments of custody shall, in accordance with the city's socio-economic development of the preparation of the barrier-free facilities construction planning.

    Seventh design units should be in accordance with the urban roads and building of barrier-free design standard (hereinafter the code) provides that supporting the design of barrier-free facilities, strict enforcement of the mandatory standards of the design specification.

    Building barrier-free facilities should comply with the safety, convenience, accessibility, availability of basic requirements, and compliance with the following specific provisions providing that:

    (A) pedestrian walkways, public buildings, ground flat, anti-slip;

    (Ii) paving blind road is continuous, free cable, telephone poles, underground inspection Chamber in the Middle, trees and other obstructions, and with nearby public transport stops, overpasses, connected to the barrier-free facilities in public buildings;

    (C) pedestrian paths, public building entrances and set the Curb ramp or ramp;

    (D) public transport stops set Braille stops, its location, height, color, form and content used by visually handicapped persons;

    (E) providing services to the public areas or places set up desks, telephones, set low at the front desk, the low window;

    (Vi) public buildings with glass doors, glass walls, stairs, Elevator, channels, set up warning signs or informational facilities;

    (G) the bright colors of barrier-free facilities and distinct with its surroundings;

    (H) the barrier-free facilities, in a prominent position meet the norms and standards for barrier-free flag is set.

    Eighth new construction, expansion and renovation of public buildings, residential buildings, urban roads and roads, public green spaces, public service facilities in residential areas, such as construction projects, shall, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the code for design of building barrier-free facilities.

    Barrier-free facilities and construction project designed, built, and delivered, and links up with barrier-free facilities construction projects around the existing.

    Nineth construction units in the preparation of project feasibility studies and making design stages, various elements of design of barrier-free facilities construction related content should be included in the article, in commissioning the construction project planning, design, supervision, organization, when it is completed, may be reduced and modified construction standard for barrier-free facilities.

    Tenth construction units, the engineer shall be in accordance with the examination of construction drawing design documents and construction technology of national, provincial standards and specifications of barrier-free facilities construction and supervision. 11th of municipal and planning administrative departments in accordance with the provisions before the issuance of the planning permit of construction engineering, construction of barrier-free facilities should be included in the review.

    On the design of barrier-free facilities in accordance with the provisions, not passed.

    Construction drawing inspection bodies shall, in accordance with the design specifications and other relevant provisions of rigorous review of the project design document of construction drawing, does not meet the requirements of construction projects shall not issue examination book. 12th construction projects are completed, the construction unit acceptance in organizations, shall at the same time construction of barrier-free facilities inspection and final acceptance of construction administrative departments of custody report.

    Acceptance of barrier-free facilities, before delivery. Article 13th before the implementation of these measures has been completed but did not have barrier-free facilities under construction or design of barrier-free facilities have been built in conformity with the norms and other relevant provisions of the construction project, the municipal and district people's Government shall organize the relevant departments based on barrier-free facilities construction planning barrier-free facilities improvement plan.

    City and relevant competent administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibility, construction project owners or managers according to barrier-free facilities annual programme implementation reform.

    Urban roads, bridges and other infrastructure supporting the barrier-free renovation funded by the financial arrangements at all levels; barrier-free reconstructions of other construction projects financed by the project owners or managers assume. 14th municipal infrastructure supporting the maintenance of barrier-free facilities, from administrative departments, landscape construction and custody administrative departments and public security organs traffic management departments, and other relevant administrative department in accordance with Division.

    Other construction projects construction of barrier-free facilities maintenance by building owners or managers are responsible for the project.

    Barrier-free facilities maintenance responsibilities shall be barrier-free facilities for routine maintenance and repair to ensure that normal use of barrier-free facilities.

    15th no unit or individual is allowed to damage, unauthorized occupation of barrier-free facilities, or changes in use of barrier-free facilities.

    16th due to construction or large-scale mass activities, temporary occupation of city roads should avoid consuming barrier-free facilities; it requires barrier-free facilities, you should set up warning signs or signals.

    Expiration of temporary occupation, occupation should restore the status quo ante of barrier-free facilities. Article 17th Federation of disabled persons ' Federation, working Commission on ageing, women and other social groups or individuals to have barrier-free facilities construction, reconstruction, maintenance and management of monitoring, observations and recommendations to the relevant administrative departments.

    Study on the relevant administrative departments should handle and respond in a timely manner.

    18th article violates this article seventh and Nineth, tenth, 11th and 12th article, by construction administrative departments of custody pursuant to the construction engineering quality management regulation, and the building and infrastructure engineering, construction drawing design document to review regulations and other regulations will be punished.

    Article 19th disobey article 15th, damage, unauthorized occupation of barrier-free facilities, or altering the use of barrier-free facilities, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the municipal facilities management and the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety management will be punished.

    20th administrative organs and their staff in violation of the rules, does not fulfil the statutory duty or abuse of power, by a higher administrative authority or the relevant Department in charge shall command a correction, in charge and other personnel directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 21st article this way come into force on September 1, 2009.