Administrative Measures For The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Highways

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区高速公路管理办法

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Administrative measures for the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, highways

    (September 7, 2009 11th session of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at the 39th Executive meeting on October 15, 2009, the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 51st) Chapter I General provisions

    The first in order to strengthen the construction and management of highways, promote the development of the highway to protect highways in good condition, the safe, open, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of investors, operators and users of the highway, according to the People's Republic of China Highway Act and related laws and regulations, combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

    Article in this autonomous region within the administrative area of highway planning, construction, maintenance, operation, use and management, application of this approach.

    Third highway development should follow the scientific planning and rational distribution, ensuring quality, ensuring smooth, protect the environment, construction and conservation principles.

    Fourth State from policy, funding, land use and other support for the highway development.

    Fifth to encourage investment in domestic and foreign economic organizations according to law, construction and management of highways, their legal rights are protected by law.

    Sixth State transportation departments in charge of highways, highway of its management bodies in accordance with the Highway Administration as provided herein.

    Article seventh autonomous regional departments and Governments at all levels and relevant units along the highway, should support and assist in highway planning, construction, maintenance, operation and management.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Eighth by State departments of transportation pursuant to national highway planning network planning and the needs of economic and social development of the autonomous region in conjunction with the relevant departments on the establishment, reported to the municipality for approval promulgation and implementation.

    Nineth highway construction implementation project legal person responsibility system according to stipulations, bidding system, project supervision system, project capital system, contract management, construction engineering, environmental system engineering quality and accountability. Tenth highway project selection and determination of legal persons, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the autonomous communities.

    Project legal person shall strictly implement national infrastructure program, the project responsible for the quality, safety, investment and construction.

    11th highway project construction investment capital shall not be less than the national proportion of the Expressway Project.

    12th traffic administrative law enforcement and traffic safety needed places, facilities should be designed concurrently with the highway construction.

    13th highway construction shall remain unobstructed roads, water systems, the principle of facilitating the production and living, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the design and construction of access, drainage, noise, and other facilities.

    Chapter III service

    14th enjoy toll highway operators rights, advertising rights and services to operate.

    15th Highway operators should be engaged in highway management according to law, charges for services, activities, and improve the service functions, as well as facilities such as traffic safety, environmental protection, monitoring and charging. 16th highway toll in the whole area, promoting the use of electronic toll collection systems, improving efficiency.

    Not connected not charging. Highway Toll Administration managed by the Highways Agency is responsible for the implementation and supervision of the Organization and related technical requirements, in accordance with national and State standards.

    Interconnection charges should be qualified through highway management agency network testing. 17th Highway administrative departments are responsible for the networked toll collection of highway tolls are clearing and settlement.

    Clearing and settlement should be completed within the stipulated period, requirements by freeway operators share as agreed.

    Freeway Management agencies should be regularly exposed to the highway operator payments clearing and settlement costs, and accept their supervision.

    18th traffic Highway shall pay tolls prescribed shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) broke the card;

    (B) intentionally blocked toll crossing;

    (C) Exchange access access for documents or the use of forged documents;

    (D) harassment, insults, charges for beating staff;

    (E) other acts that impede the payment traffic. 19th Highway operators based on traffic to open a sufficient number of charges should be crossing, avoid heavy traffic and clogging.

    When lane congestion is encountered, should be opened to all toll crossing, take effective measures to manage.

    No full charge caused by level crossing traffic, the driver of the vehicle has the right to complain to the freeway management agencies, highway authorities should be processed in a timely manner.

    Emergency rescue and other major traffic Highway rescue and relief activities, should be set up in the slip-road fast track.

    20th Highway operators shall perfect rules and regulations and adhere to compliance management, integrity services, open service standards, subject to public supervision. 21st motorway operators should be to enhance service, standardized management of services such as parking facilities, for driver and conductor catering, rest, accommodation and vehicle refuelling, repairs and other service offers a safe, convenient, civilization.

    Fee-for-service should be the price.

    22nd Highway operator shall at the highway toll station entrances, service areas and important sections set the electronic message board or bulletin board, timely dissemination of traffic information and traffic information. 23rd transport, public security, industry and commerce, food and drug supervision departments should conduct supervision and inspection of Expressway operating service activities.

    Does not meet specifications, ordered Highway operators to take appropriate measures to rectify.

    The fourth chapter of highway maintenance

    24th Highway operator shall, in accordance with technical standards, norms and procedures, routine checking of Expressway and ancillary facilities, repair and maintenance, often in good technical condition to guarantee.

    25th Highway operators should strengthen highway patrol found collapsed, pit, water damage and swelling affecting the safe passage of vehicles, warning signs should be set immediately, release information in a timely manner and to take measures to repair three types of bridges, tunnels, dangerous class a culvert, should take timely maintenance, overhaul and other measures to eliminate dangerous case.

    26th highway maintenance work is needed, should coordinate scheduled maintenance plan, avoid the area due to focus on the same or adjacent line construction road jams and traffic flow as possible in smaller periods. Highway maintenance job requires half closed or interrupted traffic, highway operators shall be reported to the highway authority record affect road safety, subject to the approval of the public security organs traffic management Department of the. Except in cases of emergency, shall be announced to the public five days in advance, and announcements at the highway entrance.

    Announcements include closed or broken section, cause, duration of construction as well as shunt circuit.

    27th highway maintenance construction should pay attention to environmental protection, avoiding environmental pollution and reduce highway construction rubbish, debris and other waste shall be uniform building piled up at the specified position, and finished 3rd in the transportation and treatment of construction.

    28th establish highway maintenance system, and the specific measures formulated by the State departments of transportation.

    29th highway authorities should strengthen supervision and inspection of highway maintenance, found technology under the Expressway and ancillary facilities are not up to standard, rectification ordered Highway operators; discovered highway maintenance and site management irregularities and ordered Highway operators or the correct conservation units.

    30th Highway operator shall, in accordance with the design requirements of Expressway greening and beautification, timely removal, cleanup from natural disasters, climate, traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, vehicular traffic barriers and traffic caused by the spilled material and other insecurities, keep the road clean and clear.

    The fifth chapter management

    31st Freeway Management agencies to perform their management duties and requirements included in the budget. Freeway Management agencies highway law enforcement inspection should be strengthened, to investigate and punish encroachment, destruction of highways, Expressway and ancillary facilities, protection of highways normal operation, protect legal rights of highways operators.

    Highway law enforcement and inspection of vehicles exempt from tolls.

    32nd highway building control areas for:

    (A) the highway lands (including the connecting lines, toll stations) of foreign origin is not less than 30 m;

    (B) the interchange or major bridge, from the highway with extraterrestrial origin is not less than 50 meters.

    Highway curve inside of the scope of the control areas according to meet the requirements of driving sight distance. 33rd Freeway Management agencies can take fixed detection and in charge of the station entrances, flow testing of the service area, the vehicle overloads detecting.

    State transportation departments should overload detection site within the District of unified planning, rational distribution.

    Fixed overrun detection site shall be approved by the autonomous regional people's Government.

    34th freight vehicle should be in accordance with overload detection indicator or inspectors tested the command, not to plug the test site through lanes, forced by way of testing sites and other testing disorder, should not be used on a short bogey, bypass, or otherwise escape detection.

    No unit or individual shall not be extra heavy vehicle around the way or some other way to facilitate the extra heavy vehicle to evade detection. 35th motor vehicles entering the highway, load may not touch the line, impurity, falling or drifting.
Carriage of goods such as impurity, drop, drift, should take effective measures of protection such as sealed van the rear can be driven on the road.

    On Highway motor vehicle mount falls, drivers and escorts should be dropped immediately moves the load does not affect other traffic sites. Cannot remove drivers and escorts should be warning signs in time, while taking the necessary security measures, and promptly report to public security organs traffic management or management bodies. Others noticed obstacles that affect traffic safety on the expressway or highway traffic Administration Department shall promptly report to the public security authorities or highway authority.

    Reports shall organize a highway operators free of obstacles.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    Article 36th acts in violation of these rules, laws and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

    37th article violates these rules, the replacement of General access for documents or the use of forged documents, managed by the Highways Agency shall be ordered to pay the traffic fee shall be liable to pay tolls fine 5 times.

    38th article violates these rules, and disturb the order or avoiding overloads detecting overrun detection, the highway authority may take measures to eliminate illegal state according to law, fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan and responsible person.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    39th Expressway mentioned in these measures refers to four or more lanes and a median, all interchanges and has improved traffic safety facilities and management of infrastructures, services, facilities, and full control access, designed for high speed driving roads.

    Highways in these measures include: beyond the outer edge of the highway ditches on both sides of not less than 1 m; endless ditches on both sides of the highway, road edge stone outside the land of not less than 5 m, land boundaries, from its line; as built, maintained highways built in the related subsidiary facilities of Expressway land along the highway.

    40th full closed, the entire interchange, all controlled access highway management in accordance with the measures implemented. 41st these measures come into force on the date of promulgation. December 23, 1996 issued by the people's Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region highways regulation repealed simultaneously.