Administration According To Law In Tianjin Assessment Methods

Original Language Title: 天津市依法行政考核办法

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Administration according to law in Tianjin assessment methods (October 22, 2009, Tianjin Municipal People's Government at the 37th Executive meeting on October 29, 2009, Tianjin Municipal People's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2010, 22nd) first for comprehensively promoting administration according to law, and building government governed by law, according to the State Department of the implementation outline for the holistic promotion of administration by law ([2004]10) and the decision of the State Council concerning strengthening the administration by law of city and County Government (guofa [2008]17) and other relevant provisions,

    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

    Administration according to law in article assessment should follow pragmatic, fair and rigorous scientific principles, procedures simplified.

    The third municipal district people's Government, relevant municipal departments and agencies shall conduct examination administration, comprehensively promoting administration according to law office, responsible for organization and implementation.

    District and county people's Government the Township people's Government, the streets and the people's Governments at the corresponding levels sector, assessment of institutions ' administration, District Administration Office is responsible for organization and implementation.

    The vertical management of County agencies, by district and county people's Government and the superior administrative departments according to the different assessment project assessment, project specific assessment determined by the municipal leading group for comprehensively promoting administration according to law.

    Fourth administration assessment of the following issues:

    (A) shall perform their duties, and the transformation of government functions;

    (B) according to law, a scientific and democratic decision-making;

    (C) quality system construction;

    (D) deepening the administrative system;

    (E) the regulation of administrative enforcement actions;

    (F) preventing resolve social conflicts, dealing with unexpected public events and defense risk situations;

    (G) strengthening the administrative supervision of conduct;

    (H) administrative accountability information;

    (I) the administration of safeguards implementation;

    (10) set by the city or county people's Government and other matters related to the administration by law.

    Fifth annual administration of the municipal assessment of specific content, by comprehensively promoting administration according to law, leading group under the State Council, administration according to law, and the main work focus, goal setting, including the annual assessment catalog, assessment criteria and assessment rules, execution and issued in the first quarter of each year.

    District people's Government annual law review content by the County Administration annual assessment of leading group based on municipal development.

    Annual assessment content and administration according to law criteria should be deepened to improve year by year.

    Sixth of municipal and district administration office administration at the corresponding level leading group led by perform the following work responsibilities:

    (A) preparation of an annual administration assessment catalog, assessment criteria, assessment rules, agreed by the leading group for administration according to law after promulgation;

    (B) organize the implementation of administrative work according to law;

    (C) the proposed evaluation results suggested that law work leading group approved;

    (D) inform the drafting of annual examination results of administration according to law;

    (V) Inspection Unit administrative work according to law reform.

    Comprehensively promoting administration according to law office, responsible for the city's administration assessment guidance, coordination and supervision. Article seventh administrative review should stick to the routine examination combined with the year-end evaluation, written materials review combined with on-site inspections, qualitative and quantitative appraisal combined, comprehensive evaluation combined with the professional examination.

    Mainly taken the following approach:

    (A) hear the administration reporting;

    (B) reviewing administrative work according to law reports;

    (C) access to relevant files, documents and data;

    (D) organize special inspection and sampling;

    (V) verification of administrating their daily work records, statistics;

    (Vi) to listen to the views of NPC deputies and CPPCC members, social supervisors.

    Eighth of municipal and district people's Government shall establish a system of assessment and information sharing, the relevant departments or social groups, organization of matters involving administration assessment of the special inspection results, social comment, can be used as the Administration assessment of the references, I will not repeat examination.

    Relevant departments and social organizations, organizations should provide relevant inspection appraisal results.

    Nineth administration examination results into excellent, good, qualified and non-qualified of the four grades.

    Article tenth of the following circumstances, administration examination results are determined to be substandard grades:

    (A) did not submit the annual report of the Administration;

    (B) failed to meet annual eligibility criteria identified in the appraisal rules for administration according to law;

    (C) were verified in the assessment have provided false information, data and other acts;

    (D) violation of the rules of procedure for decision-making on important matters in policy making, resulting in heavy losses or adverse effects;

    (E) the management, oversight, within its mandate, particularly cases of major accidents, incidents, or major accident occurred in succession in a relatively short time, events, cases, resulting in heavy losses or adverse effects;

    (Vi) due to omission or abuse to the national interest and collective interests and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens or cause serious damage caused serious incidents;

    (VII) to mass emergencies improperly, caused the situation to deteriorate, resulting in adverse effects.

    11th under any of the following circumstances, administration according to law in the examination of the application shall be added:

    (A) innovation initiatives in administrative work according to law by the State Council or State departments as experience;

    (B) special outstanding achievements of administration according to law, approved by the people's Government or the relevant State Department commendations and awards;

    (C) administrative work according to law by the Central News media, major news media as a typical experience, or the publicity.

    12th examination unit in early January of next year should be submitted to the administrative work according to law a written report as required to submit relevant information, reports should be comprehensive, true and accurate.

    Law work report should be issued by the head of evaluation unit.

    Failing to submit the annual report on the work of administration by law and related information or submission of reports, information does not meet the requirements of, considered outstanding administrative work according to law.

    13th annual examination administration by law into the level of government management by objectives appraisal system, linked with rewards and punishments.

    Examination results are excellent units, municipal, or county-level people's Governments shall give commendations. Relating to municipal or district and county people's Government departments, bodies of work assessment results are not qualified, in management of this year's target could not be rated as outstanding, and checking and corrective action reports to the people's Governments at the corresponding level in writing; district and county people's Government failed to pass the examination results, writing checks and corrective action report to the municipal people's Government.

    Rectification by the Administration Office inspection, and report to the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    Article 14th law failed to pass the examination results for the unit, accountability the Chief in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) article tenth of these measures (a) to (c) provides, by municipality or county people's Governments in charge of the leadership to meet with conversation;

    (B) article tenth of this approach, paragraph (d) to (g) provided, in accordance with the functions and powers, by the relevant authorities in accordance with the provisional regulations on accountability for party and Government leading cadres (ban FA [2009]25) accountability.

    15th in a law review article found in the examined units suspected of violating the administrative acts, by city or County Executive leading group transferred to the relevant authorities for investigation in accordance with law; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling.

    16th municipal or district governments be informed on the results of the annual assessment of administration by law, with a copy to party Committee organization departments and members of the NPC Standing Committee at the same level and to monitor the sector.

    Article 17th administration assessment of the Central Government in Tianjin units in accordance with the measures implemented. 18th article this way come into force on January 1, 2010.