With Persons With Disabilities In Gansu Province Provided

Original Language Title: 甘肃省扶助残疾人规定

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With persons with disabilities in Gansu Province provided

    (October 23, 2009, Gansu province, the people's Government of the 39th Executive meeting on October 30, 2009, 59th published the people's Government of Gansu province as of January 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First to ensure equal participation in society of persons with disabilities, and share social material and cultural achievements, according to the People's Republic of China laws and regulations such as the protection of disabled persons Act, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Article in the administrative area of the province support these provisions shall apply to persons with disabilities.

    The third people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership on AIDS of persons with disabilities, comprehensive coordination of AIDS of persons with disabilities within their respective administrative areas.

    Disability agencies of the people's Governments above the county level to guide the implementation of these provisions to check, to the same level people's Governments and relevant departments put forward views and suggestions.

    Civil Affairs, education, health, human resources and social security, and other relevant departments in support of persons with disabilities within their respective mandates.

    Public services should fulfil their responsibilities and obligations with persons with disabilities.

    Article at all levels shall guarantees related requirements working with persons with disabilities.

    City, State, County, city people's Governments shall each year from the welfare lottery, sports lottery retained the extraction of 10%, for the rehabilitation of the disabled, education, employment, poverty alleviation, human rights defenders, special relief and sports careers. Article fifth with the People's Republic of China permits persons with disabilities enjoy the provisions of the preferential treatment.

    Bid for the persons with disabilities persons with disabilities when designated by the counties Federation of the disabled belong to the poverty of persons with disabilities, given appropriate disability allowance.

    Chapter II the social security Sixth people's Governments at various levels to life is difficult for persons with disabilities, through a variety of channels offered to help.

    Meets the conditions for urban and rural low-income families of persons with disabilities, should be included in the scope of protection in a timely manner.

    Of family labour due to serious illness, severely disabled completely incapacitated, long-term focus on the need to protect the family, which belongs to the family of urban basic living allowances, disabled I have benefits based on floatation 20% in accordance with the security standards to protect payment belong to the rural basic living allowances for persons with disabilities, in accordance with the amount of local rural lowest living guarantee standards to enjoy benefits.

    For seriously ill or chronically ill poor people with families and unable to take care of the disabled, in the enjoyment of life difficulties remain after the treatment of urban and rural minimum living standard security should grant interim relief. Article seventh labor nothing, no sources, no statutory obligation or statutory maintenance obligations without the ability of persons with disabilities, giving priority to access to welfare institutions, including welfare homes, old or incorporated into the five-guarantee range.

    Unfunded begging for life for persons with disabilities, social assistance authorities shall grant relief. Eighth people's Governments at all levels should take measures to ensure the participation of town employees with disabilities in accordance with the provisions of basic old-age, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance. Encouraging and organizing the participation of persons with disabilities in accordance with the regulations of social security.

    Life is truly difficult, individuals paying part of its social security subsidies.

    Nineth Township people's Governments and Lands management departments should give priority to eligible rural families for the Homestead the approval procedures, poor families give priority to persons with disabilities in rural renovate, the construction of new countryside planning projects, in accordance with the relevant provisions of relief for individuals should bear the associated costs. Tenth levels of housing authorities will be expected to meet the conditions for low-rent housing families give priority to affordable housing or housing subsidies.

    Urban construction planning units for persons with disabilities housing, temporary housing subsidies and relocation allowances should set standards based on 30% and in the fetch area, housing floor care. 11th for low-income families, the local people's Governments shall, with regard to heating subsidies.

    In biogas development, lavatory water, deposition of construction of rain water cellars, the families of disabled persons in rural areas should be prioritized, and subsidies for poor families.

    12th people's Governments at various levels should be included in the Government's poverty alleviation of poverty of persons with disabilities overall plan of work for exploitation, the poverty of persons with disabilities of working priorities included poverty alleviation and development work, arranging special funds for poverty of persons with disabilities to engage in farming, aquaculture, projects, technology, organization and implementation support; labor and practical technical training of persons with disabilities.

    Chapter III health and rehabilitation

    13th reduce disability urban medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical and hospitalization pays standard medical persons with disabilities keep their homes, inpatient reimbursement rate based on the original floating 15%, 20% respectively; serious illness assistance, Medicaid, give priority to persons with disabilities.

    Article 14th enterprises shall provide workers basic medical insurance for urban workers with disabilities; disability due to illness of employees for medical treatment, difficult family life, the unit should be given medical aid.

    15th permits persons with disabilities persons with disabilities to various public health institutions in the province for medical treatment, priority registration, fees, laboratory, medicine, exempt from normal registration fee and injection.

    Advocates encouraging private medical institutions to provide free medical services for persons with disabilities.

    16th people's Governments above the county level should be implemented on poverty of persons with disabilities medical relief and rehabilitation benefits, cataract, physical disability treatment, children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, paraplegia, mental illness, autism, hearing and speech, intellectual disability rehabilitation and prosthesis fitting include urban residents, such as medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical coverage. 17th levels of various types of public rehabilitation agencies, the poverty of persons with disabilities receiving rehabilitation training, rehabilitation training fees waived.

    Urban and rural primary health services should be provided free of charge for persons with disabilities and rehabilitation services.

    The fourth chapter education 18th people's Governments at all levels should establish and improve the education system, and disabled children to free and compulsory education for students with disabilities is fully implemented, gradually increase funding for public education funding and subsidies. In city, State, and more than 300,000 population counties to establish barrier-free facilities, rehabilitation and special education schools.

    Opening of special education classes in ordinary schools, special support measures to encourage children with disabilities learning in regular class, popularize compulsory education for children and adolescents with disabilities, focusing on special secondary vocational education, broaden the channel for high school education of disabled persons, actively develop pre-school education and higher education.

    19th article levels Government should established special education grants special funding and gradually increased; in based construction, and various policy sex grants aspects on special taught school give support; will special taught teachers training into teachers continues to education training general planning, implementation and appropriate improve special taught teachers allowance, will bear with class attended teaching and management personnel of work included performance assessment content, constantly improve special taught teachers of welfare treatment and wage income.

    20th district sector students are poor and disabled children and persons with disabilities should be incorporated into the low; disabled children and disabled children eligible for compulsory education can be handy near the entrance. 21st levels of ordinary senior middle schools, secondary specialized, technical schools, colleges and adult education institutions should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions at the national and provincial universities for disabled students; disabled and disabled students in school without taking the body with me unsuitable for sports, foreign language listening listening exam for students with disabilities. School students are poor and disabled scholarships, grants, student loans, hardship gave preferential treatment to subsidies; the county urban people's Government should provide aid to poor and disabled students accepted to grant.

    Disabled persons ' Federation at all levels from persons with disabilities in the employment security fund to arrange a certain percentage of funds used to subsidize special schools.

    The fifth chapter employment

    22nd State organs, social organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non-enterprise units and other economic organizations shall, in accordance with the provisions of the disabled persons employment, and select the appropriate physical and professional jobs have special requirements in addition to the physical condition of post and shall not refuse to receive qualified persons with disabilities.

    23rd above the county level people's Governments and relevant departments through such measures as tax, subsidy funds in accordance with law, support the massage started welfare enterprises for the disabled, the blind institutions, fostering agencies, persons with disabilities in sheltered workshops and other welfare institutions, focus on arranging employment for persons with disabilities.

    24th levels of people's Governments and relevant departments, neighborhood offices, community, set up kiosks, public toilets, parking lots, community health supervision when public welfare jobs, according to the ratio of not less than 30% to prioritize employment for persons with disabilities. 25th to encourage and empower people with disabilities to engage in self-employment. Self-employed persons with disabilities, giving priority to undertakings, provided for by the State free of charge administrative fees.

    Disabled individuals for the provision of services, exempt from sales tax; disabled persons engaged in Commerce, production and management of individual income derived from contracting and leasing operations to enterprises and institutions, as well as wages and salaries, remuneration, royalties, franchise fees income, personal income tax levied in accordance with the relevant provisions. Article 26th public employment services at all levels free of charge for persons with disabilities to employment information, counselling, employment agencies, and employment and unemployment registration services.

    Disabled persons ' Federation at all levels of labor service organs provide persons with disabilities with free training, job referrals and file hosting services such as free training certificate fee and professional skill appraisal fee persons with disabilities. 27th under any of the conditions of State-run medical institutions should give priority to arrangements with licensed medical massage for the blind people.

    Blind massage Agency, according to the State regulations related administrative fees and tax relief.

    The sixth chapter sports 28th article on persons with disabilities permit free access to the gym (field), libraries, museums, parks, zoos, scenic areas, public toilets and other public facilities. For blind people, severe physical disability, mental disability, mental disability, and allows more than one attendant free access to public places.

    Places above conducted commercial activity exception.
Article 29th of persons with disabilities to participate in activities such as literature and art, sports, skill competitions, host units shall be exempt from entry fees, the unit should be supported, in training, performance, during the competition, wages, bonuses, benefits unchanged.

    Article 30th free mailing books for blind people postal enterprises shall mail.

    Blind people have work units, the unit should be free of charge for its subscription to a braille reading; no work unit, organized by the CDPF United Counties charge.

    The seventh chapter support

    31st by persons with disabilities certificate installed cable TV, where the application installation location is consistent with domicile, relieve cable TV basic maintenance fee of not less than 50%.

    Article 32nd home installed gas, telephone, information networks and other facilities and the opening of the Internet, where the application installation location is consistent with domicile, should be charged half gas, information network installation fees; communications network operators to offer priority, quality, service, account, charges for network services, telephone conversations, information given appropriate concessions.

    Article 33rd concessions imposed on persons with disabilities and public service units (places), it should be in (place) the entrance room, Office, business, and other notable locations, setting clearly marked. Syndrome of 34th article by persons with disabilities in this province-wide use of public passenger transport vehicle or ship and enjoy preferential half and carry free of AIDS for blind and one or two free rides on public transport in the city by people with disabilities.

    Large public car parks should be disabled parking, disabled car in a public car park free of charge parking.

    Article 35th of persons with disabilities eligible for migration formalities and their spouses and children, and public security departments to give priority. 36th levels of legal aid agencies provided free legal aid to eligible persons with disabilities. Involving people with disabilities apply for recovery of maintenance, maintenance, labor remunerations, work injury compensation, pensions and legalization, legal services, legal service agencies should first accept and providing related legal fees.

    Need Braille, sign language interpreters, and appropriate services in a timely manner. 37th health institutions for poor persons with disabilities to provide free medical malpractice medical malpractice.

    Forensic examination of judicial forensic institutions for poor persons with disabilities provides for free.

    The eighth chapter legal liability

    Article 38th in violation of the provisions that were not given preferential treatment of persons with disabilities should be given, by the relevant administrative department a rectification; fails, the unit directly responsible for the charge and directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    Nineth chapter by-laws 39th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2010. November 24, 1999 province people's Government issued the provisional regulations on preferential treatment of persons with disabilities be abrogated in Gansu province.