Manhole Covers, Datong City, Ground Facilities Management

Original Language Title: 大同市地下设施检查井井盖管理办法

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Manhole covers, Datong city, ground facilities management

    (September 15, 2009, Datong city people's Government of the 12th Executive meeting on September 15, 2009, Datong city people's Government promulgated as of November 1, 2009, 62nd), first for manhole covers urban underground facilities maintenance and management, ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.

    Second article this city city planning district within of City Road, and square Pu loaded of power, and communications, and wired TV, and traffic signal, and lighting, and gas, and thermal, and water, and drainage, and sanitation, various underground facilities check well, and valve well, and fire hydrant, and rain dirt row wells, of well cover, and Jing Bi and subsidiary facilities (following collectively underground facilities check well well cover) of management, applies this approach.

    Third municipal administration, planned urban areas, departments are responsible for the supervision and administration of underground utility manhole covers.

    Municipal facilities management according to the municipal administration entrusted specific administration in charge of city manhole cover.

    Urban planning, public safety, broadcasting and television, city appearance and environmental sanitation administration departments according to their respective duties, in collaboration with supervision and administration of underground utility manhole covers. Fourth cover by its property unit responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair management.

    Owner, Manager, contract management responsibilities between users, their agreement shall prevail.

    Relates to construction sites, demolition of underground pipelines and without such acceptance liability management unit covers, the unit is responsible for management and protection.

    Change management responsibilities, the Parties shall be handing over procedures.

    Fifth cover must conform to the national or local product quality standards. Manhole cover installation engineering design and construction, to comply with the technical code for the design and construction. Manhole cover installation work be completed within the scope of urban roads, must be qualified before they can deliver.

    Covers facilities should be preserved without flip, top surface flush with the surrounding pavement, relative height difference must comply with the relevant technical specifications, ensure that both pedestrians and vehicles through the noise-free, do not shift, when no damage.

    Does not meet the quality standard and technical specification covers the design and construction, by the Municipal Administration Department shall order the construction unit maintenance and replacement. Sixth cover must be marked checking the nature and property units.

    Unmarked, covers property unit should be responsible for replacement.

    Against different categories of cover mix.

    Seventh covers property right units shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) establish cover facilities management files, and existing covers facilities, locations, specifications, material, quantity, as well as construction, reconstruction, abandoned manhole covers information on facilities, municipal administrative departments for the record. (B) establish and manhole inspections of facilities management system and maintenance system, management of the routine inspections.

    Find manhole cover missing, damaged, shift, core, should complement, replace, repair them immediately; finding covers facilities, sink, collapse, warning signs, take measures to remove danger should be set immediately, timely maintenance.

    (C) the complaint or a repair notice, shall, within 2 hours to arrive at the scene, missing, damaged manhole covers, complement, replace them immediately; covers facilities of subsidence and collapse, to take immediate measures to remove danger, timely maintenance. Eighth cover property unit shall publish telephone service, establish linkage mechanism.

    Inspections found does not belong to the property of manhole cover missing, damaged, it should be immediately set up warning signs, and inform the relevant property rights complement, replace or repair the unit in time and the property unit's staff did not arrive at the scene before the safety precautions. Nineth municipal administration and its management should strengthen the supervision and management of manhole cover.

    Find manhole cover missing, damaged, or receiving calls, shall immediately notify the property complement, replace or repair the unit.

    Tenth article of any units and individuals are not allowed to move, occupy, circle press covers. Inspections, maintenance staff opened the manhole inspection, maintenance, maintenance work, shall be provided around the wellhead setting Rails, signs or other security measures.

    Construction should be cleared in a timely manner, and restitution. The 11th article of any units or individuals found theft, damage, occupy, illegal acquisition covers acts have the right to prohibit or to the public security organ reporting, municipal administration or the property unit.

    Relevant departments and units upon receipt of the report shall be verified in a timely manner.

    To stop and report the theft, damage, and occupy, illegal acquisition covers workers and municipal people's Governments shall be commended or awarded.

    12th broken, cracked, waste, recycling of old well cover shall be designated by the municipal administration, public security organs, in conjunction with the manhole cover designated recycling units, facilities against individual, non-fixed units to buy well cover.

    The 13th article in violation of these regulations, manhole did not indicate the nature and property units, rectification by the Municipal Administration Department; it fails to mend, impose a fine of 500 yuan per-well cover.

    14th article violation this approach, well cover property units received complaints or maintenance notification Hou not implementation of, by city municipal administration sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected, over 12 hours of, sentenced 2000 Yuan method paragraph; over 24 hours of, sentenced 5000 Yuan fine; caused personal casualties and property loss of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 20,000 yuan following fine, and law bear civil responsibility.

    15th article in violation of these regulations, or move, occupy, well cover, rectification by the Municipal Administration Department; it fails to mend, the Municipal Administration Department fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    16th article violates this way, damage, theft, illegal acquisition covers facilities, fined a maximum of 20,000 Yuan by the municipal administrations; violations of the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security, the public security organs in accordance with the punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 17th due to cover loss, damage, displacement or without personal injuries and property damage caused by the move covers, covers property unit shall bear the liability for damages.

    Covers property units after the compensation according to law, is entitled to cause manhole cover loss, damage, and unauthorized mobile direct recourse against the responsible person of the manhole cover.

    Indemnity or compensation dispute, the parties may bring a lawsuit, mediation can also apply for Municipal Administration Department; the party not satisfied with the mediation, you can bring a lawsuit. 18th cover administration, municipal facilities management, property and dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and strict accountability.

    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; do not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law.

    19th district (district) towns covers management can be performed in accordance with the measures. 20th these measures shall come into force on November 1, 2009.