Trial Measures For The Housing Management In Yinchuan

Original Language Title: 银川市城市住房保障管理试行办法

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Trial measures for the housing management in yinchuan

    (October 30, 2009, yinchuan, people's Government of the 42nd Executive meeting November 3, 2009 in yinchuan city people's Government promulgated as of December 1, 2009, 5th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to resolve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, according to the relevant regulations of the State, autonomous regions, and these measures are formulated.

    Article at the city's three districts within the low-rent housing and economic rental housing, affordable housing (hereinafter referred to as affordable housing) and housing security system, these measures shall apply. Article, housing, municipal housing Bureau is the work of the executive authorities.

    Housing in yinchuan City Centre housing security of City Housing Department of entrusted specific tasks.

    , Three district people's Government responsible for object applications admissible, eligible for trial work.

    Development and reform, finance, civil affairs, land and resources, planning, construction, human resources and social security, monitoring, taxation, statistics, housing departments, cooperative housing in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

    Article fourth of low-income housing and security standards, according to the relevant State policies and the city's urban residents ' per capita disposable income, per capita housing floor space, housing conditions and other factors, and adjust.

    Chapter II protection of objects and protection

    Article family meets the following conditions may apply for housing:

    (A) made, three towns in yinchuan city residence for more than 2 years;

    (B) household per capita housing floor space of less than 15 m;

    (Iii) family per capita income lower than the annual yinchuan's urban per capita disposable income on average.

    Once tube rental accommodation, enjoy public housing reform policy, the purchase of affordable housing and housing families, due to serious illness, divorce and so on become a homeless family, required housing transfers 2 years before they can apply for housing.

    Article in accordance with the conditions specified in article fifth and made the House security certificate issued by the Municipal Housing Department family, registered by the Municipal Department of housing to housing in yinchuan. Seventh House security objects by family income criteria determine how housing security.

    A family can enjoy a form of protection.

    Eighth section of the housing security certificate, and the per capita disposable income of the families with low-rent housing standards issued by the Municipal Government can enjoy low-rent housing.

    Nineth low-rent housing is divided into rental subsidies, rent reduction and physical distribution security.

    Take the low-rent housing rental subsidy, family's monthly rental subsidies equal to the rental allowance multiplied by the family should be an area of subsidies.

    Families should be an area of subsidies in accordance with the building area of family security standards and the family is now calculated as the difference in the housing area.

    Rent reduction, rent a tube housing construction area of over subsidy area should be part of the family, standard straight tube houses for rent, rent standards.

    Article tenth of the housing security certificates, and low-rent housing families with one of the following circumstances, giving priority to low-rent housing:

    (A) no;

    (B) living alone or a family has more than 60 years old;

    (C) junlieshu, three level and above (with three levels) for persons with disabilities;

    (D) live together in families suffering from illness or identification of key labour upon the ability of the family institution wholly or majority lost the ability to work;

    (E) the leased buildings or houses slated for demolition;

    (F) give priority to low-rent housing in other circumstances.

    11th low-rent housing families with one of the following circumstances, may waive or grant in kind equipped with rental, increased rental subsidy criteria:

    (A) Department of family subsistence allowances for urban residents;

    (B) grade level 1-6 of persons with disabilities;

    (C) fully or partially lost his capacity to work resulting from prolonged illness;

    (D) the maintenance man, Fu (Fu) dependants death or prison sentence or receiving reeducation through labour;

    (E) the family of a catastrophic accident or emergency critical care.

    12th where the family made the House security certificate, may apply for economic rental rental housing.

    Economy rentals mentioned in these measures refers to rental of housing to meet the housing conditions of families with affordable housing, their rents at below-market rents, higher than the low-rent housing rent standards.

    13th reached the legal age of marriage for unmarried residents and having families the housing security certificate, you can apply for affordable housing.

    Priority need rehousing street of the town, by the employer to apply to the Municipal Housing Department, after it has been approved and issued by the Municipal Department of housing security of the resettlement examination form for key projects, priority resettlement review form of the street with the purchase of affordable housing.

    Chapter III application and approval

    14th section housing certificate, should be provided with the following materials:

    (A) the application for housing;

    (B) proof of family income;

    (C) the documentation of family housing conditions;

    (Iv) family member and co-owner;

    (E) the need to provide additional documents.

    Article 15th House security certificate should be in accordance with the following procedure: (A) the applicant apply to the residence street or town Governments, and provided the provisions of article 14th material. Street or town people's Governments shall, from the date of receipt of the application, have been audited in the 20th, and lists of eligible applicants the applicants residence community publicity, publicity is 10th.

    Public notice expires without objection, street or town Governments of housing security, yinchuan, fill in the application form submitted to District Civil Affairs Department of the people's Government.

    (B) municipal district people's Government Civil Affairs Department received the yinchuan city housing application form date of review comments up to 10th, submitted to the Municipal Housing Department for approval. (C) municipal housing departments shall, from the date of receipt of the relevant application documents processed in the 20th, to qualify, in newspapers and Government websites, media publicity, publicity is 10th.

    Public notice expires without objection, of the housing permits issued.

    16th has been made of the housing security certificate of the applicant, the municipal housing sector housing difficulties according to availability, applicant, degree of implementation, submission of application time waiting for protection.

    Determining assigned public rental households in kind, without good reason refused to provide low-rent housing rent Municipal Housing Department, two years to apply for physical distribution to rent again.

    17th Street or township people's Governments, the Municipal Housing Department, housing permit application review and approval process to be decided not to or not to grant approval of the application, shall state the reasons in writing.

    Issued the rejection of the applicant disagrees with the decision of the housing guarantee certificate, may apply for administrative reconsideration.

    Construction and management of the fourth chapter

    18th the low-rent housing, economic rental housing allocation of affordable housing and construction land supply, included in the annual land supply plan of the town, reporting annual land quota list separately, giving priority to supplies, priorities.

    Low-rent housing, economic rental housing and affordable housing projects urban infrastructure supporting fees waived and other administrative fees and Government funds.

    Low-rent housing, economic rental housing and affordable housing construction may apply to projects under construction as collateral from commercial banks for housing loans.

    19th the low-rent housing, economic rental housing and affordable housing construction should adhere to the principles of economical, energy-saving, land, raise the level of planning and design, basic functions, in line with national standards for earthquake and housing quality and safety standards.

    20th the construction of affordable housing must comply with the capital construction program. Affordable housing investment plan, after review by the municipal development and reform, jointly with relevant departments, together with the Municipal Housing Department issued. Affordable housing construction should start in the investment plan within 6 months after the release build.

    Without due cause fails to start, the municipal housing Bureau to cancel its construction qualification, unpaid by the City Government to recover the land.

    Article 21st within an area of low-rent housing units under 50 square meters; economic rental housing apartment building area of control in less than 60 square meters; affordable housing apartment building area below 70 square meters.

    22nd the low-rent housing, economic rental housing construction financing funds mainly through the following channels:

    (A) the annual financial budget of the Fund;

    (B) net income from land leasing to extract funds;

    (C) loan-risk provisions and housing Provident Fund management expenses the incremental benefit;

    (D) national autonomous construction of low-rent housing subsidies;

    (E) the construction of low-rent housing policy loans of commercial banks;

    (Vi) social donations and funds raised through other channels.

    Article 23rd, economical rental housing to low-rent housing mainly include:

    (A) the construction, reconstruction, acquisition or leasing of housing;

    (B) make certain public housing;

    (C) in accordance with the land transfer contract, to the Government or buy-back of new housing project construction in the total floor area of not less than 3% of low-rent housing;

    (D) in the construction of affordable housing projects in the construction of not less than a total construction area of 10% with low-rent housing;

    (E) public donations housing;

    (Vi) other channels to raise housing.

    Mutatis mutandis of article 24th municipal related preferential policies for the construction of low-rent housing and construction-oriented rural migrant workers and other housing groups of rental housing.
25th farther away from the city's independent industrial and mining enterprises and housing the needy more enterprises, in line with the overall land-use planning, town planning, affordable housing construction plan of the premise, approved by the municipal people's Government, land units can be used for personal use for raising cooperative housing, participate in cooperative housing should be made the object of housing security certificate.

    Fund-raising co-building as part of the construction of affordable housing, sales, construction standards, and other indicators are the implementation of relevant provisions in the construction of affordable housing.

    Units raise cooperative housing to meet the housing difficulties of low-income families after purchase, if you have remaining availability, guaranteed by the Municipal Housing Department to eligible home sale.

    Article 26th 25th provided these measures, no unit organized fund-raising co-building or to raise money on behalf of the cooperative housing, physical allocation of housing or housing development in disguise.

    27th the low-rent housing, economic government priced rental housing rents, guaranteed by the relevant departments for market housing, finance and other sectors, and to the public.

    28th the low-rent housing and economic rental income rental housing through two lines of income and expenditure management, included in the budget at the same level, economical rental housing and low-rent housing maintenance and management costs by the fiscal year budget.

    Article 29th upholding the principle of guaranteed profit affordable housing prices and Government guidance prices benchmark price by the cost of development, taxes, profits of three parts.

    Benchmark price, determined by the competent authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions in conjunction with the Housing Department and to the public.

    Affordable housing project of real estate development enterprises profit margins may not be higher than 3%; municipal direct sales organization building affordable housing at cost price, no profit. 30th article economic applies housing purchase full 5 years Hou allows listed trading; will by market assessment price deductions original allocated with to interests price Hou pay land returns price, Government can priority repo; purchase economic applies housing discontent 5 years, shall not directly listed trading, purchase people for special reasons does needed transfer of, by Government according to original price and consider depreciation and prices level, factors for repo.

    Affordable housing is not available for rental.

    31st property of low-rent housing services charges, made by the lessee in accordance with the Community provisions in the property of the Realty service contract, paid service fees in half, half of municipal subsidies from the low-rent housing rent.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    Article 32nd families receiving rental subsidies should sign the lease with the housing sector subsidies agreement subsidy agreement should be clear criteria for subsidies, subsidies, subsidies of population uses rental housing subsidies, stop, liability, etc.

    Rent a economy rental housing and low-rent housing for families with housing units commissioned by the city housing Security Center entered into lease contracts.

    33rd of municipal housing departments should establish housing family archives, a one file.

    34th of municipal housing sector housing should be regularly audited, no longer meets the conditions for access to low-rent housing guarantee family, withhold rental housing subsidies, or the assigned public rental housing.

    Recovery of low-rent housing, transitional period of 3 months free housing back, maintain their original standard of rental during the transition period the same; after the transition period, refused to release back, according to charge market rents rents or the Housing Department apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.

    Lessee Teng back home, the arrears of rent and property management services and other related costs should be recovered, refused to pay, housing management departments may initiate litigation to the people's Court.

    35th low-rent housing and economic rental housing only by approval of the housing difficulties of urban low-income families live, may not sublet, lent, or change of use.

    An applicant shall pay rent according to the assigned public rental agreement, reasonable use of housing.

    Article 36th economic rental housing or low-rent housing of households have one of the following acts, the municipal housing departments to recover the low-rent housing or housing at market rents rent:

    (A) for more than 6 months in a row without good reason is not leased housing;

    (B) accumulated more than 6 months without good reason not to pay rent, property management fees, heating costs agreed to by the lessee to pay the costs.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    37th housing security and civil affairs departments, street or town government staff working in the housing of any of the following acts, give him a warning, demerit-recording or demerit; plot heavy, demotion or dismissal in serious cases, expelled constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) no regulatory duties seriously, any adverse impact on society;

    (B) consistent with access to affordable housing, economic rental housing or low-rent housing conditions of the housing difficulties of urban low-income families did not sign a consent, or deliberately does not meet the conditions of urban residents signed consent;

    (C) abuse of power, embezzlement, misappropriation, interception housing guarantee fund;

    (D) abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, legitimate rights and national interests against the housing difficulties of urban low-income families.

    Article 38th hidden family income of urban residents, the housing situation or provide false information to apply for affordable housing, economic rental housing, low-rent housing, street or town Governments, the housing sector was inadmissible, and given a warning.

    39th to take improper means to obtain affordable housing for urban residents, the Municipal Housing Department be ordered to refund the purchase of affordable housing, 5 years again to purchase affordable housing.

    To take improper means to obtain low-rent housing or financial rental housing for urban residents, the Municipal Housing Department ordered to exit the low-rent housing, economic rental housing and pay market rent and the criteria of the difference between the low-rent housing, within 5 years is no longer included in the housing.

    Construction of affordable housing units will be affordable housing over an area of some significantly lower than commercial houses with lots of sales and prices by city authorities for punishment.

    40th to apply for affordable housing, economic rental housing or false certificates issued by urban residents in low-rent housing units, the Municipal Housing Department brought to the competent department or discipline inspection and supervision departments are directly responsible for the liabilities according to law officers and other personnel responsibilities.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    41st article lingwu, yongning County, the County in accordance with the measures implemented. 42nd the measures come into effect December 1, 2009, implemented in 2003 by the yinchuan urban low-rental housing regulations repealed simultaneously.

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