Several Provisions Promoting Civilian-Run Education Development In Hefei City

Original Language Title: 合肥市促进民办教育发展若干规定

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Several provisions promoting civilian-run education development in Hefei city

    (December 3, 2009, people's Government of Hefei city, the 48th general meeting January 4, 2010 152th promulgated by the people's Government of Hefei city as of February 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First, private education, to support and protect the healthy development of the cause, according to the People's Republic of China private education promotion law and the People's Republic of China regulations on private education promotion law and the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Social organization or individual other than the second national institutions, non-State financial requirements, organized in this city for middle and secondary schools and other educational institutions activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Article city, County (district) people's Governments to include private education education development plan, encourage, support and guide the healthy development of private education.

    Fourth city, County (district) Administrative Department of education private education work within their respective administrative areas.

    City, County (district) of human resources and social security administrative departments within their respective administrative areas in vocational qualifications in vocational skills training and vocational skills training for private schools.

    Price, civil affairs, finance, planning, land, sports, auditing, public security, taxation and other administrative departments good management of civilian-run education in their respective areas of responsibility.

    Chapter II establishment and alteration and termination

    Fifth to set up private schools, classification management, graded examination and approval in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) General secondary schools (except for health, normal) approved by the municipal people's Government, and submitted to the provincial administrative departments of education;

    (B) secondary vocational school, elementary school, high school, the use of Internet education and distance education school, self-taught training schools approved by the municipal educational administrative departments, provincial education administration departments;

    (C) ordinary junior middle schools, primary schools, secondary and below average non-academic education and training institutions by the County (district) Administrative Department of education approval.

    Involves more than one level, in accordance with the highest level of approval authority and procedures.

    Apply for organized sports, arts and other specialized schools, departments at the same level, as has permission according to the relevant regulations of the State examination and approval, approval of the Administrative Department of education.

    The professional qualification of professional skills training, vocational skills training school run by city and county administrative departments of human resources and social security, and submitted to the next higher administrative Department for human resources and social security, and education administration departments at the same level.

    Sixth of municipal administrative departments of education, human resources and social security administrative departments should refer to all kinds of public schools to set standards, develop and publish various kinds of private schools in the city to set standards, the approval authority shall, within the period specified in the standard implementation of examination and approval.

    Article seventh condition and meet the set standards, you can apply directly for the formal establishment of private schools, sponsors shall submit to the approval authority the following materials:

    (A) the bid report, content shall include: sponsor General information, objectives, school size, school level, sponsoring form, conditions, management, financing and management;

    (B) valid documents verifying sources of assets, funds and and property set forth in which donated of property shall be submitted to the donation agreement, containing the assets contributed by the donor's name, amount, methods and effective use and management of documents;

    (C) the school regulations, the first school Council, the list of the members of the Board of directors or other decision-making bodies;

    (D) proof of eligibility for principals, teachers, accountants. Article eighth approval authority shall make an administrative license within 60 days from the date of acceptance of the application decided, and sent to the applicant.

    Approved the establishment of private schools, the approval authority shall issue school license; approved, shall state the reasons in writing. Privately-run schools after obtaining a school license, registration authority shall, for purposes of registration.

    Registration authorities shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions in time, and shall be published.

    Nineth sponsor shall report the matter in accordance with the bid or school regulations the obligation of contribution. Organizers can use cash or in kind, land use, intellectual property, or other assets.

    Currency other than other forms of assets, assets shall be subject to an evaluation agency; funded intellectual property rights or other forms of intangible asset, the proportion shall not exceed the total amount of 30%.

    Tenth two or more social organizations or individuals holding private schools shall be made by joint agreement, clear investment, capital contribution and their rights and obligations.

    11th sponsor into the school's assets should be separate from other assets held, and set up within 3 months from the date of approval for capital transfer procedures in accordance with law.

    12th private school change, the organizer shall be proposed by the organizers, in accordance with the financial settlement, schools run by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or other decision-making bodies (hereinafter referred to as decision-making bodies in private schools) consent, approval authority for approval.

    Private schools, educational level, school category change, decision-making bodies in private school consent, approval authority for approval.

    The 13th Division or merger of the private school, after liquidation according to law, approved by the decision-making bodies of private schools reported to the approval authorities. Upon termination of the private schools in the 14th, he shall make liquidation, approving authorities shall assist in proper placement of students.

    Upon termination of the implementation of compulsory education in private schools, educational administrative departments shall arrange for students to continue their education.

    15th article subject to school regulations called for an end to the private school, should be in the 6 months before the new school year reported to the approval of the competent departments, and submit the following materials:

    (A) application for termination, termination of the contents of the application shall include the reason, termination termination time, faculty, student placement programme, required approval of the compensation package to assist matters;

    (B) decision-making bodies in private schools for private schools to terminate the relevant resolutions;

    (C) terminate the application of financial audit reports submitted by private schools.

    Faculty compensation scheme should be adopted by the Faculty Congress, student placement programme shall first seek the views of students or their parents.

    Approval authority shall make a decision within 30 working days.

    16th the liquidation period, private schools may not engage in recruitment activities, but should properly carry out teaching activities, until the students according to the resettlement programme is placed.

    Chapter support and security

    17th private schools in water, electricity, gas and other utility charges, performs similar public schools the same price policy.

    Private schools enjoy preferential tax policies set by the State.

    18th new, expanded private school, city, County (district) Government shall, in accordance with the national public welfare undertakings and the construction of the relevant provisions of these concessions.

    19th private school education may not be used for other purposes.

    Because town planning is absolutely necessary to change the land use, land resumption by the Government; to business purposes, open to sell.

    20th private school teaching and administrative staff of professional titles assessment, job recruitment, business training, awards, research projects and research reports, social activities, and so on, have the same rights and public school teachers.

    21st educated in private schools in education, employment, and selection of advanced, Medicare, student loans, student financial aid, concessions, and so on, enjoying equal rights with similar public school education at the same level.

    22nd city, County (district) Governments should set up special funds for the development of private education, for use in supporting development of private education, recognition and incentives for the development of non-governmental organizations and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the cause of education.

    Special funds for the development of private education and specific measures for the management of the financial, educational administrative departments shall be formulated separately.

    The fourth chapter services and management

    23rd school license shall be obtained in private schools and law into the registration certificate, corporate code certificate, tax registration certificate enrollment.

    Private school enrollment shall not exceed the range of specialties and admission approval authorities for the record; enrollment work must not be entrusted to other organizations or individuals.

    24th article published in private school admissions brochures and advertisements, should be true and complete description of the full name of the private school, the nature, level, scope of programs, admissions, fees, issuing certificates and other related matters, and submitted to the approval authority for the record.

    Approval authority for the record-keeping certification of enrollment and free advertising, advertising units shall not be published.

    25th field of private school admissions to the city, shall hold a school license, enrollment brochures and advertisements to the city and county administrative departments of education.

    The 26th has not been approved, private schools are not allowed to set up campuses and teaching points.

    Private schools are not allowed to take educational and teaching tasks entrusted or contracted out to other organizations and individuals.

    27th private schools should establish and implement management accountability and school safety, student, school buildings, sanitation, fire protection management rules and regulations, establishing emergency preparedness.

    Boarding schools should establish and implement hostel, restaurant management, and students access to campus safety management system.

    28th private schools should be employment contracts with the staff employed, employment contracts should include the employment positions, duties, salary, benefits, social insurance, duration of employment, continuing education, as well as breach of contract, such as the main content.

    Private school faculty salaries should be paid on time, by law, Faculty pay social insurance fees.

    29th private school shall establish financial, accounting, and asset management systems, school assets contributed by the sponsor, the State-owned assets, the property donated, accumulation of fees charged by the school register establish accounts and prepare a financial report at the end of each fiscal year, and accept supervision by the approval authority and other relevant departments.

    Financing of the private school shall be independent and shall not confuse sponsors or companies that sponsor investment may not be confused with other private schools organized by the sponsors. 30th during the existence of private schools, its assets used by management according to law and in private schools.

    Organizers no flight of capital contribution, not to misappropriate funds may not be assets for other units or individuals to provide security in private schools.

    Article 31st items and standards of academic education in private schools, shall be approved by price Administrative Department; the fees of private schools to implement non-degree education and standards, should be reported to the price administration departments.

    Private school and standard fees and charges should be eye-catching publicity.

    Article 32nd degree education private schools charged by semester; non-degree education according to the actual length of the private school charges, but not span more than fees.

    Private school students with registration, payment made for just cause after transfer and withdrawal, schools shall, according to price, the provisions of the administrative departments of education, for the refund procedures.

    Consequence of publishing false ad causes students to drop out, a full refund.

    33rd city, County (district), education, human services and social security administration departments should timely public schools establishment, dissolution, termination, significant changes, teachers ' status, conditions, scope of fees, admissions, accidents, enjoy specific government funding as well as pursue legal responsibilities and other basic information.

    Private schools the establishment, dissolution, termination, significant change, education, human resources and social security administrative departments shall within 10 working days from the date of approval to society announcements.

    34th city, County (district), education, human resources and social security administrative departments shall, in accordance with the "who approval, who is in charge, who oversee" principle, on a regular or irregular running of the private school conditions, quality, financial status and the security situation, carry out supervision and inspection, correcting violations in the school in a timely manner. Approval authority shall conduct supervision and inspection of private schools, supervision and inspection of the circumstances and consequences should be recorded after being signed by the inspectors from the archive.

    The public's right to access to approval authority for the supervision and inspection of records.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    35th society organized private school organizations and individuals without authorization, the relevant administrative authority shall order correction within, comply with the laws and regulations of conditions in private schools, you can go through examination and approval procedures in accordance with law; still does not meet conditions of overdue shall be ordered to stop running, resulting in economic losses, the violator shall bear liability.

    The 36th article violates the 24th article, published in private school admissions brochures and advertisements are not approval authorities for the record, the approval authority shall order rectification, and a fine of 5000 Yuan fine.

    The 37th article violates article 26th, establishes a private school and teaching at UCLA, or educational and teaching tasks entrusted or contracted out to other organizations and individuals, the approving authority shall be ordered to correct within a, and a fine of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan fine.

    Article 38th approval authorities and administrations concerned does not perform its functions of supervision, or oversight, causing serious consequences, by its higher administrative authorities or the supervision agency ordered corrective action and managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    39th private pre-school educational establishments in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of pre-school education in Hefei city management. 40th article of the regulations come into force on February 1, 2010.