Xi Administrative Measures On Vehicle Drivers Training

Original Language Title: 西安市机动车驾驶员培训管理办法

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XI administrative measures on vehicle drivers training

    (November 9, 2009 XI ' an Executive meeting of the municipal people's Government, the 95th on November 26, 2009, 86th in XI ' an city people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of motor vehicle driver training, standard motor vehicle driver training and operational activities, to improve training quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on road traffic safety, the People's Republic of China regulations on road transport, the road transport regulation in Shaanxi Province and other provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the practical, these measures are formulated.

    Second, vehicle drivers training administration procedures apply.

    Third motor vehicle driver training mentioned in these measures refers to trainees of motor vehicle driver or to the professional competence for the task of training for road transport drivers, providing training services for public paid continuing education activities and drivers. Fourth municipal traffic administrative departments in the city Administrative Department of motor vehicle driver training industry.

    Vehicle drivers training administration is in charge of its vehicle drivers training administration in the city.

    Yanliang district and the Lintong district, and Chang ' an district, County traffic administration, and the Department responsible for the administration of motor vehicle driver training in management.

    Public security traffic management, industry and commerce, taxation, price and other administrative departments, according to their respective responsibilities of motor vehicle driver training-related work.

    Article fifth vehicle drivers training should follow the law, the principle of honesty and credit, fair competition.

    Article sixth motor vehicle driver training industry associations should play a role of industry self-regulation, industry norms, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the parties.

    Chapter II establishment of training institutions

    Seventh section vehicle driver training under projects, training and training is divided into general motor vehicle driver training, road transport pilot qualification training, motor vehicle driver training school ground operation into three categories, categories of license.

    Article eighth of applying for the establishment of training institutions, shall comply with the conditions laid down in laws and regulations, make an application to the local training institutions, and submit the following materials:

    (A) the application;

    (B) the applicant and a copy of proof of identity;

    (C) the proof of right to use the premises or property rights and a copy of proof;

    (D) the coach property rights of land-use rights certificates or certificate and the copy;

    (V) coaching venue technical specifications description;

    (F) teaching vehicle purchase certificates, certificate of technical conditions, vehicle type and quantity;

    (G) the employment roster and proof of qualifications, titles;

    (H) the need to submit additional material. Nineth training institution shall, from the date of acceptance of the application review is completed within the 15th, made the decision to permit or not permit.

    To approve the licensing decision, shall take a decision within 10 working days of the date the applicant issued permits indicating the corresponding license; no licensing decisions, training institutions should apply for written instructions.

    Training institutions should be licensed by law to industry and commerce, taxation and other departments to handle the registration formalities.

    Article tenth motor vehicle driver training permit, shall not act as motor vehicle drivers training activities.

    Motor vehicle driver training license shall not be forged, altered, transferred, leased, lent.

    11th article training institutions name, and statutory representative people, and business places, and training capacity, and business scale change of, should to original made license decided of training management institutions make back original license pieces, training management institutions should in 30th within for its handle change procedures; need terminated business of, should in terminated business Qian 30th to original made license decided of training management institutions handle administrative license cancellation procedures.

    Chapter management

    12th training institutions should be in the business place prominently suspended licenses, and public training classes, training, fees, charges, telephone and coaches, coaches, teaching site of the situation.

    13th training institutions publish recruitment advertisements should be truthful and lawful, shall not contain misleading or deceptive consumer content.

    Article 14th training management shall set up a list of motor vehicle driver training services, centralized application service to students, and supervision and management of the recruitment activities of the training institutions. 15th training institutions established outside the premises registration points of contact, to local training institutions should be filed.

    Registration points of contact shall be carried out to recruit students other than other businesses. 16th motor vehicle driver training and implementation of the school system, according to training hours and reasonable fee.

    Training institution shall take the price premium license issued by the administrative departments to local training record, and follow the filing fees charged.

    Article 17th hours appointment system of training institutions should be established, and publicize the contact telephone number and appointment.

    Article 18th of the motor vehicle driver training coaches certificate, the applicant shall take my ID card, education or the title certificate, proof of driving information, training institutions, to apply qualified in the first instance, in accordance with the relevant provisions of training after passing the examination, by the provincial administration of road transportation agency issued the certificate of motor vehicle driver training coaches.

    Article 19th coach certified coaches in training institutions should employ made automobile driver training, and sign a labour contract.

    Training appointment or dismissal of the coach, should be to the 15th training management agency records.

    20th, training management should coach through the annual leave for at least a week of training and assessment, and strengthening the professional ethics education of coaches and driver re-education of new knowledge, new technology, work ability can be improved.

    21st training institutions enrolled in the training of personnel should fill out the student registration form and signed training contracts with the trainees, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.

    Coaches at the 22nd training using the vehicle shall conform to the national standards for vehicle technology, with a pair of rear-view mirror, auxiliary braking pedals, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment and uniform logos, install and use the recorder for hours, and has made public security traffic Administrative Department issuing coach license plates and road transport certificates issued by the traffic Department.

    Training institutions are encouraged to use the new, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly vehicles for teaching.

    23rd training institution shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State coach cars for regular maintenance and testing, keep the coach car good performance, in line with the teaching and safety requirements, and update as required.

    Prohibition of the use of, detection of non-coaches and scrapping of nonconforming and other vehicles do not comply with state motor vehicle driver's training activities. Training institutions to increase coaching vehicles should be commensurate with the training capacities, and intended to increase the training car models, a number of training management information report filings and public security traffic management Department for a coaching license plate; training institutions reduces the coach car should be located in the 15th training record.

    Coach car scrapped, should be returned at end of 15th after coaching license and road transport certificates.

    Article 24th training institutions should strictly enforce the syllabus prescribed by the State, in accordance with the curriculum requirements of the theory and content and hours of hands-on training for students, and ensure the quality of training.

    Training institutions should make full use of multimedia teaching software and driving simulators, training hours recorder advanced teaching equipment, improve the level of training. 25th training institutions, training institutions, and fill in should be used uniformly of the training record, structured training to students, subject to examination.

    Presented for examination of the motor vehicle driver's training certificate. Training institutions should report the training bodies of the training records for the record.

    When the students go through the motor vehicle driver's license exam registration procedures, the public security traffic Administrative Department shall examine the training records of.

    Article 26th vehicle drivers training training agencies should abide by the relevant laws, regulations, provisions of the regulations, shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) without the permission of training institutions teaching sites engaged in motor vehicle driver training;

    (B) take offsite training, malicious prices, cheating students or other improper means and activities;

    (C) commitment to handling motor vehicle driver's license in the name of the cadets;

    (D) hiring has not obtained the qualification of personnel engaged in teaching activities;

    (E) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    27th students can choose their own coaches and training time, according to syllabus training school, training organizations, final examination, training providers an unpublicized fees, fees have the right to refuse, and complaints, report to the Department.

    Students shall abide by the relevant laws, regulations and training management system, take care of training facilities and equipment.

    Fourth chapter of supervision and inspection

    28th transportation, traffic management and other departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, establish training and examination liaison mechanism and accident investigation, accountability, improve the work procedures and supervision mechanism, promote the work of training, examination and certification institutionalized and standardized.

    29th training authorities should strengthen supervision and inspection of training institutions, establishing the quality evaluation system of training institutions, announced to the public on a regular basis on the inspection of law enforcement training institutions and the reputation for quality evaluation.

    Training institutions should be open to the public to accept reports and complaints telephone, mailing address, to the admissibility of reports, complaints should be dealt with promptly.

    30th train law enforcement personnel of regulatory bodies should be in accordance with legal authority and procedures for training institutions to conduct supervision and inspection, and shall not impede the normal operation of training institutions and teaching order.
Training Administration and transportation, traffic management and other staff shall not participate or participate in motor vehicle driver training operation in a disguised form.

    31st training institution shall, in accordance with the provisions of article building and keeping participants, coaches, coach car records.

    And submit electronic statistical reports to training institutions.

    Article 32nd training management should establish vehicle drivers training administration information and public information services network, improve management and service level.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    33rd article violates these rules, unauthorized motor vehicle driver training business, any of the following circumstances, administered by the training institution shall be ordered to stop operation has illegally obtained, confiscation of illegal proceeds and illegal income fined not more than twice times 10 times; no illegal income or the illegal income is less than 10,000 yuan, the fines of between 50,000 yuan and 20,000 Yuan:

    (A) no motor vehicle driver training permit and illegally engaged in motor vehicle driver training business;

    (B) beyond the license illegally engaged in motor vehicle driver training business.

    34th article violates these rules, training institutions is not strictly in accordance with the provisions of the training or training certificate of completion issued to deception, administered by the training agency shall order rectification refuses, by the licensing authority shall revoke its business license.

    35th article violates these rules, training institutions, one of the following acts, administered by the training depending on the circumstances, between 2000 Yuan and 500 Yuan the following fines:

    (A) undertakings, coaches, vehicles, teaching venue be changed or does not meet the requirements;

    (B) not in accordance with the regulations on flying business license;

    (C) hire coaches not according to stipulations;

    (D) does not provide for the establishment and maintenance of participants, coaches, coach car records;

    (E) training management record is not within the specified time limits to related matters;

    (Vi) to coach was not in accordance with the regulations of vehicle maintenance and inspection.

    Article 36th other acts in violation of these rules by the relevant departments to be dealt with pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

    37th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    Article 38th training of management staff in dereliction of duty, favoritism, abuse, provided by his or her employer sanction case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 39th these measures come into force on January 1, 2010.