Trial Measures For The Temporary Assistance For Rural And Urban Residents Of Gansu Province

Original Language Title: 甘肃省城乡居民临时救助试行办法

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Trial measures for the temporary assistance for rural and urban residents of Gansu province

    (November 18, 2009 at the 41st Executive meeting of Gansu province on November 27, 2009, 63rd release of Gansu province as of January 1, 2010) article to improve the social assistance system, timely and effective solution to the urban and rural residents in emergency, temporary difficulties, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second interim relief refers to the sudden and temporary causes non-basic life temporarily difficult family regular, non-quantitative aid. Third interim relief the Government aid combined, social solidarity and family self-help, adhere to timely, appropriate, fair and open principles.

    People should be self-reliant and hard work, entrepreneurship, to improve living conditions.

    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the leadership of interim relief, set up temporary assistance, temporary assistance into urban and rural social assistance system.

    County and City Civil Affairs Department is responsible for the implementation of interim relief. County Municipal Finance Department is responsible for the budgetary arrangements for the temporary Rescue Fund.

    Other relevant departments within the scope of their respective duties and make temporary relief work.

    Township government, temporary relief of the subdistrict office related work.

    Article fifth interim relief include:

    (A) the subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents (hereinafter referred to as the urban and rural minimum living standard security) and out of reach of other special social relief system, average family income not higher than the local standard 150%, due to sudden and temporary causes temporary difficulties to basic family;

    (B) have been incorporated into urban and rural minimum living standard security system of social relief and assistance and other special coverage, but because of sudden, temporary causes the basic living for the time being there are more families in difficulty;

    (C) the counties designated by the people's Governments should help the other special people.

    Sixth under any of the following circumstances are not temporary relief:

    (A) involved in illegal activities such as gambling, drug abuse leads to family life difficult;

    (B) refuse management agencies, conceal or do not offer real household income, issuing false certificates.

    Article seventh due to large-scale natural disasters such as floods, drought, hail, accidents and disasters, public health, social security and other public emergencies, the need for emergency transfer placement and basic living assistance, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    Eighth interim relief apply in writing based on the family unit, the village (neighborhood) committees review and signing, or street by actual residence Township people's Government audit, County and City Civil Affairs Department for approval.

    The Township people's Governments, neighborhood offices and County urban civil affairs departments shall, within 15 working days investigating and verifying the situation, proposed audit approval and publicity.

    Does not meet the conditions of the Township people's Government, neighborhood offices or County and City Civil Affairs Department shall notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

    Nineth due to traffic accidents, diseases and other emergencies caused by families unable to maintain a basic living, you can simplify the procedures and, if necessary, by County and City Civil Affairs Department handled directly. Article tenth County urban civil affairs departments will implement the interim relief, in the applicant's home country, be publicized within the subdistrict office, subject to public supervision.

    The urgency of the situation, relief after the first publication. 11th temporary assistance in cash assistance, and may also take physical help. Interim relief assistance within a year, the applicant shall not in the same subject repeated applications.

    In special circumstances, been determined by County and City Civil Affairs Department can be given within one year after the second rescue.

    12th temporary relief funds granted by the County and City Civil Affairs Department also may entrust the Township people's Governments, neighborhood offices issue.

    13th temporary relief standards determined by the County and city people's Government according to the actual situation and adjusted according to the level of local economic and social development at the right moment.

    14th temporary assistance funding:

    (A), States, counties, provinces, according to its urban population, and determine what percentage of expenditures according to the face of arrangements on budget funds, County City State leased part of finance, by province, fiscal responsibility raised;

    (B) financial investment in interim and annual balance urban and rural minimum living standard security at all levels;

    (C) the social funds. 15th temporary rescue fund management accounts, earmarking.

    Annual balances of funds may be carried forward to the next year, shall not be used for or diverted to any other use the balanced budget.

    16th for misrepresentation, concealment, falsification and other means of obtaining interim relief, civil affairs departments should recover the bailout money, not to accept his application for interim relief within two years.

    17th State personnel negligence, malpractice or abuse of power, violation of temporary relief, by the unit or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 18th article this way come into force on January 1, 2010.