Gansu Provincial Safety Production Supervision And Management Liability

Original Language Title: 甘肃省政府安全生产监督管理责任规定

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Gansu Provincial safety production supervision and management liability

    (November 18, 2009 at the 41st Executive meeting of Gansu province on November 27, 2009, 60th published the people's Government of Gansu province as of January 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First to implement production safety supervision and management responsibilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China production safety law and the Gansu Provincial safety regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Article at all levels of Government within the administrative area of the province, responsible for production safety supervision and management functions of departments and agencies with related functions (hereinafter referred to as the relevant government departments), the fulfilment of production safety supervision and administration of the application of this provision.

    Governments at all levels and relevant government departments in accordance with article III territorial management and grading the combining, comprehensive regulatory and industry regulatory principle of combining and implementing production safety supervision and management responsibilities.

    Chapter II the Government function

    IV the Governments at various levels within the administrative area of the supervision and administration of production safety has the following responsibilities:

    (A) advocacy, implementation of work safety laws and regulations;

    (B) to perform their duties of supervision and administration of production safety, to incorporate safety into the overall plan and annual plans of Governments, urging relevant departments and lower levels of Government to enhance production safety;

    (C) establishing and perfecting the management system for production safety, research, arrangements for production safety work on a regular basis, coordinate major work safety supervision and management issues;

    (D) establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety, clear and responsible duties, safeguard requirements for supervision and administration of production safety;

    (E) report to the establishment of major accident hazards, handling and monitoring systems, relevant departments in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, on the area of the production and business operation entities, premises and equipment, facility inspections, effective monitoring of major hazard installations, major accident hazards shall be ordered to rule out, in case of emergency law in order to suspend or stop using;

    (Vi) development of major work safety accident emergency rescue plan, establishing emergency rescue system, drills are regularly organized, do the emergency rescue work;

    (G) provisions related to according to accident levels, reports, surveys, accidents in the treatment area, organize and coordinate rescue and remedial work

    (VIII) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations. Five heads of Government at all levels in accordance with the leadership responsibility for safety within their respective jurisdictions.

    Other leaders within the scope of responsibilities of leadership responsibility for work safety.

    Sixth levels of annual safety management objectives of the public safety Committee to formulate, periodically convene plenary meetings, listen to the safety report, analysis of research situation of safe production, study and solve major problems in work safety, arrangements for work safety.

    Article seventh Township government, neighborhood offices should supervise the production and business operation entities implement the Government and relevant departments to make safety decisions assist the higher levels of Government and relevant government departments to troubleshoot potential accidents, cessation of work safety violations; establishing and perfecting safety supervision and management system, implementation of job responsibilities.

    Chapter III responsibilities of departments Eighth Government work safety supervision and management departments at all levels shall exercise general supervision and management responsibilities. Guide, and coordination and supervision other has safety supervision management duties of sector on this industry safety work implementation supervision management; organization survey processing safety accident, supervision accident investigation and responsibility held implementation situation; on mine, and dangerous chemicals, and Fireworks firecrackers, field of safety work and mining trade job places career health implementation supervision management, and is responsible for related safety of administrative license work; bear safety Committee daily, on safety target accountability implementation supervision assessment; legal, and

    Other duties stipulated by law.

    Nineth Government departments concerned in accordance with the laws and regulations of the provisions and requirements of this level of Government, higher authorities deployed to fulfil duties of supervision and administration of production safety.

    (A) development and reform Department: responsible for work safety into national economic and social development plans; the new, renovation or expansion of major construction projects (facilities) for approval and when it is completed, supervise project implementation of occupational safety and technical measures for protection.

    (B) the State-owned assets management: supervise funded and State-owned holding enterprises mainly responsible for the implementation of safety responsibility, performance evaluation for companies who carry out safety duties; implement production safety accident liability.

    (C) the Ministry of public security: responsible for road traffic, fire fighting, civil blasting materials, transport of dangerous substances, poisonous substances purchased used, discharge of fireworks and firecrackers, large-scale mass activities and public safety sectors (areas) of the safety supervision and management.

    (D) the transport sector: responsible for road and water transportation safety supervision and management of dangerous chemical transportation vehicle and supervise employees; construction to highway construction projects, civil aviation security, key roads and dangerous sections, and accident-prone sections supervise safety investigation regulation.

    (E) the Department of housing and urban-rural construction: houses, construction companies, municipal engineering and city gas safety management, safety supervision and inspection work participation obligation, regularly carry out supervision and inspection of production safety.

    (Vi) land resources department: responsible for mining work order rectification and integration, combating transboundary illegal mining digs, Super illegal mining activities, coordination and coordination of relevant departments of mines, geological exploration and safety management of abandoned mines, prevention of geological disasters.

    (G) the Environmental Protection Department: responsible for the supervision and administration of waste disposal of hazardous chemicals and radioactive material to investigate environmental pollution accidents, pollution accidents monitoring and controlling environmental impacts and accidents caused by pollution.

    (H) the quality and technical supervision Department: responsible for the special equipment safety supervision and management; implementation of industry products production license system of security supervision and management.

    (I) the agricultural sector: responsible for production safety supervision and management of agro-pastoral systems, agricultural production and accident prevention work; pesticide product management is responsible for identifying the security management to strengthen agricultural machinery management and implementation of farm machinery safety production responsibility and perfecting farm-safety monitoring network; strengthening the management of grassland fire prevention.

    (10) water sector: responsible for dams, levees, sluices, channels and other water conservancy facilities and the safety supervision and management of river bank-line; guidance, supervision and safety management of flood control and drought relief; responsible for hydraulic engineering construction safety management of hydropower station and water system management and network security management of power distribution units.

    (11) the tourism sector: tourism Enterprise supervision and administration of production safety guidance urged tourism security management work to tie in with the departments of safety management of tourist venues.

    (12) Health Department: responsible for the pre-evaluation of occupational hazards in construction project auditing, design review and acceptance of health occupational-disease-prevention facilities; responsible for chemicals toxicity evaluation work to strengthen food safety supervision and administration of medicines and laboratory management responsible for organize and coordinate accident people medical rescue and technical and equipment support.

    (13) the education sector: responsible for the activities of educational institutions and students in school safety supervision and management, urging schools to strengthen safety education for teachers and students responsible for campus buildings, roads, facilities, equipment and teaching and experiment with the safety supervision and management of dangerous goods.

    (14) Department of human resources and social security: the implementation of special labour protection for women workers, young workers supervise and inspect the situation, responsible for industrial injury and industrial injury treatment disputes.

    (15) the forestry sector: forestry system is responsible for supervision and administration of production safety, organization, coordination, guidance and supervision of forest fire prevention work in the region.

    (16) the Meteorological Department: responsible for early warning of severe weather monitoring, meteorological disaster warning mechanism established and perfected.

    (17) Department of business administration: enterprises in strict market access relating to production safety, push for safety production management in various markets, cooperate with relevant departments banned do not meet the safety requirements of the production and business operation entity.

    (18) financial Department: responsible for financing arrangements for supervision and administration of production safety, pay, and supervision and management.

    (19) the departments of civil affairs: involved in serious accidents, social relief, relief work and rehabilitation.

    (20) the science and Technology Department: responsible for safety technology integrated into the annual planning, increase investment in science and technology for safety, actively promote the popularization and application of safety science and technology innovation and high-tech, involved in the study of technology in the development of work safety.

    (21) other related sectors such as culture, sports, religion: responsible for the system-owned enterprises, production facilities, equipment and safety management of large group activities and other crowded places, regularly carry out safety inspections, implementation of safety production supervision and management responsibilities for breaches of safety laws, rules and regulations to be stopped and rectified.

    Tenth administrative supervision departments are responsible for oversight of the investigation and handling of accidents, and put forward opinions and suggestions for administrative supervision objects, and in accordance with the approved, accountability.

    11th Executive Chief is in charge of relevant departments of the Government responsibility for safety of persons, the leadership responsibility for supervision and administration of production safety work in this sector.

    (A) the implementation of work safety laws and regulations, to incorporate safety into the sector, the system's overall planning, study and solve major issues relating to production safety in the work, organization validation policies and measures to enhance production safety supervision and management;

    (B) the head of support and urge is in charge of work safety, coordinate and solve the major issues in the work;

    (C) sound Department, production safety supervision and administration of the system, establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety.
12th heads of relevant government departments in charge of the safety of direct leadership responsibility for work safety, other heads in accordance with the "one post double responsibility" principle, in charge of work safety has the lead responsibility within the scope.

    (A) the implementation of the Government's policies and measures on work safety and issued the safety indicators, combined with peer production safety supervision and management departments to strengthen the system, the industry's safety production supervision and management, solve the prominent problems existing in the work of production safety;

    (B) the development of safety production work plans, objectives and measures, and implementation;

    (C) organize regular safety inspections, supervise the production and business operation entities implement the safety responsibility, strengthen safety production management, establish and improve the safety management structure, management system, strengthen safety guarantees to improve work safety conditions, screening, control potential accidents, and implementing infrastructure projects and technical transformation projects of "three simultaneous" system;

    (D) as required to report accidents, when the accident occurred, to the scene to organize rescue work in a timely manner;

    (E) coordination and participation in the related investigation and handling of accidents.

    The fourth chapter responsibility 13th safety production responsibility system and an annual appraisal system.

    Governments at all levels and relevant government departments should implement the responsibility of production safety supervision and management, as an important element into the annual performance evaluation of leading cadres. 14th safety production responsibility system and evaluation, self evaluation assessment and examination methods.

    Self-assessment examination by safety responsibility on their own organization; organizational assessment is divided into higher levels of Government to lower the Government's assessment of its functions, the Government sector assessment, Department of evaluation of superior to subordinate.

    15th production safety responsibility includes working implementation of production safety, safety production license, accident control, rectification and the accident rate of rectification, project safety production "three simultaneous" system implementation, monitoring of major hazards, emergency and first-aid building, safety awareness and safety, incident investigation and so on.

    16th relevant government departments did not implement supervision and administration responsibilities, unfinished annual safety control index, exercise a veto in the annual comprehensive examination.

    17th levels of the Government and leaders of relevant departments and staff, failure to perform duties of supervision and administration of production safety, responsible for production safety accidents, and accountability in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    18th production safety responsibility deployment centrally by the provincial government, provincial Office of organization and implementation.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 19th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2010. , Issued by the people's Governments at all levels in Gansu province, July 8, 2002 safety production responsibility system and measures for its implementation, the Government repealed simultaneously.