Administrative Provisions On Pre-School Education In Shenyang

Original Language Title: 沈阳市学前教育管理规定

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Administrative provisions on pre-school education in Shenyang

    (December 25, 2009, Shenyang city people's Government, the 31st Executive session on December 31, 2009, Shenyang city people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2010, 14th), first in order to strengthen the management of pre-school education, promote the development of pre-school education, guarantee the healthy growth of preschool children, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on education and the People's Republic of China Law on private education promotion and other relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    A second pre-school education and management in the administrative area of the city, and the work of pre-school institutions, these provisions shall apply.

    Pre-school education in these rules refers to the education of pre-school children.

    Pre-school educational institutions in these rules refers to kindergarten and preschool children full time, hourly rates, residential care and education institutions.

    Article encourages social organizations and citizens organized pre-school education establishments.

    Encourage domestic and overseas organizations and individuals donated to the expiration dates of supports in the form of development of pre-school education.

    IV the leadership of the people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the pre-school education, integrated and coordinated the development of pre-school education, pre-school education plan for national economic and social development of the region.

    Fifth, pre-school education, the municipal educational administrative departments are responsible for the work for integrated planning and management of pre-school education.

    District and County (City) of educational administrative departments are responsible for the management of pre-school education within the same administrative area, supervision of all kinds of pre-school institutions.

    Development, finance, industry and commerce, pricing, building, planning, civil affairs, health, population and family planning, disabled persons ' Federation, women's federations and other departments, should be in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, make a pre-primary education services.

    Sixth location of pre-school institutions, architecture, area quotas, staffing, facilities and equipment must comply with safety and health standards prescribed by the State.

    Article seventh unit organized pre-school institutions or individuals, shall be filed with district and County (City) administrative departments of education to apply for registration and approval procedures, educational administrative departments shall, from the date of acceptance of the application review in the 20th, to meet the required conditions, approval, issue school license and in accordance with the provisions of the municipal educational administrative departments for the record.

    After a private pre-school educational institutions approved by the administrative departments of education, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Home Department for legal registration.

    Pre-school institutions changes its registered items or discontinued, organizers should be 1 month in advance to the original examination and approval authorities for changes or closure procedures. Article eighth pre-school places and Fairgrounds, public entertainment venues, hospitals, garbage and sewage treatment station environment, such as noise, messy or not conducive to children's physical and mental health and endanger children safe places adjacent.

    Early education centers, not in Office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other sites.

    Pre-school education advisory service institutions for pre-school education and training shall be in accordance with the provisions applying to the administrative departments of education, handling school license.

    Nineth units or individuals bid for pre-school institutions, shall be filed with the administrative departments of education to provide the following materials:

    (A) apply for pre-school institutions and programmes;

    (B) the organizers and legal person qualifications;

    (C) pre-school education institutions regulation and Council (or Board) list;

    (D) the Faculty of qualification certificate, health certificate;

    (E) property and site certificates and proof of funds;

    (Vi) issued by the Fire Department of a fire safety certificate, proof of community or neighborhood offices;

    (G) food service permit;

    (H) other relevant documents you need.

    Jointly organized pre-school education bodies, should also be submitted to the Liaison Office agreement. Article tenth pre-school educational institutions in accordance with the conditions of facilities, management, conservation education quality implementation of classification and management.

    Pre-primary level standards by the municipal educational administrative departments and the municipal public health administrative departments, has developed. 11th pre-school institutions should establish a security protection, health and safety responsibility system to prevent the occurrence of food poisoning and the prevalence of infectious diseases, and protect the safety and health of children.

    Food poisoning, infectious diseases, accidental injury accidents, lost children and other circumstances, shall promptly report to relevant departments of health, public security, education, and to take immediate emergency measures.

    12th may not set up the risk of threats to the safety of children in the pre-school education places facilities shall not use toxic and harmful substances, AIDS.

    13th pre-school institutions should be selected in accordance with national conservation, educational content and methods should be based on the game activities.

    Preschool teachers and other staff members shall respect and care for pre-school children, without discrimination, insult, abuse, intimidate, corporal punishment or corporal preschool children.

    Article 14th pre-school care, education, medical and other staff shall comply with the following conditions:

    (A) the heads of pre-school, kindergarten teachers should possess (including secondary vocational and technical schools of early childhood education professional) graduate and above, and qualified as a teacher;

    (B) the health care practitioner should have the qualification certificate in nurseries and gardens health care personnel;

    (C) nurses should have a high school education, and birth, early childhood care career skills training;

    (D) the cooks should be trained in appropriate vocational skills training, obtain the appropriate professional credentials; (E) health, staff of pre-school institutions should prove before they can work.

    Preschool staff shall conduct a physical examination every year.

    Chronic infectious diseases, mental illness, may not work in preschool education.

    15th pre-school institutions, Director of the Park, the accountability system into practice, parks, Director of comprehensive administration of pre-school institutions, whose main functions are:

    (A) adhere to the correct direction;

    (B) pre-school educational institutions under the auspices of conservation and education work;

    (C) implement the national pre-school curriculum standards, promote the harmonious development of the child;

    (D) promote the proper education and scientific knowledge;

    (V) other administrative matters. 16th people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the management of pre-school education, increasing funding for education.

    No organization or individual shall not be diverted, stolen, their education. 17th urban planning should rationally determine the layout and location of pre-school education places, towns in the process of transformation and urban community building, construction should be commensurate with the resident population of pre-school education establishments.

    New construction and renovation of old urban areas of pre-school education establishments by the Government plan, the use of various resources.

    18th no unit or individual may appropriate pre-school institutions and destruction of buildings and facilities, may not be in pre-school educational institutions around hazards, pollution of buildings and facilities, must not interfere with the normal working order of the pre-school institutions.

    19th pre-school institutions shall, in accordance with provisions of charging of permits, fees in accordance with regulations, may not be charging. Article 20th inspection system of pre-primary education.

    City, district and County (City) of educational supervision institutions for pre-school education development plans under implementation, funding and quality of use, conservation education, management, teachers for supervision.

    Article 21st units and individuals with one of the following conditions, by Governments or educational administrative departments at all levels give awards to:

    (A) to improve the conditions of pre-school institutions achievements;

    (B) conservation and education work outstanding achievements;

    (C) the achievements of pre-school educational institutions management.

    22nd pre-school institutions has any of the following circumstances, by administrative department or relevant Department of education ordered to rectify or stop recruiting, stop Garden:

    (A) without registration, without organized pre-school education establishments;

    (B) the Garden House, the facility does not comply with national health standards and safety standards;

    (C) the education content and method of damage children's health.

    23rd unit or individual has any of the following circumstances, the education Administrative Department in charge or relevant departments direct responsibility for administrative penalties in accordance with the relevant provisions; or the relevant government departments responsible for administrative sanctions:

    (A) dereliction of duty caused injuries among preschool children;

    (B) corporal punishment or corporal of preschool children;

    (C) deductions, divert funding of pre-school education;

    (D) seize or damage pre-school institutions housing, facilities and equipment;

    (V) interfere with normal working order of the pre-school institutions;

    (Vi) in pre-school educational institutions around the hazards, pollution of buildings and facilities;

    (VII) no fees, fees;

    (H) the provisions of other laws, rules and regulations. 24th article of the regulations come into force on February 1, 2010. Shenyang kindergarten job regulations (Shen Zheng [1994]5) repealed simultaneously.

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