Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, A Major Construction Project Inspection Methods

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区重大建设项目稽察办法

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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a major construction project inspection methods

    (October 12, 2009 the 11th session of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at the 42nd Executive meeting on November 23, 2009, the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region promulgated as of January 1, 2010, 52nd) first in order to strengthen the supervision and management of major construction projects, standard inspection of major construction projects, maintenance of national and public interests, in accordance with the law, regulations and related provisions, combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

    Article applies to the following major construction project inspection (hereinafter referred to as project check):

    (A) the use of budget funds and special construction funds into the financial management of the Government, social and public interests, public safety projects;

    (B) the use of financial capital, has a significant impact on the national economy and social development projects;

    (C) municipal-level people's Governments divided into districts coordinate on major construction projects;

    (D) other major construction projects identified by the people's Governments above the county level.

    Article development and reform agency of the Government above the county level (hereinafter referred to as inspection department) is responsible for the administrative inspection of major project work and construction of organization, coordination, financial and auditing departments work project Inspectorate.

    The fourth project Inspectorate responsible for grading:

    (A) the main inspection inspection agency of the Government of the autonomous region by the countries and autonomous regions the level of government funding and investment authorities, approval and filing of the autonomous region, autonomous region people's Government coordinate on major construction projects;

    (B) the district municipal government inspection Department of the main inspection by the level of government funding, the level of government investment authorities, approval, for the record, the level of Government coordinate the major construction projects;

    (C) the County Inspection Department inspection mainly determined by the level of government funding, the level of government investment authorities, approval and filing of major construction projects.

    Superior Inspection Department of major construction projects can be referred to child Inspection Unit inspection, you can also check and inspection departments at lower levels are responsible for major construction projects.

    The fifth item Inspection consists of the following main elements:

    (A) approval of compliance with statutory procedures;

    (B) whether legal tender;

    (C) it is in accordance with law, construction, and supervision;

    (D) the compliance schedule;

    (E) the truthfulness, budget control, legal use of funds;

    (Vi) other matters must check.

    Sixth check unit shall accept project Inspectorate, provide truthful information and documentation related to the project, reported in the construction and management of major issues shall destroy, conceal, falsify or refuse to provide information on the file.

    Major construction projects related to exploration, design, supervision, construction, material and equipment supply, business agents and other units should assist the inspection departments, provide relevant information and data.

    Article seventh Inspectorate Inspectorate shall be notified in advance 3rd sector projects were inspection unit if necessary, approved by the Inspection Department, immediate inspection. Article eighth inspection sector project Inspectorate should send inspection groups.

    Executive law enforcement inspection group, consisting of not less than 2 and associated professionals.

    Nineth inspection group project inspection work, can be taken in the following ways:

    (A) hear the Inspection Unit report on major construction projects;

    (B) inspection inspection units on major construction projects engineering data, financial and accounting, as well as other relevant information, if necessary, require the persons concerned to explain;

    (C) into the scene of a major construction project to verify the situation;

    (D) to participate in major construction projects construction, supervision and other relevant units understand the situation;

    (E) to the financial, finance, auditing, construction related sectors, such as understanding the inspection unit of the project funding, project quality, and so on;

    (Vi) to survey and design and other related institutions to verify the situation.

    Tenth inspection group shall hear the views of the inspection unit, after the end of the project check and inspection report of the 20th.

    Check conclusions on the Inspection Department shall timely; inspection conclusions should inform the inspection unit, and to inform the relevant authorities.

    11th Inspection Unit inspection disagrees with the conclusions, since the date of receiving the inspection results in the 15th, request inspection Department for review.

    12th check unit violates the provisions of major construction project management, minor, inspection department can give notice of rectification, rectification and informed criticism in serious cases, with the approval of major construction projects approved or approval authority of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, you can suspend the allocation of Government funds for construction or the suspension of the project construction.

    13th inspection departments should track the project check and rectification, and re-examinations.

    14th inspection staff project Inspectorate should be objective, fair, professional, conservative inspection units trade secrets. 15th inspection departments should strengthen cooperation with financial, audit, supervision, construction related sectors as well as financial institutions such as the contact, inform each other of the situation. The Department's investigation, inspection, inspection findings to meet inspection needs of the project, should be used to avoid duplication checking.

    Inspection Department in accordance with work requirements, jointly with the financial, auditing, and construction departments jointly launched a project inspection.

    16th item Inspection requirements in the budget at the same level, be guaranteed by financial.

    17th inspection staff have one of the following actions, responsibilities of the person shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) the hide were major violations of inspection units;

    (B) collusion fabricating material and inspection units;

    (C) disclose State secrets and the inspection units trade secrets;

    (D) other acts of abuse of authority, dereliction of duty or engages in.

    18th Inspection Unit has one of the following acts, directly by the relevant departments of the responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) refuses or obstructs the inspectors to perform their duties;

    (B) refuse or deliberately delayed providing inspectors with building information and materials related to the project;

    (C) destroy, conceal, falsify information on the file;

    (D) other acts of obstruction of the inspectors to perform their duties. 19th article this way come into force on January 1, 2010.

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