Hefei Urban Underground Pipeline Management

Original Language Title: 合肥市城市地下管线管理办法

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Hefei urban underground pipeline management

    ~10 (February 22, 2010 Hefei city people's Government, the 54th Executive meeting on March 31, 2010, people's Government of Hefei city, the 154th announced as of May 1, 2010)

    Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen underground pipeline project management, rational development and utilization of pipeline space resources, and protection of underground pipeline security operation, according to the People's Republic of China town and country planning Act and the People's Republic of China construction project quality management of construction law, Department of State of the Ordinance and the regulations on the administration of urban roads, the Hefei municipal facilities management regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the scope of this regulation is applicable in the city underground pipeline planning, construction and information management activities.

    Article underground pipeline in these measures refers to construction of underground water supplies, drainage, water, gas, heat, electricity, lighting, communication, cable television and public monitoring video, dedicated pipeline and auxiliary facilities such as fuel, industrial material, excluding agricultural production lines, industrial and mining enterprises in the production pipeline.

    Fourth article of the city underground pipeline management with unified planning, coordination and management, conservation of resources, information sharing and security principles.

    Fifth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of underground pipeline construction.

    Municipal planning authorities are responsible for planning and management of underground pipeline.

    Municipal urban construction archives management institution in charge of the urban underground pipeline project archives, collection, storage, use and underground pipelines information management system of construction, management and maintenance.

    Land and natural resources, finance, public security, civil defense, landscaping and urban management sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common management of underground pipeline.

    VI pipeline property right, management units of underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities is responsible for the safe operation, routine inspections and maintenance should be strengthened, maintaining pipelines and their auxiliary facilities in good condition and safe; underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities damaged, aging, loss, should be repaired in a timely manner.

    Seventh no units or individuals may damage, occupation, destruction of underground pipeline and auxiliary facilities, and to report such behavior to stop and. Underground pipeline eighth to encourage and support scientific and technological research and innovation, promotion of advanced technologies, and improving the level of science and technology of pipeline management.

    Promotes pipeline construction and construction unit to adopt new technology, new materials and new technologies.

    Shared by encouraging the adoption of comprehensive pipe Gallery, tunnel, Trenchless Technology, building construction of underground pipelines, improve the efficiency of the utilization of underground space.

    Encourage the underground pipeline property, management unit uses advanced technology to underground pipeline identification, location, detection and management.

    Chapter II administration of planning

    Article pipeline property unit should be based on the overall urban planning, together with the municipal planning departments to prepare pipeline planning.

    Preparation of controlled detailed planning should be based on the requirements of urban master plan, comprehensive arrangements for all types of underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities.

    Tenth new construction, renovation or expansion of roads, should be unified planning, overall design and arrange the location of underground pipelines.

    Underground pipeline engineering in building, rebuilding, expansion, should be controlled in the context of planning the pipeline location and shall not occupy other pipeline locations.

    11th the various underground pipeline to, position, depth should be integrated planning and implementation in accordance with the following principles:

    (A) the trend of underground pipelines should be parallel to the center line of the road, and to coordinate with the underground concealment project, avoid crossing and interfere with each other;

    (B) the same construction of the pipeline should be merged;

    (C) except with the consent of the municipal people's Government, supporting pipeline into new roads, rebuilt or expanded roads, existing overhead lines should be entered;

    (D) the pipeline to avoid has built a pipeline to be constructed, in principle, temporary pipeline to avoid formal line, a branch pipeline to avoid the main pipeline, small diameter pipeline to avoid large-diameter pipelines, avoidance of pressure pipeline gravity flow piping, flexible pipeline avoidance should not be bent line, technical requirements for low to avoid high technical requirements pipeline, pipeline to avoid the rigid structure of flexible structures pipelines;

    (E) the level of the buried depth of underground pipeline and pipeline distance, vertical spacing, and spacing of buildings, structures, trees, etc, in accordance with the relevant technical standards.

    12th underground pipeline at the red line in planning of urban road engineering construction, pipeline planning arrangements should comply with the following requirements:

    (A) in the center of the planned red line line East and South, mainly water, reclaimed water, gas, electricity and other pipelines;

    (B) the planned red line and North West of the centre line, mainly rain, water supply, heating, communications, cable television, public surveillance video pipeline.

    13th new construction, renovation or expansion of underground pipeline engineering, should be in accordance with the regulations apply to departments of city planning of construction project planning permit of underground pipelines and road construction projects can be handled together with the road works. Employer apply for underground pipeline construction project planning permit, shall submit the proposed lots information on status of underground pipelines.

    Owner may apply to urban construction archives management identified; no data or data incompatible with the status of, the construction unit of the lot should be status quo organization of underground pipelines detection, form data, and take responsibility for its truthfulness, accuracy and completeness.

    Pipeline project needs new land, shall handle the planning permit for project site submissions and construction.

    14th underground pipeline project when the work began in pipeline construction of surveying and mapping unit shall entrust a qualified synchronization mapping, underground pipeline project before covering should form a complete measuring data and engineering survey maps.

    Measurement of underground pipeline project costs into the pipeline construction cost. 15th within 3 months of completion of the underground pipeline, pipeline construction pipeline engineering survey shall be submitted to the City Planning Department data and information on engineering survey maps, planning for verification.

    Unverified or verified planning conditions are not met, may organize acceptance.

    Within 6 months after the completion of the pipeline, pipeline construction to municipal planning authorities should submit information on the pipeline project acceptance. 16th pipeline ownership and managing units are not allowed to transfer, changed or disused underground pipelines; really necessary migrations, altered, or dropped out of, must be approved by the City Planning Department.

    Abandoned pipeline should be removed, not dismantling pipelines pipelines and manholes should be filled.

    Chapter III administration building 17th way attached to various underground pipeline project should be synchronized with the road construction.

    Simultaneous construction of unconditionally, by the municipal people's Government, can be postponed underground pipeline project, but it should be reserved in accordance with the planning requirements of underground pipelines.

    Does not depend on underground pipelines should be accounted into related projects of construction of road plan construction. 18th new construction, renovation or expansion of roads, underground pipelines should be in accordance with the principles of construction of the first underground, after the ground, synchronized with the road construction.

    Road construction should co-ordinate the management of road engineering and pipeline projects, arranging the construction period of underground pipelines; construction of underground pipelines in tandem with roads, their employer should be subject to road construction and manpower arrangements.

    Construction, reconstruction, expansion of roads needed migration, reconstruction of underground pipelines, road construction should also be informed about the pipeline ownership, management, and inform the removal or alteration to the design requirements, by pipeline, management unit is responsible for the removal or alteration of property right, and synchronize with the road construction.

    In the process of new construction, renovation or expansion of roads, due to site conditions or underground space plane and other reasons need to change underground pipeline locations, elevations and specification should be according to the original examination and approval procedures for change before the construction.

    19th to the design and construction of pipeline construction should provide true, accurate and complete information on the status of underground pipelines, supervision and inspection, surveying and mapping units completed before the pipeline covering measurements, and subsurface utility engineering data collection and archiving.

    20th underground pipeline engineering prospecting, mapping, design, construction and supervision, shall have the appropriate level of qualification.

    Underground pipeline engineering investigation and design units, mapping, shall, in accordance with national and local technical specification for underground pipeline surveying, mapping, design, and participated in underground pipeline engineering inspection.

    Subsurface utility engineering and construction units should be strictly in accordance with the approved drawings, and approved by the relevant technical specifications and procedures for construction, pipeline flags set, and provide qualified pipeline of as-built drawings.

    Subsurface utility engineering supervision units concealed works of underground pipelines should be supervision and supervision of dummy records.

    21st underground pipeline engineering construction, shall be filed with the municipal construction administrative authority under construction permit; of underground pipelines and road construction projects can be handled together with the road works.

    Underground pipeline construction project needs to occupy or dig the roads, it shall be approved by the municipal authorities affecting road safety, should ask the Department of the public security organs traffic management.

    22nd underground pipeline project is a temporary use of land or demolition of houses ', pipeline construction should go through examination and approval procedures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

    Pipelines crossing roads, railway, the mass transit railway, underground buildings, waterways, such as green spaces, heritage protected areas, shall go through the relevant approval procedures, and take the appropriate safety precautions.

    23rd construction units found have been identified in the construction pipeline, should cease construction immediately and take measures to prevent the expansion of the loss or damage, inform the unit and report to the planning and construction authorities, otherwise legally responsible for losses or expanding losses. Possible pipeline construction in construction or services, landscaping, buildings and structures and other facilities affected shall take appropriate measures to protect and inform relevant units to the scene to monitor.
If damaged, the construction unit shall immediately cease construction, emergency protective measures, and immediately informed the authorities to repair and make a record.

    24th underground pipeline construction should organize pipeline engineering survey, design, construction, supervision and other units for piping completion and acceptance.

    Through acceptance, to be delivered.

    The fourth chapter information management

    25th information management of urban underground pipelines uphold standards, the principle of interconnectivity, integration of resources, comprehensive utilization, consolidate departments, professional urban underground pipeline information system resources.

    Article 26th city construction archives management agency responsible for urban underground pipeline information management system construction, maintenance, updating and management of work, timely completion of underground pipeline general survey data, information, and supplementary fill drawing information into the system, the implementation of dynamic management. 27th pre-acceptance system of underground pipeline project archives. Underground pipelines prior to completion, the construction unit shall bring to the attention of urban construction archives management of underground pipeline project archives, special acceptance.

    No project pre-qualified opinion of underground pipeline project archives, as does not meet the acceptance conditions, the construction unit shall organize the completion inspection.

    28th construction units to the City Planning Department submitted before completion of the pipeline information, should be submitted to the municipal archives of urban construction archives following the transfer of authority (including electronic documents):

    (A) supervision of underground pipeline project preparation stage files, files, documents, acceptance and as-built drawings of construction;

    (B) underground pipe line finish construction survey results;

    (C) other information from archived documents, including photos, videos, etc.

    29th pipeline property, management units should be based on underground pipeline information standards and requirements, establishment and maintenance of their information systems, and into the underground pipelines information management system. 30th pipeline property, management units should be transferred to the municipal urban construction archives management institution original underground pipeline has formed the professional pipeline map, as-built and as-built survey results and electronic documentation.

    Measuring results and their electronic documents shall be transferred within 3 months from the date of implementation of this approach of urban construction archives management.

    To archive material but did not record the completion of underground pipelines, pipeline property, management unit should be responsible for identifying the pipeline status and urban construction archives management requirements of urban construction archives management bodies, can also participate in special survey of underground pipeline.

    31st of municipal construction administrative departments shall organize relevant units of regular special survey of underground pipelines, units shall, in accordance with the regulations of the relevant pipeline property, management participation and cooperation.

    Underground pipeline general survey results shall, within 3 months from the date of acceptance into the urban underground pipeline information management system.

    32nd of municipal urban construction archives management should setup the underground pipeline project archives, information management systems, development and utilization of archives and confidential work according to law.

    Citizens, legal persons and other organizations, access to pipeline information, underground pipeline construction inspection, the use of non-professional pipeline information shall comply with the confidentiality provisions of the State, and go through the relevant formalities.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    Article 33rd disobey article 14th, pipeline mapping units not complying with the provisions of, the municipal planning authority fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fines, and rectification; fails to change, commissioned by the city planning departments on behalf of measuring, detection, the costs borne by the construction of the pipeline.

    34th article violation this approach 16th article provides, pipeline property, and management units not by provides demolition abandoned pipeline, and seal fill pipeline and check well of, by city planning competent sector sentenced 500 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following of fine, and ordered deadline corrected; late not modified of, by city planning competent sector on behalf of delegate demolition or seal fill, by needed costs by pipeline property, and management units bear.

    35th disobey article 18th, urban road engineering in construction process of underground pipelines, pipeline owner refused to comply in urban road construction schedule by the municipal construction administrative departments a rectification; fails to change, and may be fined not more than 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan. 36th article violates article 28th of these measures, transfer of units not complying with the provisions of underground pipeline project archives, by the municipal construction Administrative Department shall order rectification fails to change, the fines of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    Because the employer did not transfer underground pipeline project archives, cause damage to the construction unit in the construction of underground pipelines, by construction on their own responsibility.

    37th violates the first paragraph of this article 30th, pipeline property, management units were not on time to the municipal urban construction archive management archives information, including electronic transfer of documents, by the municipal construction Administrative Department ordered the transfer; fails to surrender, a fine of 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

    Violation of paragraph II of this article 30th, pipeline property, manage units been identified status pipeline and city construction archives management bodies, or were not required to attend special survey of underground pipeline and cause damage to the construction unit in the construction of underground pipelines, pipeline property, management units shall assume the responsibilities.

    Article 38th of the People's Republic of China Building Act and the People's Republic of China construction project quality management of town and country planning Act, the regulations, the Hefei municipal facilities management Ordinance and other laws and regulations is provided, in accordance with its provisions.

    About punishment in accordance with the provisions of the relative concentration of the exercise, exercised by the city administration.

    39th staff of the relevant departments in the management of urban underground pipeline negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, and disciplined by the authorities according to law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    40th feidong and feixi, Changfeng County, reference to the measures. 41st these measures come into force on May 1, 2010. Municipal people's Government of Hefei city, released on August 3, 1990, the urban management of pipeline project (the 9th of the municipal government) abrogated.