Dalian Work Safety Supervision And Management Regulations

Original Language Title: 大连市安全生产监督管理规定

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Dalian work safety supervision and management regulations

    (March 6, 2010, Dalian City people's Government at the 29th Executive meeting on April 9, 2010, Dalian, people's Government of the 107th announced as of June 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the supervision and administration of production safety, prevent and reduce production accidents, protection of personal and property security, promote economic development, according to the People's Republic of China production safety law, the Liaoning Provincial safety production regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated. Second safety within the administrative area of the city, these provisions shall apply.

    Otherwise provided for by laws and regulations on work safety, from its provisions.

    Article city and County (City) of safety supervision and management departments of this integrated work safety supervision and management in the administrative area, other departments responsible for the supervision and administration of production safety in the context of their respective responsibilities in accordance with the relevant work of production safety supervision and administration.

    Municipal Government of Dalian Economic and technological development zone management committee and other agencies, is responsible for the management of work safety in the context of supervision and management.

    Fourth production safety work in the Municipal Government of County (City) Government performance evaluation system.

    Chapter II guarantee of safety measures Fifth of municipal and County (City) Government set up special funds for safety, and included in the budget to ensure that earmarks.

    Special funds for safety in addition to laws and regulations on safety matters, can also be used for production and business operation entities safety technology subsidies, production safety supervision team construction and equipment, and allows the use of other financial sectors.

    Sixth set up between government departments and units of work safety communications system.

    City and County (City) of District Government departments, production safety supervision and management of this sector, the industry should be major issues and related efforts in work safety supervision and management departments at the same level in a timely manner. Human resources and social security administrative departments, and production safety accident-related injuries should be satisfied that the circumstances, provide safety supervision and management departments at the same level.

    Safety supervision and management departments should be related to production safety accidents, provided to human resources and social security administrative departments at the same level.

    Construction project approval or Registration Department construction project list should be CC, work safety supervision and management departments at the same level.

    Road traffic safety, fire safety, building, special equipment, water transportation and fishery departments should be on 5th of the month before last month's production safety accident statistics, work safety supervision and management departments at the same level; railway, civil aviation and other units should be 5th of each month before last month's production safety accident statistic, submitted to the municipal work safety supervision and management departments.

    Seventh production and head of business unit shall perform the laws and regulations of safety responsibilities to ensure that the units meet the safety requirements.

    Eighth production and business operation entity shall comply with the following safety requirements:

    (A) the production and operation of premises, equipment and facilities comply with laws and regulations, regulations and safety requirements under the relevant national standards, industry standards, production areas, storage areas, safety distance between the living areas in accordance with national standards or national regulations;

    (B) principals and administration of production safety and the unit is engaged in production and business operation activities relevant knowledge and management capacity;

    (C) for employees to pay industrial injury insurance, staffed with national standard or industry standard labor protection articles that meets State regulations the occupational safety and health conditions, engaging in regular health checks of occupational hazards;

    (D) exposure to toxic and harmful substances in China engaging in summer jobs, health care facilities, issuing labor or cost of health food;

    (V) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. Nineth production business unit safety management institutions and their branches set up according to law should have at least one registered safety engineer equipped with safety Manager and part-time shall be at least two people.

    Laws, regulations, and provisions of regulations, national standards and industry standards from its provisions.

    Tenth production and business operation entity commissioned safety intermediaries provide safety management or personnel services shall sign an agency agreement the delegate situation within ten working days from the date of written work safety supervision and management departments. 11th state-owned and State-controlled production and business operation entities shall establish security Director.

    Security Director under the direct supervision of the head of the main unit, specializing in security management and security technologies work.

    Encourage other conditions of production and business operation entities to set up safety Director. 12th municipal government designated as a range of dangerous goods production, storage area.

    New dangerous goods production, storage shall in the construction of the area of the project, production and storage of dangerous goods already should gradually move to the area.

    No fireworks in the administrative area of the city.

    13th to encourage non-coal mines, dangerous chemicals, explosives, construction, machinery manufacturing, ship building, offshore operations and other dangerous production and business operation entities to participate in production insurance.

    Chapter III supervision and administration of production safety

    14th on new construction, reconstruction or expansion of production of commercial building projects and technical transformation projects (hereinafter referred to as project), when construction feasibility, should at the same time to demonstrate the security conditions, and in front of the preliminary design for the safety assessment.

    15th construction project safety facilities shall comply with the relevant national safety laws, regulations and standards, and with the main part of the project designed, built and put into production and use.

    16th production and business operation entities shall annually for major hazard installation and their security status, assessment, appropriate corrective action can be taken according to the detection, assessment results and safety measures, and corrective action, safety measures and their implementation reports to the safety management.

    Production and business operation entities for major hazard installation and its state of security testing, evaluation, shall entrust a qualified inspection, assessment bodies.

    17th production and business operation entities carry out the following operations, operational programmes should be established and the safety precautions and safety confirmation by Convention, assignment shall designate specialized personnel for on-site management, ensure that the operational programme and the implementation of safety measures:

    (A) the blasting, loading and unloading of dangerous goods, gas pipeline operations;

    (B) major equipment (component) erection and dismantling, demolition of construction projects;

    (C) the material storage tank cleanup, flow blocking to dredge operations;

    (D) ascend (including at the high maintenance and installation, wall cleaning operations), near high-voltage transmission line operation;

    (E) construction and seafood fishing diving under water;

    (F) the confined, limited space, paint, paint, paint strippers, chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning, decoration, decorating, bonding and other operations;

    (VII) other hazardous jobs.

    18th production and business operation entities engaged in 17th paragraph (v) and (vi) operations staff shall be subject to appropriate security training for specialized security technology theory and hands-on training.

    19th article production business units occurred production security injured (including acute industrial poisoning, with) above accident of, should on this units safety status for special of security evaluation, which occurred death accident, and one-time three people above injured accident or a years within cumulative occurred five times above injured accident of production business units, and occurred once death three people above road traffic accident and negative main responsibility of traffic transport enterprise, should delegate has corresponding qualification of safety intermediary service institutions for security evaluation.

    Accident safety evaluation results in this unit should be publicized and written reports to organize related authorities of the accident investigation, and based on the evaluation results to take appropriate safety precautions.

    20th production of dissolution, bankruptcy of a business situation, its relevant units in charge should first be clear responsibility for safety production, implemented major hazard control measures, eliminate potential accidents, and hazard control and accident management report work safety supervision and management departments. 21st management safety signs of special PPE according to law.

    Business units of labor protective equipment does not operate without safety signs of special labor protection articles.

    The fourth chapter public safety supervision and management

    22nd tourist areas (points) and theater, dance hall, Palace of culture, Internet point, gym (Museum), libraries, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, stations, terminals, and other gathering places of the Manager or operator shall perform the following security functions:

    (A) establish safety management systems and safety measures and to examine its implementation, inspection records;

    (B) equipped with emergency radio, lights, fire and other emergency equipment, indicated to use them;

    (C) complying with State regulations of safety evacuation signs and emergency lighting;

    (D) the settings to meet the requirements and clear safety signs, emergency exits and evacuation routes, channels;

    (V) are likely to set a clear danger warning signs, a description of possible danger prompts to inform prevention and remedial methods;

    (F) the staff with contingency plans, skilled use of equipped with emergency equipment, equipment, learn emergency rescue duties for this position and methods;

    (G) ensure that the sites actual capacity does not exceed the maximum design capacity;

    (VIII) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    23rd article held large trade, and culture, and sports, activities, should developed meet security requirements of activities programme and burst event emergency plans, and law perform approval procedures; activities held during, should implementation or tie about sector implementation the security, maintained site order, guarantee activities places of equipment, and facilities security running and security channel smooth; found personnel relative gathered Shi, should take control and evacuation measures, ensure participate in activities of number in security conditions allows range within.

    24th is forbidden in the cultural, sporting and leisure activities at the Fireworks, firecrackers, but except as approved by the municipal government.

    Holding large fireworks set off fireworks and other activities, public security organ for administrative license shall be obtained, its lighting operations and personnel should follow the fireworks safety rules operate and granted discharge of operational programmes.

    Public security organs should strengthen their risk level high Fireworks and other large fireworks Fireworks supervision and inspection activities.

    25th installation of outdoor advertising facilities shall conform to the regulations of the State building standards and technical specifications for the city outdoors advertisement installation and regular safety checks and maintenance to ensure safe use, in the event of particular climatic conditions such as typhoons, rainstorms, should safety precautions in advance.

    26th tourism (dot) administrators and operators should improve safety protection facilities for tourism, tourism forecasting and channel visitors, tourist facilities and equipment to ensure compliance with national standards or trade standards, and periodic inspection, testing and maintenance, to ensure its safe operation.

    27th schools, kindergartens should be teaching and living facilities in accordance with safety regulations, safety education into the teaching content, develop emergency plans and drills are regularly organized.

    Labour skill education on students in schools, and organizing students to participate in social activities such as work, we must ensure the safety of students, shall organize the student engaged in contact with inflammable, explosive, poisonous, harmful, dangerous goods, labor or other dangerous labor.

    School rental may not be as flammable, explosive, toxic, noxious and other hazardous substances in the production, storage, business premises, or vehicle parking.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    28th of municipal and County (City) District Government and responsible for production safety supervision and management departments of any of the following acts, to managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) does not meet the statutory conditions for production and business operation entity, agency matters relating to production safety to be approved (including approval, licensing, registration, certification and the issuance of certificates, and so on) or acceptance;

    (B) according to law shall be ordered to suspend production for rectification, banned or shut down production and business operation entities, was not ordered to suspend production for rectification, suppression or closed;

    (C) the law should stop and handle not be checked and processed by safety violations;

    (D) failed to carry out major, major production safety supervision and administration of accidents;

    (E) is not in conformity with the law and regulations on production safety accidents immediately organized rescue, timely reporting, investigation and treatment of serious;

    (F) other acts of abuse of power, negligence, malpractice.

    29th in violation of the provisions of the Act, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations; laws and regulations do not provide, by production safety supervision and management departments in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) violate the provisions of article eighth fourth, correction, penalty of between 1000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan;

    (B) violation of the provisions of the 17th, correction, fines of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan;

    (C) violation of article 18th, correction, penalty of between 1000 Yuan and 3,000 yuan.

    Article 30th where one or two people were seriously injured and the production and business operation entities responsible for the accidents, work safety supervision and management departments of 10,000 yuan fine.

    31st production safety supervision and management departments may appoint the Township people's Governments and urban neighborhood offices set up safety supervision and administration to implement administrative punishments.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 32nd these provisions come into force on June 1, 2010.

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