Digital In Harbin Urban Management Practices

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市数字化城市管理办法

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Digital in Harbin urban management practices

    (April 8, 2010 Harbin municipal people's Government at the 64th Executive meeting April 26, 2010 by Harbin municipal people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2010, No. 218) Chapter I General provisions

    First to integrate management resources, standardizing the digital city Management Act, improving urban management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to the digital city management in the urban built-up areas.

    Digital city management in these measures in article, refers to the use of modern information technologies, management standards, management, urban management components, event-related information, disposition, as well as to supervise and complete closure of the disposition of administrative activities.

    City-management component in these measures refers to urban management, and public utilities, roads, transportation, environment, landscape, land for housing-related facilities.

    Urban management in these measures refers to anthropogenic or natural factors causing the city environment, road traffic, public order and other affected or destroyed, as well as the related departments to handle emergency occurs and a return to normal conditions of things and act collectively.

    Article fourth digital city management, should adhere to the resource integration, integrated and coordinated, rapid response and timely disposal principle.

    Fifth article of the approaches implemented by the municipal administrative departments in charge of the city administration.

    City and district city management supervision and command center (hereinafter referred to as the municipal and district Center) in accordance with their respective functions and powers, is responsible for the implementation of digital city management.

    Municipal and district administrative authority, in accordance with the rights and responsibilities for the digital city management related work.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Sixth city management Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with relevant administrative departments, preparation of digital city management development plan, the city, the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Seventh municipalities and urban management monitor Centre shall, in accordance with national standards organization-building city, district, sub-district and community networking closed digital city management system.

    Digital city management system normally used in urban management, for people's air defense in time of war, public emergency when emergency command.

    Article eighth the following new construction, renovation or expansion projects, the construction unit shall have video surveillance systems under construction, synchronized with the new project design, construction and acceptance:

    (A) urban roads, bridges, tunnels, pedestrian overpasses and underpasses;

    (B) square, Park, along the landscape along the river and recreation area;

    (C) train stations, long-distance bus terminal and Marina square.

    Other management units in public areas, according to actual needs in the management of video monitoring system in the region.

    In accordance with the relevant provisions of the municipal people's Government has been building video surveillance systems, construction would not be repeated.

    Nineth construction needs of the video surveillance system of cameras, video encoders, as well as vertical poles, brackets, boxes, power front auxiliary facilities such as grounding, lightning protection equipment, the unit is responsible for the procurement and installation.

    Tenth new video surveillance systems in the engineering unit shall within 60 days after the delivery to the municipal Center for the record, and submit the following materials:

    (A) new video monitoring system application form;

    (B) uses units location sketch map;

    (C) video monitoring system layout;

    (D) the engineering inspection report.

    File content changed in the preceding paragraph of this article, using units shall, from the date of change in the 30th, monitoring centre, to change the record.

    11th city monitoring centre shall record the new point set parts of the video surveillance system to the public.

    12th no units or individuals may damage, embezzlement, misappropriation of digital city management facilities.

    13th government investments related to construction and management of information resources, digital city management can be shared.

    Chapter III video monitoring system operation and maintenance

    14th video monitoring system using units shall establish a secure operation, maintenance and emergency system, ensure normal operation of video surveillance systems.

    Video monitoring system using the unit without changing the video monitoring system, monitoring, location and scope. 15th video monitoring system using units shall establish a duty monitor registration, information management, and information systems.

    Information material shall not be less than 15th, saved important data should be backed up.

    Units used in video surveillance systems are not allowed to remove, modify the video surveillance system procedures and records.

    16th video surveillance system design, construction, maintenance, use, and should work in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State security, protect the State and commercial secrets or personal privacy.

    17th of municipal video surveillance system, the Central Government invested by municipal and district supervision is responsible for the management of the Centre, you can delegate Professional operating company responsible for the day-to-day operation, maintenance and management, costs are covered by municipal and district financial expenditures.

    Residential and construction of flats from projects supporting video surveillance system, by property management companies and investment in building the main responsibility for the operation, maintenance and management.

    New supporting video systems and municipal monitoring center network fiber leasing costs incurred included in the budget.

    Fourth chapter, treatment of urban managed components and events

    18th of municipal administrative departments concerned are linked to digital city management units should be in accordance with the terms and linkage parts of urban management, event coordination, overseeing the work of the disposal.

    Assume part of urban management and urban management handling duties and service units and departments are part of urban management, event-handling responsibility (hereinafter handling units), shall, in accordance with the rules of digital city management related work.

    19th city and district supervision Centre via wireless monitoring data acquisition systems, video surveillance systems, wireless microwave systems acquisition management information.

    City monitoring center through 12319 voice service system, Government websites, news media, collection and receive public help, advice.

    Wireless data acquisition system for monitoring in these measures capture the city management information is through organizations trained personnel (hereinafter referred to as city supervisor) in accordance with the designated grid area, through routine inspections or other methods to discover parts of city management, events, issues, and transfer information to municipal monitoring center system.

    20th Strip city supervisors collected information shall be in accordance with standard digital city management components, events and information collection requirements, and timely collection and transmission to the monitoring center system platform, not a hoax, conceal, with incorrect identification.

    When the 21st strip city supervisors to collect information, relevant units and individuals shall cooperate, support, and shall not prevent or interfere.

    22nd City Center information should be collected in accordance with the city administration part, incident management standard to confirm filing and sending instructions to regional supervision centers or linkage units in a timely manner.

    Monitoring Centre gathering information, you can confirm filing directly according to the actual situation, and send instructions to handling units.

    23rd District Center or linkage unit after receiving the city monitoring center to send instructions shall be in accordance with the timing requirements, directives disposal units for disposal.

    Article 24th responsible units in the receiving district Center or linkage after unit disposal instructions should arrange appropriate personnel in accordance with the time limit for disposal and disposal result feedback monitoring center or linkage.

    25th handling units is not clear and should be dealt with in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) urban governance components, events across the region or coordinated by the monitoring centre still cannot be confirmed, coordination, confirmed by the municipal Center; (B) coordination of oversight by the city centre still unable to confirm, disposed of by the city center instead of the specified unit.

    Disposal costs determined by the municipal and district supervision Center and the municipal and district financial Department in the city and district budgets. Article 26th city monitoring centre shall be in accordance with district supervision Center or feedback linkage unit, instruction city supervisors to verify in a timely manner.

    Verified by, be settled through verification fails, once again sending instructions to regional supervision centers or linkage units.

    27th municipal monitoring centre shall monitor on a regular basis and linkage unit digital city management to evaluate the work of the evaluation results as a basis for appraisal of urban management work of the Municipal Government completed one of the.

    City Administrative Department shall issue disposal units dispose of city management components, events, integrated credit evaluation system.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    28th of the following acts in violation of these rules, commissioned by the municipal administrative departments of the city administration, monitoring centre shall be ordered to correct, and fined 1000 Yuan fine:

    (A) corruption, embezzlement, misappropriation of facilities and equipment of the digital city management system;

    (B) use the unit without changing the video monitoring system, monitoring, location and scope.

    In contravention of this section to the preceding paragraph (a) of losses, the person responsible shall bear the liability.

    Article 29th violates these rules without deleting, modifying video system procedures and records, commissioned by the municipal administrative departments of the city administration, monitoring centre shall be ordered to correct, punishable by fine of 800 Yuan.

    30th article violates other provisions of these measures, by the relevant authorities in accordance with other provisions of relevant laws, rules and regulations will be punished.

    Violation of these rules constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    31st city and district authorities and their staff in the digital city management is not serious in carrying out their mandates, prevarication, buck-passing, delays, has the right of disposal shall be given administrative sanctions.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles
Article 32nd County (City) urban digital city management can refer to these measures.

    33rd article this way come into force on June 1, 2010. September 18, 2006, digital, Harbin municipal people's Government, issued by the interim measures for the administration of the city government issued law on (2006), 33rd repealed simultaneously.

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