Shanghai Municipal People's Government On Strengthening The Safety Management Of Inland Water Notices

Original Language Title: 上海市人民政府关于加强内河水域安全管理的通告

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Shanghai Municipal People's Government on strengthening the safety management of inland water notices (April 3, 2010 Shanghai Municipal People's Government at the 73rd Executive meeting on April 15, 2010, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the 38th release come into force on April 15, 2010) in order to ensure the success of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, according to the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee on the promotion and protection World Expo preparation and organization of work of the, the city decided, at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held during the

    Inland waters of this city take the following safety measures:

    Inland waters of this notice, the term refers to the Huangpu River and its tributaries connected to branching stream and access to city water, bayonet. Set within the inland waters waters waters and core control zone the control zone.

    Downstream of the port of Huangpu River gate to chuanyanghe 100 meters in waters between nanpu bridge and the Huangpu River to wusongkou water control zones; chuanyanghe downstream of the mouth of the Huangpu River from 100 metres to waters between nanpu bridge as the core control zone.

    Second, the public security organs, the maritime administrative agency based on Expo security work needed, on ships entering the river waters and its carrying persons and items shall implement security checks. Maritime administrative agency according to the Expo security work, prohibited under law, airlines and other temporary water restriction on traffic control measures.

    Water traffic control measures, the maritime administrative agency shall be 24 hours in advance to the public.

    Third, the report of the implementation of the navigation system of this municipality.

    Need into tube control district waters, and core control district waters of ship after Yangtze River Shanghai paragraph liuhe mouth, and round round sand and Huangpu River 101 lamp floating, and 107 lamp floating, and ferry Thai public line, and ferry Pro Pu line, and shut Hong Kong, and fengpu bridge, report line Shi, should to maritime management institutions report ship name, and ship type, and ship scale, and laden nature and into tube control district waters, and core control district waters of time and purpose, situation, and obey maritime management institutions of command.

    Four, prohibits vessels from entering the waters of river:

    (A) the information is not in accordance with the provisions in the port of departure for ships reporting, without visa or without a ship through special safety inspections of ships;

    (B) not installed a global positioning system (GPS) vessels carrying dangerous goods;

    (C) not installed VHF radio (VHF) cargo ship.

    Five, prohibit the following ships entered the control zone, the core control zones:

    (A) fishing vessels (algae Yun bang into the Huangpu River to wusongkou waters);

    (B) the carriage of category x substance, high viscosity or solidifying y-type substances, toxic, flammable liquids, type ⅱ ships did not meet the State requirements for bulk chemical carrier;

    (C) the carriage of dangerous goods by transit of the oil tanker, chemical tanker, liquefied gas in bulk vessels;

    (D) the tanker ship, asphalt, bulk chemical tanker, liquefied gas ships, more than 12 years old ships and river boats of more than 16 years old.

    Six, into the controlled area, the core prohibition for ship control zone to engage in the following activities:

    (A) sail navigation;

    (B) sailing boat speed less than 4 or greater than 8 sections;

    (C) the discharge of oily water, sewage and other pollutants from ships.

    Seven, in the control zone, central control in the waters of area navigation and berthing of cruise ships, World blog ferry, transportation ships, barges of sewage equipment should be sealed, and sets and garbage from ships, life adapted to the generation of sewage treatment equipment or storage container.

    In the control area waters, core within control zones of small ships of 1600 tons gross except in accordance with the relevant national standards, but should also comply with the city's transport and port administrations and marine management institutions to develop technical standards.

    Eight, operated within a control zone around the ship, the operator shall, in accordance with traffic authorized by the port administration, navigation and flight plans of business tourism.

    In the controlled area within the tour boats and more than 15 years old, the owner or operator shall apply to the statutory inspection of the special inspection, inspection before they can engage in related business activities, and to the maritime administrative agency for the record.

    Nine core, prohibits vessels from entering control zone:

    (A) pleasure craft;

    (B) a boat (Expo tour boat);

    (C) not installed automatic identification system (AIS) of the ship;

    (D) explosive, radioactive, dangerous goods carried by ships.

    Ten, into the core of a ship control zone shall not carry out ballast water discharge, marine pollutant receiving liquid dangerous goods, bulk transfer, outboard copy paper and paint job that has the risk of contamination.

    XI needs to carry explosive and radioactive dangerous goods other than those of ships entering the core control zone shall be made to the Shanghai Maritime Bureau and the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau on the water for the escort, escort procedures, under the supervision of maritime patrol boat navigation, shipping daily morning starts (and no earlier than 4 o'clock) to 8 o'clock.

    12, bulk liquid dangerous goods into the core of a ship control zone, the shipper or the consignee to the maritime administrative agency shall report the total amount of transport in the course of implementation of this circular, the maritime administrative agency the implementation of total quantity control. 13, the blog of Expo tour boats, ferries, the transport ship and so the Expo dedicated vessels shall be subject to maritime administrative agency and the public security organs after passing the examination, may engage in trading activities.

    Operations should be strictly in accordance with the city's transport and port sailing sailing area approved by the Administration, and specified Pier.

    In addition to the Expo dedicated ships as well as ships, work ships outside of law enforcement on the water, other vessels shall not be parked within the control zones in the core.

    14, against acts contrary to the provisions of this circular, stipulated by laws, rules and regulations, in accordance with the relevant provisions; provided by laws and regulations, the regulations are not, the maritime administrative agency may order the ships away from Hong Kong or to suspend, change, stop operation and punished in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) entering the control zone, the core of the contravention control zone or parking in the core control zones, can be a fine of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan;

    (B) is not in accordance with the provisions of escort, escort procedures or reporting of the total transport of dangerous goods, to a fine below 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan.

    XV, was invited to participate in Shanghai World Expo major celebrations ship approved by the maritime administrative agency, is not subject to this circular sixth paragraph (a), (b), the Nineth part (a), (b) and 13th limit provided for in the second paragraph of article. 16, the announcements come into force from April 15, 2010 to November 15, 2010.