Implementation Measures For The Luoyang Fire Protection Safety Responsibility System

Original Language Title: 洛阳市消防安全责任制实施办法

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Implementation measures for the Luoyang fire protection safety responsibility system (May 14, 2010 Luoyang Government 14th times Executive Conference considered through May 16, 2010 Luoyang Government makes 108th, announced since July 1, 2010 up purposes) first article for clear fire security duties, implementation fire security accountability, prevention fire and reduced fire against, according to People's Republic of China fire method, and Henan province fire Ordinance, and Henan province fire security accountability implementation approach, about legal, and regulations and regulations, combined this city actual,

    These measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city authorities, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other units, as well as other organizations (including a villagers ' Committee or the community neighborhood Committee) (hereinafter referred to as units) or individual shall abide by these measures.

    Article fire safety working carry out the policy of putting prevention first and combining prevention, according to the unified leadership of the Government, sector regulation, units responsible for, the principle of the active participation of citizens, the implementation of fire safety system, establish and improve the social network for the fire service.

    Article people's Governments at all levels and their departments are in charge of the administrative area and Department of fire safety responsibility, leadership responsibility for fire safety work; in charge of fire safety in charge of direct leadership responsibility for fire safety work; in charge of the work of other heads in charge of leadership responsibility for the fire control work in the field. State organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other units of the legal representative or principal is in charge of fire safety of the entity responsible, the leadership responsibility for fire safety work of the unit; in charge of fire safety fire safety of the head of the unit directly responsible for work; in charge of the work of other heads in charge of leadership responsibility for the fire control work in the field.

    Unit responsible for each post on this position of direct responsibility for fire safety.

    Individual industrial and commercial household fire safety at its responsibility to operators who directly responsible for fire safety of their premises.

    Article at all levels shall exercise leadership in fire safety work within their respective administrative areas.

    City, County (city, district) fire safety responsibility system of public security organs in accordance with the administrative implementation of the supervision and guidance, and by the level of public security fire control institutions responsible for implementation.

    People's Governments at all levels within departments and units in their respective areas of responsibility, is responsible for the implementation of the fire safety system.

    Sixth city, County (city, district) people's Governments shall make fire-fighting organization leadership, construction of public fire-fighting equipment, fire inspection and appraisal work, reinforcing the Community fire safety "firewall", and performs the following duties on fire control security: (A) lead the fire safety work in administrative areas, establish and improve the fire service coordination mechanism was established led by the in charge of the head of the fire safety Committee, relevant departments attended the regular convening of the joint meeting of the fire service, fire safety analysis, study and solve major issues of fire safety in a timely manner.

    Urging departments and lower level people's Governments implement the fire safety responsibilities;

    (B) fire protection into national economic and social development planning, ensure that fire control work and adapt to economic and social development;

    (C) fire-fighting funds into the budget at the same level to ensure fire funds invested in full, and with the development of the national economy and fiscal revenue growth to gradually improve, continue to strengthen the construction of public fire facilities, improved fire-fighting equipment;

    (D) layout of fire safety, fire, fire, fire station communications, passage of fire trucks, fire-fighting equipment such as fire planning into the overall planning of urban and rural, and is responsible for the departments concerned to implement;

    (E) the Organization of urban and rural planning, construction, fire protection, water supply, electricity, communications and other sectors, the passage of fire trucks, fire-fighting water supply facilities, communications, public fire equipment for acceptance;

    (F) establishing effective emergency social linkage mechanism, making high-rise buildings, underground buildings, places where inflammable and explosive dangerous goods fire contingency plans with fire danger and fire evacuation plans of large-scale mass activities, strengthening disposal of major disasters and accidents and rescue personnel of emergency capacity-building;

    (VII) in accordance with the regulations of the State Fire Department (station) standards establishing the public security fire-fighting teams, professional fire brigades, and in line with national standards of fire-fighting equipment; to enhance various forms of strength-building, and fire technical personnel training, protection of public order, fire brigade, a full-time fire fighter and fire civil servants shall enjoy salary, social insurance and welfare benefits;

    (H) organize regular fire education and conscientiously implement the fire laws, rules and regulations to enhance citizens ' awareness of fire safety, improving the quality of citizens for fire safety;

    (IX) organization focusing on fire, major holidays, special inspection of fire safety at major events, combined with the urban transformation, concentration and control of rural-urban fringe, and "village in city" and rental housing, worker enclaves such as the fire safety problems and generally improve the fire safety of urban and rural environment, push, coordinate relevant departments take timely measures to eliminate fire hazards;

    (J) the public security organs reported to the urban and rural fire safety distribution, public fire facilities do not meet the fire safety requirements or heavy fire hazard affecting the safety of the public, to verify the situation in a timely manner and tone of supervising and organizing the rectification or to instruct the relevant departments and units;

    (11) on the police report to the economic and social life of influential order to suspend administrative punishment, shall make a clear decision in the 7th, public security organs and organizations and other sectors;

    (12) after the major fire accidents occurred, shall organize a fire accident investigation investigations after the higher people's Governments write investigation reports and timely basic open fire, loss, reason, lessons learned and consequences; media objectively and accurately, correctly grasp the orientation to enhance citizens ' awareness of fire safety;

    Article seventh city, County (city, district) people's Government departments and units should be in accordance with the "who's in charge and who is responsible for" principle, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, fulfil the departments fire safety regulatory responsibilities and perform our sector, this system, fire safety work in the industry, and perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) development and reform should be based on urban and rural fire brigade (station) construction of public fire facilities in place annual fixed asset investment plan; according to law, strengthen construction management of Government-invested construction projects, fire protection design audit the focus of the project is not in accordance with law, may handle commencement procedures; for failing to obtain a fire key projects for verification documents, not the acceptance formalities;

    (B) fire-fighting funds should be included in the financial sector the financial budgets and allocated in full and on time, in city maintenance costs would be covered by a certain proportion of funds for public fire facilities construction, maintenance, management and construction of fire-fighting equipment;

    (Three) urban and rural planning sector should on fire brigade (station), public fire facilities for reasonable planning layout, do fire facilities construction with to of control and reserved work, on occupied fire facilities construction with to of behavior for strictly regulatory and investigation, on not meet fire planning requirements of construction project, shall not issued construction with to planning license and construction engineering planning license; old city transformation, and village in the transformation, should synchronization planning fire based facilities; increased Township and villages fire professional planning work efforts;

    (D) the construction of housing and urban-rural development department shall strengthen the management of projects, according to the fire control law of public security fire control institutions shall be subject to the provisions of the fire protection design approval and fire inspection of the large places and other special construction project, which reviewed and approved or rejected without, not for construction permits procedure; (Five) utilities, sector should according to urban and rural based facilities construction and transformation plans do public fire facilities of construction, and transformation management work, guarantee fire facilities and other municipal based facilities synchronization construction, and synchronization development; municipal, and utilities, and communications, is responsible for public fire facilities maintenance management of units, should keep fire water, and fire communications, and fire engine channel, public fire facilities of intact effective; in built road and blackout, and water, and truncated communications line, has may effect fire brigade fire rescue of,

    Shall first notify the local public security fire control institutions;

    (Vi) business management, quality and technology supervision departments within their respective mandates, to enhance supervision of fire products, investigate and punish violations of the production and sales of fake and shoddy products;

    (VII) education, science and technology, legal, human resources and social security, work safety and other departments and schools, occupational training institutions within the scope of their respective duties in the fire of knowledge integrated into education, science, advocacy, employment training and safety assessment of the legal system of the range;

    (VIII) cultural radio and television departments of press and publication and the news media, networks, and other units should be opened up regulars, and actively carry out regular, targeted promotional duties of fire safety education and fire protection public awareness; (I) the relevant departments and units shall establish and improve firefighting communications and joint law enforcement mechanism, urging the departments, units of the system implementation of the responsibility system of fire safety.

    According to the Department, this system features, targeted delivery of fire safety education and fire safety self-inspection, to find fire hazards, supervising or proceed with the transfer of production safety supervision and management departments, public security fire control institutions.

    Eighth of municipal and County (city, district) public security organ to supervise fire prevention work within their respective administrative areas, will be included in the social security prevention and control system of fire prevention, and by public security fire control institutions responsible for implementation, shall perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) implementing laws, regulations, rules, and fire technical standards, organize fire information, education, training and advisory services, and supervise, guide and assist the relevant units for fire awareness;
(B) the fire investigation, regular analysis of the fire situation, fire patterns and characteristics, to the public in a timely manner information and to the work of the local Government to improve fire safety advice and recommendations;

    (C) implementation of fire administrative license according to law, in accordance with the statutory time limits and procedures for the implementation of the construction project fire review, acceptance and public gathering places in use, open fire safety checks before strengthening supervision of fire protection products and key units for fire safety management, supervising and guiding implementation of the responsibility system of fire safety;

    (D) organize safety supervision and inspection, and fire safety management work, accepting the fire reported complaints and carry out investigation of violations;

    (E) the system of strict enforcement of the fire services duty preparing for, organizing the implementation of professional training, and developing fire fighting plan and field exercise, improving fire fighting and emergency rescue skills;

    (F) undertake fire fighting and other emergency rescue task stipulated in national, provincial; after receiving the alarm, rushed to the site to rescue people, put out fires, eliminate dangerous case;

    (G) investigating the cause of the fire, fire losses in the statistics involved in handling fire incidents;

    (VIII) the unit full-time and volunteer fire brigade operational guidance and training for fire personnel, progress in promoting the socialization of fire prevention;

    (I) to the need for coordination of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, addressing major fire safety issues, timely comments and recommendation made by the public security organ to the people's Governments at the corresponding level coordination, process, participation in government appraisal of fire prevention and fire protection planning of urban and rural areas, amend.

    Nineth Township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict offices should fully promote fire safety "mesh refinement" management level and perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) establishment of fire leading organizations, meeting regularly research on fire safety at work, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of full-time or part-time fire safety Manager;

    (B) the establishment of township (town) people's Government (Street), the villagers ' Committee (community residents Committee) network, area of responsibility levels of fire safety responsibilities, the implementation of management by objectives, layers of responsibility documents for signing fire service, regularly urge the implementation of building fire emergency rescue system, received 119 command center dispatched;

    (C) in accordance with local economic development and fire needs to establish full-time fire department, volunteer fire department, configure the appropriate fire-fighting equipment; in case of fire alarm, evacuation of personnel, organizational units and individuals from the beginning of the fire fight, and assist the public security fire control institutions to do fire, field conservation, investigation and handling the aftermath of the fire;

    (D) the area units and residential monthly fire safety checks before the major holidays or during fire season organized special inspection of fire safety, fire hazard, should be urged to correct; for major fire potential, while production safety supervision departments according to law, the public security fire control institutions, police stations and other departmental reports or transfer;

    (E) fire safety in villages and semi-urban channel does not flow, take the construction of buildings and structures, private fire safety hazards such as electrical problems and locations of fire violations, develop effective measures for phased renovation in stages to eliminate fire safety hazards;

    (F) in accordance with the provisions of the community is equipped with electric patrol car police and fire departments, configured for the village and police patrol cars fire-fighting equipment, guarantee early fire suppression;

    (VII) Organization of regular fire education, raise fire safety awareness among citizens; in harvest season, the major activity during the fire season fire awareness-raising activities carried out focused organizations actively assisting public security fire control institutions to carry out fire propaganda into the enterprise, in schools, in communities, in families, in rural activities;

    (H) the guidance, support, and assist villagers ' committees and the community neighborhood Committee in mass fire; in accordance with the relevant provisions of the places of fire safety signs in the area of management, marking places of fire danger rating, express fire management personnel, prompting fire precautions, warning owners and consumer personnel.

    Article tenth police station shall perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) the master area fire control and basic conditions of work, Township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office and the public security organs at higher levels and report proposed fire protection recommendations;

    (B) check the villagers ' committees, community residents and property management of residential units to establish and improve fire-fighting system, fire education, implementation of fire safety measures;

    (C) units are held for fire fighting supervision and inspection of the jurisdiction, and urge them to carry out fire safety duties according to law, to reorganize the fire hazards of violations dealt with according to law;

    (Iv) the township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office transferred and masses, complaints of fire danger, fire violations in the investigation in accordance with law;

    (E) to area units, mass popular fire codes and fire protection, help themselves escape, fire sense, raise public awareness of fire safety;

    (F) police fire clearly responsibilities, regulate the order of police fire; relying on the police to set up fire stations, fire extinguishers and hose nozzles, hydrant wrenches, simple fire-fighting equipment, daily fire prevention patrol;

    (G) regular guidance area zhibao organizations, Scouts, obligatory fire brigade and other forces of the masses to carry out fire drills, fire beginning of disposal, coupled with public security fire control institutions to carry out firefighting and rescue;

    (H) assist the public security fire control institutions area fire accident investigation, implement the provisional seizure and execution.

    Article 11th villagers ' committees, community residents Committee shall perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) establish a sound leadership for fire prevention and fire-fighting systems, identifying fire safety Manager, develop and implement fire prevention Convention; in the main streets or public places to set up shop Windows, columns, fixed information facilities, organize fire protection promotional activities;

    (B) organizations to carry out fire safety checks on a regular basis, timely correction or suppression of fire violations, urging the Elimination of fire hazards; refusing to eliminate fire hazards, in time to the township (town) people's Governments, neighborhood offices, police stations or public security fire control institutions reporting and assist in supervising;

    (C) the area within the zone of fire safety system and fire safety a joint defense system, carry out mutual check and correction of fire safety, organized jointly by fire fighting;

    (D) improve the construction of public fire-fighting equipment and to enhance maintenance, guarantee access to the fire, protection of fire-fighting water supply, fire-fighting equipment in good working condition; set up a public fire-fighting equipment configurations, with full staffed fire-fighting equipment; (E) a security guard villages, communities, fire brigade, fire prevention in one security zone should be established, taking fire inspections and fire education, early fire fighting functions.

    In other villages, community volunteer fire department should be established, self help themselves;

    (F) establishing and implementing an unattended child support, maintenance or guardianship of orphans, the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill, and other key personnel of the fire safety registration, monitoring and assistance system.

    12th State organs, organizations, enterprises, fire safety business unit shall perform the following duties:

    (A) establish and improve fire safety organizations to implement step by step and post fire safety fire safety responsibility system accountability, clear chain and post fire safety responsibilities and duties;

    (B) fire-fighting with the unit production, operation and management activities and manpower arrangement and want to list special funds for fire safety;

    (C) the enforcement of fire laws, rules, regulations and technical specifications, this unit features fire safety systems, fire safety procedures, development of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation;

    (D) in accordance with national standards, industry standard fire-fighting facilities and equipment, set fire safety signs and regular inspection, maintenance and ensuring good working condition;

    (E) the comprehensive testing of the fire control facilities at least once a year to ensure good working condition, inspection records should be complete and accurate, archive for future reference;

    (F) ensure that evacuation channels and access to the emergency exits, fire engines to ensure fire and smoke, the fire separation in accordance with technical standards;

    (G) organize fire prevention inspection and eliminate fire hazards in a timely manner;

    (H) conducting fire prevention publicity and education of employees, organizations targeted fire drills;

    (I) to establish volunteer fire department fire service organizations, self help themselves.

    Individual businesses should carry out this article (iv), (v), (vi) and (VII) provision of fire safety duties.

    13th key units for fire safety in addition to the performance of this approach article 12th duties, should also continue to improve checks eliminate fire hazards, beginning of organizations fighting fire, ability to organize personnel evacuation, fire awareness training and promote fire safety management standardization, marking an itemized and normalized information and perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) identifying fire safety Manager, organizing the implementation of the fire safety management of the entity;

    (B) establish and improve fire files, identifying fire safety spots, clear fire signs, strict management;

    (C) the daily fire prevention patrol regularly organize fire prevention inspection and found fire hazards to immediate elimination, not immediate elimination should make improvement plan, clear corrective action and responsibility, implement rectification funds, timed elimination;

    (D) pre-service fire safety training for workers, to "understand basic fire safety common sense, will look to fire risks; know method of fire-fighting facilities, equipment used, the beginning fire fighting; farming escape skills and organized evacuation" requirements;

    (E) implementation of the fire safety training system, designed (and) professional fire officers, key types and operators of dangerous positions should receive specialized training in fire safety; with fire dangerous operations such as welding and gas welding personnel and operators of automatic fire-fighting equipment must be certified;
(Vi) based on actual units, development of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plans and drills on a regular basis to ensure that fires employees in accordance with the duties timely and effective treatment;

    (VII) fire-fighting facilities and equipment should be set specification, striking recognizes and identifies, indicated in text or illustration category, instructions on use of the facility; and evacuation routes, safety at key sites, important export settings "prompt" and "prohibited" class of fire identification, regulate the day-to-day management;

    (H) in accordance with laws and regulations provide for the establishment of a full-time fire department, fire fighting and rescue work of this unit.

    14th fire safety in residential property management unit shall perform the following duties:

    (A) formulate fire control safety management system, the implementation of fire safety responsibility, publicity and education of fire;

    (B) fire prevention inspection and remove hidden danger;

    (C) to ensure that evacuation channels and access to the emergency exits, fire engines;

    (D) the organizations volunteer fire department, at least once a year the staff and residents in fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drills, and organize and participate in this residential area fire fighting;

    (E) for the protection of common fire-fighting facilities and equipment as well as fire safety signs in good working condition.

    Others within the property management unit should be entrusted with the management of public fire safety management responsibility.

    15th article held large mass activities, hosted people should law to police organ application security license, developed fire and emergency evacuation plans and organization walkthrough, clear fire security responsibility Division, determine fire security management personnel, keep fire facilities and fire equipment configuration complete, and intact effective, guarantee evacuation channel, and security export, and evacuation indicates logo, and emergency lighting and fire engine channel meet fire technology standard and management provides. 16th to encourage and guide the public gathering places insurance against fire and public liability insurance; listed as a public gathering place for key units for fire safety as pilot units, should cover fire and public liability insurance, protect the personal and property safety of the public.

    Setting of automatic fire alarm system in densely populated places, should access to the remote monitoring system of the city.

    17th personal fire safety shall perform the following obligations:

    (A) keeping fire control safety, protecting fire control facilities;

    (B) to comply with fire safety in public places and inflammable regulation;

    (C) reports of fire, reporting could result in a fire or fire-safety violations that could affect fire rescue;

    (D) participation in organized training in fire safety and fire fighting;

    (E) assist the public security fire control institutions and other organizations to carry out supervision and inspection;

    (F) education of minors and persons with limited civil capacity to comply with fire safety requirements.

    Article 18th of buildings with more than two property units and units, the property unit, and use the fire Lane, public fire safety evacuation facilities and other fire prevention facilities should define their management, maintenance and other fire management responsibility, may entrust unified management.

    19th article implemented contracting, and rental or delegate business, and management Shi, property units (rental party) should provides meet fire security requirements of buildings, party in made of contract in the should in accordance with about provides clear parties of fire security responsibility; fire engine channel, and involved public fire security of evacuation facilities and other building fire facilities should by property units (rental party) or delegate management of units unified management.

    Contracts, leases, or entrusted with the operation of units, management shall comply with the relevant provisions, in the context of its use and management carry out fire safety duties. 20th no unit or individual is allowed to damage, misappropriate or dismantle and stop use fire control facilities and equipment without authorization, shall not bury, occupy fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space, shelter, shall not be occupied, blockage, closure of evacuation routes, emergency exits, fire lane.

    Persons, places, doors and Windows may not set up obstacles affecting the escape and firefighting and rescue.

    21st article superior Government and Xia level Government, and levels Government and this level about sector and institutions, and about sector and institutions and its subordinates units, and Xiang (town) Government (subdistrict offices) and village Committee (neighborhood), should according to implementation fire security accountability of requirements, step by step signed fire security responsibility, clear fire security responsibility people, and responsibility range, and responsibility term, and target task, and work measures, and assessment and rewards and punishments approach, content.

    Organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other units should also be signed by the fire safety responsibility to implement step by step the fire safety system and post a fire safety system.

    Public security fire control institutions at all levels by checking the Steering or the signed fire safety responsibility, urged the relevant unit or agency shall implement the fire safety responsibilities, and eliminate fire hazards.

    22nd departments of people's Governments at all levels and shall supervise and guide fire safety fire safety accountability of responsibility signed.

    23rd article levels Government should established sound evaluation mechanism, regularly for fire security accountability check and assessment evaluation work, and will fire security accountability implementation work into Government integrated target management system, and leaders achievement evaluation of range, and "peace construction", and social security comprehensive and created civilization City (Township, and village) of evaluation range; on has fire security management functions of sector, also should will its fire security management work into law administrative supervision assessment target.

    Fire safety of relevant units of the people's Governments and their departments at all levels should be carried out into the supervision and inspection of work and content. 24th of municipal and County (city, district) people's Government to fire safety examination of accountability outstanding units and individuals, should be given recognition and rewards; not qualified units and individuals for the evaluation, should be reprimanded and ordered to submit a written improvement plan.

    Accountability assessment results of fire safety relating to the use, performance evaluation, in accordance with this regulation.

    25th article has fire security responsibility of units not according to this approach provides implementation fire security responsibility of, by about Government or work sector ordered deadline corrected, and be informed criticism; on refused to corrected or caused fire accident and other serious consequences of, by superior organ or monitored organ on related responsibility people law give administrative sanctions, and canceled units and responsibility people when assessment assessment first qualification; constitute crime of, law held its criminal.

    26th State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other units in violation of this regulation, any of the following acts by public security fire control institutions as provided for in article 60th of the fire control law, correction and fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan more than 50000:

    (A) fire-fighting facilities, equipment, or fire safety sign configuration, Setup does not meet national standards, industry standards, or not maintained in good working condition;

    (Ii) corruption, misappropriation or unauthorized dismantle and stop use fire control facilities and devices;

    (C) occupied, blockage, closure of evacuation routes, emergency exit or other safe evacuation;

    (D) who bury, occupy fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space, shelter;

    (E) use, jams, closed fire Lane, prevent the passage of fire engines;

    (Vi) in densely populated places on the doors and Windows settings affect escape and firefighting and rescue the obstacle;

    (G) after the fire hazards after notification by the public security fire control institutions do not take prompt measures to eliminate.

    The preceding paragraph (b), (c), (d) and (e) acts, by public security fire control institutions as provided for in article 60th of the fire control law, warning or fined a maximum of 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    First paragraph of this article, (c), (d), (e), (f), shall be ordered to correct refuses, by public security fire control institutions as provided for in article 60th of the fire control law, enforcement, the cost borne by the violation.

    27th article levels Government and perform fire security regulatory duties of sector and units not perform or not seriously perform fire work duties, on involved fire security of matters not in accordance with legal, and regulations and regulations implementation approval, and supervision check of, or on major fire hidden urged rectification poor of, should law held about responsibility personnel and head of responsibility; led to occurred death or larger above fire accident, social effect bad of, should law held main head and other responsibility people of legal responsibility.

    28th article of the way the meaning of the following terms:

    Fire protection safety responsibility system, refers to progressive implementation of joint meetings, supervision, inspection, informed, fire work goal responsibility examination and appraisal, reward and punishment system, urging units to carry out fire safety duties system.

    Public gathering places, refers to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, markets, passenger station waiting room, ferry houchuanting, civilian airport terminal, stadiums, halls and public places of entertainment, and so on.

    In densely populated places, refers to public gathering places, hospital outpatient service building, Ward, the school's teaching building, library, dining hall and dormitories, nursing homes, welfare homes, nurseries, kindergartens, public library reading room, public exhibition, exhibition hall of the Museum, labour-intensive production and processing plant and employee dormitories, tourism, places of worship, and so on.

    Key unit of fire safety, refers to the local people's Governments at or above the county level public security fire control institutions, and by public security organs of the people's Governments at the corresponding level for the record fires more likely and the fire may cause serious personal injury or property damage. 29th these measures come into force on July 1, 2010. June 10, 2004 city people's Government promulgated the Luoyang fire safety measures for the implementation of the responsibility system (municipal order 66th) repealed simultaneously.