Fuzhou Car Park Management

Original Language Title: 福州市停车场管理办法

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Fuzhou car park management

    (March 29, 2010 at the Fuzhou City people's Government of the 8th Executive meeting on April 30, 2010, Fuzhou City people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2010, 44th) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the city's parking management to meet the parking demand, improve traffic conditions, according to the People's Republic of China Law on urban and rural planning and the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law of the provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to parking lots in the area of urban planning in the city planning, construction, and related administrative activities.

    Parking in these measures include public car park parking, private parking and roads.

    Third municipal public security traffic management Department is the city's parking authority, is responsible for the administration of parking, and participate in the review of the planning and construction plan for parking.

    Urban and Rural Planning Department is responsible for organizing the preparation of car park planning, and public car park, private car park construction plan review and oversight.

    Construction price, urban management, business administration, law enforcement, transportation and other administrative departments in the context of their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these measures.

    Fourth municipal people's Government in accordance with car park planning and parking requirements, organizations build public car-parks, and promote the construction of parking and vehicle parking services support policies. Encourage units and individuals to invest in the construction of public car parks.

    Investors can enjoy preferential treatment for construction of municipal utilities projects.

    Public security traffic Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, public parking information system construction, management, information technology and other means to encourage and promote the use of intelligent parking lot.

    Chapter II planning and construction of car parks

    Fifth of municipal urban planning departments should be based on the overall urban planning and traffic demands, together with the municipal public security traffic administrative departments, such as the preparation of the special planning for municipal parking lot, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Professional Plan of parking the parking lot land, without approval of the statutory procedure shall not be changed.

    Sixth of municipal urban planning departments should make immediate planning according to car park planning and planning guidance to the parking lots. Seven new public buildings, residential and commercial streets (district), (middle) building should follow the car park's setting standards and design specifications, supporting the construction of parking lots.

    Supporting the construction of car parks should be synchronized with the main part of the project design, simultaneous construction, acceptance, delivered simultaneously.

    Encourage new buildings over additional parking at the car park set standards.

    Eighth of municipal urban planning departments in reviewing parking lot construction planning programmes, shall notify the public security traffic Administrative Department to attend.

    The Nineth approved no unit or individual is allowed to be built in a public car park, supply units, and private car parks in residential areas diverted or stopped using, without changing the program to determine the number of public parking spaces, parking.

    Changes of function of the building, parking shall not be appropriated for other purposes have been changing parking up to feature standards should be according to the standard allocation.

    Tenth article on residential, commercial Street (area) planning no parking or with the parking lots have been unable to meet the needs of existing parking, urban and rural planning, public security traffic Administrative Department shall, in its surrounding conditions locale-appropriate public parking, on-street parking garage.

    11th the following parking lots of public buildings is not set standards and design specifications have car park under construction, shall at the time of reconstruction, extension requires a reasonable planning of its construction:

    (A) railway station, ferry terminal, airport, road passenger transport hub;

    (B) Sports (field) Pavilion, the shadow (drama), libraries, exhibition halls, museums, hospitals, tourist attractions, business offices, as well as undertaking external Office of administrative services;

    (C) the shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and great (middle) places of business.

    Chapter III public car park management

    12th public parking shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) in prominent positions at their entrances and set unified parking lot signs, indicate the number of parking spaces;

    (B) keep the area traffic signs and markings of clear, precise, eye-catching, good, standard configuration lighting, fire fighting equipment, and to ensure its normal operation;

    (C) develop and implement a parking, security and fire protection management system;

    (D) equipped with the appropriate management personnel responsible for the inspection registration in and out of vehicles, guide to access and parking, maintaining the order of parking.

    Public car park prohibit motor vehicles parked without license plates and loaded inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods vehicles.

    13th public car parks should be open to the public. Public car park of the reimbursement for the services provided to the public, the operators shall handle the registration and registration in the 15th, to the public security organs traffic management departments registration.

    Registration should consist of: car park name, open traffic plans, garage plans, garage number, opening hours, fees and standards, services, and complaints.

    Public car park operators should be prominently marked in the parking lot services, standards and monitor phone calls, shows the number of spaces remaining at the entrance, standard fee approved by the Department in charge of price, and using a single parking ticket.

    14th establishment of temporary parking and reimbursement for the services provided by units or individuals should apply to the municipal public security traffic Administrative Department and obtain a permit.

    Establishment of a temporary car park shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) land tenure;

    (B) parking spaces, and facilities management;

    (C) transportation plan, including General plane, entrances, signs and markings, sketch of routes, parking, etc;

    (D) appropriate parking management system.

    15th municipal public security traffic Administrative Department accepting temporary parking permit application shall consult the urban and rural planning, environmental protection, public security Fire Administration views and acceptance within 15th of approval or disapproval of the decision. Temporary parking lot set up a period not to exceed three years.

    Need to continue after the expiration, shall, on the expiry of 30th renewal application.

    16th person driving a motor vehicle in a public car park parking Guide should be subject to the management personnel, ordered parking.

    The fourth chapter road parking management

    17th municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the municipal construction administrative departments depending on road condition, parking demand, traffic conditions and the bearing capacity of roads, road parking, and delimit the road parking signs and markings.

    18th the following roads may not set up road parking:

    (A) between the motorway and is provided with a hard isolated non-motorway, width of less than 5 m;

    (B) share the road bicycle lane and sidewalk;

    (C) the net less than 6.5 meters wide sidewalks;

    (D) the laws and regulations of the other circumstances that may not set up road parking.

    19th road to one-way traffic, according to the municipal public security traffic management Department of road traffic conditions and the surrounding road parking parking needs. Night public security traffic Administrative Department may delimit parking or designated overnight parking section for provisions in the night-time parking of motor vehicles.

    Specific park hours shall be separately formulated by the municipal public security traffic management departments.

    Night parking should be carried out in accordance with the following requirements delimit (set):

    (A) bi-directional 2-lane, the roadway width is less than 10 meters above the second ring road to implement unilateral setting, outside the second ring road to single side or double side set;

    (B) the roadway, width of 6 meters, 10 meters provided bi-directional through road single;

    (C) the width of 6 meters above the streets, community channel, without affecting the vehicle (including fire) the prevailing unilateral flexibility is set;

    (D) the roadway width of 5 meters above the one-way streets, traffic direction is set on the right side;

    (E) non-lane to take green belt isolating and width of 5 meters above the non-motorway, in the direction of traffic is set on the right side;

    (F) the sidewalk area outside of the NET 4 meters wide (except for two car parking) and under the viaduct did not affect pedestrian and vehicle to normal traffic section to set night-time parking.

    In accordance with the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs delimit (set) for parking, can withstand the 18th paragraph (a) to (c) requirements.

    20th without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy roads set parking or unauthorized withdrawal of parking.

    21st municipal public security traffic Administrative Department on road parking assessment at least once a year, and according to the road traffic conditions, parking around demand, on road parking in Council and announced to the public.

    The 22nd under any of the following circumstances, the municipal public security traffic administrative departments shall be revoked on road parking:

    (A) changes in traffic conditions, road parking has affected normal passage of vehicles;

    (B) road public car park has been able to meet the parking demand around;

    (C) due to the construction of urban infrastructure and other public projects construction needs;

    (D) other circumstances that need to be revoked. Road parking after the abolition of municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall timely elimination of berth line and restore traffic.

    Not eliminate parking marking, parties in revocation of parking parking shall not impose penalties. 23rd road parking under the regional extent and lots in downtown, under the principles of road parking above the underground car parking prices in the same region, or charged per parking fees on time. Billable, progressive billing methods can be implemented.

    Fees established by the Municipal Department in charge of price.

    Road parking management shall be formulated.

    24th of municipal public security traffic administration road parking should be the number, site locations, types of use, parking, charges, complaints and other matters to the public, and set the road clearly marked. 25th motor vehicle drivers on road parking space when parking, road marking and parking as required payment.

    On road parking restriction period, drivers must not exceed the stipulated time period of parking.

    Chapter fifth residential car parking and parking management

    26th Special parking lots in the case of meet the parking demand, open to the public. Encourage private car park open to the public on holidays or at night.

    Car Park open to the public, charging market-regulated prices.

    27th residential planning and construction of the car park, is a unit of property rights, the construction unit shall determine and administer; belongs to the owners of property rights, common decision management by the owners. 28th in residential planning and construction of the car park when the owner parking need cannot be satisfied, upon the General Meeting decided, can public roads or other venue is set in a residential area parking.

    Parking shall not occupy fire escape shall not reduce the rate of residential area.

    Residential parking prohibited parked large trucks.

    29th residential parking should be unified management, unit or owner provides parking management services of Commission property service enterprises shall be property services stipulated in the contract.

    Not setting up the Commission and implementation of property management of residential parking can be referred to the community neighborhood Committee organization and management.

    Article 30th residential parking reimbursement for the services provided to the public, and charges approved by the Municipal Department in charge of price, using a single parking ticket.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    31st article violation this approach seventh article first paragraph, and 11th article provides, not distribution built parking or distribution built parking up not to standard of, by urban and rural planning competent sector ordered deadline fill built; late not fill built or does cannot fill built of, by urban and rural planning competent sector according to planning distribution built standard by needed parking construction engineering cost levy parking construction compensation fee, can and at construction engineering cost 10% of fine.

    32nd in violation of the provisions of article Nineth, by the Department of town and country planning a rectification; fails to mend, in accordance with changes in function, diverted to other use or stop using the number of parking spaces, fined 10,000 yuan fine each berth.

    33rd disobey the 12th article in one of the traffic management Department by public security organs shall order rectification fails to mend, fined a maximum of more than 1000 Yuan 2000 are serious and fined 2000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan fine.

    34th article violates the 13th paragraph these measures, public car park operators not complying with the provisions of the registration, by public security organs traffic management departments shall order rectification fails to mend, and fined 2000 Yuan fine.

    35th disobey article 14th, unauthorized temporary parking, traffic management by public security organs be removed, has illegally obtained, confiscation of illicit proceeds.

    Article 36th disobey the 20th article, occupying roads parking or unauthorized withdrawal of parking, traffic management by public security organs ordered corrective action, and according to the number of berths, each garage fined 1500 Yuan fine.

    37th police traffic management, urban planning and construction administrative departments who violate these rules, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism or fails to perform duties as provided herein, by their work units or departments directly responsible and disciplined Chief constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    38th herein, the following terms mean:

    "Parking lot", refers to more than four-wheeled motor vehicles are parked in the open air or indoors.

    "Public car park", refers to the vehicle parking services site for the society, including the public car parks, construction of public buildings and temporary parking in the car park.

    "Private parking", refers to this unit, parking places for motor vehicles in this residential area and private parking.

    "Road parking", refers to the roadways, pavements, road shoulders, slopes, public square, the open space under the bridge site setting for the parking of motor vehicles on the road.

    39th counties (cities) the planning, construction and management of car parks in accordance with the measures implemented. 40th these measures shall come into force on June 1, 2010. , Fuzhou municipal people's Government on August 29, 2005 issue of the urban management of vehicle parking (Yung Chief [2005]15) repealed simultaneously.

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