Administrative Measures For The Farmers ' Market In Guiyang (For Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 贵阳市农贸市场管理办法(试行)

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Administrative measures for the farmers ' market in Guiyang (for trial implementation)

    (June 28, 2010 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on July 1, 2010, Guiyang municipal people's Government promulgated as of August 1, 2010, 14th) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to regulate the management of farmers ' markets, maintaining market order and protect the legitimate rights and interests of start-up, business operators and consumers, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article central city (containing Yunyan district and the nanming district, Xiaohe, huaxi district, Wudang district, Baiyun district, jinyang urban construction land) and other counties (cities) people's Government, farmers ' market, where start-up, operating and regulatory procedures apply.

    Farmers ' market in these measures was provided by open fixed location, installation, the operator comes into play for a centralized and open retail trade of agricultural and sideline products, and approved by the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce registered exchanges. Third farmers ' market management work under unified leadership, dependency management, principles of hierarchical accountability, Division of.

    City people's Governments at various levels shall guarantee the farmers ' market supervision and management of funds.

    District, city, County and the jinyang new District Management Committee is responsible for areas within the unified organization of the farmers ' market leadership and supervision and management.

    The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office is the management unit of area farmers ' markets, is responsible for the management of area farmers ' markets organizations to implement and follow up.

    Business, Commerce, industry, agriculture, urban and rural planning, urban (urban law enforcement), food and drug, prices, quality and technical supervision, housing and urban-rural development, environmental protection, public security, public health, fire and other departments and units in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do the farmers market supervision and management work.

    Planning and construction of chapter Fourth planning into the overall urban plan for farmers ' markets and regulatory detailed planning.

    City business, competent authorities and the authorities responsible for the preparation of urban and rural planning, downtown farmers ' market planning, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval, other counties (cities) people's Government is responsible for organizing the preparation of the special planning area farmers ' markets.

    Fifth District, city and county people's Government shall, in accordance with the CMC and jinyang farmers market planning, development planning scheme area farmers ' markets, after agreement with the Commerce Department, and organization.

    Develop plan for farmers ' market-building implementation plans shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) standards of construction planning in line with farmers ' markets and farmers ' markets;

    (B) the location and size of farmers ' market should be commensurate with the service area, the service radius of the resident population;

    (C) farmers ' market configuration should be convenient to the masses, people's needs;

    (D) farmers ' market layout shall be coordinated with other community business services, commensurate with the level of economic and social development.

    The sixth new settlements or developers must have appropriate under construction in the transformation of the old city farmers ' market, and synchronize with the main project planning and construction, synchronous delivery.

    Meet the planned relocation of farmers ' markets should follow: "building a", ", and prior to moving, then remove" principle.

    Meet planning of farmers market shall not unauthorized close, and demolition or change uses; new, and modified (spread) built farmers market and does needed close, and demolition or change uses of, by market opened who law to location of district (city, and County) urban and rural planning competent sector proposed written application, by District (city, and County) urban and rural planning competent sector with business sector common research proposed views, by program approval.

    Chapter III market

    Article seventh run farmer's market should meet the following conditions:

    (A) planning in line with farmers ' markets, farmers market-building standards and national building specification;

    (B) have the farmer's market to adapt to the size of the fixed venue, facilities, management agencies and full-time management staff;

    (C) the funds corresponding to the farmer's market size;

    (D) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Running farmers market shall make the registration to obtain business licenses.

    Eighth farmers ' market opened should strictly implement agricultural products quality and safety responsibilities, establish and improve the quality of agricultural products access system:

    (A) signed with the operators of agricultural products quality safety certification (the Protocol) and urge the implementation of cable-card ticket system, establishment of quality and safety of agricultural and sideline products files; (B) establish and improve the quality of agricultural products inspection registration system.

    Periodically or regularly sent checks the operator an important agricultural and sideline products purchasing documents, inspection quarantine of animal products, aquatic products, poultry and poultry products inspection certificates, without quarantine certificates or not qualified, are prohibited sales; (C) establish and improve substandard agricultural and sideline products to exit the system.

    Found unqualified products should immediately request the operator to stop selling, or supervise the destruction of delisting; disease, death beasts and birds should be destroyed under the supervision of animal epidemic prevention institutions and for treatment;

    (D) independent of pesticide residues testing room in the market, configure quick detection equipment and personnel, sold fruit and vegetables on a daily basis pesticide random testing and inspection records, the results should be publicized the creation of publicity on the market bar; (E) the establishment of agricultural and sideline products linked to the purchase and sale system.

    Encourage operators and high-quality agricultural production base, animal slaughter, reputable manufacturers, processing units and standardized management of the wholesale market, linked to the purchase and sale of large wholesalers to establish relations, clear delivery and quality responsibility for the product delivery, guarantee quality and safety of agricultural products.

    Nineth market should maintain the market environment, keep a clean, organized, and comply with the following requirements: (A) introduction of goods in the market huaxingguishi. According to categories, freshness and hygiene requirements of agricultural products division, the same product group should operate in the same transaction: fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, poultry products, soy products, cereals, cooked food halogen-free products such as partitions, frozen and non-frozen agricultural products area, fresh produce and cooked the food you want to partition, prepackaged foods and bulk food section. Shall not set up food stalls within the market.

    Shopping directory for a market at the import and export markets, and the partition sign hung in different regions clearly; (B) undertake sanitation work in the farmer's market. Field within ground should do hardening, and flat, and clean, has perfect of market environment health management system; set market public of garbage and other waste has cover large collection container; field within business households do "a assessment a shop a barrels", assessment within goods stacked neatly, garbage directly into barrels (box, and bags), not produced II times pollution, timely clear field within of sewage, and garbage and other waste, keep clean clean; market channel smooth, no accounted for road illegal business, and mess placed, and mess built, and mess posted

    ; Markets within the consolidated production suspension of public service advertising, a market and stalls can't hang other hanging objects; public restrooms, and clean sanitation, according to the prescribed standards, set up dust, flies, rat-proofing devices; (C) slaughter of live birds to implement "three-separation".

    Import and export channel separation, should set up a separate entrance channel, not from within the market access; live poultry were slaughtered, display and sales area to set up independently, and not with the rest of the market area is located, killing sold with display area should be isolated and separated from set pool filtration, disinfection, sewer separation of sewer systems, and paiwugou mixed-flow in the market; (D) daily cleaning work. Market should have dedicated cleaning staff during business hours or professional cleaning company responsible for cleaning per 1000 square meters less than 2 full-time housekeepers, cleaning the site, debris removal of stagnant water, refuse collection, pest control on a regular basis in addition to "four pests", toilet cleaning and so on. Insist on touring maintains cleanliness, the deal does not come loose, clean, does not stay dead, clean and tidy.

    Cleaning and cleaning in the market should reach the national cleaning standards; (E) establish the cleaning and sanitizing system.

    Various types of facilities once a week fly, mosquito, sterilization, disinfection, disinfection to fenpianbaogan, fixed, fixed, regular checks on live poultry implemented storage and sales area daily to empty manure, washing disinfectants septic; equipped with disease, death beasts and birds concentrate disposal facilities, sterilization and decontamination, and implementation of the record-keeping system.

    The tenth is the farmers ' market opened farmers market security responsibility, should be required to do a good job, such as fire safety, building safety:

    (A) establishing and improving farmers ' market fire management system and personnel system, and conscientiously implement, configure the part-time staff responsible for fire control work, participate in fire safety training, fire inspection and regularly to check the records, eliminate fire safety hazards in a timely manner; (B) in accordance with the laws and regulations of installing fire-fighting facilities, fully equipped with fire-fighting equipment, and maintain in good working condition, no illegal structures occupy fire prevention space, block fire control passageway, or damage and arbitrarily dismantle and stop use fire control facilities and devices.

    Market conditions should be in accordance with the technical standards for closed-circuit surveillance equipment;

    (C) periodically check the safety of farmers ' market building usage, security breaches shall entrust a qualified safety appraisal of housing units for safety appraisal of buildings on the market and take measures to eliminate safety risks;

    (D) prohibited mixed commercial and residential use, use naked light in operation, storing flammable and explosive goods, in violation of regulations wiring and other acts.

    The fourth chapter activities 11th farmers market operators should apply for business licenses according to law, other licensing formalities necessary, should go through the appropriate operating licenses, and in accordance with the approved business scope, mode of operation, proved at the specified range operating.

    Except farmers sell their home-grown agricultural products.

    12th farmers market operators shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) in accordance with the conventions of space rental and management agreement, operate in designated locations, subject to management, the management system in compliance with market;

    (B) operating activities follow the principle of voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credibility, must not dominate, hard sell, doping fake, shoddy;

    (C) imposed on the sale of products or the provision of services is placing no hoarding, gouging or collusion to manipulate prices of agricultural products; (D) compliance with national laws and regulations, must not use measuring instruments shall not be short Jin;
    (E) the laws, regulations and other provisions of the regulations.

    13th operators should abide by and implement agricultural and sideline products in the farmers ' market access system, carry out agricultural products quality and safety responsibilities: (A) establishment of incoming inspection system.

    Establishment of purchase accounting, record purchase channels; identification of the supplier the relevant certificates and quality certificates;

    (B) engaged in fresh pork and other meat products must be purchased from approved the establishment of the slaughter in accordance with law, and stalls visible hanging meat quarantine certificates, prohibited the sale of private and disordered slaughtering slaughter and meat and products of unknown;

    (C) engaged in direct import of food and cooked food products, should have dust, flies, mice facilities and cold storage equipment cooked food stalls should be set in advance and sold between raw and cooked foods should be kept separate from employee health knowledge are required to have a certificate and a valid health certificate, use special tools to collect them, not selected by the customers themselves;

    (D) an operator shall not sell State of the mandatory technical specifications preservatives, preservatives, additives, raw and cooked food; may sell rotten food and wildlife prohibited by the State.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    14th business sector is the farmers ' market departments in charge of industry, is responsible for the law industry standards, development of municipal financial aid budget programmes, preparation of the annual farmers ' market building and upgrading plan, and to guide and supervise the implementation of promoting the construction of industry organizations, industry exchanges and guiding industry self-regulation.

    15th is the farmer's market the day-to-day supervision and management of the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce departments, which perform the following duties:

    (A) publicity to implement laws, rules and regulations concerning market management;

    (B) to direct order management system for managing market development market, and supervise their implementation;

    (C) the review confirm the qualification of operators and monitor management on their trading practices;

    (D) investigate and punish violations in trading activity, maintain trade order;

    (E) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    16th urban planning departments should be on the farmers market meets the approval of the construction of urban and rural planning supervision inspection and verification.

    Chengguan (urban law enforcement) Department is responsible for the regulation of the farmer's market environment, ban management and set construction, sanitation supervise for farmers ' markets, and violations of the laws and regulations according to law for violations of city management in the investigation.

    Food and drug administration food safety management in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to strengthen the supervision and management of catering services, investigate and punish the offences.

    The agricultural sector should be strictly implemented the quality system in accordance with law, is responsible for the farmers ' market in the livestock and poultry products, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products supervision and inspection, and shall supervise and manage, investigate and deal with related offences.

    Departments should strengthen the farmers ' market prices clearly marked and the supervision and inspection of acts of unfair prices, and to investigate and punish the offences concerned.

    Quality supervision departments shall, in accordance with the metrological supervision and administration of the relevant provisions, measurement of market supervision and management, and to investigate and punish the breach.

    Department of housing and urban-rural construction planning according to farmers ' markets to guide farmers market facilities, construction quality supervision and management of farmers ' markets.

    Environmental protection departments to supervise the farmers ' market in accordance with environmental impact assessment and construction project pollution control facilities simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, and operation of "three simultaneous" System.

    Public security departments should strengthen the security management of farmer's market, and urged the market to build security institutions, the implementation of security measures.

    Public security fire control institutions are responsible for compliance with fire safety within the farmers market laws, regulations, supervise and inspect the situation, for not complying with the requirements of laws and regulations related to approval law unauthorized opening of farmers ' markets in the investigation.

    Health departments are responsible for guiding the farmers ' market in addition to the "four pests" and biological control of vectors, and to investigate and punish the offences concerned.

    Others urged market related administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities and operators implement the provisions of these measures. 17th on radio, television, newspapers, Internet and other media should be in accordance with the farmer's market operation and management of supervision by public opinion.

    Market should be set up to pass the review of measuring instruments, and establishing special complaints and complaints phone, and consciously accept the public and media supervision.

    Chapter Sixth penalty

    18th farmers market opened in violation of the rules, does not meet the farmer's market planning, without the planning permission procedure, without authorization, opened farmers markets, and farmers ' markets without the approval of the plan, without closure, removal, or change of use, by the town and country planning department ordered corrective action and punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

    19th farmers ' markets do not meet construction standards and specifications, by the Commerce Department to order the rectification, it fails, not operating, fined not more than 1000 Yuan for farmers ' market opened has been operating, illegal incomes for farmers ' market opened 3 times less fine, but not exceeding 30000 Yuan, no illegal proceeds, fines of between 10000 Yuan. 20th farmers ' market opened, field operator fails to perform the obligation of health within the farmers market cleaning cleaning and rectification by the Chengguan Department.

    It fails, more than 1000 Yuan for farmers ' market opened below 10000 Yuan fines; for site operators fined 300 yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.

    21st farmers market opened, Manager in violation of the rules and violate the provisions of other relevant laws, regulations and rules by the relevant administrative department shall be legally punished.

    22nd article of the rules of administrative punishment, the departments concerned may entrust eligible institutions according to law enforcement.

    23rd refuse or obstruct the administration of law enforcement personnel from performing their duties, the public security organs shall be punished; serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 24th administrative law enforcement personnel shall be a person of integrity, and devotion to duty.

    Favoritism, abuse of power, bribery and corruption, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to hold those responsible accountable.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    25th centers outside the city limits and qingzhen city, xiuwen, Xifeng County, kaiyang County Government is located outside the farmer's market, you can refer to these measures. 26th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2010.

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