Jilin Province Expressway Management

Original Language Title: 吉林省高速公路管理办法

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Jilin province Expressway management

    (July 15, 2010 order No. 212, promulgated by the people's Government of Jilin province as of September 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen management, protect highway safety and smooth, maintenance of Highway operators and users of the legitimate rights and interests, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Highway Act and the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second, within the administrative region of this province, engaged in highway use, conservation, protection, management, management of the units and individuals concerned, were required to comply with these measures.

    Third provincial traffic administrative departments, is responsible for the supervision of the provincial highway management; Highway Management Agency to which he belongs, is responsible for the maintenance, protection, fees, and service specific Highways Management.

    Fourth Highway management apply the principle of uniform, efficient, safe and convenient.

    Chapter II

    Fifth use highway, shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) in the case of effective protective measures are not taken, the dimensions and axle-load mass of vehicles, equipment, shall not exceed the qualification standards of the highway;

    (B) obey the traffic direction signs, marking, lights, posts and traffic control personnel guidelines;

    (C) the statutory prohibition of driving the vehicle, machinery shall be driven into a highway;

    (D) vehicles on the freeway without undue travel;

    (E) passenger vehicles at highway service areas, gas stations, parking lots, and other passengers;

    (F) goods vehicles in addition to traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, not in highway pavement on loading and unloading cargo. Sixth highways use must be in accordance with provincial regulations, standards and highway management agency paying tolls.

    Legal and administrative regulations, exempt from tolls vehicles, and construction work on the highway, and except for the vehicles, Loop machine.

    Seventh Highway gradually non-cash payment and toll charges.

    Eighth driving Highway, shall be used in the following ways, or other means of evading paying less or paying tolls:

    (A) directly or indirectly the Exchange access settlement vouchers;

    (B) does not present a valid pass settlement voucher and cannot prove their path;

    (C) in violation of regulations on the same charges in and out;

    (D) obtained by deception toll relief treatment;

    (V) counterfeiting, theft of statutory exemption from tolls vehicles number plates or free vouchers;

    (Vi) the use of forged, altered or other unlawful manner made prevailing settlement voucher.

    Nineth Highway management unit charging highway tolls, provisions of bills must be issued to highway users.

    Tenth article of any units and individuals are not allowed to engage in activities affecting the normal use of the following:

    (A) pedestrians entering the freeway;

    (B) the animals raised in a non-vehicle delivery access highway;

    (C) the set destruction, obstructions hinder traffic;

    (D) to the highway throwing items;

    (E) the central belt of open highways, highways on both sides of the fence;

    (F) forced through toll booths;

    (G) other activities that affect normal highway use.

    11th in the highway transportation of goods shall be closed compartments or fixing the cargo, open compartments or flat goods, toll stations have the right to reject the vehicle traffic highways. 12th vehicle Highway items-car personnel shall immediately move the falling items to not affect the location of other vehicles.

    Cannot be removed, should promptly drop to 150 meters, warning signs, and highway authorities or public security organs traffic management report.

    Chapter III maintenance

    13th highway authority shall, in accordance with national and provincial highway maintenance and technical specification requirements, supervision and maintenance unit, highway maintenance, to guarantee compliance with the technical specification requirements. 14th highway maintenance obligations shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial highway maintenance inspections.

    Find Expressway and ancillary facilities do not meet the requirements of conservation, you should set up warning signs and issued warnings and conservation in accordance with relevant technical specifications and operating procedures of the State Highway.

    15th maintenance unit, capable of curing conditions, can conserve their own highway; not capable of curing conditions shall be made by tender, commissioned for the condition unit maintenance highway. 16th conservation Highway and construction staff should wear uniforms with a security warning sign, construction site shall be in accordance with the regulations set safety warning signs and safety protection facilities, construction vehicles and equipment, you should use a uniform warning signs, install the unified warning lights.

    When lights and hazard warning lamps should open revelation, under the premise of not affecting the safe passage of the passing vehicles, their driving routes and directions, without the limitation of traffic sign, road marking. 17th for highway maintenance and construction shall be subject to approval of the provincial transport Administration Department affects traffic safety should also be approved by the public security traffic Administrative Department.

    Approved, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the approved plans and construction.

    18th maintenance Highway, closed half a piece of pavement or interrupt traffic, began construction units should be in 2nd, and expressway information card issuance system through the news media, publishes information about curing time, construction sections, while in the construction section entrance information bulletin.

    19th no units and individuals are not allowed to move the highway maintenance construction warning signs and prevention facilities shall enter through the construction area.

    20th maintenance obligations shall be in accordance with State regulations, highway afforestation and soil and water conservation in the context of work.

    Fourth chapter protection

    21st no units and individuals are not allowed to engage in the following activities affecting the safety of Highway:

    (A) damage to Highway subgrade and pavement, bridges and tunnels;

    (B) on the highway and 200 meters around the large and medium bridges, small bridge around 100 meters, 100 meters off above the tunnel and the tunnel mouth, as well as land for roads, road construction within the control area, blasting, burn, stone, sand, soil, digging wells, mining, dumping wastes;

    (C) damages, encroachment, move, block Highway affiliated facilities or other subsidiary facilities of Expressway use the functional activity;

    (D) set against the Expressway and ancillary facilities at the highway safety or hamper non-highway signs and traffic safety facilities. 22nd no unit or individual may unlawfully on the highway, highway, and highway construction within the control area, erection, laying of pipelines and bridges, aqueducts, channels and other buildings and structures.

    Construction of special needs, should be subject to approval of the provincial transport Administration Department. 23rd Freeway Management agencies at the provincial government approved the establishment of checkpoints, checking for laden vehicles for goods transport in excess of the prescribed limit.

    Goods vehicle drivers should be the vehicle to the designated place for inspection and shall not refuse.

    24th road in road, bridge and highway tunnels, prohibiting maintenance; temporary repair, should be to enter the service area or car park; can't drive because of faults, shall, in accordance with the provisions set up warning signs and turn on hazard warning lamps, and the use of hand tools to prevent pollution or damage to the road surface.

    25th motor vehicles carrying explosives, inflammable and explosive chemicals as well as highly toxic, radioactive and other dangerous goods shall be subject to approval of the public security organs, in accordance with specified time, route, speed, flying warning signs and take security measures prescribed by the State.

    26th occupied highway construction fields for maintenance work, should be carried out in approved sections and time and set the security warning signs in accordance with the legal provisions and the adoption of security measures.

    After the completion of construction, the construction operation construction facilities, managed by its management unit is responsible for maintaining and.

    27th Highway damage, pollution, or its subsidiary facilities, shall immediately report to the Highway Administration, on-site investigation and liable.

    The fifth chapter of the relevant facilities

    28th Highway management units used by monitoring, machinery and electronics, communications systems, by the construction of the unit in accordance with national and provincial planning and construction, use, maintenance and management of the technical specifications.

    Freeway Management units commonly used communication system and its security system, and command system of the highway, managed by the Highways Agency unified construction and management. 29th highway traffic sign, road marking plans, managed by the highway organization to co-ordinate the formulation and adjustment.

    Highway maintenance unit, adjustment should be in accordance with the plan set, and highway traffic sign, road marking.

    30th has built Highway fence and highways under construction with the outer edge of the pillar, to within 50 metres of its outward, for highway construction control areas.

    31st highway construction control of buildings and structures in the region, unauthorised modification and enhancement.

    32nd in the highway and advertising within the control areas, must comply with the laws and regulations of the traffic Administrative Department of planning and provincial people's Government.

    The sixth chapter business services Article 33rd citizens, legal persons and other organizations can obtain the highway toll right, services, facilities management, facilities management, and implementation of Expressway operating service activities.
    34th Provincial traffic administrative departments in the Bank Central split account for tolls, after in the collection of tolls, toll and the interests therefrom, split to Highway management unit in the 3rd bank account.

    35th Highway management unit shall, according to the Highway Administration requirements collection and construction of highway traffic flow, weather information, highway authorities release to the community.

    36th Highway management, business service management agreement entered into with the highway agencies and business service management agreement and provisions of provincial traffic administrative departments and operation service specification, operating service activities, and consciously accept the supervision of the highway management checks.

    Freeway Management agencies on implementation of Expressway operating management units of service evaluation system and evaluation results to the public.

    The seventh chapter emergency

    37th Freeway Management agencies should develop a highway dispatch business norms, unattended, with the public security traffic Administrative Department offices and the Division of labor, establishment of Expressway in the province dispatching the rapid reaction mechanism.

    Business Highway dispatch, carried out by the Highways Agency of regulatory agencies unified.

    38th highway authorities and public security traffic Administrative Department shall be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, developed in inclement weather, geological disasters, emergencies and other emergency when an emergency occurs.

    Freeway Management Unit, shall be according to the highway authority and public security traffic management plans, develop their own emergency.

    When an emergency occurs, Freeway Management agencies, the public security traffic Administrative Department and highway management unit shall immediately activate emergency response plans.

    39th in highway damage, construction or accidents, which affect vehicles driving situations, Expressway authority shall, without delay on the highway entrance or using electronic information boards along the highway, publishing-related information.

    40th place on the highway of explosives, inflammable and explosive chemicals as well as highly toxic, radioactive and other dangerous goods leak, fire, explosion accidents, safety, public security, traffic, health, environmental protection and other sectors, should be under the unified command of the people's Governments above the county level, collaboration with the rescue work.

    41st highway accidents or other emergencies occur, the traffic is interrupted for the time being, passing vehicles should be in accordance with the highway management agencies, the public security traffic administrative department determines the location of parking shall obstruct rescue vehicles access.

    The eighth chapter legal liability

    42nd article violates this article fifth loss, 12th or 19th article, shall bear the liability for damages.

    Article 43rd in violation of these regulations under article eighth, avoid paying or pay less tolls shall be ordered to pay tolls and punishment according to law.

    44th article violates article tenth of these measures, affecting the normal use, resulting in the loss shall bear liability.

    45th article violates this way 14th section, no prescribed inspections and warn of, be warned and fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan RMB; not addressed according to the technical norms and practice conservation of highways, according to law.

    46th article violates this article approaches the 21st, engaged in activities affecting the safety of highway, highway safety is not affected, give criticism and education, correction; impact on highway safety, fined a maximum of between 1000 Yuan and 100 Yuan, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations; loss shall bear liability. 47th article violates this article approaches its 25th, vehicles carrying explosives, inflammable and explosive chemicals as well as highly toxic, radioactive and other dangerous items, not according to the specified time, route, speed, flying warning signs and failed to take safety measures prescribed by the State, by the relevant departments shall punish.

    Likely to endanger the safety of highway vehicles, the highway authority may order the exit the Expressway at the nearest charging station.

    48th disobey the 36th article Expressway operating management units that are not in accordance with the business service management protocol and service specifications, operating service activities shall be ordered to correct, and in accordance with the agreement, the Parties shall address.

    The 49th vehicle damage without leaving the highway, no more than 6 months to apply for compensation, the highway authority shall issue a vehicle and found notices; and found within 6 months from the date of announcement of unclaimed vehicles, highway authorities can dispose of the vehicle. 50th administrative penalties stipulated in this way, by the provincial administrative authorities or highway traffic management agencies according to law.

    Except as otherwise provided by laws, rules and regulations.

    51st provincial traffic administrative departments and Highway Administration staff, this approach neglects his duty, favoritism, abuse of power, by their work units, higher authorities or the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.

    The Nineth chapter supplementary articles 52nd these measures shall come into force on September 1, 2010. On June 19, 1997 issued by Jilin provincial people's Government of Jilin province Expressway management measures repealed simultaneously.

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