Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone Management

Original Language Title: 北京天竺综合保税区管理办法

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Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone management

    (Beijing Municipal People's Government on January 12, 2010 at the 58th Executive meeting on February 1, 2010 order No. 218 of Beijing Municipality announced, come into force on March 1, 2010) article to promote the Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as the India comprehensive conservation area), construction and development, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the official reply of the State Council on approving the establishment of the Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies the day Zhu Zongbao area.

    Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone in these measures refers to the approval of the State Council in Beijing Capital International Airport, air port, ports, logistics, processing and other functions of the special customs supervision zones.

    Third day Zhu Zongbao in-zone enterprises shall abide by the People's Republic of China law, abide by social morality, business ethics, honesty and trustworthiness.

    Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone within the legitimate rights and interests are protected by law, and shall enjoy relevant preferential policies of State and this municipality.

    Fourth municipal people's Government set up the Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC), integrated and coordinated construction of Tianzhu comprehensive conservation planning and industrial development, Tianzhu comprehensive conservation management of daily affairs. Management Committee of the fifth national and industrial development in the city and regional planning, in conjunction with the development and reform, planning, business and other concerned organizations Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone industrial development plan and regional construction plans, approved by the municipal organization.

    Development and construction of Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone shall conform to the construction of the Tianzhu comprehensive conservation area planning.

    Sixth Administrative Committee should provide efficient and convenient services for businesses in the region, in-zone enterprises establishment, registration and investment involved in such activities the administrative licensing items shall be dealt with in the Tianzhu comprehensive conservation area.

    Management Committee of seventh in the Tianzhu comprehensive conservation area established within the centralized handling of administrative licensing matters concerning venue, accepted and dealt with the introduction of a window stated originally, tracking system.

    CMC shall in the centralized handling of administrative licensing matters concerning venue announced matter of administrative licensing basis, all processes, content, conditions, duration, and the need to submit a list of all materials, application models, etc.

    Publicized to be described in the requirements of the applicant, explained, the staff should explain, explain.

    Eighth of the related administration require the inspection of law enforcement to the Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone, coordinated by the unified organization of the CMC.

    According to the decisions of the municipal people's Government of the CMC, in the Tianzhu comprehensive conservation districts focus on exercising administrative penalty power of the executive authorities. Nineth port established a joint office mechanism, providing high quality customs clearance services for the enterprise.

    MC customs, inspection and quarantine, taxation, foreign exchange, business, port, transport, civil aviation, airport and other units to establish joint conference system, port supervision system of innovation, improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

    Tenth joint management Committee established under article identification centres in need of inspection of incoming and outgoing goods, conduct joint inspection by the port authorities as needed.

    11th article import and Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone of persons and means of transport shall use separate documents in the specified channel access, and subject to customs supervision and inspection.

    Management Committee is responsible for the coordination of customs and other relevant authorities, put the necessary regulatory measures to ensure the Tianzhu comprehensive conservation zone in and out of people and means of transportation the normal and orderly traffic.

    12th day Zhu Zongbao employs professional technical and management personnel in the region, in line with the relevant provisions of this city need to make or the Beijing residence permit of permanent residence in Beijing, the CMC shall support and assist the relevant formalities. 13th CMC shall receive complaints from enterprises in time, within 10 working days of receiving the complaint put forward opinions belonging to other departments should timely transfer and inform the complainant in writing.

    Relevant departments shall, upon receiving the transfer of complaints within 10 working days of the date put forward opinions, and shall inform the complainant and the CMC. 14th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2010.