Hebei Province Administration Assessment Methods

Original Language Title: 河北省依法行政考核办法

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Hebei province administration assessment methods

    (December 14, 2010 Executive meeting of the Hebei provincial people's Government, the 76th considered by people's Government of Hebei province, December 24, 2010 [2010] released 12th come into force February 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First for comprehensively promoting administration according to law, and building government governed by law, according to the State Council implementation outline for the holistic promotion of administration by law and the decision of the State Council concerning strengthening the administration by law of city and County Government and the opinions of the State Council on strengthening the construction of Government governed by law and the relevant provisions, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second administrative work according to law in the administrative regions of the province, these measures shall apply.

    Article assessment administration according to law in these measures refers to as "the legitimate administration and reasonable administration, due process, efficient accessible, honest code of honor, rights and responsibilities as a unified" basic requirements for inspection, evaluation and reward activities. Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall exercise unified leadership over the administrative departments and administration assessment of the work of the people's Governments at lower levels.

    Government legal agencies according to the deployment of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, organization-specific assessment, and report to the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    Dual administration assessment of the Administration, by the people's Government is responsible for, and listen to the opinions of its senior management; the vertical management departments, the local people's Government Administration in accordance with the law should be mastered, and informed its senior management.

    Higher people's Governments shall strengthen the lower level people's Governments according to law the administrative work of guidance and supervision.

    Article fifth administrative review must be practical and realistic, results-oriented, objective and fair, the public participation principle of unified organizational and hierarchical responsibility.

    Sixth law enforcement Administrative Department of people's Governments at various levels and in charge of this area, push forward administration by law in this sector working first responsible person, to take overall responsibility for administrative work according to law, conduct careful deployment and supervision.

    Chapter II examination content

    Article seventh administration assessment includes:

    (A) the administration by law of administrative personnel, especially leading cadres, awareness-raising and capacity;

    (B) the construction and implementation of the system of administration according to law;

    (C) the legal, scientific and democratic decision making;

    (D) administrative enforcement;

    (E) resolving social conflicts and disputes in accordance with law;

    (Vi) promoting administration according to law and building a Government by law achieved practical results.

    Administration according to law article eighth administrative personnel, especially leading cadres, awareness and ability to check content:

    (A) establishing and improving the Executive Leadership Conference and pre law, legal seminars, thematic seminars and other learning systems of leading cadres of administration by law of leading cadres.

    (B) the administration by law of leading cadres ' pre-service inspection and legal knowledge to the test system, local governments and their departments to be appointed leadership cadres ' pre-service inspection of their legal knowledge and legal administration.

    (C) improve the system of civil servant recruitment examination, include legal knowledge to the test in civil servant recruitment exam, to be engaged in administrative law enforcement specialized legal knowledge, legal work of the Government civil service exam.

    (D) implementation of the system of administrative legal knowledge training for law enforcement personnel, administrative law enforcement personnel to participate in the people's Governments above the county level shall organize regular General legal knowledge training, training specialized legal knowledge training and new laws and regulations, training, academic achievement as content promotion and tenure based on one of the.

    (E) the school of administration and the civil service training institutions at all levels held training course for civil servants of administrative organs, knowledge into teaching and administration according to law.

    Nineth content of the construction and implementation of the system of administration according to law: (A) improving the legislative system.

    Strict compliance with statutory authority and procedures, introduced legislation conducive to scientific development projects in a timely manner, and perfecting the system and mechanism of public participation in government legislation. (B) improve the system of normative documents. Development of normative documents in strict accordance with, and increase the intensity of normative documents review of legality, normative documents of the people's Governments above the county level and their departments to implement unified registration, uniform number, uniform publication.

    Established Government regulations and regulatory documents to assess and clean up the system, government regulation every 5 years and regulatory documents cleaned once every 2 years. (C) the strict application of the system of Government information publicity. By consummating the ancillary system and various public service system, establish and improve the mechanism for the disclosure of Government information, and clear responsibilities.

    Open Government information release mechanism, implementation of open government information carriers, update the information published on the Government Web site in a timely manner. (D) the improvement and implementation of the system of administrative supervision. People's Governments and their departments at all levels conscientiously accept national people's Congress and its Standing Committee supervise, the CPPCC's democratic supervision and the supervision of the people's Court according to law, a higher administrative authority to strengthen the hierarchical supervision of subordinate administrative organs, give full play to supervisory function of the monitoring, auditing and other specialized.

    Establish and perfect the mass reporting system, positive media and public opinion supervision. (E) sound and the implementation of the accountability system for leading cadres. Clear accountability and authority, object, and cause, procedures and modalities.

    Insist on accountability asked. (F) the mechanism and perfecting the leading system of administration by law. People's Governments and their departments at all levels to establish main leaders push forward administration by law, led by the lead agency, to strengthen the administrative supervision according to law guidance, supervision and assessment. Government Executive meeting to hear administrative work according to law reporting system and up-level system of Government promote administration according to law. Carry out the administrative model create activities according to law, foster advanced models, summarize and popularize advanced experiences.

    Strengthening the construction of rule of law institutions, to a specification, development commensurate with its responsibilities and mandate, give full play to its push forward administration by law, building a Government ruled by law and urge the guidance role of organization and coordination.

    Article tenth scientific and democratic decision-making assessment:

    (A) the perfect major administrative decision rules, risk assessment, public participation, expert advice, legal review and group discussion, decided to pass through the procedure of decision making.

    (B) in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations should be matters of major policy decisions of the hearing, as well as involving significant public interests or decisions of the vital interests of the people are hearing and adoption of reasonable opinion.

    (C) matters of major policy decisions by the Executive or the Government departments leadership meeting decided collectively, prior to legal review by legal bodies.

    (D) tracking and assessing major decisions, according to the assessment results make a timely decision on whether to adjust or stop execution.

    11th standard of administrative law enforcement examination content:

    (A) improving the administrative law enforcement system and mechanism to promote relatively centralized administrative punishment power and comprehensive administrative enforcement, improve financial guarantee mechanism of administration by law and administrative institutions to perform their statutory duties to the uniform requirements included in the budget to protect it.

    (B) administrative procedures, detailed law enforcement process, clear law enforcement steps, links and time frame for establishing a baseline system of administrative discretion, to administrative punishments, administrative license, the administrative enforcement, administrative and other types of administrative enforcement action is imposed by the situation, clearly applicable specific conditions, standards, and methods, regulate the exercise of the discretion. (C) implementation of the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement, regularly cleaned, identified and announced to the public the level of Government-owned administrative law enforcement organs and their rights, administrative law-enforcement departments to clear law enforcement agencies, law enforcement jobs and duties of law enforcement personnel and to the public.

    Files comments on administrative law enforcement investigation, law enforcement quality evaluation, work satisfaction, strengthen law enforcement, evaluation, evaluation results of the administrative law enforcement award punishment, promotion promotion important basis. (D) strengthening the construction of administrative law enforcement. System of administrative law enforcement entity and the system of administrative law enforcement personnel certified to be in administrative law enforcement personnel, the people's Governments above the county level shall rule of Agency Organization for the harmonization of legal knowledge training and exams, did not pass the test not be issued administrative documents shall not engage in law enforcement activities. Administrative law enforcement personnel hold vertical management departments issued by administrative law-enforcement documents to the local people's Governments above the county level legal filings and accept the supervision of law enforcement. Thoroughly implement the provisions of administrative law enforcement and administrative law enforcement supervision, Hebei province, Hebei province and the administrative law enforcement regulation and administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection documents.

    Establishment of administrative law enforcement personnel files, dynamic management of administrative law enforcement personnel.

    Article 12th resolving social contradictions and disputes examination content: (A) set up by the people's Governments at all levels responsibility, government legal agencies led functions as the main administrative mediation system, give full play to the Executive's role in resolving administrative dispute and civil dispute. Administrative mediation system is completed, the people's mediation work.

    Promoting the establishment of administrative mediation and people mediation, judicial mediation is the mediation mechanism of convergence. (B) strengthening the work of administrative reconsideration. The people's Government above the county level administrative reconsideration institutions, full administrative review officers, ensuring that administrative review cases by more than 2 administrative review officers for trial. Improvement and optimization of administrative review cases and improve executive force of administrative reconsideration decision. Establish Adaptive characteristics of administrative reconsideration of work incentives and financial support mechanisms. Exploring the relatively centralized administrative review proceedings, conducts an administrative review of the Committee's pilot.

    The establishment of administrative reconsideration and petitioning cohesive. (C) do administration in responding. People's Court accepted the administrative case Administration actively respond to the suit, complained to the Court as required administrative actions based on, and other related materials. Major administrative cases by the Bureau initiative to appear in court.

    Respect and self to implement effective judgments or orders of the Court, issued by the people's Court of justice seriously proposals.

    13th forward administration according to law and building a Government by law the actual effects of the content:

    (A) by promoting administration according to law and building a Government by law, continuously improve the credibility of the Government and the Executive power, safeguard and promote sound and rapid economic development and social harmony and stability, people's happiness.
(B) the following situations occur, impact on local or sector promote administration according to law, building a Government evaluation of the effect of the rule of law:

    Events arising from unlawful administrative act or serious security, environmental accidents;

    Administrative act or as a national interest and collective interests or the legitimate rights and interests of citizens caused serious damage;

    Illegal decision, order, direction, resulting in significant economic losses or bad influence.

    Chapter III evaluation methods and procedures 14th administrative examination general step by step and in accordance with law.

    Set by the people's Governments above the county level to the level of government administration model unit should direct assessment, direct assessment can also choose to identify a number of key units. 15th appraisal take daily master of administration by law and annual focus on evaluation methods. Daily feedback through legal institutions and the exchange of information, supervision, random checks and other means, Master object under consideration within the administration by law of their respective administrative areas.

    Developed by the legal assessment of the annual appraisal, after approval by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, and be the lead organization, the people's Governments at the corresponding level comprehensively promoting administration according to law work leading group members to join, composed of a number of team, respectively to the evaluation unit evaluation.

    16th annual law review in accordance with the following steps:

    (A) the assessment units in accordance with the assessment work requirements of self-examination and self-evaluation, and at the end of December each year to submit legal bodies responsible for assessment in writing;

    (B) assessment group to be assessment unit, held seminars, access to relevant documentation, site visits, visits to units and personnel, organization of democratic appraisal methods of assessment;

    (C) assessment group evaluation unit Administration assessment of the situation, reported legal entity by the institutions to make a comprehensive assessment of the legal system, reported the people's Governments at the corresponding level validation;

    (D) feedback to the evaluation unit evaluation results and made public. Article 17th test results classified as excellent, good, qualified and unqualified four grades.

    Assessment may take out scoring method, set in the programme of the annual appraisal scores and scores and plus, minus the standard.

    Fourth chapter assessment results

    Article 18th administration evaluation into all levels of people's Governments of target assessment, performance evaluation, assessment results, as the Government is an important part of comprehensive evaluation of leading groups and leading cadres. Article 19th according to the results of the annual appraisal, to push forward administration by law and building the rule of law gives awards to units and individuals of the outstanding achievements of the Government, criticized for poor.

    Provincial selection each year several results excellent districts of city and County (city, district) people's Government, awarded the "Advanced Unit for construction of legal Government"; the selection of several departments and units, awarded the "Advanced Unit of administration according to law".

    The fifth chapter by-laws 20th the measures take effect on February 1, 2011.